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Thread: ASRC Fly-in at BMFA Buckminster
23/07/2020 11:33:59

The Achievement Scheme Review Committee will be hosting a fly-in at BMFA Buckminster from Friday 7th August to Sunday 9th August 2020. This is open to any BMFA member. £8 per day to fly.

Fixed wing, helicopters and multi-rotors all welcome. A relaxed weekend of flying and socialising with examiners, chief examiners and memebrs of the Achievement Scheme Review Committee available for anyone needed guidance or who would like to take a test.

Camping available £10 per pitch per night

Do you have any non flying family or friends who may like to try model flying? Bring them along too as we will have a number of experienced instructors and buddy systems in operation. (There is no fee for this)

We have COVID secure measures in place. Pre-booking is required however so we know how many will be attending. To register your place see **LINK**

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
26/06/2020 12:47:23
Posted by GONZO on 26/06/2020 11:28:55:

Let me throw a stone in the water and cause a few ripples(so unlike me). The treasurer of the club I belong to recently posted on our Facebook page that he had received a refund, from the BMFA, of all members registration fees(£9/per member) that had been done via the BMFA. He stated that this was due to the collapse of the registration scheme.


I have been looking in to this, it's an admin error from the office.

Thread: Flying club needed in Tidworth area.
19/05/2020 15:31:59

Go to **LINK** enter Tidworth in the Town box, set the radius of search, click search.

Looks to be quite a few to choose from within 20 miles.

Thread: Flying over private land
15/05/2020 09:38:27

It isn't particular an insurance issue.

A public footpath is usually on private land. Just as an example if you cycle on a public footpath (in England and Wales) without the land owners permission it is trespass. I suspect there has never been a test case regarding flying a drone from a public footpath though.

Its more about good manners, consideration for others and the perception it can give about our sport.

15/05/2020 08:41:16
Posted by Ralph C on 14/05/2020 10:45:58:

surely I can just find a public footpath (50m from buildings/people/pylons, 150m from settlements) and take off vertically from that and fly over fields?

Not that simple. A public footpath in general only gives you a right to 'pass and repass along the way' it doesn't give you the right to take off and land a drone.

15/05/2020 08:36:44

Would BMFA insurance cover be void if over-flying without landowners permision?


Thread: The big question, WHEN
11/05/2020 16:55:02
Posted by Eric Robson on 11/05/2020 16:14:02:

one thing is certain if they don't WE WON'T BE COVERED BY INSURANCE.

Eric r.

Actually you are entirely wrong, the insurance cover has been valid and in place at all times, at no point was flying a model aircraft unlawful so it was covered.

Thread: 2020 Events Cancelled
18/03/2020 08:16:34

OOOps Meant 4th April, could an admin change it for me please. Autumn swapmet will be going ahead assuming things are heading back to some form of normality.

18/03/2020 06:49:39

Buckminster Swapmeet 4th April
Achievement scheme roadshows 28th March and 18th April
Free Flight Nationals


Swapmeet date changed...wink 2

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 27/03/2020 15:38:21

Thread: Vectis Problems
17/03/2020 19:47:14

Hi Colin

The Argos gift card was one of the first I used, was a couple of weeks ago and it went through without a hitch. Saved me enough to almost cover the CAA fee. I wonder if its a temporary issue.


Thread: BMFA Achievement Scheme Roadshow March 28th, ELY
02/03/2020 19:05:11

A quick reminder about an upcoming achievement scheme roadshow in Ely on 28th March. Still some places left, lunch is provided. A good opportunity to talk to the achievement scheme review committee, and area chief examiners and club examiners and ask any questions about the achievement scheme or raise any issues or improvements you feel could be made. It is anticipated the topics for discussion will be

The ethos and administration of the Achievement Scheme

CAA Registration & Competence

Upcoming regulatory changes

On-line Developments

Video Guidance

Open discussion

Q&A Session

To reserve your place go to **LINK**

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
24/02/2020 15:56:48
Posted by Gary Manuel on 24/02/2020 15:26:42:


I read THIS exactly the same way as you, and can't think of any other way of reading it - members of one of the named associations are exempted from registration until 30th June (at which point, new regulations will apply). It also revokes record 1332.

I've just printed out 20-odd Operator Number labels but am reluctant to fix them because they are only temporary - until July, when new regulations come into effect.


Andy may not be aware of this as the BMFA exemptions page is still showing 1332, which is now revoked

Yes I am aware of it, just haven't had chance to update the exemptions page yet, its on my list of jobs to do.

The exemption rather surprisingly does exempt members from registering until the end of June, so there is no rush to label your aircraft, the CAA have said if you have an Op ID you should label your aircraft though. You will almost certianly find that the current OP id will change but not until first renewal, after which it is almost certain to remain the same year on year.

22/02/2020 17:44:39
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 22/02/2020 17:29:30:
Posted by ken anderson. on 22/02/2020 15:54:09:

hello ken, I'll be printing mine on my pc/printer. Then mounting inside the model/s with a bit of good quality clear tape, bearing in mind that they are supposedly going to be re-issued/changed every 12 months.

Can someone please explain to me why our OP number should change every 12 months? I still have the same CAA professional pilots licence number I was issued with 44 years ago and my driving licence number, even longer.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 22/02/2020 17:30:30

Will most likely change at first renewal but stay the same after that.

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
22/02/2020 14:33:27
Posted by Nigel Heather on 22/02/2020 13:07:00:

My card has just turned up, all seems correct but I notice the validity date

Valid: 1/1/2020

Expires 31/12/2020

Now I'm not going to moan about the 52 days use I missed out on and demand a pro-rated 49.7p back (yes I have accounted for it being a leap year) but more to question what happens next year.

I expect the card process to be more mature and established by then but how do BMFA and Vectis intend to handle continuity. The BMFA renewal window doesn't even open up until the first weeks of December - do I believe that even if I pay up promptly on first available day that BMFA will take my order, get it across to Vectis, who will print my card and send it out to arrive before the 1/1/2021 - not really, I would be presently surprised if that could be achieved, but I won't be holding my breath.

So what happens then as we become unaccustomed to using the cards - are we going to have to deal with a gap at the beginning of each year when our membership of the scheme has expired.



Edited By Nigel Heather on 22/02/2020 13:08:03

Actually that is exactly how it will happen and indeed is happening going forward from now. It was only a week or so before the renewal window opened for BMFA 2020 membership that everything was agreed with the new membership cards, what we didn't realise was they couldn't start producing the cards until the BMFA rewards site was up and running, we had thought that cards would be produced within 7 days of being ordered even before the rewards site was launched, they will be going forward. The rewards site was ready late January, wisely before jumping in and producing all the ordered cards we had a very small run produced (just 2, the CEOs and mine) to check all was ok mine arrived (on a friday) and all looked great, so we gave the nod to start production which was started (the stopped pretty quickly) on the Monday, as thats when the CEOs card arrived and we found an issue (it had my membership number on it, the field used had gone on as a fixed text field rather than a dynamic data field) that issue was corrected and samples again produced then production started again, then another issue cropped up where a member has lots of achievements, I have quite a few but some have more and it was knocking the card layout squiffy. So production stopped, the issue sorted and now all is good. So a fee delays caused by misunderstandings and technical issue, frustrating but no big deal in the grand scheme of things.

The process going forward is that any cards ordered up until Tuesdays at midnight are sent to the printers on Thursdays ( to give time for members to check their data an ensure achievements are all uploaded etc) then they should be printed and posted and get sent out by the Monday. So hopefully going forward they will arrive within 7 to 10 days of being ordered.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
22/02/2020 11:29:27
Posted by Kevin 216 on 22/02/2020 11:04:43:
Posted by Dickw on 22/02/2020 10:52:12:
Posted by Doug Campbell on 22/02/2020 10:00:59:

Mine has still not arrived. That is two deadlines missed. I know I dont need it and not worried about it, I must admit to some annoyance over the matter. I have been mislead by the BMFA and CAA who also have not been totally honest with me.

I don't think anyone is trying to mislead you. Latest update here.


Apparently we should have our number by Monday - I think I just saw a pink pig fly past my living room window!

I think there is every chance you will have it, we are getting lots of the emails for those members who don't have an email address through in to the office (we have a system where we receive their email) the DMARES team are working on it over the weekend and the rate they are coming through I suspect they will be done unless they have a technical issue of some sort.

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
21/02/2020 18:14:52
Posted by Barrie Lever on 21/02/2020 18:05:49:


Looks like there is a heap of money to be saved with the BMFA membership card, seems like you might have to slightly change your shopping habit to using these digital gift cards alike Andy eluded to.

If you can shift your mind on that there seems to be pretty much 5% of at Tesco's on store shopping about the same at John Lewis, Waitrose and M&S.

Seems like this model flying just got a lot cheaper.

Please pick me up if I have got this wrong.


You have it about right, we have just got 5% of our weekly shop at tesco by buying a preloaded gift card before we went. Take about a minute to do and just scanned my phone at the till. Really quite simple but just a bit different to normal.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
21/02/2020 12:46:16
Posted by Doug Campbell on 21/02/2020 12:43:42:

Still no sign of my operator ID. Should it have arrived by today?

It will be with you before much longer, however there is really no need to worry about it, it will arrive when it arrives and when it does put it on or in your aircraft.

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
21/02/2020 11:47:55

Working here on PC and android

21/02/2020 10:56:32

The primary purpose of the card is to act as a physical membership card, while in our research 65% of members were happy with the paperless documentation some wanted a physical card and after looking around this seemed a good way of providing it as an option but while giving the opportunity to easily recover the costs of the card. However I fully expect to recover at least my cost of BMFA membership, CAA registration and the card.

21/02/2020 10:47:50
Posted by Gary Manuel on 21/02/2020 10:45:38:

Ahhhhh - I see!!!!

I've now received my card and it comes with an explanation and a bit of a surprise.

In addition to the card being a Vectis Card, you also get access to "the BMFA Reward scheme". This does give discount at LOTS of different outlets. The list is very impressive! The discounts offered by the BMFA Reward Scheme are either via digital discount cards or via Reloadable discount cards. Not as convenient as the Vectis Card, but still worth knowing about.

Interestingly, the covering letter states ".... as a member of the BMFA, you have exclusive access to our reward scheme .....". It does not say that this is tied to the plastic membership card, so maybe this is available to all members? It's certainly worth looking into, but for now, I'll just make use of it as best I can.

It's tied to having the card.

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