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Thread: What the hell has happened?
11/08/2020 10:12:20
Posted by Keith Miles 2 on 10/08/2020 23:10:32:

The biggest threat to the future of the hobby, in my view, is a lack of newcomers, particularly youngsters, rather than anything else.

Agreed, however all these new draconian regulations and restriction do nothing to help newcomers into the hobby either.The lack of free flying sites is another issue.

11/08/2020 10:08:12
Posted by kc on 10/08/2020 12:01:01:

One thing that has changed is the requirement to register with CAA , take a test and pay your 9 pounds before you fly an over 250gram model that is not control line. But it's dead simple and everyone has done it even the least computer literate member of my club ( with a little computer help from a friend) has passed the simple questionaire test. Just do it and put your reg letters on or inside hatch of your model.

Edited By kc on 10/08/2020 12:02:19

'Everyone' certainly has not done it. I for one will never be paying the unjust registration tax.

Thread: So what's happened to the August issue?
06/08/2020 21:32:57

Finally arrived! All is well with the world now.....

04/08/2020 07:32:19
Posted by Trevor on 03/08/2020 19:40:43:

Still haven’t got mine yet either Jason - don’t panic just yet!

OK, I'll take a few slow deep breaths and try to relax......


04/08/2020 07:30:26
Posted by David Ashby - Moderator on 03/08/2020 22:05:35:

Are you in the UK Jason?

Yes. Merseyside.





Edited By Jason-I on 04/08/2020 07:33:02

03/08/2020 19:39:02
Posted by dave parnham on 03/08/2020 19:32:51:

jason -I If your waiting for it through royal mail please dont forget we are still massively understaffed due to leave and sick leave(self isolating) etc.

Deliveries in shared vans still not allowed and where i am many many places are only getting mail once or twice a week.

Mail seems OK where I live. We still get our mail every day (mostly all Junk of course). Not sure how long I should wait for it to turn up in the mail before I contact somebody*

*not sure which 'somebody' I would need to contact either.

03/08/2020 19:23:55

I have still not received my copy of the August issue. Am I the only one who has not got it yet?

01/08/2020 10:01:03

Still waiting for mine.....

Thread: (Last) Flight of the Phoenix
22/07/2020 19:24:50

Never had any bad tendencies with mine. I would guess your elevator servo gave up.


Thread: Cheap or good Quality Lipos ???
20/07/2020 22:27:12

I'd take two Turnigy's over the Admiral pros every day of the week. In fact, I have done exactly that with all my 5000mah 6s lipos,

Thread: Fly aways
17/07/2020 20:39:34
Posted by fly boy3 on 17/07/2020 20:29:37:

.... and if so,what would be most common cause.

Very difficult to ascertain if they have flown away! One can only deduce lack of pre-flight checks is the biggest cause.

Thread: Forum weekend prize draw - winners!
11/07/2020 10:08:28

This looks interesting......20191009_114640.jpg

Thread: VOLANTEX asw 28
02/07/2020 11:34:26
Posted by MattyB on 02/07/2020 11:24:13:

Andrea, please heed the guidance in the post above from Jason. I would personally go further and say this model is completely unsuitable for a beginner - it will be pretty fast and the long, slender wings (known as high aspect-ratio) mean that it is likely to have stall characteristics that need an experienced pilot to manage. As a result if you try and fly it yourself without any instruction it is almost certain to go home in pieces. In short get yourself to a club for a go on their trainer and/or find an experienced pilot who can maiden it, trim it out and give you some instruction.

I would agree with this, just didn't want to be to blunt! blush

02/07/2020 10:29:12

PS, the model also benefits from a 4 flap wing setup, with full span ailerons (using flaps and ailerons at the same time) to achieve higher roll rates, differential aileron to help prevent adverse yaw, and it's also good to setup crow, camber and reflex to help during the different phases of flight (if you are planning on trying to thermal).

I think you have only got 6 channels, so you will not be able to achieve all that, but you could either use just one channel for flaps and 2 channels for the ailerons to enable you to program differential aileron (if you transmitter allows it), otherwise you can mechanically build in differential by offsetting your aileron servos to allow more movement up than down.

Also be aware that the model has a 'heavy' nose, so you will need to get your receiver and battery as far back as possible to achieve the correct CG.

If the above is just gobbledygook, then I really would recommend getting somebody to help! (or trying to get hold of a simple cheap trainer plane first).....

Edited By Jason-I on 02/07/2020 10:31:04

02/07/2020 10:10:47

I own the Volantex ASW28. It's a great plane, but it does carry quite a bit of speed in flight and is not a beginner model in my opinion. I'm guessing you do not have any flying experience? I would strongly recommend you find somebody with some experience that can help you set up your transmitter, get all your control throws set up correctly and going the right way, get your cg correct, set the motor brake on your esc (its not set by default), and help you in your first few flights. Where are you located?

2017-07-30 12.11.15.jpg

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
26/06/2020 12:08:09
Posted by GONZO on 26/06/2020 11:53:26:

Same here Jason, got myself a ZOHD Dart 250g and a ZOHD Drift(sub250g). Interestingly people are reporting 90 min flying time with the Drift using 18650 3500mAh cells(2)

I was aware of the dart, but had not seen the drift before. I may well pick one of these up for sorties closer to home....yes

26/06/2020 11:48:32

No £9 back for me - I refused to sign up to this unfair and unjust scheme in the first place......

Thread: How Windy is Too Windy
26/06/2020 11:02:56

50mph is the maximum wind speed I have flown in. The flying was fine, but standing up was an issue.

Steady wind is no problem at all (once the plane leaves the ground the plane will have no idea it is in wind). Some of the most fun flying can be had during strong wind.

Gusty/turbulent weather is a different matter, and I don't enjoy that much.


Edited By Jason-I on 26/06/2020 11:11:37

Thread: Old posts deleted
24/06/2020 19:11:19
Posted by Nigel R on 24/06/2020 14:22:44:

Lost of useful stuff has gone in some of the deleted posts.

Yeah, like this thread:


Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
24/06/2020 12:30:08
Posted by Nigel R on 24/06/2020 12:15:49:

"There is also the nanny state argument that kids cant buy fuel, knives, glue etc so couldnt build a model off their own back even if they wanted to."

The mail order process seems largely uninterested in who the recipient is,

Mail order is starting to change too. Just try ordering any type of stanley knife, snap off knife or knife blade from screwfix online - you can no longer do this, even if you have a trade account like myself! The nanny state is slowly closing in....

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