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Thread: Which Brand?
15/04/2019 20:25:09

A load of good phoenix 2000 videos on this playlist by youtuber 'speedster den'. He also demonstrates a more aerobatic full house setup.

Phoenix 2000 playlist

15/04/2019 19:44:33

The phoenix will fly just fine on 5 channels (the usual four plus 1 channel for flaps).

However, setting it up as a full house sailplane gives it much more capability. To do this, each wing servo needs to be connected to a seperate channel, thus you will need at least a 7 channel tx/rx.

I have the following setup:

Full span ailerons - the ailerons and flaps move up and down together to give a higher roll rate.

Camber - ailerons and flaps move down in unison to create more wing camber, which increases lift.

Reflex - ailerons and flaps move up in unison to reduce lift / increase speed as appropriate (A small amount of reflex can reduce drag and increase speed)

Crow - Both ailerons go up as both flaps go down creating lots of drag, ideal for slowing the plane down for landing.

Differential ailerons - upward moving aileron goes up more than downward aileron goes down, Helps eliminate adverse yaw.

I use a slider on the rear of my transmitter that increases/decreases the amount of each effect depending on what flight mode I'm in.

If it helps, I could try and make a video of it all in action?

13/04/2019 22:06:00
Posted by paul coleman 1 on 13/04/2019 21:30:20:

Thanks everyone,ive just ordered the volantex 2000 from banggood,normally £155,but with 38% off,promotional offer,its now £98,with delivery insurance,its a no brainer.

Good choice, you won't regret it!

Here's mine, set up as a full house sailplane (4 flap wing with crow, camber, reflex full span ailerons etc etc).

Wifey took the aerial shot off the Llyn Peninsula, where I had my first ever experience of slope soaring - where I was very kindly assisted and shown the slopes by Malcolm Mackley of the Lleyn model areo club during my visit.

2018-08-19 14.07.27.jpg

2018-08-19 14.07.12.jpg


Thread: RCM&E Fly-In 2019 - general chatter
13/04/2019 21:18:45

I would love to attend and fly, however, whilst I am a BMFA member (and RCM&E subscriber), I am not a member of a club and consequently have no A cert. Therefore despite my many years of flying experience, and exemplary safety record, I would be excluded from participating. sad

No doubt there are many other people around the country who will be similarly excluded,

Really disappointing.

Thread: Which Brand?
13/04/2019 21:00:11

IMO, the Phoenix 2000 cannot be beaten for combination of cost, performance and durability.

Or if you want to build something yourself, try the Red Eagle by Ton Van Munsteren (free RCME plan)

Thread: 6s lipo battery and shipment ?
08/03/2019 20:15:38
Posted by tigerman on 08/03/2019 13:20:08:

Are we on the verge of finding it hard to find someone who will ship large lipo batteries .ie 6s 5000 and above .I think you find that the UK HK warehouse will not ship any lipo bigger then 6s 4500 and it looks like a lot of retail model shop might go the same way It looks like if you want a 6s lipo in the future the only way you will be able to get a 6s lipo is to buy either 2 3 s or a 4s and a 2s and connect them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had 2x 6s 5000mah batteries delivered from HK Uk warehouse just a few weeks ago - shipped via parcelforce 24

Thread: DX9 problems
27/02/2019 20:35:04

Als hobbies repaired my DX9 for me recently. I posted it off to them, and they repaired it and posted it back on the same day they received it. Had it back within a week. Very reasonable cost too.

Don't expect miracles with your DX9 though. From my experience, the range is just not that good - especially close to the ground or near water, (or at horizontal distance).

Thread: HobbyKing Why did I order from HobbyKing?????
26/02/2019 12:20:20

Forgot to mention, when us folk in the UK do an online chat with HK customer service, we typically get connected to their cs department based in the Philippines. Unfortunately, they have no direct contact with the UK warehouse, so cannot give you any real time or correct information about what issues may be occuring in the UK. All they can tell you is what you can see yourself when you log into your HK account - hence the reason they often cannot be much help - for example, they can only give default scripted responses about why goods have not left the UK warehouse etc.

If they told the original poster there was a problem with dangerous goods being dispatched, then this would likely have just been pure speculation on their behalf.

26/02/2019 12:02:19

I have placed hundreds of HK orders. Their prices are good, and delivery is usually fast.

On a few occasions things have gone wrong, and I've had to contact customer services - which is a bit like a (un)lucky dip!

I have had a couple of good experiences with customer services, but mostly, customer services are less than useless. Sometimes they are polite, other times they are rude and obnoxious.

On one occasion (last year), when a parcel did not arrive, their customer service agent called me a liar (Jeremey, you know who you are). He refused to connect me to a supervisor, he refused to give me contact details for any other person or department and ultimately cut me off (several times). My parcel eventually arrived after I spent the morning on the phone to parcelfarce and a helpful manager there tracked my parcel down to a warehouse at the wrong end of the country. (paid for next day delivery, and the parcel eventually arrived 20 days later).

I stopped using them for a while after that, but the lure of cheap prices and desirable prices tempted me back.....

Thread: Binding wire for solder joints
31/10/2018 21:18:54

Twin and earth works well for me too - It has so many uses besides carrying electronic pixies....

Thread: Do I need a UBEC?
23/09/2018 12:26:18

Also depends what make & power the servos are.

I have some cheapo 9g servos that will pull in excess of 1.2A each when stalled (worst case scenario)

Whilst other 9g servos will only pull 500mA when stalled. If I remember correctly, HXT900 9g servos pull about 500mA when stalled, so you could have 6 of those connected to your 3A BEC, all stalled, and still be OK (just!).



Edited By Jason Inskip on 23/09/2018 12:27:13

Thread: lead weghts
05/09/2018 22:10:07

I use self-adhesive window glazing lead. - The stuff they stick on glass to make georgian windows.

It comes in a small roll, and its dead easy to cut a strip off and stick it to your model (the self-adhesive is very strong and waterproof).

I don't remember where I got my roll from now (had it for years), but they have the stuff on amazon in different thicknesses....





8 quid for a 5m roll - which should last you a lifetime......

Edited By Jason Inskip on 05/09/2018 22:11:15

Thread: Stabilisation
26/08/2018 15:04:10
Posted by Don Fry on 26/08/2018 14:36:09:

Anyone know if the Eagletree Guardian unit supports 2 channels for ailerons, or does it just support single channel Y lead setups?

Supports dual aileron. You can also program differential aileron/crow/flaperons in your radio too without effecting stabilisation.

23/08/2018 14:05:59

Mmm, I always thought these were cheating! However, I reported a problem that I have in another thread, landing on the slope that is my flying sight. It is very difficult to land smoothly and I often break the u/c.

Presumably, this would help my landings on the slope? Also, being on a slope, I can get a lot of turbulence, etc, would this help minimise the effects when landing?

This may be the answer....yes

Edited By Rich too on 23/08/2018 12:46:24

I flew a 1.6m plane equipped with a guardian off the slope a few weeks ago (my first time sloping). Wind speed on the slope was 45mph. Did it help? Absolutely!

Also, my normal flying site is often windy, and always turbulent - the guardian is excellent at ironing all this out.

23/08/2018 13:59:11
Posted by Robin Mosedale 1 on 23/08/2018 12:24:10:

Thank you all.

I've ordered an Eagletree Guardian from Hobbyking. I'll test it out on a stable trainer after spending time making sure that I understand how to set it up and the modes.

Also picked up a 9 channel Spektrum receiver second hand, so when satisfied, migrate the Gaurdian to another plane, and the 9 channel gives me headroom for future growth.


Excellent help all.



Good choice. Make sure you read the new user guide I gave the link for. Also, there is a help group here:


Check and double check you control corrections are going the correct way.

Set you level flight attitude before the first flight - making sure to have the wing at a good positive angle of attack when doing so.

Then enjoy.

You can program the flight modes however you want. I have mine of a 3 position switch as follows:

Pos 0 - 2D mode (for take off/landing in foul weather)

Pos 1 - 3D mode (default position for most flights)

Pos 2 - 3D heading hold mode (for showing off and making myself look like a 3D pilot on suitable models)

I also have master gain on a rotary knob. Turning the master gain to zero will effectively turn the unit off if required.

PS - the plastic case (sleeve) it comes in is rubbish. I cut mine off and mount direct to a suitable tray.


Edited By Jason Inskip on 23/08/2018 14:00:23

20/08/2018 14:16:46

Hi Robin,

The guardian is a great little unit. The 3D Heading Hold mode is fantastic - makes me look like a much better pilot that I actually am!

The 2D modes will allow a novice to fly any plane in some truly awful winds (I'm just teaching a 78 year old novice to fly using one of these).

Anyway, be sure to check out the new user guide in addition to the manufactures instructions:

To get the best out of it, you will have to plug it into your pc and configure using the eagletree gui.

Drop me a line if you get stuck setting it up.


PS - I now have 5 of these units, fitted in sports planes to warmliners to full house sailplanes. Works great in all.


Edited By Jason Inskip on 20/08/2018 14:17:43

Edited By Jason Inskip on 20/08/2018 14:21:07

18/08/2018 19:24:41

I would second an eagletree guardian. Separate unit, very customizable, much more effective that the Lemon stabiliser+, and it will allow dual aileron and aileron differential.

Free shipping to the uk from hobbyking EU warehouse at the moment:



Edited By Jason Inskip on 18/08/2018 19:25:21

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
03/08/2018 17:53:58
Posted by Colin Carpenter on 03/08/2018 17:13:50:

Am I the only one who still services their own vehicle ?




Nope, your not alone. My 14 year old honda accord tourer pictured earlier has never seen the inside of a garage/main dealer in the 12 years I've owned it - and It never will.

Any 'loss' of resale value due to not having a main dealer service history is irrelevant as I will run this car for quite some time yet (probably at least another 5 years), at which point the resale value of the vehicle ceases to be effected by the presence of any service history.

Plus I can sleep well knowing it has been properly maintained! In all fairness though, it has been a thoroughly reliable car - just the expected wear parts - including many, many brake pads and discs (result of a big heavy car, usually full of heavy stuff, with a 2.4 petrol engine and a heavy right foot)....

My previous car was a BMW 5 series estate. That did me for 16 years without ever having to visit a garage either.


Edited By Jason Inskip on 03/08/2018 17:55:04

31/07/2018 21:15:18

My accord tourer (posh name for estate) can swallow a 2.6m plane whole....

accord tourer.jpg

Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
22/07/2018 14:34:12

Its nearly finished!

Just a few jobs left:

- Make some graphics for the fin & nose

- Install receiver & program radio

- Install flight pack & set CG

- Fly!

Colour scheme borrowed from this thread albiet with a few small changes (think it was one of Ton's clubmates schemes).

Weight without battery: 684g

Thanks to Ton for a nice easy design.

Thanks also to Andy for his assistance!


covered 01

covered 02

covered 03

covered 04

Edited By Jason Inskip on 22/07/2018 14:34:45

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