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Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
20/03/2018 11:28:05

I planned on using a 40mm aeronaut spinner, but I was not happy with the fit to the model. The spinner nosecone and backplate have different tapers, which did not sit well on the model. Also, the 40mm diameter was fractionally too big for my front end - it overhung the side by about 0.25mm top and bottom. Perhaps I made the front former a bit too small!

40mm dry fit.jpg

40mm aeronaut spinner.jpg


I ordered a 38mm areonaut spinner. the nosecone and backplate have a more constant taper. The size & fit suited the model much better...

38mm dry fit.jpg

38mm aeronaut spinner.jpg


nose with 38mm spinner.jpg

spinner end on.jpg

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20/03/2018 11:13:47

Steady (slow) progress here. That thing called work keeps getting in the way.....


nose construction.jpg

nose with 38mm spinner.jpg

hatch construction.jpg

wing fit.jpg

hatch closed.jpg

hatch complete.jpg

dry fit.jpg

Still lots of sanding & shaping to do!

Thread: Pedantic
26/02/2018 21:54:40

Or the good old double negative:

Youth: 'I aint done nothin'

Grumpy old man: 'So you haven't done nothing, so that means you must have done something then?'

Youth: 'weirdo'

26/02/2018 21:47:58

Don't get me started on the 'words' fuz, or 'fuse', for example:

'Go ahead and attach the stab to the fuz. It's super easy. Good job'

My poor ears.....


Thread: Solarfilm
06/02/2018 21:33:55

Oh no! Sad news. I've still got a collection of solar products from my early forray into aero modelling back in the 90's. Amazingly, my 20 odd year old tins of solarlac are still usable (and being used) today.

I'll have to stock up on solartrim - is there an alternative to this?

Thread: E-Flite Convergence anyone?
28/01/2018 00:24:40

Do NOT use any transmitter trim on this model whatsoever. If it needs any trim in airplane mode, then land and make mechanical adjustment to the elevons only.

If you apply tx trim during airplane 'acro' mode, then when you transition back to multirotor 'acro' mode, it will just see the trim as a stick input and possibly cause a roll/flip etc. (no trim is required in multirotor mode).

The flight controller has no idea you are using trim on your transmitter. Nor does it know not to apply airplane trim to multirotor mode.

Make sure when you set elevon neutral position on the ground that the model is in acro airplane mode (not stability mode)

There is a big thread about this plane here:

Be aware that there is lots of good and bad information in that thread though!

Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
06/01/2018 22:57:29

Thanks Ton

It's a nice simple but effective design. I'm enjoying the build. Here are some more parts awaiting sanding/shaping.

Don't worry, the leading edge of the wing is not warped - its just the wide angle lens on my phone camera creating a bit of fisheye! surprise

Kind regards



02/01/2018 14:32:45
Posted by Andy G. on 02/01/2018 08:12:43:

I recognise that plan!!! Lol.



Like they say 'you can't keep a good plan down'......


Edited By Jason Inskip on 02/01/2018 14:33:02

01/01/2018 20:47:43

Christmas over. Turkey eaten. Building RedEagle finally underway.......


redeagle 01.jpg

18/11/2017 22:57:16

Thanks kc,

I had thought about using a sheet of plasterboard on top of our glass dining room table (when the better half is not looking). I thought the glass table would be dead flat, but I was concerned that the pins would not stick into the plasterboard very well. I guess from what you are saying they hold well enough. yes


I should be OK with dual colour scheme on the wings - I was a dab hand with the solarspan back in my teens. Of course that was several decades ago, when my faculties all worked correctly. I'm hoping is just like riding a bike - you never forget .... embarrassedface 7


I just need to decide what colours I want - and which film to use......


Edited By Jason Inskip on 18/11/2017 22:57:51

Edited By Jason Inskip on 18/11/2017 22:58:11

18/11/2017 17:50:28

Hello RedEagles,

It’s been a while since I last posted here – desperately trying to get hold of a plan for this plane. Thanks to the generosity of members in this group, I swiftly took receipt of a plan (Thanks again Andy!)

Since then I have been acquiring all the materials for the build as time & money allowed. I’ve finally got everything I need – except the covering film.

As it’s been nearly 30 years since my last build, (and there has been a wife, children & several house moves in-between), I no longer have a building board. Before I can start building, I will need to make myself a new one! Hoping to sort that in the next few of weeks. I’ve got a couple of weeks off over Christmas, so planning on finally getting stuck into the build then. Really looking forward to it!

As for the covering, I’ve only used either tissue & dope, or solarspan before. I’m certainly not planning on going down the tissue & dope route! So a covering film it will be.

Any advice on what type of covering film I should use would be appreciated. I’ve obviously used solarspan, but have not tried solarfilm. I’ve heard of oracover, but have never seen it. I also see Hobbyking do a range of films. What did you guys use?

Still trying to decide on final colour scheme, but it is likely to be something along the lines of the following:

(apologies for using other members photos!)






Any tips/advice gratefully received!


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Thread: Volantex 30 Speed Controller
15/10/2017 21:57:34
Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 15/10/2017 21:22:45:

I have tried , but it bounces back!.



exhobby own volantex. Please do share any info you get back!

Note that I have has recent correspondance from both those addresses - relating to the volantex ASW28.


Edited By Jason Inskip on 15/10/2017 22:02:00

Thread: Enemies of RC flight
18/09/2017 20:39:42
Posted by Jim Mchugh on 18/09/2017 19:33:54:

Why is that person walking down the runway?

Doesn't that come under the wan.... category listed in the first post? wink

i.e. who is that Wan.. walking down the runway?

16/09/2017 14:44:03

Work. That thing we have to do in order to fund the hobby, yet stops of from having time to undertake the hobby.

Edited By Jason Inskip on 16/09/2017 14:45:27

16/09/2017 14:41:00

Woods. Nobody likes sticking it in a tree......

Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
15/08/2017 20:41:32
Posted by Andy G. on 13/08/2017 08:24:32:

Jason, I still have the copy that I built mine from somewhere, if I can find it you are welcome to it.

Big thanks to Andy who very kindly posted me his copy of the RedEagle plan. I can now start gathering materials together ready for my first build in 20 years (since getting married / having kids / mortgage etc. etc.)

Really looking forward to it!


13/08/2017 11:00:47
Posted by Andy G. on 13/08/2017 08:24:32:

Jason, I still have the copy that I built mine from somewhere, if I can find it you are welcome to it.

Hi Andy,

That's really generous of you. If you can find it, that would be fantastic. I'll happily pay postage of course, and could also make a copy and send your original back to you (in case you ever want to make another).

Many thanks


12/08/2017 21:50:47

Thanks guys. I don't want to buy the kit, just the plan. I will try contacting My time media for a back issue as you suggest (I have already read the build article via my digital subscription, but I only have magazine hardcopies dating back to 2015). Failing that lets hope Sarik hobbys release the plans for sale!


11/08/2017 23:05:12

I've been trying to buy a copy of this red eagle plan, but the traplet plans shop seems to be permanently closed.

Anybody know where I can get a copy of the plan from?

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