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Thread: NEW POLL - do you use a throttle kill switch?
26/10/2019 14:23:52
Posted by Wingman on 26/10/2019 12:07:45:

Can't see the point in a throttle cut (or inhibit switch) as it's just something else to get wrong - which way is off and on? - but I suppose if it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling then that is OK.

If you just place the throttle stick at half way when connecting the battery then the esc won't activate and the motor won't start until you return the stick to zero and then move it up again - note: that is two movements to activate - difficult to do accidentally!. Works on any transmitter old or new, needs no programming and is highly visible.

What safety procedure do you then use after flight to prevent accidental throttle activation whilst removing the flight battery?

26/10/2019 10:07:17

I ALWAYS use a kill switch, however, my view is that a kill switch should be made an industry standard. Even basic cheap 4ch radios should have a kill switch fitted. This would only cost pennies extra on the radio.

Thread: New to model flying but not new to RC
25/10/2019 23:55:05
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 25/10/2019 23:05:01:

The new regs are nothing to worry about, the smallest of hurdles to participation.

Somewhat concerning that the new regs have not even come into force yet, but are already putting people off the hobby. sad

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
24/10/2019 23:41:34
Posted by Steve J on 24/10/2019 21:37:59:
Posted by CARPERFECT on 24/10/2019 20:19:00:

DOES that all sound correct ?

Can you come up with a plausible argument that either you or your son 'have management of' all 15 planes? Does one of you determine when, where and by whom the models are flown?


Dad is the operator and a pilot. The son is just a remote pilot. All planes carry an operator number.

This fully complies with the letter and spirit of the law.

How complicated do you want to make it?

Edited By Jason-I on 24/10/2019 23:42:32

24/10/2019 21:14:15
Posted by CARPERFECT on 24/10/2019 20:19:00:

So here`s a little conundrum for you all. Two BMFA members in my house. Me and my 24 year old son. WE. yes WE have 15 planes and we share them all. I have an A cert he has not. So come 1st Jan 2020 we will both pay the BMFA subs. I or him will register . Just the one £9 NOT TWO. He will have to pass his A cert or do the online (impossible to fail test). If either of us are ever questioned by the DRONE police.,We are covered. the models will have a reg number, and both will have passed the A test or the CAA test. DOES that all sound correct ?

Absolutely correct. One registered operator with two registered pilots.

Edited By Jason-I on 24/10/2019 21:15:49

24/10/2019 20:35:30

Have to agree with this guy....

Thread: Model Retrieval (or not)?
24/10/2019 11:46:15
Posted by Peter Miller on 24/10/2019 11:24:17:

Here is a retrieval story to brighten dull day


Wow, what a great story.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
24/10/2019 10:01:49

My hobby does make me happy. The threats to the hobby by rotten legislation and poor public perception makes me most unhappy.

Thread: Storage of models in light of the new CAA regs
24/10/2019 07:18:54
Posted by cymaz on 24/10/2019 06:22:30:
ill not be surprised to see an Amazon or KFC drone falls out of the sky. Think of the outcry then.

Yeah, can you just imagine, somebody's take away chicken will go cold. Ohh the horror!!!

Thread: New Legislation And Trainee Requirements
23/10/2019 20:37:57
Posted by Paul C. on 23/10/2019 20:33:01:

If nothing else some folks have had a laugh at my faux pas, time for a G & T I think 😂

Save one for me. yes

23/10/2019 20:11:52
Posted by Paul C. on 23/10/2019 20:07:27:

Err that's posters not posers 😯😯😯😯 bloomin predictive text and me not reading it , sorry 😱

I've been called worse!

23/10/2019 19:52:10
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 23/10/2019 19:34:57:

Damn but it gets confusing when posters refer to the person on the sticks as being the operator, while the CAA seem to use 'operator' to mean the person responsible for the maintainance and use of the UAV and the term 'competent person' or similar for the stick twiddler. It's a great pity they couldn't have stuck to nice clear terms like 'Operator or Keeper' (henceforth known as OOK) for the owner and ,say, 'Pilot On Sticks' (hka POS) so we could more easily diferentiate.

They need to just do away with the whole pilot and operator thing and just have a pilot, who registers, takes the test and pays the fee. The whole operator thing makes the system biased towards big companies who could run potentially thousands of drones and pilots all for just a single £9 fee. (Whilst us mugs subsidise the registration system for them). The whole registration system is setup with future commercial use in mind which is why it's so expensive - and yet it is us expected to foot the bill for this.

This is just one of my fundamental objections about the whole rotten scheme and is why I will continue campaigning government about it.

23/10/2019 18:32:31
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 23/10/2019 18:19:31:

Did everyone ignore my post?

Sorry Steve but the BMFA are saying that a student under instruction is not an operator so does not have to take the test. So if a random person walks in off the street they are allowed to fly right from the off. Their argument is the same as most of us have presented here. Full size aircraft and driving instruction is commenced when a student has no qualifications at all and model flying will be the same. The only real difference is that slightly closer attention needs to be paid to the qualifications of the instructor.

Its a total non issue


Good enough for me.

23/10/2019 17:43:42
Posted by Steve J on 23/10/2019 17:27:53:

it is very clear that the remote pilot is expected to do the online test before touching the sticks

If I was instructing at the moment, the first bit of homework that I would give a trainee would be to do the CAA test.


At which point little Johnny would go home disappointed never to return. sad

I fly in a public space. It's rare that members of the public pass by, but when they do, and if they show an interest, I'll gladly let them have a go on the buddy box (I always carry a spare basic cheap tx, and most of my models have an eagletree guardian fitted, so I can switch to wing levelling mode for them). They are always most appreciative of this, and I think it is really good for the hobby.

Next time Joe public passes by and expresses real interest am I to say: "I'd love to give you a go, but you need to go home, study the rules, pass a test and register as a pilot before I can even let you near to the sticks", then send them away thinking I'm a mean spirited stuck up jobsworth, OR, am I to break the rules, let them have a go and send them away with a smile on their face?

I know which option I'll be choosing. wink


Edited By Jason-I on 23/10/2019 17:47:27

Thread: Ben Buckle Falcon Build
22/10/2019 13:34:41

Thanks for the info gents.

Thread: Latest CAA Update
22/10/2019 12:13:36
Posted by Zflyer on 22/10/2019 12:08:09:

Alternatively why not see if we can delay the outcome via the Courts by challenging the misrepresentation of the evidence.

I see we still have no actual footage of the Gatwick drone....

I see also the the Gatwick incident was back on the news last night and was spoken about in terms as the confirmed drone incident that affected hundreds of thousands of people. No mention of the fact that no evidence has been found. The whole article was demonising drone users all over again.

Thread: Ben Buckle Falcon Build
22/10/2019 12:07:00

Any thoughts about whether washout should be built into the wing?

Thread: Latest CAA Update
22/10/2019 11:35:59

The BMFA should be urging us all to continue campaigning the DfT, the CAA and our local MP's about this issue (on a weekly basis)

If they all continued receiving tens of thousands of emails in their inboxes every week, then I'm sure they would eventually cave in.

22/10/2019 11:10:34

I hope the BMFA are reading this thread. I don't see this 'deal' as a compromise, but rather as more of a sell out.

As previously stated, I have no problem with registering, or paying a fee. What I do have problems with are:

1) The imbalance between the measures imposed on our historically safe sport as compared to other more dangerous activities - for example driving (£14 for 10 years) and full size aviation where licence does not expire. Why have we been singled out for annual registration?

2) The injustice of the whole 'operator' nature of the scheme, which will see us lone fliers all paying an individual registration fee, whereas companies with potentially thousands of drones and pilots will only have to pay a single operator fee. Us private flyers are going to be subsidising big companies so they can clear us out of their valuable airspace.

3) The registration scheme will not serve its intended purpose (as confirmed by their own select committee). We are paying for a useless scheme just so that ministers can say they have acted - and everybody knows it.

4) They have ignored the advice of their own select committee with regards to price being a barrier and with frequency of registration.

The cheek they have to call us clueless, careless and criminal, when it is they who are clueless about the benefit of the registration scheme, criminal in extorting the 'tax' off innocent individuals and careless about our concerns.

22/10/2019 08:15:32

Bruce has given the new regs the once over:


Edited By Jason-I on 22/10/2019 08:26:04

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