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Thread: HobbyKing Why did I order from HobbyKing?????
26/02/2019 16:42:00

Yes nearly right it goes like this

Order lipo , show has in stock.

lipo never dispatched

after 5 days contacted HK to see why

told they can not dispatch them because they are dangerous goods ( yes I do not understand that either !! )

told HK to cancel order

they finally did but offer me a credit note

Contacted Pay Pal who have refunded my money

Then told by the UK warehouse they where out of stock



Edited By Rocker on 26/02/2019 16:43:13

26/02/2019 13:52:45

Post removed, forum language infringement. 

Edited By David Ashby - Moderator on 26/02/2019 18:25:08

25/02/2019 22:33:12

Good luck to you all I will never use them again .There are plenty more places to buy lipo from with a better attitude ( this was from the UK warehouse )

Edited By Rocker on 25/02/2019 22:34:03

25/02/2019 18:46:40

Never been a great fan of HobbyKing but thought I would just try them once more to see if their service has improved Oh boy was that a mistake !!!!!!!! Order some lipo from the UK warehouse ,told that the order would be dispatched that day and it would take 2 to 3 days delivery .Here we are 5 days on they still have not been dispatched even though the are marked has in stock .Contacted HobbyKing to find out what is happening to my order .Told there was problem with dangerous goods being dispatched .When I asked when they would be dispatched HobbyKing would not say I said OK cancel the order then but they refused to cancel the order or refund my money What a shower ,never again .It is now in the hands of Pay Pal (to me it is obvious they are not in stock and they are playing for time !!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thread: How many charges will I get from a 12 volt Lesiure Battery ?
24/02/2019 08:58:32

Thanks I take your point about the time it will take to charge a lipo up at the field Most of the people at my club take a 12 volt battery with them and charge up their lipo on anything from 5 amp up to 10 amps .I am not comfortable with that and only like to charge at 1 amp so considering how long it will take to charge a lipo at 1 amp I think I would be better using the money to buy some more lipo then

23/02/2019 23:29:11

Thinking of buying a 12 Volt Leisure Battery to take down the field to charge my lipo batteries up .Before I invested in a 12 volt Battery I want to make sure it will be right for the job .The problem I might have is I only use 6c 5000 lipo .I am no good at working out things like this so would be grateful if one of you boffins could give me clue to how many 6s 50000 lipo I could charge up using a fully charge 12 volt Leisure before it ran out of go .Will I be able to get more then one 6s 5000 lipo charge up on this 12 volt battery ?

Thread: Here one for all you technical flyers
22/02/2019 20:02:38

Has anyone out there flown a Freewing Hawk and landed it on it's undercarriage ? Be good to know if this problem is me or is it a character of this model

22/02/2019 16:19:17

Took the Freewing Hawk today and belly it in No problems .Also maiden the Freewing F86 Sabre ,no problems what so ever with landing the F86 Sabre came in a treat no bouncing just landed a treat

21/02/2019 22:12:10

You might be right but I have order a FMS Hawk ( hope the wife is out when it is delivered ) The Freewing Hawk fly great and looks great in the air but I personally can not land it with out damaging it. So I have decided because the Freewing Hawk now looks a mess with all the damage where the nose has broken off so many times and glued back on due to my terrible landings. I will turn it in to a Sunday morning hack model and take it off using the undercarriage and belly it in that is the only way I can stop it bouncing and when the FMS Hawk arrive use that has my main model Thanks for all your suggestions but the Freewing Hawk has beaten me I am afraid

21/02/2019 21:27:08

Just got back and tried fast landing ,slow landing with flaps without flaps ,No joy bounce ,bounce .Maybe it is me but the strange thing is I am having areal hard time trying to land this Freewing Hawk and it only a matter of time before is rips it's self apart on one of these landing but when I fly my mates FMS Hawk I end up doing perfect landing all the time .That tell me it must be something to do with the model .So the only solution to my problem is simple really ,an upgrade is the only way so that is what I am going to do .One FMS Hawk on orderyes

21/02/2019 09:32:48

I must say there is some real good advice here ,thanks everyone .Just put my batteries on charge for tomorrow ,now comes the hard part , going from reading about all this on the forum to actually doing it tomorrow .I will come in a bit slower and see what happens .Watch this space .Hopefully I will still have a complete Hawk this time tomorrow night smiley

20/02/2019 11:51:20

Thanks ,there is some interesting stuff and I found it very useful .Thanks I will try it out and see what happens

19/02/2019 21:58:29

You made a good point Chris ,the Freewing Hawk and the FMS Hawk look simmer but like you point out are properly total different .All I know is the FMS Hawk fly better ,which surprised me .I am a total Freewing fan but it looks like FMS have caught them up !!!!!!!!!

19/02/2019 19:59:19

I found on my Freewing Hawk it was better to land with no flaps ,it seem to land better with no flaps then it does with flaps but that might be me The FMS Hawk comes in with flap and lands a treat

19/02/2019 17:42:16

Well except for Nigel that was a waste of time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19/02/2019 16:04:31

I have a Freewing Hawk and I find it hard to land with out it bouncing on landing .I have found you have to come in fairly fast and land it on it's main wheels and keep the nose wheel up .Sometimes it lands OK the next is bounces all over the place .One of our club has an FMS Hawk almost identical to the Freewing Hawk .I have flown he's FMS hawk and it lands perfectly every time with no problems .Why is that ? I have the upgraded undercarriage on the Freewing Hawk where as the FMS has them has standard .I just can not work why the FMS Hawk is so easy to land where has my Freewing Hawk is a nightmare to land ,they are identical models Anyone have any idea why ????? After flying both the Freewing and the FMS Hawk I would advise anyone who is interested in buying a Hawk go with the FMS one.The FMS Hawk is the better model but a lot dearer then the Freewing Hawk

Thread: Good lipo charger
10/02/2019 18:43:29

I need a good reliable lipo charger from about £40 to £80 Any one recommend one that is simple to use and is reliable

Thread: How to set flaps on a Futaba 10J Transmitter
10/02/2019 12:53:42

That is interesting ,think you might have found the problem CARPERFECT my was set on 5.0 ,I have reset to 4.6 and hopefully that might have been the problem

10/02/2019 09:38:53

One other thing On my Futaba T10J Transmitter it came with a 4.8 1200 mah battery .If I do a lot of flying the Transmitter the low battery warning comes on .I think this is because it only has a 1200 mah battery in it .Could I put a 2000 mah 4.8  battery in the T10J transmitter to give me more flying time without doing any damage to my transmitter ?

Edited By Rocker on 10/02/2019 09:42:47

10/02/2019 09:29:27

OK what is the ATV

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