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Thread: Wot has happened to all the Wots Wot ARTF ????
18/11/2018 21:10:38

OK great ,thanks

18/11/2018 21:08:18

Someone just told me they will be back in stock in March 2019 question.Why so long

18/11/2018 21:05:06

Can not find a Ripmax Wots Wot ARTF any where .Are they still in production ???

Thread: Black Horse Spitfire 61
17/11/2018 18:48:23

Well just had an e mail from one of my on line model shop and they say the next delivery from Black Horse is not until March and they seem to think that it has been discontinued .I will give Ripmax an e mail they will know what is happening

17/11/2018 16:58:20

Doh!!!!!!!!!!!! back to the drawing board ,Black Horse Spitfire 61 DISCONTINUED crying Every time I like a model I find it discontinued .Try again ,now I know Hanger 9 have just brought out some new models ,so they should not be discontinued .They do a new Carbon Cub for a 15cc petrol engine ,Now they Laser 80 should fly that yes I hope .Hanger 9 also do a 80" Piper cub but I am sure the Laser 80 will be bit over the top for that .I never thought I would have so much trouble finding a model for my Laser 80 !!!

17/11/2018 16:02:47

OK Thanks for that info .Black Horse Spitfire it is Then .I will order one on Monday

17/11/2018 12:16:14

Thanks Jon ,The other model I like is the Seagull P 47 Razorback (Snafu) but I did not think the Laser 80 would be enough for the P 47 but looking at the spec for the Black Horse Spitfire ,the P47 looks very similar so would I get away with a Laser 80 in the Seagull P 47 ? I would prefer the Seagull P47 .Just thought I would need a Laser 100 in the P 47?

Thread: Advice please on Wots Wot engine
14/11/2018 12:00:25

It is easy question to answer ,It simple in my opinion the Laser 80 is perfect for the Wots Wotsyes .That is what I have in my Wots Wots and it has more than enough power and will also fly it slow .Laser 80 you will not regret it

Thread: What is going on with Royal Mail ??????????
12/11/2018 22:47:23

Had 2 different parcel go missing in one week this week by Royal Mail .One is some where in Cambridge and I live in Lincolnshire and the other parcel ,well your guess is has good has mine It has come to the point now that when I ordered some epoxy glue to day from a modeling shop I told them not to send it via Royal Mail !!! The ironic thing was when I rang the Royal Mail Customer Service they told me that this often happenings and not to worry .It seems Royal Mail do not seem bother about this angry

Thread: Weston Glow Fuel
05/11/2018 17:26:12

Someone in our Flying Club has recommended Weston Liquid Gold Glow fuel but no one else is using it in our club .Just check it out on their Web site and I like the price and free postage on 4 gallons but what is it like ? ,it is a good price but is it a good fuel ?

Thread: What size propeller
03/11/2018 19:19:00

I have an old FMS P47 Thunderbolt that is no longer in production and I managed to break the propeller on a bad landing .It has a 4 bladed propeller but is no longer available .So I have a problem with finding another propeller for it ? I was thinking of putting a two bladed propeller on it .The 4 bladed propellers are a 4x 14/8 propellers .So what size propeller would I need to replace the 4 bladed prop .Will a  14/7 two bladed propeller be OK to replace the 4 14x 8  ,?

Edited By Rocker on 03/11/2018 19:34:18

Thread: What prop for a Saito 125a four stoke engine ?
31/10/2018 21:17:23

Been running my Saito 125a Four stoke engine on a Seagull Spacewalker (82" wingspan ) I have been running it in and flying the spacewalker on a APC 15/8 prop .The Engine is well and truly run in now .It fly fine on the 15/8 prop but everyone tells me to switch to a 16/6 or a 16/8 prop now it is run in. What difference would a 16/6 or a 16/8 make to the flying of the Spacewalker over the 15/8 ( 16/6 and the 16/8 are the same make ,APC )Or should I stay with what I have ?

Thread: Model Technic 5% Laser Fuel
27/10/2018 19:56:56

Thanks RC Plane Flyer , Denis and Stephen .Just been talking to an old time flyer I know from down South and he put me on to" Elite Models" .I found "Elite Models "the cheapest ( Fuel is the same price but postage was cheaper ) so order the Laser fuel from them .Thanks again

27/10/2018 15:34:21

Anyone know any retailer that will mail order Model Technics Laser 5% fuel .Starting to run low .Have always stock up at the shows but now running low .I live in darkest Lincolnshire .I am happy to travel a reasonable amount of miles to pick up the fuel but I do not know any model shop around Lincolnshire that sells Model Technics fuel ?.Might be restricted to flying electric until the next model show in the new year !!!!!!!!!

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
15/10/2018 15:36:01

Hi Jon I am right about the Laser 80 being OK to fly the P47 .I am sure it will ? ( It is the Seagull 63 " )

Edited By Rocker on 15/10/2018 15:36:49

15/10/2018 13:33:11

I have a Laser 80 and have just ordered the Seagull P47 Thunderbolt (63" Snafu ) It does say it is for a 120 four stroke but I am sure the Laser 80 will power it OK .My question is " How does everybody fit the Laser engines inverted .When I try I always have big problems with getting the fuel tank right .Because the carp is on the top of a Laser engine when you invert the engine the carp is very low and to get the tank right you almost have to have the fuel tank under the fuselage But seeing all the great photos of model powered by Laser a lot of people have them inverted .How do they get the tank right ?????.I do not want to install the Laser 80 at right angles to get any chance of installing the fuel tank right .It spoils the look of the model with the engine install at right angles

Thread: Spektrum DX 6 Receivers ???
04/10/2018 15:08:56

The new Spektrum AR 620 receiver looks interesting Might just pre-order one of those to !

03/10/2018 21:45:10

Thanks ,I did not look very well did I .I have just order one .Thanks Sonny and Denis

03/10/2018 19:53:17

I have a Spektrum DX 6 transmitter and need to bind a new model on to the DX 6 .I have always used the Spektrum AR 610 receiver but finding it hard to find any AR 610 receivers .I have not been a fan of the AR 610 receiver ,having several aerials snap off on them . There must be a receiver I can buy that will work with DX 6 transmitter .I do not want to use aftermarket receivers I would like to stay with Spektrum receivers but do not know what to get .Has the AR 610 receiver been discontinued ?

Thread: WOTS WOT XL ??????
28/09/2018 15:14:06

I have noticed Ripmax do not list the Wots Wot XL anymore and I know some model shops do still have the Wots Wot XL kits but is this just old stock Does this mean that Ripmax have stop production of the Wots Wot XL .If it is it will be a pity ,the Wots wot XL is a good kit and fly really well I have one with a Laser 180 in it BRILLIANT but if something happens to my Wots Wot XL I will not be able to replace it crying

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