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Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
09/09/2018 22:04:18

They look like they where Dynam models and FMS Stukas.

Thread: Seagull Spcewalker 120
09/09/2018 14:47:13

OK Thanks Denis So You end up with the 2 bulk heads bolted together .Do you fly yours with the recommended throws 3/16 up and down for the elevator does not sound much ?

09/09/2018 11:04:32

Now I have come across another strange thing with putting this kit together I am about to install the engine ,in the kit you have a separate ply wood firewall that is in with fuel tank fitting bag ,there is no mention about it in the instructions ,I am not sure if this is a pattern to help you install the engine because it has the marking for a Saito 120 and different marking for a OS 120 or does it go on top of the firewall that is already glued to the fuselage????

06/09/2018 21:52:47

Has anyone out there put one of these Seagull Spacewalker 120 (82" wingspan ) together .I am at the point where I am going to fit the wheel spats .On the wheel spats I take it you have to cut the cut the 14mm x 7mm grove to take the wheel axle yourself or should there be a grove already cut .Want to make sure this is correct before I mess things up

Thread: lead weghts
05/09/2018 01:46:32

Need some lead weghts for the c of g on my models .Used to have a bit of old lead pipe but that has all gone now ,any tips on where I could buy some more .tried a builders merchant but they wanted silly money for a massive roll that would of kept the whole of our club going for life

Thread: Clubs near Hyawards Heath, Sussex
03/09/2018 21:50:10

There is Felbridge Flyers at East Grinstead and there is also Mid Sussex Flyers but not sure where they fly from but it must be close to you at Haywards Heath

Thread: NGH Petrol engine ,what the opionion on them
03/09/2018 09:31:36

Was thinking on getting the 25 or 35 NGH depending on which one "Just Engine " recommends for the model I have ready for the engine .It looks like the 35 NGH would be the better buy .Hope it will be a good introduction to petrol engine as buying a large glow engine is getting harder and harder to do with most of the big manufactures now turning to producing petrol engines in favour of glow engines bigger then the 90 four stokes

02/09/2018 21:45:48

Completely new to petrol engines so do not want to spend a fortune on a petrol engine then find I that prefer a glow engine ,So the price of the NGH petrol engine looks good but what are they like ????

Thread: What cc petrol engine ?
02/09/2018 20:18:24

Yes ,just read the thread on DLE engines and they all mention how really noisy they are .Our club does not have any noise restriction ,due to fact we fly in the middle of nowhere but that does not mean I will fly a noisy model just wondered about the NGH petrol engines from "Just Engines " Would they be better on the noise level because " Just Engines do a after market silencer for there NGH engine .It just they look a bit cheap and I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for but I have heard good reports about the NGH engines and "Just Engines " have a very good reputation Anyone had one long term who could give me a report on the NGH engines

02/09/2018 16:30:40

I have decided to try a petrol engine (Never had one yet ) It seems this is the way the hobby is going now .All the main engine manufacturer are going over to petrol and dropping the big glow engines .I like the look of the DLE 20 RA petrol engine.The model I am going to put the new petrol engine in is for a 120 to 150 glow four stoke engine so if I am right the 20cc petrol engine is the cc I need I think the 30 cc will be to much .Can someone with a bit more knowledge on petrol engine help me out here .I think the DLE petrol engine are OK and I think 20 cc is the one I need .

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
14/08/2018 14:00:47

No I am not blaming Jon ,I really feel for him he seems to be the piggy in the middle and must be so frustrated at what is happening even more frustrating then I feel .What is Neil up to ,he has a ,to me the best four stroke engine out there by far but there are also other manufactures out there I am not prepared to wait around not knowing what is happening with he's engines .I need an engine now if I knew when they would be available again I would wait but there is no sign as to what is happening at Laser .So I have gone for a Saito 150b ,Just hope it is has good has a Laser but I was left with no choice .I hope for Jon sake every thing is going to be OK but I am not so sure !!!!!!!!!

14/08/2018 12:24:09

Given up waiting for a Laser 155 ,just ordered a Saito 150B .What is going on at Laser ,it seems they are not interested in selling there engines anymore .You can not place an order ,you can not find out when there engines will be back in stock .I give up ! .Such a shame

Thread: OS versus Saito
12/08/2018 19:16:02

What glow plug would recommend for a Saito 125a ?

Thread: ASP 120 or Saito 125 four stroke
12/08/2018 19:10:50

I would love a Laser but they are becoming very hard to get hold off !!!!!!!!!!!

12/08/2018 15:31:58

Really confused what to do .I need a good reliable 120 four stroke .Had settled on ASP 120 but just look up the details and price of the Saito 125 four stoke ,it is a bit more expensive then the ASP but it might be worth spending that little bit more if the Saito 125 is better engine ,Never had a Saito before but they seem to be OK and the price is not to bad for 120 four stroke but is it a better engine then the Chinese ASP ?

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
12/08/2018 14:58:32

Mmmm !!!!!!! that is an interesting comment

Edited By wise owl on 12/08/2018 14:58:52

12/08/2018 13:28:51

That's good news I am after a 100/120 four stoke engine and Laser are by far the best out there so I just sit tight and monitor the Laser web site then

12/08/2018 11:21:51

Any idea when or more to the point IF ANY OF THE LASER ENGINE will be back in stock .I am getting concerned about the long term future for Laser Engines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me there is nothing to worry about .A modelling world without Laser engine that would be unthinkable .I would have to go electric

Edited By wise owl on 12/08/2018 11:37:29

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
11/08/2018 08:13:12

What is happening at Laser .I know they have just moved to a new factory but that was over a month ago and still all there engines are all out of stock .I hope things are OK at Laser they must be the best four stroke engines out there if they are having problems it will be terrible to loose such a good product !!!!!!!!

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 11/08/2018 08:21:38

22/07/2018 21:32:27

I have a Freewing Hawk and love it ,fly great.Once you get use to how land it without it bouncing all over the place on landing .Now I have found the knack of how to land it ,it acutely lands quite well .Had a debate down the flying field about what is the better Hawk some say that the FMS Hawk is a lot better then the Freewing Hawk .I have not flown the FMS Hawk so can not comment on how it fly but It will have to be good to beat the Freewing Hawk .Anyone flown both of these Hawk I would interested to know what there opinion is on which of these Hawks is the best one ???

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