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Thread: What setting for charging NiMH batteries
16/07/2018 20:52:08

Problem solved .Not sure if it the correct procedure but gave up trying to charge the battery on 0.2 / 0.5 amps (forgot to mention it is a single cell 1.2 volt battery for a on board glow not a 4.3 receiver pack )Put the charger on 1 amp and bingo in under a hour it was fully charged

15/07/2018 22:42:53

Not having much luck charging up my nimh battery been on charge now for 6 hours at 0.5 ,still not fully charged ????????

15/07/2018 18:04:22

Change all my receiver batteries over from 4 volts to 6 volts and have started using my lipo charger ( set on NiMH setting ) to charge them .Been told to charge them at 0.1 on the charger but it is taking for ever .What is the best setting to charge the NiMH receiver battery ,(can I charge them on a higher charge or should I stick to the 0.1 amps setting

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
14/07/2018 14:16:55

Now Laser have stop production of the 120 ,how close performance wise is the Laser 100 compare to the 120 .Saving my pennies to find a engine for a Seagull Spacewalker 120 .I am sure the Laser 100 should fly the Seagull Spacewalker OK ,just need to make sure .No hurry I see the the Laser 100 is out of stock so is the Seagull Spacewalker 120 (The Spacewalker 120 is due in about August not sure when the Laser 100 will be available no doubt Jon will let me know the answer to both these questions

Edited By Rocker on 14/07/2018 14:17:44

14/07/2018 14:08:27

I have Laser 180 in my Wot Wots XL fly it great ,in my opinion it is the perfect engine for the Wots Wot XL and sounds a lot better then a 30cc petrol engine

Thread: Circlip for Freewing front retract
04/07/2018 21:33:25

Thanks just order them from Modelfixings along with a lot of other thing I need .Thanks for that

04/07/2018 16:22:07

Anyone know where I can buy a circlip that will fit on my Freewing Hawk front retract ,this is the upgrade retract with suspension on it .I think it ii a 3mm shaft .I have lost mind and need a 3mm circlip to secure it again .Do not have a clue who would sell a pack of 3mm circlip ???

Edited By Rocker on 04/07/2018 16:40:32

Thread: fav model of all time
29/06/2018 11:05:17

For me it has to be the Flair D7 ,I used to build my models then until I became lazy with the ARTF.Yes I know I should go back to building but the ARTF are so convenient and the quality is a lot better these day

Edited By Rocker on 29/06/2018 11:05:59

Thread: Where are all the 120 four stroke gone ?
28/06/2018 16:48:01

Not sure if the Laser 155 might be to much for the model I have in mind (Seagull Spacewalker 120 ) not sure if the Laser 100 would fly the Seagull Spacewalker OK ( I do not like a model that is only just flying due to an under power engine (not that Laser are under powered ) but I do not want a model flying around at a ballistic speed so maybe the Laser 100 might be OK .Over to you Jon

27/06/2018 21:25:37

Just look at the Saito 125 FS never owned a Saito so how do they compare with OS ,it will take a lot to convert me from Laser but if Laser are not going to produce the 120 anymore  might have to take a look at Saito engine

Edited By Rocker on 27/06/2018 21:25:58

Edited By Rocker on 27/06/2018 21:27:07

27/06/2018 21:14:00

Where have all the 120 four stroke engines gone .Laser 120 not showing on the Laser web site anymore .Looks like the OS 120 is limited stock only .Is it me or is the 120 four stoke no longer as popular as it was ,is this because of the new interest in the petrol engine ?I have a model begging for a good 120 FS ,my first choice would always be a Laser and then an OS but both are like rocking horse teeth , no Laser 120 and very few OS 120 FS on the market and they do not look like they going to restock them

Thread: How do you land a Freewing Venom????
26/06/2018 16:48:05

OK ,slow it down and neutralise the elevator .I wonder if I am landing it like a tail dragger and keeping to much up elevator on causing it lift of again .I will try that ,slow approach with full flaps and neutral elevator .I let you know what happens when I fly it next .Thanks

26/06/2018 16:17:48

Have a Freewing Venom, fly great really pleased with the Venom until I come to land!!!!!!! It starts of fine lovely approach touch down fine then bounce ,bounce .I can not stop it from bouncing all over the place on landing ,to the point where it is going to self destruct it's self I have already broken the nose of twice .I have tried everything ,fast approach with flaps ,fast approach without flaps ,slow approach .foam wheels rubber wheels ,I have tried everything to stop it bouncing all over the place on landing ,it has got to the point where I am now going try belly it in with the no flaps and the wheels up if I do not it will not last many more landing .Anyone have any ideas on how I can stop it bouncing on landing ??????????

Thread: SEAGULL Bowers Flybaby 10-15cc -
19/06/2018 17:39:50

Fancy one of these and I have a spare OS 52 four stroke engine but I do not think the OS 52 four stroke will be man enough for this kit .The Seagull Bowers Flybaby weights 7.7ibs the wing loading is 777sq feet .Anyone have one of these kit and what engine will fly this OK .I do not want to put the OS 52 in it only to find it struggles to fly it.The recommended ic engine is a 15cc but I have never been able to convert that to what size four stoke that is ie 52,60 or 80 ?

Edited By Rocker on 19/06/2018 17:43:20

Thread: Warbirds - engine recommendations
26/05/2018 15:20:50

OK I have a Laser 80 .What war bird would be OK for the Laser 80 ?

Thread: Motion RC coming to Europe ?
24/05/2018 17:42:15

Thanks Denis now firmly lock in my Favourites

24/05/2018 15:09:14

I did see somewhere that Motion RC are opening up a branch in Europe .Look at the Monition RC Europe web site and it states that it is opening in June .Now I can not find the web site anywhere .Found the USA Monition RC web site and there was a link to on there USA web site to forward you on to the European web site now it has disappeared .Anyone know what is going on and how do I find the Motionrc/eu web site ?

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
24/05/2018 14:51:03

Jon , Interested to hear that Seagull might bring out a 80 inch P47 .Will my Laser 180 fly the 80 inch P47 OK

Thread: Royal Wedding No Fly Zone
18/05/2018 20:33:33

I am going to apply a no TV day tomorrow ( Saturday ) I am already fed up with the Wedding and it has not yet started .Good excuse to go flying all day tomorrow and be has far away from the TV has possible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thread: Charging Lipo
11/05/2018 16:30:15

Being an IC man lipo are new to me .I have been charging my Lipo on my charger in the Lipo charging mode ,now I have found a balancing charging mode .I thought charging the Lipo on the charging mode balanced the cells but am I wrong and been charging my lipo wrong and should of been using the balance charging mode smile p

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