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Thread: Horus X10S with Spektrum receivers
02/10/2019 15:41:03

Hello Tony

No I have not bought a X10S yet. Still making my mind up ! And using the DX8.

Which module are you using for spektrum receivers?

Thread: Which petrol engine
07/04/2019 20:42:07

I am looking for a 30-35cc petrol engine for a Wots wot XL.

For reasons of cost, I am looking at Chinese made engines.

what are the pros and cons of the different makes. I have looked at RCGF, DLE, EME and NGH. are there any others? Which is the best

i did fancy a twin, but it will not guide fit in the cowl.

I would appreciate any views you may have on the subject.

Thread: Binding AR8010T Rx to DX8 Tx
20/10/2018 17:23:37

Ok thanks, that clears that one up. So it is just a faulty sat Rx. The thing I noticed with it was that the orange led was quite dim during the (failed) bind process. A good one has quite a bright LED both when it’s flashing and when solid. The supplier has sent me a pre paid mailing ticket to return the Rx so should get a new one back. Thanks.

19/10/2018 11:55:46

Seems like the problem is with the satellite Rx. I have tried it with another receiver and it does not bind. In this situation the main Rx binds ok but the satellite does not. When I try the satellite with the new AR 8010T it prevents the main Rx from binding. If I try to bind just the AR8010T on its own with no satellite it does not bind. I do not understand this, I thought satellites were optional to give greater signal reliability?

17/10/2018 20:09:44

Hello Steve just to report that I have finally got the AR8010T to bind! I was just on the point of despair, when I thought I would try a different satellite Rx with it. I took one out another model and plugged it in to replace the one that came with the new Rx - it binds straight away no problem and telemetry all working ok . Have since tried the original Sat Rx again but does not work. I did try to bind just the main Rx with no sat plugged in and that did not work either. I will try the original sat in the other model to see what happens there.

17/10/2018 17:14:44

Thanks Steve

This is something I need to check. I’m not sure how to check the Rx firmware, I suppose you download it from the Spektrum site after registering the purchase. But then how do you check what is on the Rx and then load new?

16/10/2018 22:44:55

I have checked Tx firmware and it is up to date, so this can’t be the problem. Have tried to bind loads more times but with no success. The transmitter does say “binding” but Rx light does not go solid. It just goes from fast blink to slow flash. Suppose I need to go back to the supplier or to Spektrum customer support.

15/10/2018 22:45:09

Yes the satellite is connected. I have also tried it with it not connected and same result. I have some servos connected and they do nothing. I have checked the power supply to the Rx as I was worried I had reversed polarity, but it is ok.

15/10/2018 21:29:55

I get the fast flash when I power on the Rx, then switch on thr Tx in bind mode, it says it’s binding 22ms. Rx then goes to slow flash and stays like that. Does not go to solid orange.

I am now wondering if I need to update the software on my Tx. It had not been done for quite a long time and the AR8010T is a new Rx on the market, I believe.

15/10/2018 15:42:08

I'm having trouble binding a new AR8010T receiver to my DX8 transmitter. Its the original DX8, not the 2nd Gen one.

The bind process starts ok but the orange light on the Rx goes from fast blink to slow blink and the bind does not complete. The slow blink stops when you turn off the Tx, so it must be seeing something from the Tx.

Any thoughts? I have tried it using the bind button on the Rx and also using the bind plug with same results. Also tried plenty of separation between Tx and Rx.

Thread: Receiver/Servo battery supplies
12/10/2018 17:55:40


When you say that NiHm are not suitable to parallel and that some circuitry is required between then. Would you consider a diode connected to each of the packs sufficient? The packs would still be in parallel but if one failed or shorted etc then the other battery would not be affected due to the blocking diode. I have looked at the power boards sold by 4max and they do just put two batteries in parallel. In the write up they say that the batteries should be the same type and voltage and equally charged etc. I think the more expensive power box systems one are a bit cleverer though.

11/10/2018 17:31:12

Thanks for the info. I was looking at the power distribution boxes which look interesting. Hobby king do them as well as 4 max. I soon realised that where there have facility for connecting two batteries, there are just connected directly together in parallel with no circuitry between them. So if one battery fails or shorts etc then it would take the other with it. Has anyone used a diode on the two battery connections so that one does not backfeed the other?

The other benefit of the distribution boards seems to be that you take the servo loads away from the receiver. Is this necessary on a 1/4 scale cub with one servo per surface. I wonder what the rating of the supply rails on an 8 channel Spektrum receiver are?

10/10/2018 17:08:06

im looking for ideas and suggestions please. I am gurrently fitting out a quarter scale cub and wonder what the best system for the various power supplies is. I need a 4.8v supply for the petrol engine ignition, so thinking a 4 cell NiMh would be good. Can I use a AA size pack or should I go to sub-c. For the receiver/servo battery I am thinking that 2 packs would be good to give some security. What is the best way to connect them and what are the alternatives for battery backer? Power box are good but a bit expensive. Does anyone else make a battery backer? What type of cells do I need. The plane has 7 high torque analogue servos (Hitec HS-645MG) these can run at 4.8 or 6v so I suppose a 2 cell LiFe would be ok. Be grateful for any thoughts.

Thread: Fuel proofer for petrol?
29/09/2018 19:33:55

Thanks for the info, but what do you mean by 2k lacquer?

28/09/2018 14:55:20

I gave just bough a traditionally built plane with a petrol engine. It has not been flown or the engine run yet.

Do I need to fuel proof the engine bay? And if so what is the best product?

I have some Jperkins hi-grade satin fuel proofer which says it is good for glow fuel and diesel, but no mention of petrol.

I am a bit worried that petrol will soak into the wood and ruin it.

Thread: Horus X10S with Spektrum receivers
07/09/2018 15:18:22

Thanks for the info.

If I do go for a new X10S, then I would slowly change over to Frsky receivers, but it would be good to carry on using my many spectrum Rx's in the meantime.

06/09/2018 14:48:39

I have a Spektrum DX8 transmitter that is getting fairly old and I am thinking about replacing it. I like the look of the Horus X10S transmitter.

Can I use the X10S with my existing Spektrum receivers, by adding a module to the Tx?

Does this work? Is it a good idea? Or should i just get a new DX8 2nd Gen?


Thread: Airsail Chipmunk
17/07/2018 15:59:03

I have just bought an airsail chipmunk complete with servos but no engine. I have fitted a Saito 72 Four stroke.

Can anyone tell me correct position for C of G and also the recommended control throws.

I can have an educated guess, but it would be better to have the correct figures.


Thread: 6 channel glider setup for DX8G2
15/10/2016 20:12:10

Does anyone know where I can find a 6 channel setup file for a DX8 Gen 2. I have tried the Spektrum website having registered the new Tx, but there are no files there. The DX8 file does not work in a DX8 G2. This is for a slope glider with a 4 servo wing and V tail. I want crow braking etc.

Thread: ARTF for a Saito 72
21/06/2016 21:18:40

Can anyone suggest an ARTF that would suit a Saito 72, please. I am looking for something scale but which is quite slow flying and can do maybe some gentle aerobatics,


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