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Thread: S6R receivers
01/08/2017 12:15:32

How old is the Tx (in particular the XJT module)?

There is a known problem with early XJT modules (labelled D16HV2) where the S6R only responds to some receiver numbers. I suspect it is related to the unique ID of the XJT.

If you have a much more recent XJT module, then it may be that this problem is re-appearing due to newer unique IDs.


Thread: Radio decisions, stick with 35mhz or go to 2.4Ghz??
31/07/2017 18:39:30

There is a manual for er9x (ersky9x is very similar) here: **LINK**.

When you create a new model, you get a simple, 4-channel setup created. If that is all you need, to start with, then off you go flying. As you need more features, then you start looking for settings to be able to use them.


31/07/2017 16:05:55

I'd also suggest looking at the FrSky Q X7 (16 channel Tx). It's around £105 for the Tx and around £25 for a X6R receiver that provides 6 channels directly, and up to 16, in total, on the SBUS output. It also provides telemetry (signal strength and Rx battery voltage), with other telemetry sensors available.

Also available are 6 and 8 channel stabilising receivers for very little extra cost (£1 extra!), and these also support SBUS for 16 channels.

The Q X7 comes with the open source firmware, openTx, installed, although it is also possible to re-flash with the open source firmware ersky9x.


Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
28/07/2017 16:00:24

Are you certain you are running eepskye, and not eepe. AvrDude is only used by eepe.

Go to the eepe install directory and run eepskye.exe.


28/07/2017 10:37:18

The processor on the 9Xtreme is basically the same as that on a Taranis. Flashing is performed in the same way.

You power the radio on while holding the two horizontal trims towards the centre. This starts the radio in bootloader mode. Now connect the USB to the computer, and two hard drives should appear.

Now run eepskye. Go to the BURN|Configure menu and make sure "Use SAM-BA" is NOT ticked.

You should now be able to use eepskye read/flash both the EEPROM and the flash memory from eepskye.

Plenty of reading also here: **LINK**.


27/07/2017 23:13:57

You may be confusing the SP board, or I'm confused.

There is the basic SP board, which is a solderless programmer for the standard 9X processor.

There is also the 9Xtreme board, which has a better processor on it.

I have assumed you have the first board (quite a small board). Please confirm which SP board you have.

If you have the 9Xtreme, then you need to be running eepskye, not eepe (both are installed in the same directory).


27/07/2017 11:37:46

What did you read from the 9X, the EEPROM or the flash memory?

Did you download eepe (and er9x) from here: **LINK**?

What processor do you have on your 9X, a MEGA64 or a MEGA128?

For when you get er9x flashed to the 9X, there is a manual for it here: **LINK**.

Since you have eepe, I'm assuming you want er9x, if you want openTx, then you need companion, not eepe.


Thread: Taranis Failsafe
26/07/2017 11:44:50

You can see manuals online ( and some pdf downloads) here: **LINK**.

Not knowing what the Tx can do is, in my opinion, not helped in openTx with the way in which features are configured. This is why I use ersky9x on the Taranis. I provide a menu of features like this:


so you can see most of what is possible. Where an entry covers several items, you get a "popup" when you select it showing, and allowing selection of, the sub-features, like this:


e.g. If you didn't know you could log telemetry, perhaps you don't know you can play "background" music. The ersky9x menu shows "Music" as an option.



Edited By Mike Blandford on 26/07/2017 12:05:56

25/07/2017 00:07:34

Not set - as it says, and should show a warning.

Hold - Sent by the Tx every 9 seconds, Rx outputs hold thei last position

Custom - Sent by the Tx every 9 seconds, Rx outputs go to the values programmed in the Tx

No pulses - Sent by the Tx every 9 seconds, Rx outputs are stopped

Receiver- Tx doesn't send any failsafe settings, Rx outputs go to position as set using the Rx button (if set).

Note that if you use a S8R or S6R (stabilising) receiver, you cannot use the receiver option as pressing the button causes the Rx to enter "Self check" mode.


Thread: Outputs not what I expected From Taranis
21/07/2017 19:02:34

If you created the EEPROM on companion , then flashed it to the radio, you will have overwritten the stick calibration. Try calibrating the sticks.


Thread: battery pack failures
28/06/2017 19:01:27

I note several references to using ohm's law regarding servos, as though they a simple resistances. As they have motors in them, they are inductive, as well as being motors. The inductance means as soon as a voltage is applied to the motor it immediately generates an opposing voltage, which then decays over time, allowing the current to increase.

In adition, as soon as the motor starts to rotate, it acts as a dynamo and also generates a voltage that opposes the applied voltage. The mechanical power out from the motor is this "dynamo" voltage multiplied by the current flowing (less any mechanical losses).

These mean that the actual servo response is very complicated.


Thread: Can I use 3rd-party temperature sensors with FrSky smart port sensor?
26/06/2017 22:43:16

I think you will find the FrSky thermistors are 100K. What you can try is to get some 100K ones, physically like the 10K ones you are using. Connect them to the FrSky sensor, then test the response in boiling water and freezing water, making sure the water doesn't come into contact with any wires on the thermistors. If you get readings of 100 deg and 0 deg, then you can use them OK. Freezing water is water with Ice cubes in it, but making sure the thermistor isn't touching the ice itself as that will be below 0 deg.

I think it doubtful a PICAXE can drive the Smart Port directly. The arduino in the openXsensor has to use "bit-bashing" at 57600 baud on a bi-directional signal for the Smart Port (I wrote that part of the code!).


Thread: Alternative to Spektrum
20/06/2017 18:25:26
Posted by Trevor Crook on 20/06/2017 12:34:55:

I thought that FrSky had receiver matching, but will it perform a matching check if you are using a DSM2/X module and a corresponding rx? I suspect it can't, . . .

Depends on the DSM module you use. If you use a "hack" module, or a Multi-protocol module (or an Orange module re-flashed to the Multi protocol), then the Model matching on DSM is supported by both ersky9x firmware and openTx firmware on FrSky transmitters.

If you use a module that uses a PPM signal, then it won't support model matching.

Note that you may use FrSky transmitters with ersky9x firmware which offers, in my opinion, an easier to follow user interface.


Thread: 9XR Timer programming.
07/06/2017 19:31:14

Manuals for the 9XR-PRO are here: **LINK**

Latest releases of ersky9x and eepskye are here: **LINK**

I suggest you install eepskye on your PC, then start the radio i "bootloader mode", and you will be able to backup your existing firmware and EEPROM so you can revert if you feel you need to.


07/06/2017 18:40:32

Well try my suggestion. I tested it before I posted it, although I do have the latest firmware running (test version of r221!).
If that doesn't work, come back and I'll offer some more suggestions (I may need to load r204 to test them!).

Do you have eepskye loaded on you computer so you can easily read/wirte the EEPROM and update the firmware?

Mike (Developer of ersky9x firmware).


Edited By Mike Blandford on 07/06/2017 18:41:01

Thread: Frsky/Taranis
07/06/2017 18:30:54

I have a Blackhorse Mosquito, which was difficult to steer on the ground (grass). I've set up differential throttle control by mixing rudder control with the two throttle outputs. With that, it will now turn while keeping one wheel stationary. I have this as an option enabled by a switch.


Thread: 9XR Timer programming.
07/06/2017 18:27:03

Set up a logical switch:

SW3: v>val THR -98

then set Trigger to ON and TriggerB to SW3m

The timer will start when you advance the throttle, but will continue running when you bring the throttle off. Advancing the throttle again will then stop the timer (SW3m toggles the timer state whenever it becomes ON).

Revision 204 firmware (which I think the Tx came with) is around 3 years old. You might consider updating to the latest (220). See here: **LINK** for a summary of the changes.


Thread: Frsky/Taranis
07/06/2017 10:33:48

As I said above, the facility to send/receive data "over the air" using SPort telemetry packets was only added in 2.2. So, while LUA is available in 2.1.9, the S6R LUA script will only work with 2.2 (or later!).


06/06/2017 12:50:22

LUA scripts are available in openTx before 2.2, but certain specific support, like sending/receiving SPort telemetry data, was not introduced until 2.2.

In passing, I've just added LUA support to ersky9x firmware.


Thread: S6R receivers
04/06/2017 15:43:07

To avoid CH12 accidently triggering the self check, the current requirement is CH12 changes 3 times away from and back to the centre position within 3 seconds.

OpenTx V2.2 has now been released. Ersky9x firmware also supports configuring the S6R from the transmitter.


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