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Thread: Giant Shark - what's happening?
29/05/2015 23:47:57
Posted by MattyB on 29/05/2015 22:47:59:

Interesting that they have D4R-II RXs for sale when it is now well known the D-series are illegal to import into the EU since the change in the ETSI regs in January

I just reported what FrSky said. I'm actually not certain 'D' receivers are Illegal. I just did a test on a D8R-II. By monitoring the power supply from a NiMh battery, I can see dips that correspond to the receiver transmitting. It looks like it transmits for 6.8mS every 36mS, just under 19% of the time. Now if it only transmitts at 50mW or less, then this Rx would be under the 10% "Medium Utilisation" requirement if it is operating in non-adaptive mode. I'll need to plough through the actual regs to see if this exempts it from needing to do the LBT (Listen Before Talk) operation. If it does, then a 'D' series receiver is OK.

Maybe I need to check with FrSky again!


Thread: Model Match
28/05/2015 00:13:18

I'm fairly certain the Tx doesn't store anything about the receiver. Instead, it is the receiver that stores the GUID from the transmitter, as well as the "model number", and only responds to those set during binding.


27/05/2015 23:00:25

Dave: We have two different things here.

1. The Tx module and the receiver deal with the GUID(s). These guarantee that only receivers bound to this Tx module can possibly be controlled by that module, not by any other module.

2. The transmitter firmware additionally sends a "model number" to the receiver, via the Tx module. This is the "model match" function and is completely separate from the GUID use.

It is this "model number" I force to be always 1, I have no control over the GUID used by the Tx module.


27/05/2015 18:51:16

My changes are to ersky9x, not openTx. OpenTx doesn't have support for these potential modules yet.

The Tx firmware doesn't see the Tx or Rx GUIDs. All it does is keep sending an additional value, a "model match" number. The receiver stores this value when it is bound, and only responds to control data if this is the same number it is receiving in normal operation. I simply always send the number 1.


27/05/2015 16:32:59

It's been a while since I read the patent, but as I understood it, Spektrum covered all sorts of concepts, including this idea of the receiver sending something (the GUID) and the transmitter using it to decide whether to operate the receiver or not.

The Tx modules I referred to, still support "Model match", it's just my firmware that doesn't use the feature.


27/05/2015 14:17:28

Reading in the small print on a HOTT Tx: "Model-memory-dependent binding, except for copied model memories"

So it looks like it does do this (sort of!).

The concept of binding a receiver to a specific model setup in the Tx is clearly a useful safety feature. I think this is what Spektrum have patented. I've been involved with a couple of "after market" Tx modules that do DSM2 and DSMX (neither are yet available for purchase). Both are able to do "Model Match", but I have disabled the use on the Tx (open source software) of this to avoid any patent problems as they are specific to Spektrum modulation. People using a "hack" DSM module (from a DX4E for example) can use "Model match" as, in my opinion, they have bought a real Spektrum module so have paid to use it.


Thread: New FrSky EU firmware - an unwelcome surprise
13/05/2015 13:18:28

I've posted a copy here: **LINK**


13/05/2015 12:10:36

FrSky released firmware for the XJT in January (XJT_eu_150122.frk). This still supported D8 mode. They have since released a new firmware (XJT_eu_150413.frk) that only supports D16 mode and the previous firmware has been removed from the site.

If you have the January version then you still have D8 mode available.


13/05/2015 09:09:21

I have been talking to FrSky and this is the situation at present.

The XJT module only supports D16 mode as D8 mode doesn't comply with the 2015 EU regulations. It is likely that a D8-EU mode will be added when engineering time is available.

DJT and DHT modules do not comply with 2015-EU regs. so will become unavailable in the EU. It is expected that a XHT (hack) module will be available.

'D' series receivers also do NOT comply witht he 2015-EU regs. The pricing of 'X' series receivers will reduce to be close to the price of 'D' series receivers.


Thread: Giant Shark - what's happening?
11/05/2015 23:33:59

I just checked on an old order of mine that I have already received. Some of the items have "REORDER" beside them, but not all. I'm fairly certain this is just a handy way of ordering another of the same item. Probably you only want to worry if there isn't "REORDER" beside anything as, I'm guessing, "REORDER" only appears if the item is still in stock.


Thread: New FrSky EU firmware - an unwelcome surprise
11/05/2015 22:50:38

I've just gone to the FrSky website and found a download for the XJT module that says it is the final version of the EU firmware for it, and it only supports D16 mode.

This means we may find that a new Taranis, and new XJT modules, may NOT support anything other than D16 mode. It may also mean that the DJT and DHT modules become unavailable as they may not be compliant.


11/05/2015 16:34:30

I believe putting either openTx or ersky9x on to your Taranis will restore the D8 functionality on the internal XJT module.

Has anyone checked the options available in the FrSky EU firmware for the external module?

This should still have PPM as an option, and you should be able to use an external DJT module for 'D' series receivers.


Thread: Taranis Software updates
06/05/2015 23:12:45

My understanding of the situation is as follows:

There are TWO items of firmware in the Taranis:

1. The firmware in the internal XJT module

2. The application firmware.

Either of these may be updated independantly of the other.

The FrSky supplied application firmware only offers D16 mode. The internal module, whether flashed with EU or non-EU firmware still supports D8 mode.

If you flash new application firmware, openTx or ersky9x, then you will have D8 offered again and be able to use the Taranis with 'D' type receivers.

The DJT module is still available and one could be installed in the module bay as an alternative method of obtaining 'D' mode transmission.


06/05/2015 16:01:07

Be AWARE that if you update the receiver "in situ", and power it from the Tx, you will supply 7.5 to 8 volts from the Tx to the Rx and ANY ATTACHED SERVOS. Make sure anything connected to the Rx is rated for 8 volts. The 'X' series receivers are, I believe, rated for 10 volts.


04/05/2015 12:43:26

Yes it allows you to update the internal XJT module, an external XJT module, 'X' series receivers and SPort sensors.

It isn't incorporated into the standard openTx release. They don't seem to want to use my "maintenance mode" so instead of just adding my changes (20 minutes work), they are coding it up to operate from elsewhere in the code so it won't be available until 2.1 is released.

There are instructions on the post I linked showing how to update receivers and SPort sensors. Note that you need a cable where the power and ground wires cross over, or use a separate battery to power the device.


Thread: 2.0.16 is ready for download.
04/05/2015 10:05:13

It seems the module update option is not in 2.0.16 after all.

I've done the changes to add my "maintenance mode" to 2.0.16 and posted the files here: **LINK**

I've done a quick test and all seems to work OK.


Thread: Taranis Software updates
04/05/2015 10:01:48

It provides the ability to update the firmware on the internal XJT module, or external XJT module or X series receivers or SPort sensors, from files on the SD card.


03/05/2015 23:45:47

Yes they do. I think from when the firmware shipped is 2.0.09, I'm not sure of the date. I believe all Taranis Plusses have the bootloader.

Contrary to my earlier statement, it seems 2.0.16 does NOT include an option to do module/sensor firmware updates.

I've done the changes to add my "maintenance mode" to 2.0.16 and posted the files here: **LINK**.

I've done a quick test and all seems to work OK.


03/05/2015 22:44:50

Zadig has a problem in that once you have found a Taranis to update, it doesn't find a second one. You have to either uninstall Zadig and re-install it, then try the second Taranis (losing the first one) or run Zadig.exe that opens a window, plug the second Taranis in, then run the driver install.

This is one of the reasons I wrote the bootloader.

With the bootloader, firmware updates should be easy, and you can have as many transmitters as you like, they all just work in bootloader mode.


Thread: 2.0.16 is ready for download.
03/05/2015 19:42:45

I understand the facility is included, but not using "maintenance mode". Apparantely, if you go to the SD card manager and select a .frk file, it will offer module update options. I haven't tried this.


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