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Thread: templates?
30/03/2020 15:46:15

You don't need to open the .bin file.

Start the radio in bootloader mode (both horizontal trims held to the centre at power on), then connect up the USB.

Then just run eepskye (not eepe), click on the "Flash Firmware to Tx" icon (or select the "Burn" menu and choose "Flash Firmware to Tx", select the downloaded file and confirm the flash operation.

In case you want to revert at some time, it is a good idea to read the EEPROM from the radio first, and save it as erskyTx will re-format the EEPROM.


Thread: D8R-11 plus Receiver and EU LBT firmware
30/03/2020 13:03:15

I've posted (on RCG) an update to this firmware (version 270320).

This supports the new FrSky V2.1.0 ACCST protocol. It also automatically scans for the protocol to use when binding so detects V1 and V2 in both FCC and LBT modes.


Thread: templates?
29/03/2020 12:29:12

Allen, you may not be aware but erskyTx has similar capabilities to openTx, not surprising since openTx was forked from er9x. If Eric has been using er9x, then transferring to erskyTx will be easy.

With erskyTx, I have tried to make navigation on the radio much easier, have a look at my album that shows a couple of screen images.

I've also made an effort to make updates easy. I've kept the storage unchanged though many upgrades, even though it makes writing the firmware a bit more difficult.

FrSky offer the XLite with the option of erskyTx or openTx, and many people do find using erskyTx easier.

Eric: If you were using er9x, then you should be able to transfer models. Open eepe and read the EEPROM from the 9X. Now run eepskye at the same time and read the EEPROM from the Taranis. Then just drag and drop models from eepe to eepskye. Then just write the Taranis EEPROM. You will need to check switch assignments as the number and type of switches are different on the two radios.


Edited By Mike Blandford on 29/03/2020 12:32:28

Thread: Gardening help needed
28/03/2020 17:18:25

My wife looked the bush up and reckons it is a Viburnum. There are several different types that flower at different times and have slightly different foliage.


Thread: templates?
28/03/2020 14:28:12

When you say firmware like the "old turnigy", are you referring to the 9X transmitter and er9x?

If so, then you just need erskyTx. Go to **LINK**, and click on "erskyTx for Taranis".

You may like to download and install eepskye as well, the program that runs on your PC.


Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
26/03/2020 15:51:18

Andy, is that a typo where you say V2.0.1? V2.1.0 is available on the FrSky site.


25/03/2020 22:42:24
Posted by Tim Ballinger on 25/03/2020 12:10:05:


I see this from the github testing

Sounds like there are still problems despite the full release. Any advice?

Not a lot! I've been testing with and X9D and a X9D+ with a X8R. Those all seem to be working fine.

I don't have any XM/XMP receivers so I can't test those.

I do have a G-RX8 and a G-RX6 but those are on ACCESS for testing that at present.

I'll see if I can test a S8R tomorrow.


24/03/2020 12:38:49

The SPort power is switched, in the same way the module power is switched under software control. It is only turned on when you are actually flashing a device, and then only at the correct time in the operation so the device is always found.

What you are seeing is a leakage voltage, and you meter is discharging this to ground.


Thread: D8R-11 plus Receiver and EU LBT firmware
22/03/2020 23:26:24

You can go direct to 050220. Both these later version include the bootloader, so after flashing one of these, you will no longer need to open up the Rx and short the "BOOT0" pads to be able to flash new versions.

The 050220 version includes code that avoids the 0.9 sec lockout, it just drops a single RF frame of data.
It does not support the V2 firmware protocol (yet) as that is not quite finalised.

There is no need to update openTx or the XJT firmware.


Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
21/03/2020 10:16:54

FrSky have a V2.1 version of the update available for testing, they have not yet released it, but if you have the time and inclination to test it, it is available to download from a Github page.


Thread: D8R-11 plus Receiver and EU LBT firmware
14/03/2020 23:29:43

That combination is working for me with a D8R-II, and I just checked with a D8R-II plus and that responded as well.
I'm powering my receiver from a 4-cell NiCd, and the FDD_Lite_rev2 has the Rx signal connected to the Tx on the receiver and the Tx signal to the Rx on the receiver with Gnd also connected to G on the receiver.

The Tx signal, from the receiver, has a pullup resistor to 3.3V. It is possible that the FDD_LITE is loading this signal so it doesn't switch high quickly enough. However, the STM bootloader does detect the baud rate you are using automatically, so you could try a lower rate than 115200. I just checked my D8R-II plus, and this did respond at 57600 baud as well as 115200. You could also try lower baudrates. If you change the baudrate on the first screen of the flash loader program, I recommend you power cycle the receiver before clicking the "next" button.

Once you have the firmware flashed (assuming you have downloaded a recent version that includes its own bootloader), you may reflash the receiver without needing to short the two pads, just link channels 2 and 3 on the receiver at power on. I've done this many times now using the FDD_LITE at 57600 baud.


Thread: Multiprotocol module
09/03/2020 18:23:18

I'd agree you have a failing RF chip. I doubt any factory testing did more than just check it works to start with.


Thread: My RC Rubber Conversion Autogyro Test Flight
05/03/2020 00:23:46

I note that you have an aerofoil section on the rotor blades. However, watching the flight attempts, it looks to me that the rotors are spinning in the opposite direction to that for which the aerofoils expect!

With a helicopter, the rotors are powered and so the airflow through the rotors is from top to bottom. With an autogyro, the rotors are not powered, and it is the airflow moving from bottom to top that causes the rotors to spin. This means you need the blades set with a negative angle of attack, not the positive angle you have.


Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
29/02/2020 19:24:59

FrSky released some "V2" ACCST firmware just before the Chinese New Year, but this had some problems, particularly with early XJT modules (internal or external). Due to restrictions, caused by the Virus situation, the engineers have been working from home since. I have received a couple of updates to test on my early modules, and some of the issues have been solved, but not all.


Thread: Jumper 4in1 Range Check
26/02/2020 21:52:39

As long as you are using serial mode to the MPM then the range feature will reduce the output power.


Thread: CAA ID number discussion
24/02/2020 14:13:49

My reading of the latest exemption is we don't need to label the aircraft. The exemption (E 5006) states we are exempt from article 94D. Article 94D is the one that specifies we should have an operator ID number and it must be displayed on the model.


Thread: My idiots guide to 2.4 ghz radio - finally bit the bullet and upgraded!
15/02/2020 23:18:10

Flysky have been around for a long time and there is no reason to believe the Tx is not full range.

The iA6 receiver does have the label "Park Fly" on it. This may mean the Rx does not have a LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) on the front end of the 2.4GHz circuit, although the specification for the receiver sensitivity (same as the iA6b that doesn't have "Park Fly" on it) suggests it does.

Without the LNA, you will typically have about a third of the range as with a LNA.

As with any new radio, just do a full range check on the ground to make sure you have adequate range. You might consider getting a iA6B and comparing the range you get, just to be sure the iA6 is full range.


Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
03/02/2020 18:56:56

I've been doing some testing. I'm using a X8R with FCC, 172010 firmware.
On the Tx, I'm using a specially modified copy of the multi-protocol firmware, where I deliberately corrupt a specific frame with an incorrect "channel skip" value, but also change a couple of bytes near the end of the frame so the CRC doesn't change. This frame is only corrupted every 10th transmission. I've locked all channels at the centre, no mixes or channel overrides.
The green LED on the Rx shows occasional dropouts, and by looking at the SPI bus to the RF chip, I can see loss of synchronisation. So far, my captures show a duration of between 150 and 270mS. This time is very likely to be related to how I've modified the "channel skip" value, I've changed it from 15 to 11.

The point of this test is it is not really an artificial test by creating lots of interference. It is simply showing that some interference that corrupts a packet such that the "channel skip" value is wrong, but the software CRC value is correct, causes a lockout in one version of the V1, FCC firmware on the X8R (the one I'm testing with.
I may do some more testing with other versions of the X8R firmware, and other changes to the "channel skip" value, but this test is enough for me to confirm the existence of a problem.


01/02/2020 20:31:21

There are a number of reported problems after updating to V2 firmware, equally others have updated and all is working OK.

Currently, I've update the module in my prototype Taranis, my prototype Taranis+ and a X9E, together with a X8R receiver.

The X9E seems fine, the X9D+ works on some RxNums, but not others, the X9D binds but doesn't work.

My personal opinion is FrSky will soon post a further update, but they won't have been at work for a couple of weeks due to the extended Chinese New Year.

I have sent them my findings, together with detailed technical data, for example, I know why the X9D doesn't work.


Thread: Have I enough power?
30/01/2020 19:19:28

Just read both a manual and a listing for the VQ Hurricane. The listing says 4S, 5000mAh and the manual says 14x8~15x8 for the propeller. It does say weight 3.3-3.6kg, so something seems to be wrong if 40oz of lead is needed for balance. CG is shown as 3.3-3.5 inches (85-90mm) back from the leading edge.

The manual does say some nose weight is needed, but 1.15kg seems too much.


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