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Thread: Meteor Shower tonight
12/08/2016 03:54:50

Annual Persuid meteor shower expected to be more spectacular than usual tonight.

I have already seen a few shooting stars, it is estimated that we will see 200 per minute tonight.

Apparently it is the left over debris of a comet that passed by in the 15th century.

Thread: Recommendations for good first model for FPV / Air to air video
12/08/2016 03:38:10
Posted by Martin Harris on 12/08/2016 01:01:31:

Why are we allowing this totally illegal and irresponsible operation to be shown on this forum? It is almost certain that it is in UK airspace and being flown outside the CAA exemption from the ANO.

Could I suggest it is removed as soon as possible!


What does this post even mean?

Like,FPV is a growing part of the hobby.

Get real man,FPV is here to stay!

Edited By ted hughes on 12/08/2016 03:46:07

Thread: Crashtastic??
02/08/2016 00:13:40

They are flying next to a busy road, houses near by, and saying they don't know how to fly safely, and demonstrating this by crashing! And then putting it on YouTube!

In Dorset, flying a foamy in a public park is currently allowed- as long as it is done in a skilled way which does not cause concern to others- lets. hope their nonsense ends, or it might affect all of us.

Thread: House Fire- a Cautionary Tale!
01/08/2016 23:57:05

Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread.

To be quite honest, as we escaped without injury, and have no dependent children living at home, it has been quite an interesting adventure so far.

The worst part was having no internet-it was maddening.

We were maxing our phones and constantly looking for usb chargerers.

01/08/2016 17:21:38

The cause was electrical, probably my PC, probably the PSU.

31/07/2016 23:56:15

Will never happen to me.

We moved a couple of months ago, lots of work settling in etc.

There was a battery smoke alarm wrongly placed half way up the stairs, gave it no thought, didn't even check if it had a battery.

We were storing stuff to redo the bathroom and kitchen in the conservatory.

The morning the fitter was due to arrive to start on the bathroom, at 5am,my wife shook me awake, the alarm had started bleeping.

At 5.30am I was standing in the road in my nightwear with 4 fire engines and a St John's ambulance giving coffee.

Both our mobiles were low on battery and the Wi-Fi modem had gone with the fire.

At 9 am, from my car, I phoned the company I believed I was insured with, to ask about making a claim, to be told my insurance had lapsed the previous year!

The firemen were great, they rescued documents they thought would be useful, including my charred wallet, so I could get money.

We had lost everything, what the fire hadn't claimed the smoke did.

While I was in the bank checking if my half-melted cash card was still acceptable, the insurance company rang and said they had located my account (I'm a rate tart) and I was covered.

The next few days: estimated £100k rebuild,£50k contents,£25k living expenses.

We were given hotel accommodation immediately, including restaurant meal credits. Which we were mighty glad to accept.

The company is Churchill, part of the Direct Line group. They really have been helpful, I highly recommend them.

The point of this post is:

It may happen to you (I thought it wouldn't)

Check your fire alarms

Check you are insured





Edited By ted hughes on 31/07/2016 23:58:07

Edited By ted hughes on 01/08/2016 00:00:53

Thread: DaVinci Aerial Screw
31/07/2016 23:16:25

The kind of madcap project I like!

(I aim to build a steam powered steam punk plane!)

Thread: Crashtastic??
31/07/2016 15:36:16

My initial thought was not to dob these people in, but on reflection they will cause more problems for the model community if they continue and cause injury or a road accident.

As BEB says, they are bad publicity.

Thread: Beginner's radio?
31/07/2016 14:39:39
Posted by FlyinBrian on 31/07/2016 12:55:54:

How about this - 6ch set up for under £43!

It was reviewed by Bruce at RC Model Reviews (Branded as Fly Sky) and found to great for the money - it has telemetry too with optional receiver.


Edited By FlyinBrian on 31/07/2016 12:56:58

This is very tempting, thanks!

Can I use a rechargeable pack instead of the 4 AAs,I wonder?

31/07/2016 10:57:54
Posted by Phil 9 on 31/07/2016 10:35:06:

how about a spectrum dx 6 **LINK**

Thanks Phil, I had considered this but KLMS warned that there is incompatibility between DSM and DSM2 or something.

31/07/2016 10:04:14

I have just experienced a house fire in which we lost all belongings, including my radio and the few models I possessed.

I'm looking to spend about £150 on replacement radio which has a rechargeable Tx battery-a beginners set would be fine as I'm a very occasional flyer only.

Any recommendations?

Thread: Crashtastic??
31/07/2016 09:58:16
Posted by Percy Verance on 31/07/2016 06:31:42:


So Ted, we'll all "kill the hobby" will we? I for one disagree strongly Ted. I've been involved with this hobby for almost 50 years. I was a Society Of Model Aeronautical Engineers member prior to that organisation becoming incorporated within the BMFA. I've taught quite a few folk to fly (I'm a registered BMFA Instructor), hopefully ensuring the furtherance of the hobby. I've been a founder member of no less than three model aircraft clubs. And why on earth would I choose to do that if I wanted to "kill" the hobby Ted? I've chosen to put time and effort into taking my BMFA "A", "B", "C" and Examiner tests so that (hopefully) I'd be in a position to help others should they ask for my help.

Kill the hobby Ted? With the greatest of respect Ted, I honestly feel you're talking utter rubbish. Please feel free to take your meaningless sweeping comments elsewhere........ Remember Ted, speaking without thinking is like shooting without aiming.

If you're not a fan of this forum (and it seems you're not) then why did you choose to use it to express your views?

And I'd echo Donald's comment. Shame on you.

Edited By Percy Verance on 31/07/2016 06:59:13

My unreserved apologies for my post!

I hadn't seen their YouTube site when I posted.

If they really are flying that close to houses and a road (that is not a trick of camera perspective),then they are taking huge risks.

It also appears some of them can't fly, yet attempt to do so unsupervised.

I can't understand why they would want to publish their own appalling behavior on YouTube- personally, I would be ashamed.

29/07/2016 18:13:41

People having fun with their hobby?

Or people behaving irresponsibly?

You decide!

Edited By ted hughes on 29/07/2016 18:13:53

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Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
25/07/2016 19:57:01

I resisted Win 10 so strongly I installed Never10 in my PC and laptop!

However, as both machines were destroyed in a fire, I had to buy a Win 10 laptop.

I am now a convert, Win 10 is fine, and getting better the more I get familiar with it.

My advice- up-grade but save your pics and docs to an external drive first, just in case.

Thread: Fob camera help required
25/06/2016 22:17:17

I have had very mixed success with these keyfob cameras- there is one type that works, and a lot of clones that don't, in my personal experience.

I don't have access to my PC at the moment, but I remember that there is (or was) a thread on RCGroups about them, that enabled me to get the right one, it cost about £20 as I recall.

Thread: Funny now, but it could have been a lot worse
21/06/2016 07:51:46

Is it possible, in a few words, to describe what failsafe is and how you set it?

I came to electrics after a 20 year break from flying, all was new to me, and I have managed to get my brushless planes to fly, but that's about it.

Thread: Taranis -am I doing something wrong?
12/06/2016 14:45:34
Posted by Phil Brooks on 12/06/2016 12:48:19:

Bob, thanks for that, as I said I have re-installed the latest, EU compliant, LBT firmware for the RF module, but will give it another try later with a fresh download.

Ted, can't speak for anyone else, but here are my reasons for buying a Taranis.

Value for money - £150 gets you a 16 channel very flexible (see Bob's post) transmitter.

Low running costs - An XR8 receiver can be had for less that £30. For this you get inbuilt telemetry of Rx battery voltage and received signal strength included. Other telemetry functions such as battery consumption and altimeter/variometer can be added cheaply without the need to fork out for a telemetry hub.

Very comprehensive flight logging facilities are built in.

The ability to define servo operating curves, speeds and delays is also built in, obviating the need for additional servo slowers, etc.

It took me a short while to learn, but I now find the Open Tx software very intuitive and easy to use, whereas I'm not looking forward to re-installing my Spektrum receivers and setting them up on the old Dx6i.

Incidentally, I also owned a Dx8 combo before buying the Taranis. I sold that second hand (Tx, 8 channel Rx and telemtry hub) for more than I paid for the Taranis plus, X8R Rx and carrying case. Despite my current problems, if the worst comes to the worst I'll buy another one!

Sure, the Taranis is an acquired taste, and may even be a marmite one, and it won't suit everybody, but as a pensioner, albeit a (hopefully) reasonably tech savvy one, I'm even now well content, so let's all just agree to differ and please try to find an answer to my question. After all, isn't this meant to be the friendly forum?

Thanks for the comprehensive reply.

I enjoy tinkering with computers, so the Taranis ought to suit me.

I suppose I am a "basic" flyer so I dont need a lot of functions.

It is by asking silly questions that I have managed as a lone flyer- when I returned to the hobby a couple of years ago I had to ask what BNF,PNP and lipo meant, amongst other things!

12/06/2016 10:34:23
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 12/06/2016 10:17:11:
Here we go again, brand wars. How incredibly boring.

Yes, we all tend to like the choice we made, best.

Can we stick to the thread topic please?

I'm not asking to knock Taranis.

I'm genuinally interested in what a Tx could offer that would make someone think it worthwhile spending time programmiing it via a PC.

I think I'd prefer a simple pick-up-and-use Tx.

12/06/2016 09:43:38

What does the Taranis offer that makes it worth all this hassle?

Thread: Ebay sellers...
28/05/2016 16:14:22
Posted by Peter Miller on 13/05/2016 08:43:39:

THis listing says "found" . As itis a marine engine I imagine that it was found at the bottom of a pond.


It went for £78 plus postage after 14 bids!

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