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Thread: Mode 1 or Mode 2
10/02/2017 17:41:02

If Mode 2 was made the mandatory UK mode, we would not need these discussions.

Thread: Planning laws, clarification sought
10/02/2017 16:39:50

I really don't see why people object to new houses being built. People have to live somewhere. Where would we ourselves live if the NIMBY attitude was prevalent 50 years ago?

10/02/2017 12:19:40

We need 250k new homes at least each year.

They can't all be built in inner cities or brownfield sites.

Unless we want more New Towns, we have to accept our villages will have to have new, affordable estates built on them:**LINK**

Thread: Quantum Computing
02/02/2017 08:00:57

Not model building, but the latest in technology:**LINK**

Thread: Diesel Crackdown
01/02/2017 09:07:22

This may sound harsh, but if cars were hybrid, and cost £30k, we would have less cars blocking up the roads and much, much less pollution. And a healthy population!

Thread: Bringing absolute stupidity to a new low!
31/01/2017 15:44:22

Forgot to take control locks off:**LINK**

Thread: A big pile of shavings later!
30/01/2017 02:18:46

I love seeing these beautiful planes.

I just wish we could never see IC engines, we have now reached the position when it could all be electric.

I hate the sound of them, and apart from minority hobbies, I'll be glad when ic engines are banned. Nasty, noisy nonsense.

Edited By ted hughes on 30/01/2017 02:19:47

Thread: Diesel Crackdown
29/01/2017 21:18:34

I find it strange they won't supply any proof.

Presumably, if you don't pay, they will have to take you to court- then they'll have to supply proof.

Reminds me of the time Sky was forced to disclose the IPs of those people who download torrents- the company that forced them to do this was set up solely to try to bully customers to pay fines to them for "illegal" downloads.

In fact, they could not enforce any of this as it could never be proved WHO was doing the downloading.

I guess they made some money though, out of people who felt they had to pay (although Sky did warn us NOT to pay).

29/01/2017 07:35:09

I agree with you all.

I am having an extension to my house, the floor tiles are being chipped up by someone in a hazmat suit, I'm not allowed in until he has finished.

Silliness, or safety?

28/01/2017 23:14:42

Unfortunately, because Gordon Brown's gov't made a mistake, doesn't stop diesels being carcinogenic:**LINK**

Thread: precedent hi boy
28/01/2017 20:48:17
Posted by David Davis on 26/01/2017 07:49:23:

My own view of the Hi-Boy is that they were an awful trainer, too heavy and too fast. That having been said, if you can fly a Hi-Boy you can fly anything. cheeky.

Those that learned on a Hi-Boy learned despite the Hi-Boy not because of it! cheeky.

Edited By David Davis on 26/01/2017 07:51:46

I second this.I remember I also always wanted a Waterhouse and Ely Superfly, because of the glassfibre fus.

Another flyiing brick.

Thread: Diesel Crackdown
28/01/2017 17:36:38

I first heard about this a couple of years ago-when Gordon Brown set tax tariffs according to a cars' "green" credentials, he was misinformed as to diesels- apparently they are very bad pollutants.

There has been talk of banning them completely, but in the meantime, use of them may be discouraged by increasing parking charges, etc (as in London).

This is worth bearing in mind as diesel estates are popular model transporters!

Edited By ted hughes on 28/01/2017 17:37:47

Thread: E-Flite Radian XL
25/01/2017 22:14:18
Posted by ted hughes on 25/01/2017 21:58:06:

SMC has increased price from £115 to £138, I'm guessing the price will go up again soon.

Still amazingly cheap for such a large model.

My bad, this is the BNF.

25/01/2017 21:58:06

SMC has increased price from £115 to £138, I'm guessing the price will go up again soon.

Still amazingly cheap for such a large model.

Thread: precedent hi boy
24/01/2017 22:57:08

My memory of these old trainers is that they were super heavy, with marine-ply fuselages, or thick fibre-glass, veneered wings. and not a scrap on the superlight electric foamies available today.

Thread: Shaving
22/01/2017 17:46:46

I use cheap 2 blade razors from Tesco's and use them for a few days each.

Do most people throw away razors after one use?Often wondered.

Thread: Complete beginner - currently using simulator, what next?
21/01/2017 16:13:28

A 3 channel powered-glider is the best plane to learn on.

3 channels has the inherent stabilty that gives you time.

Once you can fly rc, you can progress to many diferent types.

Thread: IT help required
15/01/2017 18:57:04
Posted by Andy C on 15/01/2017 18:35:04:


I made that mistake with an old windows 7 laptop and then had to spend 3 days rebuilding back to windows 7. It really isn't worth doing.

Win 10 is good if you have a modern system.Otherwise don't upgrade.

Thread: E-Flite Radian XL
14/01/2017 20:41:19
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 10/01/2017 16:41:01:

I too have just got one of these from SMC, seemed daft not to at the price. I was a bit undecided whether to get the BNF version as it's not a lot more but I have a spare JR RD721 so I thought I would use that and not bother with the stabilisation. These are V2, with the green circle sticker.

100inch sailplane, just need Rx,for 120 pounds, posted.

30 years ago, I bought a 100s plane for 55 pounds, then covered it for 20 pounds, then added a Cox TeDee 20 pounds...

14/01/2017 20:13:26
Posted by Alps Elyule on 22/12/2016 12:54:31:

Hi, took delivery of mine yesterday.

A new batch has just arrived in the UK. Seems like a lot of plane for £139.

To be honest, I's not sure if i've over stretched myself though, I am a fairly new pilot so still in 2 minds whether to send this back and change for the standard Radian 2m BNF or be brave and stay with this! I really dont know.

I would be very interested to hear your experiences with the RXL, please feel free to share with me, those of you that have flown it, whats the stall like?


Stay with it.

A 100inch plane for that price is worth hanging on to.

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