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Thread: What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
15/02/2017 01:14:14

To answer the question... What's the MAIN radio brand you use 2017?... I had to vote "FrSky"'s actually an old X388S with a DJT module and D8R-11. If/when I upgrade it's likely to be to a Taranis X9D +

Thread: PA-20
08/01/2017 13:53:38

I'm looking for the Fuselage-Formers profiles, anyone? (It's for the 44-inch wingspan Kit). PA-22

Edited By James Middleton on 08/01/2017 13:56:31

Thread: Charger power supply
11/04/2015 13:36:00
Posted by Eric Hartley on 11/04/2015 12:51:11:


From what I can gather therefore it seems best to run the power supply at the max. voltage the charger can take ie. 24V.

Yes Eric,

The PL6 is a "switcher" so, you will have no power-dissipation problems there. The limiting-factor will be the characteristics of the source. The source, you stated was "1200W" that's it..."Power cannot be created, it can only be changed/converted" In other words...don't expect to "change" more than 1200W into the cell-pack you are re-charging, but the "PL6" is clever-enough to know that!!!

A mighty smart piece of kit, thank you for introducing me to it.


Edited By James Middleton on 11/04/2015 13:50:10

11/04/2015 13:01:08

Indeed Phil, clumsy attempt to explain to Eric that, if the source were to be left at 11.4volts and he attempted to charge a cell-pack at a higher voltage then, the higher the pack-voltage, the higher the source current. I don't know the details of the "withS1200W charger power supply" (I took this to be a is a typo. for "with a 1200W charger power supply" ) but, despite being 1200W it will undoubtedly have a current-limit, if only/simply a fuse.

..."Must try harder"...blush That's me! crying



Edited By James Middleton on 11/04/2015 13:01:58

11/04/2015 10:24:49

Eric, see this...**LINK**

..."operates from 12 to 32 volts"

remember this is a switcher so, the input voltage can be less than the voltage of the cell-pack you are charging. But remember power out = power in <minus> "losses", so if you step-up the voltage you will need more current from the source (and of course, current to charge the cell-pack). The switcher may be up to 90% efficient but your "source" may be linear so don't ask it to run at (say) more than 90% of its rated current.

Lots of good info. in that manual BTW


Thread: I missed the building season!
01/04/2015 18:25:43
Posted by David P Williams on 01/04/2015 18:12:13:

Corby club still active James, website here. Suggest you email the secretary. Used to be a member there until I moved to the other side of the country. They fly on part of the old Spanhoe airfield, between Harringworth, Wakerley and Laxton. You will need to arrange to meet someone to take you in as there is a locked gate off the road, and the patch is a good way from the road.

There is a club at North Luffenham too. You can get contact details from the club finder page of the BMFA website.

Thank You David. I still have my old key to Spanhoe,...I guess they've changed it by now! We moved there after being "evicted" from the old site (near RS Components). That was back in the late 90s. An excellent site (Spanhoe) I used to fly there around 6:00am (yes 6:00am!!!)...after I finished night-shift, nearby...those were the days, eh?..."No flying before 9:30am" now!!! Thank's again,


01/04/2015 17:55:38

Thank you Chris. I flew Leicester Model Aero club many years ago,...Wymeswold, (late '70s) if I remember correctly. I take it this is a different Club. I will look into this. Thank's

Edited By James Middleton on 01/04/2015 17:56:15

Thread: Let's see all the April Fools jokes then....
01/04/2015 17:48:56

Divide by Zero,...what me? "Ad Infinitum" WHOAAA! And they say "the Universe is expanding"...that does it then! laugh

Thread: I missed the building season!
01/04/2015 17:39:17

I have some previous experience and I'm looking to return. I have updated my JR X388S with a 2.4 module. I flew a Gangster52 and a TrueLine Tiger, back-in-the-day. I hope it's like "riding-a-bike". I don't want to go back to a "High-winger". I just want something fun to build to get me "back-in-the-saddle". Can anybody point me towards plans for a PA-28 (or even a PA-20...I know, it's a high-winger, but I have some affection for it!). Also, I live on the Northamptonshire/Leicestershire border and will be looking for somewhere to fly. My old club (Corby & District) does not appear to be too active (Facebook), There's another at Market Harborough...any suggestions?...anybody? Also, also,...what's all this about "Certificates/Licences"???...In the old-days we just used to turn-up and FLY!!!

Forgot to mention, (re. plans)...I have a couple of brand-new ST 51's so, 50/60 inch wingspans anticipated.

Edited By James Middleton on 01/04/2015 17:42:15

01/04/2015 17:07:32


01/04/2015 16:32:01

Picture the scene...a young Boy (that's me) growing-up in East Anglia in the '60s. Being 'woken by the unmistakable sound of a 9-litre flat-six (resonating with the airframe of a Piper Pawnee) over my rooftop at early light. Nothing could get me out of bed quicker! There began my lifelong fascination with Aircraft. Track-down ISBN 1 85200 077 5 and you can read a seat-of-the-pants account of a breed of Aviator sadly, now long-lost.

Edited By James Middleton on 01/04/2015 16:49:00

Thread: Let's see all the April Fools jokes then....
01/04/2015 15:06:19

2 = 1.jpg

Thread: Be afraid, be VERY afraid
21/03/2015 18:52:16
Posted by Chuck Plains on 21/03/2015 17:33:57:

How about a flying toaster ? Take off is at 10:34

Edited By Chuck Plains on 21/03/2015 17:34:33

Chuck, I'm pretty sure RCM&E featured a flying-iron back in the '70s!!! I'll do some research smiley

Meanwhile, I am taking this whole discussion rather seriously. I am still undecided about going electric. My one and only LiPo currently resides in an old aluminium camera carry-case (ex Hertfordshire Fire Brigade, as-it-happens! ) in a detached brick out-house...together with my Freezer and Washing machine.


15/03/2015 18:33:54

...oops! Forgot to add that it's independent of whether or not I'm logged-in.

15/03/2015 18:31:32

If an OP is an Original Post (sorry to be such a dinosaur!) then...I've had no problems. Latest Forum Posts also appear to be updating fine.


Thread: The ultimate FPV
15/03/2015 12:01:53

Thank you Josip yes

It is a very strange situation,...I am afraid of heights...I can not even climb a ladder, but I felt quite at ease in the Piper.


Thread: Is this a recognised Tx Mode?
15/03/2015 11:50:06

I guess there's "nowt as strange as folks" For my part, I was self-taught and started with a slope-soarer...I couldn't afford an engine! I would "chuck-it" from shoulder height (with my left hand, being a "lefty" ) leaving my right hand trembling with the Tx "balanced" with the aerial wedged between my second and third fingers so I could get use of the elevator with my thumb on the left-stick. Hence, I became, by default...a "Mode1er". It just seems right (no pun intended) to fly with ailerons right, elevator left. What a crazy mixed-up world, eh? They don't have this problem with real (full-sized) aircraft! they? dont know

Edited By James Middleton on 15/03/2015 12:05:48

Edited By James Middleton on 15/03/2015 12:06:21

15/03/2015 10:51:40

A long, long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away...actually it was my first MFC...Hethel Aerodrome in Norfolk. There was a fellow club-member who performed "magic" with a TrueLine Tiger/Webra speed40. The remarkable thing was this...he was self-taught and flew with elevator reversed...i.e. UP is UP!!! His reasoning was that "if I want it to go up, I push the stick...up". Has anybody heard of this "affliction"? It's a long-shot but, it would be great if he were still around, and on me if you will, Sir. The fact is, he was my inspiration...I was struggling with a Super60 (rudder and elevator only)...he introduced me to ailerons and a low-wing...I never looked-back. Well, except to "look-back" over my shoulder while trying to get my left-right co-ordination..not a tip I would now recommend!!!


Thread: Converting an old Sanwa Vanguard to 40MHz
15/03/2015 09:59:54

OK, so why would anybody be talking 40MHz in a Model FLYING forum?

Well, for my sins, I have a passing-interest in Boats!

It was an easy conversion.,...I cheated! Anybody remember "Micron"? I simply transplanted the R.F. section...



BTW that silver box to the left is a marvel of miniaturisation wink It's a home-brew speed-controller for a brushed motor.

Also, before anybody mentions it,...yes, I have every intention of washing that mug! blush


Thread: The ultimate FPV
15/03/2015 09:11:36


(A screenshot from the video)

This was from my second lesson, late 2013; I wish I could afford more! Anyway, I've left it a bit late...I'll be 60 this year sadcrying

If you can walk away from it, it was a good landing!...


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