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Thread: OS40FS
08/05/2020 18:00:45
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 08/05/2020 17:54:41:

Just checked and they look identical to me

Thanks Jon, do you think if I just ordered the needle rather than the whole carb, it would fit into the carb body.

08/05/2020 18:00:11
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 08/05/2020 17:54:41:

Just checked and they look identical to me

Thanks Jon, do you think if I just ordered the needle rather than the whole carb, it would fit into the carb body.

08/05/2020 17:20:05
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 08/05/2020 16:49:50:

i think so

I have both types but need to dig out the surpass to confirm. I will get back to you later

Thanks Jon, much appreciated.

08/05/2020 16:04:14

Hi all, a quick on for you, Would a carburettor from a OS40FS Surpass fit onto a earlier OS40FS, the one with the spring on the needle.

Thread: OS 40 FS pre Surpass
02/05/2020 12:20:12
Posted by Steven Webb (Steve Webb Models) on 17/04/2020 17:01:49:

The FS 40 ( one of the best engines OS ever produced IMO) uses the same exhaust pressure adaptor ( some call it a silencer) as the 20 & 26 OS engines. I think the ASP, SC 52 fits. Sometimes the OS version turn's up on eBay.

They can go for surprisingly high prices. Have you tried Just Engines? I sold a new one in its packet a few years ago. It was a spare I had and the auction went over £20 - I was amazed and wished I'd bought 20 off them when they were available. LOL.

The pressure adaptor ( which some think is a little Muffler) is best left off. It does nothing to quieten the engine as its quiet to start with. Its not high power like later generation OS engines. The FS 40 sets up better and runs better off pressure.

FS40 OS - 1982 - First version had a spring needle. Like a control line or stunt engines Needle. Flexible. Later versions had the grey shorter Needle. Like on the Surpass 40


Edited By Steven Webb (Steve Webb Models) on 17/04/2020 17:04:46

Hi Steve, the first version needle was it silver with a long spring on it and it screwed onto a thread, rather than into a thread.?

Thread: Have I enough power?
03/03/2020 11:47:20

Hi Eric, yes I agree, it's not very electric friendly, not like the FW190 which comes with a battery holder and theres a door behind the exhaust to get at the lipo. What I did was basically cut a opening the same dimensions as the lipo in the fire wall, made a battery tray and strengthened the sides with light ply and put a stopper behind the motor mont to stop the lipo touching the motor shaft. The bottom of the battery tray came in handy for the extra lead needed to get the CoG. I will post some photos later.

02/03/2020 09:14:19

Hi all, just a small update. Like I said the 6s is getting me about 1500 watts with a 14x7 APC electric prop. I have managed to get the lipo as far forward as possible by cutting out a bit of the fire wall, and it took 16oz of lead to get it balanced with a 2lb lipo in, but that didn't get any weight off, still comes in at 4.5kg.

02/02/2020 10:21:57
Posted by Richard Wills 2 on 31/01/2020 05:32:08:

I have both the 46 and 60 VQ Hurricane, and I think the specs on the site are wrong, they match what the 46 acually weighs. The 60 came in at 10.5lb

My 60 has a 91 FS engine and 19oz of lead bolted onto the engine mount total of 43oz, but I have moved the cg back a little from the manual. The electric motor is 10oz so total of 50oz on the front, so not far out of what I have if you are on the marks.

I get 8300rpm on a 14x8 and to be honest it is marginal for power, no way it would fly on a 62 so that info is probably for the smaller one too. The pitch speed is fine, but needs more thrust so I would try 15x8 or 16x8 and see what numbers you get as you seem to have some head room.

It flies great but it is heavy so watch it. The stall when it comes is vicious so careful on that elevator, the manual throws at 10mm are generous.

Edited By Richard Wills 2 on 31/01/2020 05:32:57

Edited By Richard Wills 2 on 31/01/2020 05:37:06

Hi, could you tell me CoG you ended up with, I have mine on the 90mm mark.

31/01/2020 17:50:26

Piers, that came to me also, but truly there is no room, it's going to have sit behind the bulkhead. As far as the extra weight, the powers there and am used to something coming in hot with the mozzie.

Anyway I know where am at now and what I need. Once again a big massive thanks for all you guys info and knowledge, I have learnt a lot, Ron.

31/01/2020 15:29:19
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 31/01/2020 15:25:06:

1500W? at least you have a throttle! That is verging on 3D power levels.

Yeah plenty of power there now, not that I will be flying at full throttle anyway but nice to have a bit in reserve.

31/01/2020 15:23:16

Here goes guys, 6s 5000mAh here are the results.

69A and 1500w on a 14x7 APC electric prop. Full throttle 

Edited By Ronos on 31/01/2020 15:25:23

31/01/2020 10:21:08
Posted by Dickw on 31/01/2020 10:15:22:
Posted by Ronos on 31/01/2020 09:38:34:

So guys, I am looking at(roughly) something around the 60A mark and (roughly) something around the 1400Watts mark, and lets say starting off with a 15x8 prop, with a 6s.

Yes, that woud be good, but not with your present motor - the kv is too high for that.

If you use your present motor on 6s the 14x7 would probably be OK, but I would start experimenting with a 13x6 to be on the safe side.

I have attached a data log from a 5055 motor on 6s with a 17x8 prop, but that was only a 400kV motor and it is still pulling near 60 amps.


v-w-n 3 minutes into flight.jpg

Edited By Dickw on 31/01/2020 10:15:53

Big thanks DickW. At least I have something to aim for.

31/01/2020 09:38:34

So guys, I am looking at(roughly) something around the 60A mark and (roughly) something around the 1400Watts mark, and lets say starting off with a 15x8 prop, with a 6s.

31/01/2020 07:10:56

Nice bit of info lads, like I said I have the FW190 with the sc91fs up front but not had its maiden yet. I have a 15x8 there,just have to make a Y lead for the battery connection. Thanks for the heads up on the stall I have the Seagull mosquito which is really over weight but flies great and has the same stall characteristics as you describe. Busy day ahead .

30/01/2020 22:29:03

There are a couple of posts on here about the VQ Hurricane, believe me I have looked, but not much info. On one thread a SC70 + 500g of lead to get the CoG at 85mm. The thing is there is no battery hatch, you have to take the wing off the change the battery, i think personally it s designed for IC. I have the VQ FOCKE WULF 190 with a SC91FS up front and I had to put weight on the tail to get the CoG. I think with a 6s you would struggle to get it in with out some major alterations to the firewall and inner bulkhead, also the motor mount could cause a problem depending on the size of the 6s battery.

30/01/2020 20:03:00

Thanks Piers, I can see what I need to achieve, or along them lines anyway. Once again THANKS everyone for all your input, it's a learning curve and your never to old to learn👍👍👍

Edited By Ronos on 30/01/2020 20:03:52

30/01/2020 19:56:55

Yeah ,40oz that what it took to get the CoG. To get that down will be to get the battery forward as much as possible, with a bit of modification on the fire wall, cutting out the middle for the battery. I had to open the inside bulk head to get the 4s in so to get a 6s in it's going to be major surgery. Going to see what I get with these two 3s together, if it works then that's the answer or is it??.

30/01/2020 17:22:02

I have 15x8 ic prop somewhere I'll put that on and see what it comes up with also I'll put two 3s 5200mAh together, same set up as the B17. Thanks all I'll post the results , my heads done in.)

30/01/2020 16:31:47
Posted by Phil Green on 30/01/2020 16:15:35:

Ronos, please dont take this the wrong way but I would seriously suggest you put that 4.5kg scale model away for a while and get some electrics experience with a small sport model. 1000 to 1500 watts is an awful lot of power, its way, way above the average Sunday flyer's bag and if you are as inexperienced in this particular field as you say then personally I think you have a serious challenge of safety to yourself and to your clubmates. We appreciate that you're very experienced with large IC powered warbirds but electrics are different, and one-and-a-half kilowatts of electric is very very different. There are safety practises and throttle protocols that you've never had to even consider up to now - glows dont start themselves like electrics can and 1500 watts will take your your fingers off with ease, and it wont stop at that. I know you dont want to hear this but my suggestion is to gain some electrics experience with something more modest. Familiarise yourself not only with volts, amps and power, charging schedules, balancing, and more - but mostly the essential safety procedures of flying a large electric.

Thats my 2p anyway smiley

All the best


Thanks Phil and no offence taken. I started of with electric foamies for example Hobbyking B17 on 5200Mah 3s, FMS BF109 on a 4s 3200mAh and a Eflite Spitfire 1400mm on a 3s 2200mAh, but these are plug and play no matching up to do. The motor and ESC for this VQ Hurricane is the one recommended by Hobby Plastics, so I assume its the correct set up, just figuring out what the best battery would be. I understand about the safety aspect between IC and Electric and have always used the throttle cut in both cases. I just fancied going electric on this size warbird and had a 4s lying about and just wanted to know if it was capable to do the job before forking out x number of ££ on the wrong size lipo.

cheers Ron

30/01/2020 16:11:27

Fully charged battery at idle 16.74v, Ap 0.62. RPM at full throttle 8250. After 2mins at full throttle it reads.

Vm 15.09

Ah 1.555

Ap 37.61

Wp 609.2

Wh 24.2

worse,better,or get a 6 cell.

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