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Thread: RCGF 15cc
06/06/2018 10:11:12

I have two RCGF 15's, one in an enlarged Hots Hot (180cm) and one in a 1/4 scale Stephens Akro. I use a 14*10 prop. Is it noisy? long is a piece of string? The included muffler is not the best! I have the pitts silencer fitted to mine and they do a slightly better job. You can fit a pepper pot to the outlet pipe(s), which helps with the 'bark' if you can live with a loss of top end RPM .

Biggest drawback in my view is the radial mounting is a bit vulnerable to breakage in the event of a heavy nose over or 'arrival' and that means a new crankcase to fix it.

Thread: Windows 10 personal preferences
31/05/2018 18:07:20

Thanks Alex but if I had wanted linux I would have bought a laptop. It is, at least in part, the reason for buying the chromebook - the inability to execute peer to peer file transfers with ease as it makes the platform more secure.

'a FREE small bit of software that works on everything, Windows, Linux, etc.'

I was just pointing out that this statement is not true.

31/05/2018 11:37:43
Posted by Alex Ferguson 2 on 30/05/2018 23:43:15:
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 29/05/2018 12:54:43:

My moan about the recent update is that they've decided Homegroups are an outdated concept ........I can no longer swap files between my laptop and desktop

Fortunately there is a much easier way of file swapping. Dukto, a FREE small bit of software that works on everything, Windows, Linux, etc. Boot it up on both computers, click on the computer name of the go-to computer, on the sending computer, drag the file over the Dukto box and the file is in the other computer, instantly if not too big, a bit longer if it is GBs worth.

Where I have 2 computers and no internet, I use an old modem and plug both computers in (or use WiFi) for file swapping.

My partner is using Windows (an accounting programme needed for business) and for the second time in a month, both monitors show the same picture at the wrong aspect and resolution.

I NEVER have that problem with Linux Mint. If an update is done, things don't break.

Why does FREE software work and paid-for not work?

That accounting programme MYOB, took them 5 years to get their latest version to work properly. You pay for help and home visits by helpers. She never paid because it was always their "stuff-up".

Doesn't work on a chromebook.

31/05/2018 11:33:40

So good you had to say it twice Jon?smiley

Thread: Soldering iron size
29/05/2018 14:09:10

Yes Martin...and I for one agree with you....but you will now need to find a source of lead free solder..... unless you stocked up before the enviromentalists decided you could not be trusted with your own health.sarcastic 2

Thread: Windows 10 personal preferences
29/05/2018 13:40:40
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 29/05/2018 12:56:16:
Posted by kc on 29/05/2018 12:51:02:

Surely the latest Data Protection laws should have protected us from any alteration of our own computers WITHOUT our specific agreeing to any updates. But they didnt..........

You do have the option in settings of not accepting updates kc. I'm not sure how effective that setting is though.

Ummm I thought it was not possible to prevent the updates.. at least as a non-commercial (ie private individual) user once you have fallen for the 'upgrade' con elected to upgrade to Win10.

I believe as a domain admin you have the opportunities to filter at least some of the updates but that would have required you purchase the full business Win10 edition.....hands up those who splashed out on that!

I also can't see how data protection could save you as MS are not manipulating your data... only their software.. besides you agreed to allow them to do it when you agreed to the original win10 download.

Win 7 'pukka' install disks with a 'valid' licence key readily available from auction sites when you get sick of 10's idiosyncrasiesfrown

Thread: Electric Cars.
22/05/2018 13:09:22

These people claim the EV resonance charging systems are more efficient than 85%..and that is with todays technology.

"Larger batteries for the electric vehicle use resonance charging by making a coil “ring.” The oscillating magnetic field works within a 1-meter (3-foot) radius. To stay in the power field, the distance between transmit and receive coil must be within a quarter wavelength (915Mhz has a wavelength of 0.328 meters or 1 foot).

Resonance charging is not limited to high-wattage wireless chargers; it is used at all power levels. While a 3kW system for EV charging achieves a reported efficiency of 93–95 percent with a 20cm (8 inch) air gap, a 100W system is better than 90 percent efficient; however the low-power 5W system remains in the 75–80 percent efficiency range. Resonance charging is still in the experimental stages and is not widely used.."

Not widely used (yet) partly because they have not been able to get the spurious emissions down to an acceptable level - 3KW generates quite an RF field, and as 915MHz is in the ISM licence free band I would imagine there will be problems with other with low power devices that use the band.


Thread: Electricity Pylon Interference?
22/05/2018 12:31:26

Don't the grid still allow data burst over the network?.. I seem to remember that was the potential issue in the past, not the 50Hz. As it is not a continual stream you could never be sure if it was a data burst that caused the rx glitch.

22/05/2018 09:47:44

I think National Grid UK may have some 'advice' for you concerning flying close to one of their pylons.face 7

Thread: Additional battery?
01/05/2018 12:34:03

Rich - the generally accepted perceived wisdom is that you do not power the rx and ignition system with the same battery. The ignition electronics generates high frequency noise in its operation and it is best to isolate this from the receiver power lines. Use a separate ignition battery.

Mad Dave is exactly right

The guy in the video dismisses all possible failures with the simple paralleling up of the power supplies very flippantly. Just because he hasn't seen a failure yet doesn't mean it can't happen. Take a look at how close together the positive and negative wires are where they are soldered onto the battery terminals on most battery packs, should the wires short out there for any reason (poor insulation, chaffing) then the resulting voltage drop will affect both batteries as they are directly tied together. There will be a lot of smoke and melted insulation and not enough power to the Rx to maintain control, you might even destroy the tracks within the receiver because of the excessive current flowing through the Rx connector block.



At the very least there needs to be some mitigation to prevent a catastrophic failure in the event of a wiring short circuit

rx wiring.jpg

The switch harness is just standard, however should you be willing to solder the diodes into the switch harness then the switch plug/sockets can be dispensed with, thus removing another possible point of failure. Should there be a short circuit failure anywhere to the left of the diodes the RX will still receive power from the unaffected battery. A single open circuit in the wiring anywhere will not cause a power outage.

There will be a small voltage drop across each diode so 6V packs would be recommended.

The current rating of the diode needs to be sufficient for the expected load, when one is correctly chosen the diode will be pretty bullet proof.

A simple solution that subscribes to the KISS principle so as to introduce as fewer failure points as possible.

ummm two more posts between me reading the last entry and posting mine that essentially render my musings pointless 



Edited By MaL on 01/05/2018 12:37:22

Thread: Mobile/ tablet borescope facility
30/04/2018 16:40:30

I had one a while ago that wouldn't work on my laptop.. something to do with the laptop having the wrong chipset - but it worked ok when using an android mobile phone.

might have all changed now though.

Thread: 12v charger adaptor supply
28/04/2018 10:51:24

DC coaxial power connectors are rated at 12V @ 5A...Pushing them more than that is asking for trouble, especially in a dirty environment

Thread: Printing a P47 Thunderbolt
28/04/2018 10:40:57

Does your slicer software have an 'extra restart distance' setting? - it is the amount of extra extrude feed at the start of every extrude run, that might be better than reducing the retraction distance as that affects stringing. In the slicer I use (Simply3D) it is set to 0.12mm .

When you say the internal structure is rubbish does it look like under-extrusion? Can you force your slicer to 'only retract when crossing open spaces' and 'avoid crossing outline for travel movements'? This will force the nozzle to keep to the walls and not retract whilst it moves the head to the start of the strut so there is plastic immediately available at the start of the extrusion.

I have a different printer but I have a retraction distance default of 0.8mm


Good fun isn't it....filling up your waste bin

Edited By MaL on 28/04/2018 10:42:42

27/04/2018 11:16:00

IMHO The holes are there because the extrusion rate is still too low or not flowing through the nozzle smoothly. I would try increasing the flow rate one point. Also I would leave the extruder temp at 220, it will help ensuring a good inter slice bond, the only time to be careful with the extruder temp would be on small prints when the hotter plastic remains too soft for too long. another possible cause for your inconsistent extrusion may lie with the quality of the pla... not all plastics were created equal!.

I don't agree with Tony about increasing the wall thickness - should that even be possible in the slicer - as you would double the weight of the build trying to cover up a defect in the extrusion process.

Thread: Electric Cars.
27/04/2018 10:56:38

Perhaps if Asda had built the electric car recharge bays at the back of their car park along with the motorhome/caravan bays the problem of bay blocking wouldn't occur...never seen a 4x4 driver walking further than necessary....

Thread: No discernible engine brake!
26/04/2018 12:35:44

There is an entry in the manual on the HK site about checking if the ESC has braking enabled or not, perhaps you could check if the ESC is actually in the brake on mode after setting it 'on' using the programming card...

Thread: Moles!
07/04/2018 17:50:10

possibly solar powered sonic mole dissuaders.. quite popular in France with those who prefer not to kill the moles..


Thread: Clunk!
28/03/2018 14:16:31

For what it may be my younger days when I went racing 1/8th scale buggies we had the problem of the motor cutting if the buggy was left inverted after a crash as the tank's pick up was devoid of fuel as it all fell to the new bottom of the tank.... the cure was to use a longer fuel feed line to the carb, giving more time for the marshal to place the buggy back on its wheels... I think your cure will involve having sufficient fuel in the feed pipe to sustain the engine whilst the clunk is wafting around in the breeze....

Thread: Ali Express
09/03/2018 22:22:11

I have been using ali express for some time now instead of ebay and to some extent banggood. Ebay shipping for items from China take too long and there was usually no option other than free economic shipping - which took around 30 to 40 days in my experience. A quite recent change has some Chinese ebay sellers giving the option for faster shipping at a price but I have not tried it so cannot comment on the quoted up to 30 days delivery times. Banggood does better with their shipping - even their free shipping BUT their prices are higher normally. Ali express offer you a choice of shipping services, their free service normally arrive between 18 - 25 days and their aliexpress standard service (small charge) normally takes 12 - 20 days.

Never had an order go missing and I pay in dollors with my UK credit card. Never had to test their customer service so cannot comment on that either... The secondary security asking for copies of passports or credit cards is not limited to Ali Express and only happens occasionally to new customers.

Has the Chinese new year finished now? If not your order may be delayed.

Thread: HK's "Sale now on".....or not
08/03/2018 13:06:46

Keith - if you look this particular item is advertised as only being available from the global site at the $2 price and the €12.57 price is the item from the global warehouse with free shipping so its not a moan about the cost of shipping it is a moan about changing the price between the offer and the actual.......

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