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Thread: Anet A8
24/11/2017 11:48:30

Hobbyking - EU warehouse

Thread: A puzzle for engine guru's
16/11/2017 13:19:13

Did you leave the engine sitting upright on its bottom and notice upon returning that there was a leak from a hairline crack in the crankcase?

Thread: Leicester Model Centre Hawk?
14/11/2017 13:28:59

Found a couple of pics...


First is reported as being a Gnatty sports Trainer


And this is supposed to be a super gnatty....neither has an anhedral mainplane or tail


The Hawk, on the other hand, has an anhedral tail


Anyhow.. I remember mine was flown on an O.S. 40 FSR, which made it docile enough to learn to fly on... and didn't fold the tailplane smile p

Edited By MaL on 14/11/2017 13:35:07

14/11/2017 10:01:43

I seem to remember the gnatty having a simple flat tail - with the Hawk having the anhedral one??

I learnt to fly with my gnatty...ended up weighing a ton with all the glass fibre repairsfrown

Thread: RCGF 20cc Silencing advice
10/11/2017 17:39:36

HK also do **LINK** to help suppress the 'bark' (when in stock)

Edited By MaL on 10/11/2017 17:40:19

Thread: Friday the 13th
13/10/2017 17:08:36
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 13/10/2017 12:58:37:

The 13th of a month is statistically more likely to fall on a Friday than on any other day.

What more evidence do we need that God has it in for us?

Ehhh?? surely as there are 6 'other' days of the week statistically the 13th is much less likely to fall on a Friday than on one of the 'other' days....

There are lies, damned lies ....and statistics!!smile p

Thread: PETG
05/10/2017 11:27:14

Interested in using PETG?.....this arrived in my inbox today


Thread: Pyramid Models One : Royal Mail Nil
02/10/2017 18:56:39

[Is it just me, or does this render the whole 'signed-for' concept pretty much useless from the recipient's point of view?]

No it isn't just you....'signed for' are a complete waste of space and money, as described in your post. IF an actual delivery address AND a FULL name was supplied with the signature then I might be a little less derogatory about the useless service. It is especially galling when Ebay insist on 'signed for' deliveries, especially with international deliveries (which rarely get a delivery signature anyway).

Thread: building bench
26/09/2017 12:00:48

Exactly cannot look up at close objects... try reading the price of an item that is on the bottom shelf at the supermarket without crawling on your hands and knees.

Edited By MaL on 26/09/2017 12:01:11

Thread: September 2017 Lipometer
24/09/2017 14:18:50

Sorry, not got the article but someone is asking serious cash for the kit of parts on ebay....considerable more than the 100amp wattmeter offerings from Banggood or HobbyKing

Maybe the RCM&E offering has some super facility that the commercial ones don't have?frown

Anyhow...looks like a dozen of so components so should be very straightforward to build.




Thread: New generation of Fake Spektrum Receivers
06/09/2017 18:19:58
Posted by Martin Harris on 05/09/2017 15:17:41:

Why are people trying to defend the indefensible? The fact that an English language listing has the words "for", "generic" and "not applicable" in German doesn't make for a very accurate description in my opinion.

These seem to be obvious attempts to pass off goods as genuine where their provenance is hazy to say the least. Even if you bang a bit of insulating tape over the maker's name, there are many other trademarks and identifiers shown that could be seen as misleading and designed to make people think they are buying a genuine article.

Leaving aside any unsubstantiated claims that some other manufacturers have reverse engineered Spektrum protocols, at least these do not pretend to be genuine or even look anything like the genuine products.

I have no vested interest in either Spektrum or HH as I use Jeti - one advantage of using a system with a relatively small user base is that the market isn't yet big enough to encourage fakers - although at least one bit of equipment has been closely copied by a large budget system manufacturer!


There is nothing to defend. This is normal business policy for the Chinese. If you find it not to your liking then you can always stick with a regular importer/distributer and pay the premium.

Edited By MaL on 06/09/2017 18:22:37

05/09/2017 14:30:06

More than 10 available bestdeals_us
118 sold

More than 10 available fashion_virus
82 sold

9 available cskwin2015
19 sold

More than 10 available bestdeal_uk
46 sold

10 available honestdeal_au
11 sold

10 available mega_electronics_show

.......and so on........still think these are HH rejects?

The examples Paul showed in the OP have the trademarked symbols obscured, if these were 'fakes' why bother obscuring the trademarks?

Looking a bit deeper into one of the listings...this one


it declares the Make as 'generic' and describes it as a 'receiver for a Spektrum transmitter. It also claims

"This DuaLink receiver simultaneously gathers information from two receivers that is processed by patent pending Spektrum software that combines it to form the most vivid picture of an RF signal."

patent pending is not the same as patent granted is it!

Providing the trademarks are obscured before they hit the UK customs what exactly has the seller done wrong?

Perhaps Paul could post the link to the actual items he bought....

04/09/2017 16:02:30

I bet it came from the same sweatshop as the expensive ones you can buy from horizon. Just the excess production from the order from the distributer.....normal Chinese production protocols......Spektrum logo obscured to circumvent importation trademark violations....

Thread: Anet A8
14/08/2017 10:34:18

Glad you have sorted it Tony.. It is a common 'problem' with the generic RAMPS board too, although usually down to poor connections at the screw terminals with people using tinned wires or not tightening the screw enough (or not checking it regularly). The 'problem' is that there is a lot of current flowing through the board when the extruder and the bed heater are on together - hence the desire to fit a 3rd party MOSFET driver board for the heated bed and reduce the current flowing through the mainboard......lots of solder on the pcb tracks will help also.

(sorry if this is teaching Granny)

Thread: LiPO Fire extinguisher help needed
12/08/2017 15:33:32
Posted by Gary Manuel on 11/08/2017 18:41:58:

THIS company sell fire extinguishers for Lithium batteries.

Edit - Bargain at £226 surprise

Edited By Gary Manuel on 11/08/2017 18:55:34

Plus the recommended training before being let loose with one......frown

Thread: Anet A8
12/08/2017 10:55:00

I don't have one of these printers but the generic method for ensuring the extruder is supplying the correct amount of plastic is to mark the filament 120mm from where it enters the extruder, then set your control software (whatever you are using) to extrude 100mm of filament. You can then measure how much is actually extruded. If you read **LINK** it tells you how you can calculate and enter a new value for your E steps per mm to adjust the amount extruded, alternatively you may be able to enter the value directly via firmware I said I don't have an A8 .......


sorry your printer has packed up Tony..what is wrong?  controller board gone south?

Edited By MaL on 12/08/2017 11:04:47

11/08/2017 11:25:31

under extruding. or possibly extruder temp too low

Have you calibrated your extruder?

20/06/2017 17:46:55

Yep.. that works David Thanks.thumbs up

19/06/2017 13:46:32

ummm..not showing yet.. perhaps they need vetting before being released......

Thread: Quick Delivery
19/06/2017 13:43:36

It's not DHL's bill, it's the customs duty that they have already paid H.M.Gov on your behalf that they want to recover..... (assuming the item was assessed for VAT)

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