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Thread: OS 120 strip down problem
19/03/2019 17:08:52

Thanks for all tips,much appreciated.Yes,did note the invisible circlip.The self tapper extractor worked a treat and gudgeon pin slid out easily. Whilst in Boots,I noticed a cheap DIY dentistry set,comprising a probe shaped like a shepherds crook ,and a little mirror and scraper.The probe,which is of very tough steel,was ideal for wrinkling out the circlip and cleaning out its groove.No use yet for the mirror.Shaft bearings both out without too much drama so should be plain sailing now.Thanks again

19/03/2019 11:46:53


I,m in the process of renewing shaft bearings on an old but fairly good OS 120 Surpass .The gudgeon pin is firmly seized in the piston bearings.I stupidly allowed the liner to slide out so piston is no longer supported.Obviously liner cannot be replaced until gudgeon pin is removed.As only access is via hole at rear of crankcase,a rather difficult engineering challenge.I need to revolve the pin back and forth to release the seizure.I wonder if a suitable sized taper tap,sacrificial,could be carefully wound into the pin to give some turning power?The pin seems to rotate OK in the small end bearing.Any suggestions appreciated.

Thread: Glow Sticks
28/11/2018 00:01:43

Very interesting thread,I thought post by Peter Christie was the definitive answer to a perrenial problem but......still not quite clear.A single cell nicad or nimh delivers 1.2 nominal(1.3 ish fresh off charge) reducing a bit dependant on length and thickness of plug lead.Plugs are sold usually for 1.5 to 2 volts,so,from the beginning,voltage is barely enough,from single cell.In my experience the degree of visible glowing varies a great deal depending on make and age ,from the same power source,2 stroke or 4.I,ve tried a number of glow sticks too,and do not trust them.Similar variations when using 12 volts through a power panel.Tom Sharp 2 talks about a 2 volt lead acid accumulator,ideal apart from risk of spills.In my impoverished youth,it was common to take Dad,s wood saw and cut a cell off the end of a car battery,with self tappers for terminals.Worked fine and never needed charging..My favourite at the moment,is a Ripmax 2v 4ah No.0PRP0204 sealed lead acid,about the size of a cigarette packet,fromSussex Models,I think about £7 plus a little charger and ammeter from the bits box.With this elementary rig,I no longer find it necessary to remove the plug for visible check on brightness,which was a regular annoying chore with the more sophisticated systems tried,especially in a cowled engine situation.I think I will stay with it from now on.

Thread: AstroHog tailplane dimensions needed
27/11/2018 22:57:40

Thanks a lot for your help.Should now be able to proceed. Quite a significant model really,probably the first rc model to perform proper controlled rolls(1958) in competition,despite excessive dihedral by modern standards..OS 61 Blackhead going into mine.


27/11/2018 17:14:40

Hello, I,m restoring a much molested old Astro Hog from Flair kit.Tailplane is missing. Does anyone have the plan.I just need the basic tailplane dimensions and centre sweep angle,as it will be cut from sheet balsa. Hope some kind person can help.

Thread: Hitec Aurora 9 help please
07/10/2018 13:40:30

To Cold Lazurus,

Thanks for reply.I followed your instructions,worked first time,so great joy in the workshop.Very grateful to you.I hope that you will soon be warm and fully risen.

07/10/2018 10:54:02

Thanks for all the replies.Cold Lazarus,yours is the answer I was really hoping for and set out exactly as all instruction books should be.I,m very grateful.Would you be happy to answer further programming queries via pm? Regarding some of the other comments,we all know that any spinning propellor is inherently dangerous,petrol ,glow or electric and I,be had my fair share of cuts and bruises over the decades,despite always taking the utmost care.Engines have to be carefully tuned and at some stage all have to be tested for maximum power,so need restraining.At our club,heavy steel yokes are provided at each starting bay,great,but all thrust loads are born by the tailplane only so not perfect.Thrown props,usually from big fourstrokes, is an undeniable hazard and I have no answer to this.Go to any full-size flying club and you will see 100 hp aero engines being swung by hand,the aeroplane is unrestrained and unchocked,the prop swinger trusting that the pilot really has got the mags switched off.I doubt if it is possible to achieve total safety with our models,all we can do is do our best to anticipate the possible dangers and learn from mistakes,ours and those of others.Which is why l recounted the two incidents.

06/10/2018 16:47:33

I do understand the need to instruct the tx,it’s the route and sequence that I cannot find.This all arises out of two events that happened whilst testing models in the garden.Big scratch built Piper Cub,tail firmly roped to tree.Opened up to full power for a few seconds,tailplane joint failed,models shot forward,demolishing large shrub,cowl and uc.All over in an instant.Then a 1/4scale SE5,33cc petrol,tethered with four ropes at full power,throttle failed to operate when a ball joint came adrift.External simple manual switch easily accessible so no harm done,but a daunting moment nonetheless.Yes,a bit belt and braces,but I still want a kill switch for emergencies.

06/10/2018 15:30:33

Thanks Ken,will look it up.Bucksboy,it is an opto switch connected between rx and electronic ignition box which,when triggered from tx,cuts power instantly,hence kill switch.I want it as a panic button in addition to normal failsafe.I fully admit to having a mighty struggle with most computer tasks,especially programming.So far,the system will not recognize the switch which is plugged into a spare rx input.

06/10/2018 14:18:29

I am trying to operate an RC exp V2.0 kill switch from my Aurora.My computer skill is very low,Ive been trying fo hours,been through the book,no success.Can anybody tell how to do it please.

Thread: Which part of building a new traditional balsa model plane do you enjoy the most?
05/09/2018 15:56:08

What about the lovely aroma of that big stack of fresh balsa and ply.? Or peeling open some new 10a blades and prepping the sanding blocks,cleaning off the building board and sweeping up in readiness to embark upon making the best one yet? I must have built hundreds of models over the last 65 years and the buzz at starting a new one has not lessened and,I hope,never will.

Thread: Stripped thread bodge
13/07/2018 23:37:30

Thanks for your help, will look out for the helicoil ads on BMFA.Have found some JB Weld locally and will give it a try. Ace,I now remember why we dumped the horsehair blankets.

13/07/2018 10:49:20

My latest unmissable eBay purchase and bargain.OS 120 .Exhaust bend loose in cyl head,closer examination seems to indicate it had been glued in.Threads in cyl head very worn.New head too expensive .Any suggestions for a high temp compound that might give a fix,albeit a once and for all,never unscrew again solution.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
09/01/2018 15:07:16

Hope this question is not interrupting the flow too much.I am about to swap out a much longer engine and replace it with my Laser v200.It will entail a1.5 inch spacer of some sort.Ive made up ally standoffs and long bolts in the style of many modern petrol engines,but it looks rather ungainly and I,m a bit concerned that I might be putting the Laser mounting lugs at risk in the event of a noseover into the rough.Would appreciate your views.Thanks.

Thread: Inserting epoxy
07/01/2018 16:41:37

Another way: find a piece of tubing to fit the hole(or slot) Then suck sufficient adhesive up into the tube,insert and blow.Flatten tube if for a slot.

Thread: DB Se5-how much covering required
07/01/2018 14:10:21

Thank you,Anthony.A good solution.

05/01/2018 17:02:19

Thanks Don,sounds promising,I,ll have words at the local full size club.I watched a TV programme about a German born doctor,living in UK building his full size Fokker Triplane.He used Oratex-or whatever it is called-,mentioned the brand several times,it looked exactly like our Glosstex.No mention of the make of adhesive to stick it to steel tube framing however. I once looked very closely at a dismantled Maule and was surprised that whilst the wing was entirely of rivetted aluminium,the fus and tail surfaces were covered in what looked like extra heavy duty Solarfilm,no weave,shiny and tight as a drum.

05/01/2018 14:07:49

Thank you all for the very useful information.Ingenious solution,Gordon and wry final words appreciated.The hubris of turning up at the field with a bigger than normal scale job comes at quite a price though,doesnt it. A 10 metre roll it is then.

I still like nylon and dope,cheap,strong but laborious.I recently used some very light close weave fabric from Boyces.Applied dry with Balsaloc,it heatshrinks beautifully and is even easier to wangle round the curves than Tex.Two light coats of dope was plenty for the Blackburn and free flighter used for the experiment and I really thought I had found the Holy Grail at last. Actually,I hadnt.It would seem,that after final heat shrinking and doping,there is no more shrink to be had.Dents from clumsy fingers cannot be removed by usual remedial heating and redoping does not work either.Pity,it looks nice and is very cheap.

Jon,I have a question about mounting a Laser V200 on ally standoffs.Should I start a new thread?

04/01/2018 13:04:42


Has any member built one? Mine just about ready for covering,so would like to know how much Solartex to buy.Plan is to use Linen overall,then paint for top surfaces.Wheels very expensive,so looking out for a secondhand pair. Model is the 80" one.


Thread: Silver soldering a cabane
08/11/2017 23:59:52


I,m about to join the components forming the cabane on a 1/4 scale SE5.I,ve come up with a jigging system to hold the piano wire in correct register but still really need to bind some of the joints with fine copper wire for accuracy. My silver soldering is usually pretty good.Question:will the use of the copper wire spoil the joint? I,m using Easiflo solder. Just a domestic butane torch,no oxy.

As this job has to be done with the cabane fixed to the fuselage,I,m quite apprehensive about a roaring blowlamp four inches from all that woodwork,so some wet towels will be in place as protection. It would really make my day if someone would tell me not to bother and that good binding and ordinary solder will be strong enough.

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