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Thread: Piper PA-23 Aztec 250E
06/10/2019 20:38:57

Hi there wonderful modelers. Any Fusion 360 gurus out there who could assist. The designs above were done with me drawing out formers with the spline tool then lofting them but getting some inconsistent curves between the former. Would it be better to do the fuselage with the sculp/t spline tool or carry on with the former approach.

03/10/2019 23:18:51

capture3.jpgcapture2.jpgcapture1.jpgHi All, Making progress in this designing thingy, not perfect by a long shot yet but slowly making progress. Baby steps.


02/10/2019 08:11:48

Thanks Piers. Yes the ones above are half of the fuselage. My main struggle at the moment is the the transition between the nose and the fuselage over the windshield area. As I said have moved to fusion360 and am getting cleaner lines now so will hopefully have something to show soon. It's all eyeballing the shape at the moment.

The Aerostar is a lovely aircraft. I also went with depron as I don't have access to big power plants and batteries but I will definitely be doing some balsa reinforcement and stiffening on it.

If anyone has any fusion tips or pics of how they lofted a fuselage it would be a great help. Not much on the net for planes been watching all the boat hull vids I can find.

01/10/2019 21:49:48

Hi Everyone. Or anyone who is following. I haven't given up on this build but have been doing some work on my 3d designs. Have switched to fusion 360 and am getting there slowly its like learning to walk over again. Cad programs are awesome for own design but super tricky when trying to replicate something exactly. Especially as I only have a 3 view to work from and pictures, dint have any reference to formers. When I get it right I will start posting again. When I started mocking up the foam I realised I was not going to do it any justice without some sort of plan.


28/06/2019 21:55:12

Hi All. making some progress again. doesn't look like it as i was using rough lines but the method i think will give me the results i need. really want to get the lines right on this model hence the effort im putting into the Rhino design. fuselage looks simple at a glance but when you take a step back there are some complicated line changes on the roof to the sides.


23/06/2019 21:10:43

ok so some progress made. doesnt look like it but lets see where it goes. got a smooth surface now, will add a bit and see if i can fix the boxy shape.


22/06/2019 23:48:56

I knew trying to draw this in 3d was going to be hard but this is crazy. Can't quite work out what approach to use on the fuselage. Have tried making a solid as above then manipulating that. Then tried curves and lofting them. Then tried to manipulate a cuve. Any Rhino gurus out there with any suggestions please. My problem is with the flatish sides and the two different curves top and bottom.

15/06/2019 16:46:21

so.... working out the curves by eye was not working. too much room for error so i have literally gone back to the drawing board. have never done any 3D design so many hours of research and draw two lines and so on.







Edited By SwaziFlyer on 15/06/2019 16:46:54

05/06/2019 22:11:25

20190605_225716.jpgSo been doing some fiddling. Profile lines are not as perfect as I would have liked. Probably should have redrawn the lines. Have put the formers in square and will sand them into shape. Not perfect but room for improvement.


04/06/2019 23:36:01

Thanks Danny. have planned at about 60". have the plans on the dining room table and the size is growing on me. one of the Differences between the APACHE and the Aztec is that the Aztec has a full moving Elevator. Does anyone know if there are any build on the forum that have one i can look at.

04/06/2019 22:08:58

20190604_225852.jpgSo....... Slightly nervous now. That's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. Not sure if I have enough brushless power for this. Seeing the size gives a bit more insight into size of the project Danny took on with the comanch.

Time for some paper tiling and having a look at some foam.

Edited By SwaziFlyer on 04/06/2019 22:10:16

03/06/2019 18:11:16

That's amazing Danny. Hope I can do yours a little bit of justice.

03/06/2019 17:21:19

Hi Percy. Danny Fenton did a PA 23 Apache. The Apache was the original Pa23 that I think was a 4 seater. It then evolved into Aztec after the PA 23 B or C.

02/06/2019 23:52:37

Good Day everyone. i am going to attempt to scratch build the Piper PA-23 Aztec 250E. This is an aircraft that my Dad owned when i was younger and one of my favorite out of the pipers that he flew. my plan is to build it to scale as possible in terms of the overall look and depending on the finish i can obtain i will try my hand at as may of the smaller scale details as i can. i will be building out of "Depron", i put it in inverted commas as it is actually high density floor insulation that i have cut into 6mm sheets. The Aztec was bought in South Africa and was registered ZS-NLC.


The Aircraft was then exported to Swaziland and Registered as 3D-FLY and was then later Exported back to South Africa and put back as ZS-NLC.


i only have the 3 Views to work of for the design and am not up to scratch on 3D design, as im going to be using Depron hopefully i will have some wiggle room on the shaping.

aztec 3view.jpg

i am planning to do a wing span of about 150cm which will hopefully be big enough to do some basic detailing. I would love any comments and assistance along the way and hope that i haven't bitten off more than i can chew here. that being said i probably have but lets give it a go anyway.

Edited By SwaziFlyer on 02/06/2019 23:54:27

Thread: Depron Extra 300
14/09/2015 05:46:36

here is a pic of the Tiny trainer if anyone is interested.

will make her all pretty once she is flying correctly. Hopefully test the motor adjustments in flight today.


12/09/2015 11:54:05
Had a closer look at the trainer. The elevator is in line with the "thrust line" centre of motor to tail. Not sure if that is correct. The motor had a large amount of up thrust. Have corrected and will test fly when the rain goes away. Motor now sitting g at about a degree down.
12/09/2015 09:39:18
You must be referring to dave as the extra is my first depron build.
12/09/2015 07:09:26
Thank you Dave. She flies fairly level at a cruise,40 percent throttle. Only two clicks of up trim. Slow flight uses a bit of up elevator and flies a bit nose up. It's on the climb out that's a problem. 80 percent throttle and she climbs nicely and then goes into a "prop hang" situation. Power off and she stalls and recovers. Thanks for listening
11/09/2015 16:52:04
If there is anyone still following this sorry it has had no progress. Have not been able to get any 6 mm depron and need to get some proper snakes for the ruder and elevator. I do have a question. I have just completed a foam trainer and did the maiden today, it flew well at low speed but over half throttle it would climb steeply and then sit on its tail. Power off it glides well and the stall is ok so don't think it is a c issue. Could it be that I need more down thrust or could it be related to the wing angle relative to the fuselage. It is a high wing, resembles a cessna 172. Thanks. Any feedback would be helpful
05/06/2015 10:29:58

Hi there friendly Builders.

sorry this blog has slowed down so much, unfortunately life has got in the way of building, will hopefully get back to the wing in the next few weeks.

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