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Thread: Laser 180/200v will it fit
26/09/2017 18:37:42
Many thanks for the much valued information it is most appreciated.

Predominantly I'm an engine man and love laser engines. I have always wanted to own a multi cylinder 4 stroke, but its no good owning sutch a magnificent engine if you're not going to use it. This is where my choice of model comes into the equation.....Its got to be a Spit. Jon thanks for the advice but my mind is made up its a 180/200v and a DB spit. I will conact you shortly and place an order

Happy landings
25/09/2017 19:42:41
At the initial stages of a long awaited project and just getting some basic planning in.

Will a laser 180/200v fit inside the cowl of DB mk1 Spitfire?
Thread: Brit on tour in Australia
13/12/2016 09:55:28

Thanks guys, I'm all sorted


12/12/2016 05:23:56

Visiting relatives in Perth W.A (district of Subiaco) and would like to visit a local model flying club.


Thread: electric retracts
23/08/2016 18:26:49

Have a look at Giezendanner. These are the Rolls Royce of electric retracts

Thread: Removing threadloc'd bolts
19/08/2016 17:51:57

Thread lock is Thermo Plastic.

This means that it softens under heat, apply enough heat and it melts, apart from retainer which is a devil to remove or break its bond.

Before trying to crack the thread.......?. Either use a soldering iron to warm the offending bolt or nut then crack the thread or depending on what you're doing use a heat gun

Thread: Crash at Old Warden Pageant
11/08/2016 19:55:19
Posted by Jez Harris 1 on 11/08/2016 19:35:13:
Total powerbox failure = nothing at all.

Simple enough for you?

You lie in your opening dribble stating you saw the wind get under a wing. With the wind being right to left that would have blown the aircraft away from the crowd wouldn't it?


Give it up.
It was an accident
End of.

Please read my post  fully as you have miss quoted me

You state it looks like powerbox failure

Does the powerbox unit work on the bench?

Edited By Owdlad on 11/08/2016 19:57:49

Edited By Owdlad on 11/08/2016 20:01:11

11/08/2016 19:17:04

You state everything points to powerbox failure. with twin redundancy how can this be? Can you please clarify? reading between the lines the powerbox still worked after the crash

I suspect that the wind got under one wing pushing the model into a spiral dive.

11/08/2016 18:21:37

No apology necessary.

On the opening post read the first sentence.....Planes were grounded because of the poor cross wind conditions.

Any doubt you don't fly ( no matter how proficient you are)

Edited By Owdlad on 11/08/2016 18:23:48

11/08/2016 15:13:54

I'm sorry but why did they fly in poor conditions? That to me is error of judgement.......or pilot error.

Thread: US 3D Heli accident, IRCHA 2016
10/08/2016 23:24:18

Principally the real culprit in this style of close to the edge flying is that the slightest miss judgement in timing or any slight error results in model strike or failure. The effects of what happens next is in the hands of the Gods.

10/08/2016 16:00:53

Over the years the 3D manoeuvres have increased in complexity and violence, but has the regulations concerning crowd line safety followed in line?

As Jack pointed out........where's the safety fence? Is it mandatory?

This photo was taken last week at the European F3a Campionships.. note the double fence and how far the distance to the flight line


Edited By Owdlad on 10/08/2016 16:09:20

10/08/2016 10:04:11

Has anyone picked up that on some of his manoeuvres the hely was flying directly towards the crowd line

Worryingly how can you close the throttle in idle up when you've not got time to react?

Is there some form of kill switch? and is it mandatory?

09/08/2016 23:49:51

Takes me back a few years when at a show/fly in, we was watching a sponsored 3D Heli pilot do his stuff. We felt he was flying beyond his capabilities and was uncomfortable watching him, so much so, we hid behind a stone wall some 20yrd from the pilot (just in case). When I voiced my concerns to the pilot he was oblivious to the possible dangers as his ego of flying in front of watching public was bigger than his abilities......oh he'd already wiped out 3 Hely's that day!

Its only a matter of time before a catastrophic event will occur

Sorry rant over

Thread: Ice Cream Anyone?
09/08/2016 06:46:16

It is without doubt that using a tray gives you better presice feel on the sticks allowing for better control input.

Whether it improves your flying is open to debate?

Personally it's practice practice practice with constructive analysis after each flight that improves your flying. Using a tray certainly helps but like I say it's practice and wanting to fly precise that is the key element in becoming a better.......smoother......precise pilot

08/08/2016 21:00:43

As a typical Yorkshire person the tray for my mc24 was home made, cost next to nothing and took an evening to manufacture.

We're modelers, so why buy when you can make wink 2

Thread: Bondaero
08/08/2016 20:42:17

Thanks to advice of my mentor. Axiome 70 BP. Purchased ready to fly of Bondaero. Absolute beauty to fly.....can recommend


Edited By Owdlad on 08/08/2016 20:52:45

Thread: Ice Cream Anyone?
08/08/2016 17:01:41

Contrasting styles.....Which one of the pilots looks more relaxed


Thread: Exhaust Bolts Vibrating Loose
08/08/2016 07:40:30

This is my successful way of attaching manifolds to engines and never had one come off or come loose.

1. Make a cardboard gasket

2. Clean mating faces.

3. Mix some 24/48hr Araldite

4. Smear both joint faces with Araldite including the bolt holes

5. Assemble the manifold to the engine and bolt together ( if using nuts Araldite the thread/ nuts)

To Diss-assemble

Warm the bolts / nuts thoroughly with a soldering iron then undo the bolt

Simple yet effective

Thread: Summer is here!!....Who's been flying??
05/08/2016 18:55:14

Axiome in a death fall 


Edited By Owdlad on 05/08/2016 19:02:21

Edited By Owdlad on 05/08/2016 19:03:47

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