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Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
15/06/2018 22:32:25

Latest update ...

13/06/2018 18:52:54

Posted by Erfolg on 13/06/2018 11:20:50:

I think that part of the problem that many of us have, is the use of the word drone. Although I now accept that it probably means us, fixed wing etc. model fliers. There has been the question mark if the BMFA accepts that it means us, or stated in a strong manner that it does, and any news item should be read in that context.

As I understand it, we don't need to define "drone". The CAA refer to "Small Unmanned Aircraft", which includes all that we fly including multirotors - and also kites!

BMFA has always supported all forms of model aircraft. When we accused of being anti-drone a few years ago, the issue was not the type of aircraft but the fact that FPV models (mostly but not exclusively quadcopters) were being flown outside of visual line of sight and sometimes without a competent observer. This was not supported purely on the issues of safety and legality.

Thread: New MOT Test From May 20th.......
07/06/2018 17:16:10
Posted by John Privett on 10/04/2018 18:46:11:
Posted by Martin Harris on 10/04/2018 00:21:57:

I'm not sure about that, John. The spare wheel has never been tested - so how could a car be failed for having one in it?

OK, thanks for the correction Martin, seems like it's just another Urban Legend. I'm sure it was stated as "fact" in various places when I started needing to worry about MOT tests back in the late 70s - it certainly convinced me!

My first ever MoT on a car - about 1982 - failed on tread depth on one tyre. The tester told me that if I put the spare on he could pass it, but only if I didn't put the displaced wheel in the car until after he had done so. I changed it on his forecourt and left the wheel leaning against his wall, he gave me a pass ticket, I picked up the wheel and happily drove off.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
02/06/2018 17:59:36

A couple of points to clarify:

The CAA has a recognised communication route with "Model Flying Associations" (BMFA, SAA, LMA and FPVUK) who meet at least annually and more frequently if there is anything to discuss - and there have been several such meetings as a result of this proposed legislation - and also with the DfT and H&SE.

However, they only informed them BMFA CEO that this next stage was going to happen after 6pm the previous evening, and it just happened that the CEO was away from both the office and home that day but published the statement on the BMFA website as soon as he was able.

The legislation will be in place from July 2018 but comes into force from 1st October 2019 (registration and online test) and 30th November (restrictions on flying). The online test will relate to the legislation, so is comparable with the "mandatory questions" in the BMFA achievement schemes. Membership of any of the previously mentioned associations is likely to constitute registration (after all, the CAA don't have the resource or motivation to do it).

Discussions with the associations about the specifics of the restrictions (including gliders) are ongoing.

Thread: Electricity Pylon Interference?
27/05/2018 10:09:02

Don't forget, of course, that it is illegal to fly within a 50 metre radius of the wires.

Thread: Precedent models from the 80, Hi-Boy, Low-Boy and Supernova
16/05/2018 21:28:21

I had a lo-boy 5 that I had purchased at a club auction. I took it on the one occasion that I went to the flying holiday in North Yorkshire (can't remember the name but it took over a holiday camp). I was helping to run one of the two RC fields, about 5 miles away, so I didn't get much chance to fly. At the end of one day, my colleague said "go on then, have a quick one". I did all the pre-flight checks, started it up, took off, throttled back and was just about to start a circuit. For some reason it lost signal (no failsafe in those days) so off it went, straight and level, about 1/3 throttle. I found it in a hawthorn hedge about a mile away.

Thread: Vauxhall In The Doldrums.....
23/04/2018 21:25:01

Posted by ken anderson. on 18/04/2018 10:03:25:

oop's I forgot Nissan's with Renault engines .......

ken motoring dept.

Renault and Nissan are virtually the same company. They have cross ownership of each other's shares, to the extent that is allowed under Japanese laws on foreign investment in Japanese companies. They have the same CEO. They share most R&D.

The Vauxhall van is built under a joint licensing agreement with Renault, Nissan and Fiat. Vans for all four brands are (or at least were) built at Luton.

Thread: Electric Cars.
15/04/2018 10:35:03

There is a lot of financial good sense behind the three year cycle for those who drive new cars. The company that I work for has a fleet of around 600,000 (yes - really, about 10% of the UK new car market). Therefore it is in their interest to get the best deal for their customers. They have some very clever numbers geeks who model lifetime costs including depreciation, maintenance (including impact of warranties expiring and the fact that first MoT is after three years), cost of sale, etc.

Extending the lease to four years would add to the monthly lease costs.

Keeping it longer only makes sense if you plan to keep for eight to ten years.

Thread: Best bicycle tyres
15/04/2018 10:22:26

I cycle daily on my commute - not a huge distance as there is a train journey in the middle. I would estimate that I do between 1200 and 1400 miles annually, all on roads, with a full size folding road bike.

The bike came with Schwalbe Marathon Supreme and these last about two years on the front and one year on the back. These are folding tyres so could be easily carried. Last time round I replaced one with a Schwalbe Marathon Plus at not much more than half the price and it seems to be wearing just as well, but wouldn't be practical if you had to carry it.

I also don't wait until I get punctures - you can see when the tread is nearly worn away so change it then. It might cut the life by a month or two but saves a lot of hassle.

Thread: Richard Osborn-Brooks
06/04/2018 21:15:58

The significant difference with Tony Martin was that the burglars were already on their toes, and he was at no further risk of injury, but still chose to shoot the scrotes in the back. In the recent case, what has been reported is that it was the burglar who was armed, and pulled it on the householder, and got stabbed with his own screwdriver in the struggle.

Thread: Scam or what ?
25/03/2018 16:31:34
Posted by Old Geezer on 22/03/2018 14:01:31:

Same but different problem with BT - typical problem caller - poor line, caller identifies herself as from BT using an Anglo' forename, but with an accent redolent of the Indian sub-continent. My immediate reaction was "Here we go again" - well, it was the first one of the day, so I just put the phone down and got on with refurb'ing the J60. Perhaps another 4 of the usual automated wastes of time plus 2-3 benighted time wasters and or scammers who got either shouted at or the wee-wee extracted spending how I was feeling at the time. BUT - 3 days later I had a (legitimate) text message from BT - asking how I rated their employee. 😳 There might be a lesson for BT somewhere there.

Edited By Old Geezer on 22/03/2018 14:03:04

Even that text could have been a scam. The "reply to" could have been a premium rate text number. A relative had a similar one, and by replying signed up to a £10 per month service that eventually EE refunded.

Thread: Pete’s princess BFMA
11/03/2018 13:20:37

There is a link to the mag on the top left of the BMFA home page

I copied the link - below - but I suspect that this may not work with all of the % in it.

Thread: Down loading pics
04/03/2018 10:25:20

If you are using keystrokes, then CTRL A is select all. If you want all of the pictures together in a subfolder on the memory stick, take the whole folder using Paul's method, or just drag it between two windows of explorer (one for the PC and one for the memory stick.

If you want to move them to the root of the memory stick (may be necessary if you want to display them on a smart TV, for example) then go into the pictures folder and select all then copy - using either mouse or keystrokes - then go to the memory stick folder and paste.

Thread: Pedantic
01/03/2018 20:13:37

How about people who utilise (or utilize) four extra letters when they mean "use"?

There are two sorts of people that I can't stand, those who are intolerant of other nationalities, and Americans.

I sometimes confuse Aussies and Kiwis ..... by using long words.

Thread: End for Maplins?
28/02/2018 13:48:47

The problem is that they tried to be too many things. They were a great place to go for components and connectors, which didn't need much space or a town centre location. I used to visit their Southend shop down a back street.

Next came specialist electronic items and bits of PCs. The problem was that they needed more space and the sort of people who would be the main customer base probably knew how to use the internet.

Then to justify the costs of their new high street and retail park locations, they diversified into electronic toys, but the mainstream toyshops did so as well. They tried to get a USP by having staff who actually knew what was in the box. The downside of this approach was that they would happily demonstrate an item - which meant flying drones in the car park, which I have seen on at least three occasions in the public car park outside their Chelmsford shop.

Thread: Peter McDermott sale
04/02/2018 16:17:17

I'm sure that when PMcD sold it, it would have been for nowhere near that amount, so somebody along the line is seriously profiteering out of his skill.

Thread: Hobbico - files for Bankruptcy
24/01/2018 18:06:49
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 15/01/2018 08:19:08:
Posted by Erfolg on 14/01/2018 21:30:47:

I have said I am surprised that Hobico has apparently continued trading when apparently with debts and liabilities, that appear to be insurmountable. Particularly as I understood that if that were the case, in UK it would make the directors liable for tall he debts at the point this becoming known.

But that's the whole point of Chapter 11 filing in the US, to allow a business to carry on trading while it works out a solution with it's creditors etc as it does allow companies to be rescued, previous examples of chapter 11 would include General Motors, Continental Airlines, Texaco. Several countries have similar schemes and it had been argued that the UK would benefit from something similar.

It also allows an inependant consultant with advantage of not having rose tinted spectacles to consider each part of the business. The likely outcome is that niche parts of the business will be sold off to buyers (or given to creditors in exchange for writing off debt) whilst the rump of the business folds.

Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
29/12/2017 20:13:32
Posted by Tony Kenny on 28/12/2017 21:49:44:

Just found this thread.... I've been to the centre a few times now, twice for the aerobatics training days which have been a fantastic learning opportunity for me and have really improved my overall flying skills.

Facilities are great, everybody I met there were friendly and helpful. I look forward to visiting each month and also look forward to the accommodation blocks being available.

The only thing I would add is, that given the average age of people in the hobby and given how far it is by road from the nearest town, I'd be tempted to install and AED (defribrillator) in case somebody experiences a cardiac event whilst on site. The difference, statistically, is taking survival rates up from 6% to 96%, provided of course, that they're not flying alone and somebody sees them go down within a couple of minutes! Maybe a fund raising event for that separately? I take it the air ambulance wouldn't have much problem finding a spot to land!


This is already in hand - authority was given for the purchase at a meeting of the Centre Steering Group in November. This was prompted by the successful use of one (by the first aid team) at the August Nationals that probably saved a competitor's life.

Thread: Well Done Harry Hill........
26/12/2017 10:25:22

I live in a small town in central Essex (Witham). I don't do social media, but SWMBO saw two separate entries in Facebook of people who have lost drones locally, both flying in housing estates.


Thread: Legislation Proposal at last
11/12/2017 19:13:45
Posted by Peter Christy on 11/12/2017 15:40:50:

I thought we'd settled the definition ages ago!

"If it is capable of controlled flight while out of LOS of the pilot, then it is a drone. If it is NOT capable of controlled flight out of LOS of the pilot, it is NOT a drone."



What about a fixed wing model with FPV? A multi rotor without FPV?

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