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Thread: August Nationals 2019
01/09/2019 10:14:49

Here is the perspective from those who run the camp gate ….

We opened the gate at noon. This is the earliest that the RAF allow us to do, and also as the gate staff will be working until around 10pm it would be unfair to ask them to do it sooner.

This year we only had to turn away about five who arrived in the morning wanting to get in, which is a big improvement.

We knew that we would not get the airfield until late afternoon, so we had about a dozen volunteers primed to marshal the holding area (under Andy Symon's organisation).

The initial flow was a trickle which is good, but it grew steadily as the afternoon wore on.

By about 4pm the queue to be parked in the holding area had reached back to the gate operation, and by 5pm it was queued all the way back to the junction with High Dyke / Ermine Street and for some distance in both directions. It even made the traffic report on local radio.

Airfield clearance was given around 5:30, allowing us to release the marquee company to set up the remaining trade marquees (they can't all be done in advance as they would restrict the view of the main runway from the Air Traffic Tower), and traders soon after.

Less than an hour later the campsite crew were ready to marshal the campers into their plots (this can't be done in advance as some of the infrastructure can't be setup with full size aircraft still using the taxiways).

The holding area was then allowed to disperse - but in a safe way and not a mad rush, and arrivals at this time could drive directly onto the campsite.

Within an hour the queues had been cleared, but arrivals continued at a steady rate until after dark.

As an aside, early afternoon, one idiot drove in the gate, went to the right of the "Keep Left" sign, crossed the line of traffic heading into the holding area, up onto the perimeter track, round to the CL Team Race area and turned left onto the secondary runway. I alerted air traffic and the SATCO (Senior Air Traffic Controller) went out to escort him back and give him a few harsh words. He claimed not to know that it was an active airfield and he tough it was only a campsite! Actions like this could cost us the use of this site.

My thanks go out to all of those who made this the smoothest Nats Friday for many years - including camp gate staff, holding area marshals, campsite crew and all other helpers, and especially the person who booked the weather!


Keith Lomax

Honorary Treasurer, Nats Treasurer, and general dogsbody.

Edited By Keith Lomax on 01/09/2019 10:16:03

Thread: CAA registration consulation
03/05/2019 17:05:25
Posted by Steve J on 03/05/2019 14:52:29:

aka "The consultation that only 213 modellers bothered to respond to".


Also the document that says "The Government will work with model aircraft flying clubs to examine ways in which it may be possible to exempt members of model aircraft flying clubs with adequate safety cultures and practices from certain elements of registration and other educational requirements, or where their club will be permitted to undertake regulatory requirements on their behalf."

01/05/2019 13:47:03
Posted by Steve J on 30/04/2019 19:33:00:
Posted by Martin Dilly 1 on 30/04/2019 19:17:07:

Contract for the registration scheme awarded in November, despite the fact that discussions were continuing with the BMFA. A case of left hand/right hand, a cock up or political skulduggery. You choose.

I am struggling to see why you think that there is an issue here. The CAA letting a contract in Q4 last year seems reasonable to me. The decision to have a registration system was made years ago. The ANO was changed last summer. The CAA are required by law to have the system in place by the 1st October.


The issue is that the CAA issued a contract for a bespoke development, which is always going to be at the top end of pricing for any IT system. The BMFA had offered a solution based on the membership system which could have been easily adapted for minimal costs without the need for extensive ongoing support and a helpdesk being manned at the CAA.

29/04/2019 13:54:28
Posted by will -0 on 29/04/2019 08:55:42:
Posted by Keith Lomax on 29/04/2019 08:48:58:

£1 million of it is to the outsourced (private) company who developed and will run the system. I can assure you that the BMFA will not be spending even 5% of this amount on the new membership system that has much more functionality.

Maybe the BMFA should bid to run the system then.

It was offered.

29/04/2019 08:48:58
Posted by Steve J on 28/04/2019 19:26:11:
Posted by Gary Manuel on 28/04/2019 19:23:25:

what the hell is the £2.8 million being spent on?

See CAP 1775 section 3.9.


£1 million of it is to the outsourced (private) company who developed and will run the system. I can assure you that the BMFA will not be spending even 5% of this amount on the new membership system that has much more functionality.

28/04/2019 12:49:49

One point that I made in my response was

"Thirdly, it will only penalise the law abiding model fliers and drone operators. In the same way that people who use firearms to commit crime are unlikely to have a gun license, anybody planning to use a drone to disrupt airport operations or drop contraband into prisons will not register under this scheme."

Thread: Six Nations 2019
03/02/2019 10:15:07

Scotland topping the table - a rare sight so enjoy it for a week!

Thread: Another scam? Sinister this time
02/02/2019 17:42:30

Posted by Ray Dunn on 02/02/2019 07:43:10:

I'm currently plagued with automated calls says BT will cut off my Internet today.

The voice was initially of the computer generate sort, but the last was an elderly British accented man.

Where applicable, isn't BT the base cause of this, allowing ridiculous phone call rates? What sort of legit. business needs this?

This one is not about call rates. What they want you to do is to access their website and hand control over to their "tech support" department under the premise of checking out the problem, but will install a virus or trojan that watches your keystrokes and captures your passwords. Some of the more sophisticated ones also trap the cookies that store remembered passwords.

Several years ago, somebody who I know initially fell for this, and once she saw that he was trying to install something she tried to shut the PC down but every time the mouse got close to the menu button the remote user moved it away. She had the foresight to disconnect her broadband connection (pre- wi-fi) before any damage was done.

My answer to these is to ask which computer is causing the problem, and when they say "the Windows one", I say that we only have Apple products, or vice-versa. (Similar to the above poster changing his ISP).

01/02/2019 10:33:57

I previously worked for a vehicle leasing company with a private customer base. We had a spate of calls from customers saying that we had disclosed personal details. On investigation, we narrowed it down to customers who had made insurance claims, so the insurance company's fraud department took over the investigation. They found that the common factor was the national chain of bodyshops that they used for most repairs - at this stage it was found that people (probably the delivery/collection drivers) in individual branches were noting details of customers' names, addresses and phone numbers and selling them on leading to calls along the line of "we are calling about your recent accident".

With the going rate for this level of detail and a definite accident, apparently they were quite lucrative, especially to somebody on minimum wage.

However, calls such a Geoff's wife's are usually just randomly called numbers and they don't usually actually have the name and address. My wife got one yesterday saying that they "were in the area doing soffits and facias for one of our neighbours", but then asked for our postcode!

As an aside, about 25 years ago I was at a friend's home, with a few others when he took a phone call. He played along to what was an obvious salesman, and got to the point of making an appointment for one evening the following week, and gave his address. He then said, when the salesman arrives, he should take the lift to the tenth floor. When the caller queried this, he replied along the lines of "if you are going to waste my time trying to sell me a conservatory, you should check your facts before you call".


Edited By Keith Lomax on 01/02/2019 10:35:25

Thread: Model Transport
31/01/2019 11:02:56

What about the case that cricketers use for their gear (or even a golf bag?)

Thread: In your late 60s or early 70s?
23/01/2019 14:33:09
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 23/01/2019 12:27:25:

Completed. I wonder how many households benefit from the free license ie how much more revenue would be raised by doing away with free licenses?

One of the oddities if that if anyone in the household is old enough for a free license, or the discount for being partially sighted, then the rest of the household get the benefit. So a couple in their 50's both working have to pay it but if one of their parents then moves in they get it free.

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
22/12/2018 10:22:26

Posted by Piers Bowlan on 22/12/2018 09:35:11:

Posted by kc on 22/12/2018 09:08:39:


Well it works for driving licences - people still drive without licences but if they get caught the police can prosecute. So the culprits are punished and licence holders can still drive. Thats what we want isn't it - safe flyers to be able to continue?

If a drone flyer endangers an aircraft he can be prosecuted for for endangering an aircraft and get five years inside. Having (or not having) a licence/permit/registration has nothing to do with that or help bring criminals to justice. The argument that drone registration will make it easier to trace offenders is a nonsense - offenders will not register. I heard a knowledgeable lady talking on BBC Newsnight last night about drones carrying 'beacons' for identification (Transponders?). The point is that those will criminal intent will not carry them, only the law abiding who don't need them will.

You can legislate until you are blue in the face but it is all for nothing without enforcement. At Gatwick the authorities have been unable to enforce, despite the drones being clearly visible. I find this very sad for the tens of thousands of people affected and bizarre that contingency measures weren't in place to bring this incident to a close in minutes rather than days.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 22/12/2018 09:47:06

Nor will an extended driving ban and a(nother) suspended sentence stop the unlicensed driver from driving.

Those saying that all drones should be fitted with technology to prevent and/or detect action such as we have seen over the last few days, could equally say that driving licenses should be chip and pin, and all cars fitted with a card reader so you can't drive without being in possession of your license. It wouldn't stop people disabling the technology and there would be a lucrative black market in stolen licenses.

Thread: Can a drone fly at 10000ft?
16/12/2018 10:07:11

Posted by Dave Hess on 15/12/2018 17:02:56:

It's possible to fly a drone at any range now using the 4G network and a smartphone or laptop. No need for a transmitter.

It is very unlikely that this technology would allow flights at 10,000 feet up

Whilst the range of 4G can be tuned to 5 miles or more, this is to cover areas such as in the US where population is sparse and roads are straight. To reach this range, the cell sites would have to be focussed into a fairly narrow conical beam.

In the UK, cell sites are more closely spaced and the range is configured (usually) into a 120 degree arc (ie. 3 actual cells on each mast) with a range of 2-3 miles horizontally and a few hundred feet vertically.

The mobile companies would not waste money creating cell sites to give coverage 2 miles up!

Thread: BMFA mag's going a bit over the top?
10/12/2018 17:34:22
Posted by kc on 08/12/2018 16:57:48:

Why didn't we get a new copy of the rulebook that is clear yet concise and focussed on the important matters only.

A full reprint costs around £30,000, so we try to do this around every four years.

Thread: Club Website?
02/12/2018 10:15:22
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 01/12/2018 00:19:47:

Using HTML you can create your website on your computer and load it up to your server as and when you need to.

Any alterations are recorded on your home site, then load them up to your server.

Keep a copy of your site on a memory stick, update the copy on the stick as you update the site and bobs your uncle.

Never lose your site in the future.

Edited By Tom Sharp 2 on 01/12/2018 00:22:22

Edited By Tom Sharp 2 on 01/12/2018 00:26:14

Better still, make two memory stick copies, and give the second one to another committee member to store. This protects the club against both you leaving (for any reason) or something unfortunate such as a fire at your house. Buy a third memory stick so when you update you put the copy on there and swap it with the other committee member.

30/11/2018 08:51:19
Posted by Kim Taylor on 29/11/2018 19:38:39:
Posted by Cuban8 on 29/11/2018 17:12:21:

Now all the moaners will have to open the magazine if they want their stickerlaugh

Is it just me?

I've been back in the hobby for five years or so and a BMFA member for all of that time, and I've never seen a sticker!!surprise

Are some people getting more than their fair whack of the stickerage?angry 2

Can I get a refund, do you think??wink


Did you join the BMFA as a Country Member (ie. directly) or through a club? For country members the sticker should have been sent with your membership card. For club members, they are sent to the clubs to distribute along with the cards.

29/11/2018 08:53:45
Posted by CARPERFECT on 29/11/2018 07:55:59:

So doing it online, you have to print your own bmfa membership off, no plastic protection on it, I got a reply back from the bmfa, well when it gets torn or grubby print another. If i renew through the club or on the phone, will i get the proper one, plastic covered ? And for all who are going to moan, DO NOT BOTHER. I just want something to put in my wallet, and when i need to produce it it can, without it falling to bits

Or, you can keep an image of it on your phone (if you have a suitable device) then you always have it with you. The number of times that people turn up to other clubs and fly-ins etc. without the card should be reduced.

27/11/2018 11:17:32

Posted by john stones 1 on 21/11/2018 15:41:34:

Fellows get 5 votes I believe, not something I agree with, I think it's to equate to the numbers of a small club, recognise people who've contributed a lot is fair enough, but one man/woman one vote for me. Members up and down the country have put a lot into the hobby, many serve on committees, do work at clubs, these people don't get 5 votes a club level, it's a bit daft to me.

Fellows do indeed get 5 votes, but only in the specific case of a card vote at a general meeting (either Annual or Extraordinary GM). I have attended all such meetings since about 1989 (30 AGMs and 2 EGMs) and I can only remember a handful of card votes in that time; usually in relation to the subs. Most decisions are taken by a show of hands at the meetings and card votes are only called if the show of hands is close; we don't have five hands.

For the annual elections to Elected Officer and Technical Committee posts done by postal ballot (if there are enough nominations) we get the same one vote as all members.

There are currently around 40 Fellows, most of whom do not attend the AGMs, so the total combined voting strength (if all voted the same way) is less than a large club.

So, in conclusion, whilst the 5 votes per Fellow is historic and probably wouldn't be created if the Society was set up today, it has minimal (if any) impact in reality..

27/11/2018 10:58:29
Posted by Steve J on 21/11/2018 15:45:32:
Posted by Martyn K on 21/11/2018 15:20:18:

BMFA News is almost self funding from Advertising revenue.

Where are you getting that from? All that I can see in the budget is a line for "BMFA News Costs".


It would be nice if it was self funding, but the £158k is the net cost after less than £20k of advertising revenue. There is a new advertising agent and early indications are that the advertising revenue will increase (but not eightfold!).

Edited By Keith Lomax on 27/11/2018 10:58:46

20/11/2018 08:53:39

For those looking at the increase as a percentage, I'm afraid it is not that simple.

The budget is set on the basis of starting with what we plan to spend, and then dividing by the expected number of members.

There are a number of factors that have contributed towards this:

- The loss of the insurance rebate has been discussed above and elsewhere;

- Fewer new members joined in 2018, and this trend is expected to continue;

- a deficit in 2017/18 and a likely one in 2018/19, covered from reserves but these should be replenished.


Keith Lomax

Honorary Treasurer

Edited By Keith Lomax on 20/11/2018 08:54:28

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