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Thread: Why RC? Why not FF?
30/08/2020 00:38:32

Not sure why I didn't turn these round the first time.

why ff-22.jpgwhy ff-12.jpg

29/08/2020 22:24:06

why ff-2.jpg why ff-1.jpg

This is a leaflet that explains the object of competition free-flight. (Sorry it's sideways). Put at its simplest, it's purely objective, - no judging, nobody's opinion involved, simply a stopwatch to show how well you've done. Apart from pylon racing and some soaring classes, most of RC involves somebody expressing an opinion of the flight and/or the model, even if it's the flyer himself.

Thread: Prop for Korda Wakefield
16/08/2020 17:30:27

Outerzone has plans for several Dick Korda models, including his 1939 Wakefield winner. There seems to be plenty of prop detail here:

Thread: EPP Foam Availability
04/08/2020 21:19:22

Just to add to the excitement, I believe XPS is extruded (as opposed to expanded) polystyrene. It's used, among other things, for the variable camber flaps on F1N indoor handlaunched gliders like this: Sold as Isover floor underlay.

Thread: F3A competition in the 1970's and 80's
28/05/2020 22:31:01

Slight thread drift here but more of a query from an outside observer of RC aerobatics. How is it that in both RC and CL aerobatics the UK usually places pretty low in the results at World Champs? Since Kenley in 1962, which I attended, and Sweden a few years later most of our teams haven't been near a podium. Could it be that British judging standards are different from those of most overseas nations? The BMFA do have a budget for training and excellence; has anyone considered funding an overseas judge or two to come here for a weekend to look at the way UK flyers perform?

Thread: Woodn't you like to know
12/05/2020 21:12:55

FlyinBrian, I think for ribs you mean quarter grain, don't you, rather than cross grain? I've no idea what 'cross grain' is when referring to balsa. Might sound worryingly like grain across the rib, rather than along it, to a newcomer.

Edited By Martin Dilly 1 on 12/05/2020 21:13:30

Thread: Accidental ejection from Dassault Rafale!
14/04/2020 22:42:51

There's a well-informed and highly critical thread on the whole mess here:

An almost unbelievable series of failures by all involved, culminating in the 64 year old civvy passenger using the ejection handle to steady himself as some negative G came on after a excessively steep climb from take-off. Very lucky to have survived with most of his bits in roughly their original positions.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
14/02/2020 11:13:54

Transmitter? What transmitter?? Receiver? What receiver?? Not everybody likely to be affected by the Baroness's ramblings flies radio. Let's remember that a lot of free-flight aircraft weigh over 250 grams, two of the World Championship classes for a start, and adding even a couple of ounces to some of them would mean a big drop in performance. Don't forget that our sport consists of a lot more than just radio-control.

Edited By David Ashby - Moderator on 14/02/2020 15:41:57

Thread: On a lighter note
01/02/2020 11:29:58

+1 for Peter's comments. I've had three 1.4 petrol Astra Estates ( two of them Opels bought from Ireland at a considerable saving) and before that an Astra van. No problems with any, apart from discovering that if you tried the screen washers when the liquid was frozen it blew the fuse, which also controlled the tailgate lock. Where was the replacement fuse kept? Just inside the tailgate...

They were ideal for carrying model boxes to contests as well as the chase bike, and the top-hinged tailgate meant you could work on things in the rain without getting soaked. My last Astra managed 104 on the way to Budapest; I passed it on to a friend's daughter and when last seen had done 178,000 on the original clutch.

Thread: Your experience of Banggood delivery time?
15/01/2020 15:03:31

No problems for me so far. I ordered a 4cm diameter thrust race for the leadscrew on the lathe; UK prices were around £6. It arrived from Banggood in a week, in fact had radial roller bearings instead of just balls and cost 99p including postage. Royal Mail or whatever they're called this week would have charged more than that just for the stamp. No complaints, but it may depend what you order.

Thread: Selling vintage kits question
10/01/2020 21:35:15

Was your grandpa a member of a model flying club? You probably need a competent person to detail what kits you have and do a short write-up on each to flesh out the ads. The BMFA (01162-440028) can put you in touch with a local club (there are over 800 around the country) and I'm sure someone will be able to help.

The BMFA also have a classified listing section open to members only on their website ( ), and a local club member will, I'm sure, be glad to do the listing for you. Using that will avoid some of the potential hiccups that sometimes come from selling on E-Bay.

Thread: Christmas Present for a Two Year-Old.
11/12/2019 21:00:18
Posted by Limobob on 11/12/2019 19:31:23:

Martin, bless him managed to slam the car door on my Eliminator wing as i exited the Ford Prefect from the rear. All repaired and flew in the competition the next day. Martin used to wear a very distinctive hat. Like something off a garden gnome. I wonder if he still has it.

Belated apologies for the modification to your Eliminator. The hat used to be my sun hat at a prep school during the War and came to a sticky end at the World Champs at Wiener Neustadt in 1973 or so. It was a life-saver when filled with ice cubes and jammed onto the bonce, providing half an hour or so of refreshing coolness as the contents slowly melted. I happened to be at school with both Chris Olsen and Stuart Uwins; they flew Ohlsson .23 CL stunt models while I was learning aerobatics with a Mills 1.3 model a bit like Ron Prentice's Small Fry. Stuart used to provide me with Skyleader RC gear which I sent to a friend who ran a model club in Czechoslovakia in exchange for MVVS 2.5 D7 diesels. Sorry for the slight thread creep there...

11/12/2019 12:34:49

A BMFA Aerojet is virtually indestructable and made of foam:

Yours for £2.00.

Thread: Where to get wood from
29/10/2019 11:01:07

Flitehook. Nice people to deal with, and you can specify what grain and density you need. Usual disclaimer.

Thread: What are your three favourite war movies?
21/10/2019 11:20:17

12 O'Clock High. (Did you know there was a TV series based on the film that ran for three years in the 1960s in the United States? Available on YouTube; lots of B&W B-17 footage, some of which looks as if it was shot in Britain. Scripts sometimes a bit naff.)

The Burmese Harp. Kon Ichikawa's film of a sole Japanese soldier at the end of the war who stays on, dressed as a monk, to bury forgotten soldiers.

The Victors by Carl Foreman. It follows a US platoon across Europe and avoids the usual US blood-and-glory line. Culmination is the execution for desertion of a US soldier (based on the real-life one of Eddie Slovik), set in a vast snow-covered field in France, with Frank Sinatra 's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas playing over. The film probably didn't go down too well with the US right.

The original Memphis Belle by William Wyler, a documentary mostly shot at Bassingbourn in 1943. The much later fictionalised film was based on this.

Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
17/10/2019 11:30:26

No Photoshop involved, just a strong thermal, a calm day amd a lucky finger during a Coupe Europa contest at Middle Wallop a couple of years ago. Both models still in the climb; the propellers will fold in a few seconds.

2015-10-04 10.29.36mod.jpg

Thread: New build rubber powered balsa
15/10/2019 11:15:13

Strongly recommend a Senator, originally by KeilKraft, but now kitted by others or available as a plan on Outerzone here: Has the big advantage of being eligible for BMFA Mini Vintage contests and often wins them, so your daughter can get the enjoyment of competing with something she built herself.

Thread: Latest CAA Update
11/10/2019 23:13:09

In the Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones thread there were very explicit details by Jeremy Wilkins on 04/08/19 of how to submit written evidence to the Select Committee. This is how I submitted mine, which ended up as item 121 in the list of 175 submissions. Having speed-read the lot, there appear to be four others from model flyers and the Louth club, apart from the three from the national organisations.

11/10/2019 14:38:35

What I do find surprising and rather indicative of the apathy of model flyers when it comes to actually doing something useful, rather than posting on forums like this, is the almost total lack of written evidence from model flyers among the 175 submissions at the end of the S&TC report here: **LINK**

There are well over 150 submissions from drone users but scarcely any from us; were we not interested enough to put words together that might preserve our own sport in the face of massive inputs from the very activity that may be threatening it? Leaving it all the the BMFA and the other associations is all very well but some written support would surely have been worthwhile.

03/09/2019 11:24:46

Jason, do you have any idea of the cost to the BMFA of "..mounting several separate legal cases"? Have you ever considered how much work the BMFA, and recently its CEO, Dave Phipps, in particular has put in on behalf not only of its members but of the whole model flying community, some of whom can't even be bothered to join?

Let me try to help you get a grip on reality Years ago, around 1977, a prominent TV personality objected to model flying in his local park, the local council proposed byelaws banning it and the BMFA (or SMAE as it was then known) decided to fight this at a public enquiry. I was heavily involved in this myself, we briefed a barrister and the enquiry ran for three days. The barrister's fee alone then was well over £3,000, which today would be around £19,000.

BMFA fees are only £38, allowing the Association to just about break even annually, yet some people grudge this while happily paying more for a doll to stick in the cockpit of their expensive scale RC model. How much more would you be happy to pay as a BMFA member so we can mount all those legal cases, or even one?

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