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Thread: Model shops - Edinburgh
11/02/2020 01:11:16

MikeQ - to get back on track, Marionville Models was a wonderful place in the 80's. I visited them in Livingstone at Marionville Models, Unit 2, Eliburn Industrial Park, Appleton Park Way, EH54 6GQ ', their new premises. I bought a couple of small items, but I don't think it's worth a detour. They seem to be very much a "Drone" operation these days, with Warhammer activities as well. Having said that, if one is into multirotors it seems to be a good place to go to for sales, service and set-up. Not for me, though!

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
14/01/2020 10:53:45

"... how many of the 18 screws will be found when it comes time to reassemble it? …"

17. Naturally!

12/01/2020 19:37:22

Another vote for SSDs as the OS drive and an older HDD for storage. No more staring into space while waiting for something to happen!

Thread: Got deep pockets, EXPENSIVE r/c DC3 !!!!
14/12/2019 22:13:48

Tempted by the 5% offer, I checked the seller's other items. Sadly, no other "giant scale" models listed, so I guess I'd have to pay the full price.

Thread: Any better ways to store glue ??
05/12/2019 01:07:10

I store reserve cyano in my fridge. Once opened, I keep them on my bench, but stored inside a glass jar with the typical rubber/silicon-type sealing layer keeping the air out. It seems to work well, and it's been a considerable time since I had any premature hardening in the bottle.

I do the same thing with Epoxy - I find the tall, narrow jars which contained olives are just about the right size for the smaller bottles.

As to thickened Polyurethane/Gorilla Glue - one shouldn't, but cooking it up carefully in the microwave (with the top released) has worked well for me for some years.

Thread: FMS Kingfisher and Spektrum Help?
29/10/2019 20:08:04

I can recommend Route729 Tony Charlton too - I have no problems with Lemon (I use a number of 6Ch Diversity Rx, sometimes with diversity satellites).

I HAVE had problems with Orange Rx, both diversity and non-diversity receivers, but I fly in a known-problem area for DSMX.

Thread: PWM Switching rate anybody?
29/10/2019 11:55:48

Others will be along shortly, no doubt, but I think the "burst" figures relate normally to the ESC specs. The usual recommendation is that your maximum draw through the ESC should be 80% of the maximum rated current, so that gives headroom of 20% plus the quoted burst current to keep the smoke inside the ESC. I assume you've got some means of measuring the power drawn by the motor through the ESC, such as a watt meter. If so, run the set-up, note the figures and keep away from the current "danger limits" - the display on the meter will keep you right, so long as you pay attention to them you'll be OK and can move on from those first steps.

Thread: FMS Kingfisher and Spektrum Help?
28/10/2019 21:57:22

Is that Castle Stalker? If so, are you in Argyll? Need help 1:1?

Dx6i from 2012 probably transmits using DSM2 only, but most Spektrum Rxs running on DSMX will be back-compatible with DSM2. Does any of that make sense?

Thread: Hobbyking Skipper
24/10/2019 22:30:36

I, too, have a Skipper XL. I've had for years, along CARPERFECT's lines, but never got round to building it. The wife went to her (99 year old) mother's for a couple of weeks, so all - well, almost all - of my carefully-hidden-in- plain-sight kits came out of the shed and were constructed. A lovely, relaxing time for me - I put tools or a bit of a partially assembled down on a table, kitchen worktop or bed and, lo and behold, it was in the same place a day or so later!

The Skipper was the last to be constructed and I want to do a wee bit of decoration before the maiden. I envisage slope-soaring close to home, and I rather think the hull will be well-suited to landings in the long grass and heather on the West-facing cliff-tops. KiwiKid's fins look to be a good idea in that respect. Who knows - if I land-out in the sea I might even get the fuselage back!

Here are a couple of relevant links which inspired me:

Thread: PWM Switching rate anybody?
24/10/2019 22:10:04

Simon - you DID ask "... Meantime, being a sucker for TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) , what does 'PWM' stand for please? ..."!

This forum is a wonderful resource, is it not?

22/10/2019 23:32:27

Have a look at this;

Then scroll down for a link to:

and then:

Thread: The component shop
13/10/2019 00:36:58

I, too, can recommend The Component Shop, although I've had no experience with the servos mentioned.

Thread: Damage after crash - motor shaft off center
11/10/2019 21:25:15

The SuprEz Trainer Version 1 has a very spindly aloomiminum prop adapter. Any sort of knock with the ground seems able to bend it out of true. I know. I went through a number of adapters! Just spinning the prop by flicking it with a finger will show up any wobble. It's such a soft adapter that I doubt if the motor's shaft is damaged.

When I originally "built" my SuprEz, and before flying, I checked out all the incidences with one of those Kitchen Fitting/Tile Setting cheap laser levels, mounted on a VERY heavy studio tripod. This confirmed that there should be downthrust when new.

Thread: Shedly Protection
10/10/2019 22:01:36

I, too, missed the common availability of creosote. I found quickly enough that other (decorative) wood treatments didn't penetrate the wood and, as the original poster observes, didn't take long to disappear.

I find that Cuprinol's "Fencecare" does a better job and will last a decent time on things like shed walls, but it still is only a surface treatment. It's much more pleasant to use than creosote.

When I want to protect "stuff" for a long time, such as fenceposts or the back of wood which my wife can't see, I go for Creocote. Every time!

Thread: Cordless - Dremel or Aldi special?
19/05/2019 23:35:07

I have both a Dremel corded and one of the Aldi cordless machines. I'm happy to use the cordless for most work, simply because it is convenient. It wheezes a bit if overloaded (that is, it stops!), but I haven't found that to be a problem. I simply unload the motor or go over to the Dremel corded machine.

Thread: STOL Mk2
13/04/2019 01:00:37

Sarik Hobbies, £18.50!

I have a plan purchased off Ebay, and there MAY be a ready-built fuselage in David Davis' garage to be picked up in France later this year.

Off to research Green Cards and International Driving Permits next.

Thread: DX6 Transmitter
13/04/2019 00:27:24

Unless you want to tie yourself in knots, I wouldn't bother researching the "curve". It bothered me at first, too, then I realised that it seems to be a representation of the softening or otherwise of the response around centre when exponential is dialled in. Zero expo gives a straight line at 45 degrees, increasing expo takes this graphical representation into a wave form. From memory, when setting dual rates, Curve 0 on mine is at High rates, Curve 1 is at Low rates.

I have 2 x Dx6 and 1 x Dx9 Tx and just fly without concerning myself about the curves or whether I need to fiddle about and try to get more "points" on it. If I don't like the responses I simply adjust throws, rates and expo until I'm happy. I fly electric fixed-wing and shudder at the thought of helicopters . . .

Thread: "One Last Flight" (short film)
13/04/2019 00:11:18

Nice one.

I enjoyed that, having been practicing tight-landing-site approaches with my own modified 4-year-old Radian. It looks virtually pristine against yours, but I suspect that that will soon change with my penchant for fully deployed flaps and spoilers landings 'twixt sea-wall and fence!

Thread: source for Hobby Eagle stabilisers
26/03/2019 18:37:14

Ali Express, Banggood.

Thread: STOL Mk2
18/03/2019 23:14:14

David Davis - a STOL Mk2 plan appeared on Ebay. Now it's mine and on it's way! First part to build will be the wing - just in case one heads to France. All the more likely with the motorhome having sailed through another MOT this morning.

I've been working hard on "vertical" landings on flap- and flaperon-equipped models and have yet to have a seriously-damaging event, apart from undercarriage failures.

The next step will be to fashion some slatted-wing versions and see how that goes - "ye'll never ken if ye dinnae try" is my approach to these things.

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