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Thread: Parkzone ARTISAN
06/08/2020 11:20:50

Thanks Denis, I could if I had the tools and equipment. I have a chance to buy one but I didn't want to if it's the wrong size,


06/08/2020 07:47:41

Has anyone got this model, if so would you be able to do a scale drawing of the motor mount for me, as I need to see if it's the same one as the Parkzone FW190. They look the same,it's the size.


Thread: Help with old model
05/08/2020 07:02:27

A shot in the dark. Has anyone got the Parkzone FW190 and the Parkzone artizan, reason for this is the Artizan motor mount looks the same as the 190 and I would like to confirm this before I buy one. Any help appreciated.


Thread: Dynam hurricane
23/07/2020 16:44:45

It seems the cg is right getting the balance is the tricky part, you don't want to put it under the nose ,as it will stop the airflow to the esc. One person added a lot of weight by putting a heavy brass nut on the hub. Some have put lead in the pockets that are inside the battery compartment. Hope this helps.


23/07/2020 16:19:55

Hi old John B , this is the norm for this model I've heard some have had to put 8oz in, depends on battery weight and esc which some have uprated. And I have read that the recommended cg is wrong as well, but I don't know by how much I will have to look it up.


Thread: Help with old model
16/07/2020 12:56:38

Thanks leccyflyer, but I don't have access to a printer.


16/07/2020 10:36:58

Hi, I am trying to build a model from parts, it's the PARKZONE FW190, PKZ6250. 43inch ws. As this is no longer available spares are not available, so I'm asking for your help, in case you have any bits in old draws. I would like to find 2 strut covers ( ie oleo legs ) that fit over the metal legs and the doors. I'm interested in anything you might have for this model. I have already found the major parts, ie fuselage, wings metal u/c. But would be interested in what ever you have.


Thread: Dynam hurricane
29/06/2020 05:06:42

Peter, that's very bad, like you said may have to be scrapped , what a shame. Old John B, customer service has really gone down the pan except for a few, it's the society we live in now, when you find a good one you tend to stay with them, but I'm afraid a lot will go out of business now with this virus. Good luck hope you do get to fly it.


28/06/2020 09:02:12

Very nice, I see you put the Hobbyking Mk5 exhaust on it , like I did, far better. Do you use the flaps, as some of the reports say you don't need them , so I haven't done that, I have ordered some sprung oleo legs from Banggood. They have been recommended by people who have fitted these to there model to help with landing on rough ground. What battery are you using,  and how do you find the C.G some have had to put weight in the nose .



Edited By DIGGER on 28/06/2020 09:05:22

14/06/2020 12:45:34

Welcome to the club no How many people have had problems with Dynam, good or bad.


Thread: Help wanted
14/06/2020 11:21:23

Denis , sorry for the delay, but had to be I wanted to be sure of my facts, a very nice person had a spare fuselage which I have now brought off him. Thank you so much for your reply.


Thread: Dynam hurricane
14/06/2020 10:26:54

Yes they did try to update things I think they called it a V1 or something like that. They also changed the esc to cure the fault you mentioned. It had a servo in each wing for the flaps which bent the top part of the wing , this part had a V cut underneath to allow it to bend very bad idea as it split after a while, that's why I filled mine in , I cut a V shaped piece of depron glued it in and used filler to finnish it off. Also I had a problem with one of the retracts, apparently that's another fault, so I later learned. Someone on Utube done a video on how to fix it..


14/06/2020 04:01:13

Mine was a mess as well, the leading edge of the wing beside the wheel well that glues to the other wing was broken off. The fuselage join down the middle wasn't glued together properly, large gap, I had to cut the glue away and reglue it. I had the same issue with the flaps, which are totally wrong, I glued mine shut and filled the gap in, also took the flap servo out and made a plate out of depron to fit in. I read somewhere on another forum there was a big discussion about this and how to make the flaps as they should be, ie just the underneath part of the flap going down, a lot of surgery so I haven't done that yet. As you said about the lights mine were the right way round but with red landing light, I took them out and soldered clear ones in. Plus lots of bad dents all over the wing and with the seam down the fuselage filled in, I decided to respray it with the correct camouflage patten and colour, then sent to Callie to get some decent decals of 85 sqd. I also changed the exhaust pipes, got some from HK for the Mk 5 Spitfire and modified them to look like the proper ones. This is now an expensive model. But as I live in Cyprus there was no way I could send it back the expense would be to much, so i thought what the hell i have it now might as well make it look right. I did complain to Dynam in China, all I got was sorry we can let you have 10% off your next purchase. I told them that no way would I buy another model from them.


Thread: Help wanted
12/06/2020 08:55:24

Somehow I don't think I'm going to get one, I've asked horizon hobby for help, with no joy. I also asked if they could tell me who made them in China in the hope I could get one from them, they wouldn't answer that, you'd think I was after something top secret. Does anyone know who they are? Failing that I'm toying with the idea of making a fuselage out of foam , but that may be to hard for me. Any help on this great fully received.

Stay safe


11/06/2020 09:43:06

Hi guys, don't know if this is the right place to put this, but I need to find a Parkzone FW190 fuselage new or repairable,searched everywhere no joy. I live in Cyprus so there is no chance of me getting to model shops or fairs. As I said I live in Cyprus but the postal address is in the UK The model is the PKZ6250, 1100MM WS.. I have a thread in the WANTED section. Any help with this appreciated. I know about the new one on ebay but it's to much for me.


Thread: Hawker Hunter
04/06/2020 14:37:22
Posted by Scott Edwards 2 on 31/10/2016 16:20:03:

And this is where it is now ! Pretty much ready to fill the multiple dings and start covering. Tissue and varnish because I'm a cheapskate.

The weight so far is 1740g, that's 3lb 14oz in Caveman. I'm hoping for a final weight of well under 3Kg, but noseweight with these things is usually an unpleasant surprise !



Scott you mentioned you covered it in tissue and varnish, I have not heard of this, can you please explain a bit more about this as I would like to try this idea. Can you use any type of tissue and can you use acrylic varnish. By the way I have a love for the Hunter and yours is a very beautiful model well done.. I was killed by a hunter! When I was in the RAF we had an exercise our Canberra were the bombers the Hunters that were stationed elsewhere were the enemy. I was out on the airfield during an alert picking up 2 injured pilots when 2 Hunters strafed the airfield and apparently I was killed trying to save them. I shall never forget that sight of them going over me low level.

Thread: Radio
24/05/2020 06:53:06

I'm a newbe and I went with the recommended Spektrum. I have a DX6E and DX8e and I don't have any problems with them. They are easy to use and I find comfortable to hold and the switches are in easy reach. One of our members was using an older Futarba and lost 2-3 models before he found the trouble in the Tx, so I would recommend a new set , as some said best to start with new equipment. The reason I went to Spektrum is I can use the SAFE and AS3X options which because of my age and health means I can still fly, even warbirds.

Thread: Sopwith Pup refurb
17/04/2020 05:23:43

O M G it's a wonder you didn't have a major disaster whilst flying. If the wings are like this, what awaits you with the fuselage and tail. I shall look forward to seeing your progress.


Thread: NEW POLL - Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
15/04/2020 06:34:34

At the moment I'm doing a Cyril Carr depron model. It's the Fokker DR1 from the free plan in the Nov 2007 RCM&E mag. I'm also waiting for two kits to arrive, the Cyprus post is very slow due to the no flites and lock down. What I'm waiting for is a Guillows Corsair F4U and a Sterling P61 Black Widow. Both of which I shall rc them.


Thread: Spektrum AR636
13/04/2020 05:26:56

My apologies if this is not the right place to put this. Awhile back I was contacted by someone who had one of these for sale, I did reply but he didn't get back to me, at that time I was having problems with the Internet here in Cyprus. I hope the person is well, and can he contact me again please


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