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Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
08/05/2019 08:27:08

My Sabre had its maiden on Monday, built using the originally specified AEO unit, and as designed by Tony, it flew like a dream. A fellow club member who has a lot of experience with EDF did the first flight and trimmed it and he said it flew really well with plenty of power in reserve and loved it!
Really pleased with it, but I did have to put in a lot of work on the supplied kit as the wood sizes supplied differed from the plan and the cut slots in the plywood formers! For instance the fuselage square stringers are specified as 4.5mm on the plan and the formers are cut to that size, but the wood supplied was I guess meant to be 3/16th sq (4.76 mm) but was 5mm square (nearly 15% bigger than specified)! The same could be said of the specified 4.5mm sheet which was again 5mm thick. I know a little variation in size is to be expected, but this was the worst I have experienced from a supplied kit. At most I would expect a 5-6% variation especially when it needs to fit into accurate pre-cut formers.

For the pilot I used Real Model Pilots who do a military version which is just about right at 1/16th scale (the Sabre model is about 1/17th).

Despite the problems I am looking forward to building another EDF (this was my first) from Tony.

Thread: Jamara spares & West Wing Kits
22/03/2019 17:13:08

West Wings have closed due I think to retirement, but I understand that the kits will made available again soon via another manufacturer in the UK.

Thread: Christmas Advent Competition updates!
09/01/2019 08:08:27

Hi Beth,

Got my airbrush prize yesterday, very pleased as I never win competitions (well up to now!!).

Chris Long

Thread: Lidl Sander
19/12/2018 08:18:25

I just looked on, but the finest 125mm self adhesive discs they did were 320 grit (unless I was looking in the wrong place) - which is finer than 240, but I am looking for 400 grit.

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
21/11/2018 13:16:24

Thanks Beth.

21/11/2018 11:58:09


The print edition of December RCM&E has arrived in post (great), but the digital version (which is usually available on Pocketmags before the print copy arrives) is missing. Please can you get this sorted ASAP? I do subscribe to get both versions.



PS. I have also contacted Pocketmags - but they are usually slow to reply if they bother at all!!

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
12/10/2018 10:06:14

To save frustration, the company BECC that Tony used for the decals WILL NOT sell directly to the public, so you have to use one of their stockists - which I have found don't stock all of what appears on the BECC website!

I shall be making my own.

Thread: BMFA subs increase.
11/09/2018 16:39:59

Thanks Alan for the correction, not made clear on the LMA website - post corrected!

11/09/2018 16:23:17


Let us look at those organisations that are covered by the CAA exemption from the 400ft height limit and who worked hard together to get that exemption for us.

BMFA: Current annual membership fee £34 – £25 Million pounds of insurance cover.

LMA: Current annual membership fee £30 (to join) £20 thereafter – £25 Million pounds of insurance cover. Hardly “almost 50%” of the BMFA subs when joining - a bit nearer if you remain a member.

SAA: Current annual membership fee £29.00 – ‘Membership shall be open to all Scottish nationals and aero modellers resident in Scotland. – So that limits who can join. There is insurance mentioned but the cover level is not mentioned on their website. Again hardly “almost 50%” of BMFA subs.

FRVUK: Current annual membership fee £19.99 – Insurance as quoted from their website “£5m public liability insurance for all of your RC flying (excluding turbines and engines over 40cc). The insurance covers all electric flying at home or in Europe and flying on MOD land.
Yes at last the oft quoted! “almost 50%” of the BMFA subs, allowing for the possible rise of £4 next year – but for much reduced insurance benefits and confusion over what is covered, as it excludes turbines and engines over 40cc, but then says insurance covers all electric flying etc…… So hardly ‘a like for like’ comparison!

I can only compare the figures based on this year’s figures as the BMFA subs have not yet been voted on and approved and who is to say that the other organisations mentioned won’t increase their subs for next year as well?

When I look at the facts instead of the hyperbole spouted by those with an anti BMFA axe to grind, I come to the conclusion that even if the BMFA subs were to rise by £4 then it is a small increase to pay for an organisation that has done a good job so far (with others ) to protect our hobby. Less than the increased cost of filling your average car with fuel a couple of times (or even once!)!!

Edited By Christopher Long 1 on 11/09/2018 16:39:12

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
03/09/2018 18:46:57

I have contacted HK and they have told me that the 50mm EDF unit mentioned will only be available from the global warehouse, so double the cost by the time you have paid postage, VAT and post office admin charge! Is there another source for a 50mm EDF that will do?

Thread: vinyl cutters
20/06/2018 08:25:35

The Silhouette Portrait was one of my best buys, I have used it to cut vinyl roundels and letters some as small as 10mm high and also water slide decals using the print and cut feature which I have found to be very accurate. It is a bit fussy on which TrueType fonts it will import (some it won't for some reason). It also imports DXF file so that I can create images and custom text in my CAD programme and then import them into the Portrait's design software - although they do need to be resized as for some reason it always enlarges them, but that is very easy.

Thread: Model & Hobby World North West......
25/05/2018 16:36:00

According to their website, they have been open since August 2000. As I said they don't stock a lot of stuff like kits, but they do stock glues, tools, fuel, Albion Alloys etc. They do more model railway and die cast models. But I guess if more of us used them they would stock more plane stuff.

I found them when I 'Googled' for model shops in Cumbria when we moved here in 2012.

25/05/2018 14:00:21

Er - "modellers in Cumbria and North Lancashire had no local model shop" what about Jacksons Models in Wigton? Very much in Cumbria! They stock a modest range of stuff for us Aeromodellers and if asked will order in stuff they don't normally stock. They also give a discount to our club members. I have no connection with them other than as a customer. Link **LINK**

Thread: Ragley Hall Model Air Show CANCELLED????
22/05/2018 11:33:43

Looking at their ticket calendar there is no mention of the Model show, only' Battle of the Proms' on the 11th August and 'Camper Calling' on the 24th, 25th & 26th August.

Thread: Safety plug
10/04/2018 15:41:30

Excuse my ignorance - but if you are going to fit a safety plug in the battery lead to the ESC, shouldn't you fit it to the negative wire? I was always told (and taught) to connect the positive lead first when installing a car battery to avoid arcing and possible electrical shorts - won't the same principle (for the prevention of arcing) work for our purposes?

Thread: Lidl Sander
08/02/2018 12:14:50

Check your sander, I bought one this morning and after getting home I found that when I unbolted the table to put on a sanding disc the captive nut disappeared into the body, which meant a trip back to Lidl to get a replacement. I checked the replacement sitting in the car park just to make sure that the fault was just a one off, but worth checking!

Thread: Solarfilm
07/02/2018 08:02:08

Looking at the WHOIS page on Nominet the domain name is registered to Solar Film Sales Ltd at the address of Solar Film's factory, so it looks to be above board.

Thread: The 'DogFighters' Club
20/12/2017 08:53:39

I couldn't help noticing that there seems to be a change in the wing design, in the build part of the video the rear of the inner wing ribs show a taper down to the trailing edge (circled in red in the first photo),


but in the 'finished' skeleton view below (again circled in red) the tapered ends of the ribs seem to have disappeared and a vertical strip added instead. I assume that a 'shaped' trailing edge will be added to this before the wing is sheeted?


I am just curious as to which solution will be the final one.

Thread: Good News from the BMFA AGM
22/11/2017 19:22:28


Thank you for spelling my name correctly this time. I don't have a problem with anyone whose views differ from mine, you are free to make comments, but I surely you wouldn't deny me the chance disagree with them, yours or anyone else's in a forum?

I do applaud your past efforts and I am sure they are continuing, but you were the one that raised the apparent lack of 'vision' (i.e. looking and planning into the future) from the BMFA in not using YouTube (note spelling) etc. But then to use YouTube you need suitable video(s) to show on it, something you questioned the need for, to quote you "We don't need a film about model flying for pity's sake" .............really!? Again, I fail to follow the logic of your statement.

YouTube and Facebook are available for to you to use as well as the BMFA, so perhaps you could do something and show the BMFA how to do it, as you wrote "The hobby needs it's profile raising hugely, now more than ever"?

In the meantime, my view is that the BMFA it's staff and volunteers are doing a pretty good job to preserve and promote our hobby and should be supported in their efforts. No organization is without fault, BMFA included, but surely it is for it's members who pay their subscriptions to hold them to account?

The good news is that the NFC is a success and the Nationals are back were they should be.

22/11/2017 17:03:55
Posted by Percy Verance on 22/11/2017 16:03:45:

That's (I feel) pretty much part of the problem kc. Little forward thinking and an apparent lack of vision . Earlier in the thread someone commented regarding the AMA, the US version of the BMFA, using You Tube to it's advantage. Why aren't the BMFA doing the same thing?

(It looks as though they are, along with other social media platforms)

I also read earlier in the thread that a tv company were making a film about model flying at the new National Centre. They didn't need a National Centre to do that. It could have been done at god knows how many places up and down the country before now

(Yep, but it was more than likely that TV company was prompted to do it BECAUSE of the existence of the NFC!).

We don't need a film about model flying for pity's sake

(Why not - it could be used in schools and at exhibitions etc.).

The hobby needs it's profile raising hugely, now more than ever, and the present organisation representing it seems sadly lacking in the vision needed to undertake that task...And they shouldn't be paying a PR guru to come up with ideas. They themselves ought to be doing just that as part of their role......

(The logic of that argument defeats me, - complaining about the 'lack of vision' and then complains about when they do have the vision to get some expert help in an area they may not have any expertise. As a former SEO and Social Media professional for a large organization, I know how difficult and time consuming it is to get right, and there are plenty of examples of those who have got it wrong!)

Monumental shake-up needed.........

What? Oh, you must mean the organization you are no longer a member of.........................?

I look forward to seeing your efforts on YouTube, Facebook, and others to raise the profile of our hobby, and when (if) successful I will applaud you.

Edited By Percy Verance on 22/11/2017 16:34:01

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