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Thread: Are there any kits for “Classic” F3a style flying
06/08/2018 21:29:23

Thanks for the feedback - yes I’ll be joining the UKCAA shortly. I wanted to get an idea of some models first as I don’t have anything suitable at the moment.



06/08/2018 20:33:21


Is there a list of models available still, in kit form, that are suited to this style of flying?

I’m aware of the Gangster, and the ones from Cloud models, are there any others? I have O.S. 46SF and O.S. 55AX earmarked,

I’m looking to start back flying aerobatics to a schedule.

Any advice appreciated.


Thread: Thinking of changing my car
06/08/2018 20:21:25


I’m puzzled. My local Ford dealer said the new Focus estate will be around end of this year, more likely next. Not questioning what you’re saying but I was sort of hoping to compare it with the Skoda.


06/08/2018 12:18:27


I’ve seen the defence to timing chain issues, **LINK**.

Are there instances of the issue you refer to in more recent 1.4 & 1.5 litre versions. I can’t see reference to the issue in the later Engines.


Thread: Glue bottles
05/08/2018 19:53:13

Dropper bottles can be useful, have a look on Amazon, 30ml. I’ve used them and they last a while if you’re careful. Cheap enough and saves throwing away bottles that still have glue in them.


Thread: Thinking of changing my car
05/08/2018 18:14:19


Interestingly, I went to look at the Focus estate, but the dealer didn’t have any and it will be next year (!) before one was likely to come in. Seems as demand has dropped, they’ve cut back production. When I asked about a Mondeo, that would be at least November, maybe longer. Nothing due in before then!

No such problem with Skoda, more a case of place an order for what you want and it will go into build.


05/08/2018 17:57:45


Very tempted and having looked at the options we are broadly on the same page!

Waiting to get a test drive, oddly the dealer has no demo cars at the moment, just sold them all. I’m guessing this might be to do with the registration change at the end of the month!

Thanks for the info.


05/08/2018 14:13:53

If I was going to go out tomorrow to buy a vehicle to carry me and my models, I think I'd be tempted to give the Kia Niro hybrid the once over. Lots of practicality, reasonable running costs, slightly higher than a standard car, so easier to get in/out of ( I have a touch of arthritis) and that excellent 7 year warranty.

Looked this up on What Car reviews -sounds quite good, lots of space with the seats down!

Still thinking that I want an estate.


05/08/2018 09:22:04

Posted by Percy Verance on 05/08/2018 09:15:28:

Your post shows how different we all are Devcon! With respect, I personally wouldn't go near any of those cars. But it's a question of priorities I guess. I'm thinking tyres, insurance, servicing costs etc.. Plus those cars are attention grabbers. Some are fine with that, but I'm not sure I could be comfortable with it....

Like I said we're all different.


Totally agree, room for a separate thread , but this one is producing very interesting feedback on the type of vehicles suited to our hobby. From what I’m reading the Skoda is now top of my list to test out.

Devcon, you’ll see from my previous post I let my heart choose a car a while back but had to buy a second car to manage this hobby’s needs. Not all of us want or can do that. I certainly can’t afford to do that anymore.


03/08/2018 21:11:09


I only recently sold my Camaro with a 5.7 litre V8 . Looking for something a bit more practical for model transport. Had to have a second car as two small holdall’s filled the Camaro’s trunk!


31/07/2018 17:23:32

Thanks guys

Lots of choice in that lot.

I’ll have a look around and see some of what’s out there.


31/07/2018 13:36:45


I’m thinking of changing my SUV and getting a more “normal” car. I’m looking to having a more daily useable car as the SUV is a handful on longer journeys.

Question is which one?

I’m thinking Mondeo / Superb or similar.

There was a thread around 2009 but it has been deleted apparently.

What cars do you use?


Thread: What percentage of pilots fly Mode 1 in the UK?
22/07/2018 11:04:52


Not wishing to stir this pot up too much but would there be value in having a list of what the predominant Mode is in each club?

This may be of value for people that are moving home etc., so that they know which clubs to approach in their new location.


04/07/2018 16:52:02

I learned to fly Mode 1 up in East Anglia where it was the norm. I’ve moved south and I think I’m one of only two Mode 1 flyers in the club.


Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
03/07/2018 06:07:36

Very nice!


Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
29/06/2018 14:00:37

Thanks guys, I”ll look into those.


29/06/2018 10:16:06


Thanks for the information on paint selection and technique. I was thinking of using Vallejo acrylics (haven’t checked the colour charts yet!). I have both airbrushes and an HVLP gun running off a compressor so was not looking to use rattle cans. I agree spray paint can take it’s time to dry, depends on how thin you can spray it, thinner the better, but you have to still get coverage. Very much a learner with spraying, but getting somewhere with it. Usually, if it’s the right consistency to get through an airbrush (milk-like) it will dry reasonably quickly. At least it doesn’t turn the air in the work room paint colour, almost no overspray.

Given I haven’t got any Solartex to use as a base, I might be looking at Oratex or similar. Oratex is pricey but don’t know of alternatives at this stage.


29/06/2018 09:07:50


Staying tuned as interested in the painting process. You’ve used rattle cans so far, was wondering if spraying acrylic would give same effect?


28/06/2018 22:27:13


It’s next on the board. Just sorting a wing for a Magician. Fuselage already finished.


28/06/2018 22:23:37


Fair enough. Mine won’t have the same level of detail, but keeps me aware of what detail it won’t have. More “stand off scale” as it were.


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