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Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
28/06/2018 21:58:31


As you say, difficult to see any evidence in the photos, even the one here - **LINK**

Will anyone see this level of detail at this scale?


Thread: Quicker build using Cyano?
21/06/2018 20:30:37


Yes, Cyano can be very quick - I built a Flair Hooligan over a weekend, including the trip to the shop to buy the kit!

But on another build I found out, in a very hot shed, just how nasty the stuff gets when it evaporates in an enclosed space. Now I online use cyano sparingly and on few occasions.

Nowadays, I use aliphatic and 5 & 30 minute epoxy for the build. As said above, you can build different parts at the same time. During the summer days, you can make good progress. During the winter it can be quite slow. However, I think the build finishes up stronger if you use aliphatic/epoxy glues.

Just my view.


Thread: Engine thrust line
25/05/2018 08:59:49


Given you have changed fuel, have you tried the rpm reading with a tacho?

Might help with overall tuning to see what you are getting with both fuels.


Thread: Website Not Secure
17/05/2018 17:41:48

Thanks for the update!


Thread: Pegasus Models
11/05/2018 12:47:35


Very pleased to say I was able to order a replacement wing kit for my Magician from Pegasus Models. It’s not a listed item but they got it made up for me.

Very pleased with the service.


Thread: Covering models with GRP.
10/05/2018 10:02:24


No expert at all but use the glass cloth and spread with a “credit card” and get good results. Well, good enough for me and have had positive comment. Will be trying the foam roller on my next build. Just to compare.

BUT, we all have preferred ways of working and we should keep note of other methods as different applications may require different approaches.


Thread: Query on use of old Futaba 35Mhz equipment with modern electrics
04/05/2018 07:31:37


I thought of trying the same but was cautious as the 35mg tx doesn’t have the same safety on the throttle control that you find on 2.4gh. Not a major issue, but need to watch the throttle setting when hooking up the battery.


Thread: Website Not Secure
01/05/2018 10:55:30

Thanks Beth,

I appreciate your support on this.

I probably won’t understand any tech speak they respond with but would like see an end to these messages. I see it on another forum - I stopped using that one! This one I want to still use as I think it is very good!

Good luck with the “techies”.


Edited By Stuart Z on 01/05/2018 10:56:10

01/05/2018 07:10:19
Posted by Beth Ashby Moderator on 05/04/2018 19:57:45:

I've asked the tech guys to take a look at this, just to make sure everything is okay and make the necessary changes.



Hi, did you get any response on this?



Thread: Wheelspin Models (and RM)
28/04/2018 07:01:53

Very happy with their service.

Their website is great.


Thread: Wing dropping
17/04/2018 19:05:11

Torque reaction to motor /engine running

Also possible, but could be either way, wings out of balance?




I see that others have gotten on the page before me.

Edited By Stuart Z on 17/04/2018 19:07:12

Thread: RM Aerobat
12/04/2018 16:58:37


Well done!


Thread: Your Transmitter History
08/04/2018 11:54:21

Not so many as some

Digifleet FM x 2

Digifleet PCM x 2

Futaba Challenger x 2

Futaba FF7 (4 model memory)

Futaba FF7 (single model memory)

Futaba T8J

All Mode 1

Thinking of getting the FrSky modules to get the FF7’s back in service.


Thread: Radio 35meg
06/04/2018 11:44:09

Thanks Pete

I’ll take your advice and try the module and the D series rx. Never had telemetry so don’t really know much about it. Would it work OK with the FF7?


06/04/2018 10:54:39
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 05/04/2018 20:28:18:
Posted by Percy Verance on 05/04/2018 16:22:59:

I agree fully with Simon.

It's also worth remembering that 35mhz was a band exclusive to model flying, with no other users. That can't be said of 2.4ghz.....

I always found 35mhz worked perfectly for me. Any problems or issues I saw were caused by human failings, not 35mhz failings .........

The only thing wrong with Percy's comment is the tense. 35Mhz is still an exclusive model flying frequency. I use 2.4gHz and I've had no problems but always lurking at the back of my mind is the fact that everyone and his dog uses 2.4gHz (including our doorbell!) and it just may come back to bite us.

My first tentative steps into 2.4gHz was a Frsky module plugged into the back of an old FF7 Super and that worked very well. I also used a Frsky DiY module so that I could use my then main transmitter (a Mux3030) on Frsky 2.4 gHz. I nw have Frsky Taranis and Horus transmitters and they're brilliant.

Remember the main cost of a radio system isn't the single purchase of the transmitter but the repeated cost of receivers and Frsky come out well on that score.

Having said that I still have several models with Mux IPD receivers on 35Mhz which perform perfectly. It'ms just that they're not quite so immune to being shot down by someone on the same channel but that's becoming increasingly unlikely


Interesting- I have two FF7’s that could do with conversion. Both have new batteries and have been checked so the FrSky modules sound a good option. Knowing nothing about FrSky can I ask which module and which receivers I should go for?

Thanks for help and info


Thread: Website Not Secure
05/04/2018 17:54:21

Thanks Ben

That’s helpful to know


Thread: Rippling grain on wing veneer
05/04/2018 12:24:13

Thanks Chris

I’ll take a look and see how it makes up.


05/04/2018 11:50:10


Thanks for the “heads up” - I’ll look up your recipe. I thought sanding sealer was not good on foam wings or is Sand & Seal something different?


Thread: Website Not Secure
05/04/2018 11:46:59


When I logged on just now I got the above message.

I’m no techie - what does it mean????


Thread: Rippling grain on wing veneer
05/04/2018 11:44:39

Thanks ED.

Glad I’m not alone with this.

With all of the above I will adopt a strategy on the next foam wing combining all the suggestions.

Many thanks to all.


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