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Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
09/07/2020 17:23:06

thanks for the info everyone.

08/07/2020 20:06:28

Quick question - have the majority of models built retained the castoring tailwheel as per the plan?

06/07/2020 22:12:37

Jon - thanks for the pictures. U/C looks good and much easier to maintain!

06/07/2020 19:41:09

Thanks to everyone who's been helping with sharing info on engine installs for the Stampe that I'm refurbing. After a close flirtation with the idea of an OS GF40 (thanks to Alan Gorham for all the info there) I've decided to go with a Laser 180 - ordered today from Jon.

Jon - would you mind please posting me a link to your photos of engine baffling etc. and also to the revised u/c you've installed.

Thread: Where in the final circuit to lower flaps?
01/06/2020 08:29:50

thanks Jon - yes it's the green razorback one. It flies well and I've always managed to land it ok even on just half flap but wanted to master using full flap with it. Some great advice on here!

01/06/2020 08:06:03

When I've watched pilots at the shows landing the bigger warbirds I've noted that they do come in quite steeply and as Trevor says keeping the nose down around what seems to be a continuous banked turn across the base leg rather than two separate turns and then letting the nose come back up to level as they start to sink down on finals.

31/05/2020 22:14:17

thanks - I've got the servo slow and elevator compensation sorted and have been landing like this on half flap. The manual for the model (Hangar 9 P47) suggests something like 75-80 deg full flap.

So is it fair to say - lower gear and half flap on the downwind leg but only go to full flap after the final turn - whilst carefully managing the power to avoid slowing up too much?

31/05/2020 21:10:22

Chris, thanks for this. When would you go to full flap - when you've turned onto finals?

31/05/2020 20:41:16

I've started flying some 60 size warbirds with flaps but haven't plucked up courage to use full flap on landings yet.

Can I ask for views on where in the circuit to go to half flap and then full flap as I've heard lots of bad stories about the perils of lowering them too early.


Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
16/05/2020 20:22:10

Lovely model Steve and a perfect maiden flight - well done!

Thread: SLEC / Precedent 1/4 scale Stampe SV4B
15/05/2020 07:57:34

Thanks Steve - much appreciated!

13/05/2020 22:30:36

Steve, I'm admiring your Stampe and wanted to ask whether the red stripes were painted on or were another layer of film? I'm looking to use Oratex but have never painted onto a covering and wondered if it would be a challenge to get sharp edges given the weave in the covering?

Any advice gratefully received.


Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
07/05/2020 08:30:56

Thanks Jon / Martin - that's encouraging. I've stripped the old 'Rothmans' covering off and the airframe isn't in bad nick although the engine mounting area all needs sorting and the tail feathers were more or less held on by the covering!


06/05/2020 10:33:08

Just started to have a proper look at the old Precedent Stampe I picked up and will be refurbing. I was thinking of a Saito FG30 4 stroke but given mixed reviews on some of these and issues around cooling I may go for a DLE 30 2 stroke. Overall weight is looking like 16.5lbs or thereabouts. Planning to recover in Oratex and to get a new f/g cowl from Slec.

How have people found the balance - I've read somewhere on here that someone had 20odd ozs of lead in the front; is that other's experience too?


Edited By Adrian Hazeldine on 06/05/2020 10:33:40

11/12/2019 22:48:16

Thanks for all the tips - I'll get it weighed when I get a minute and have a proper think about engine options...

I'd seen this replacement cowl at Slec

11/12/2019 17:55:42

Thanks Cymaz / Bert.

Definitely looks like mine is the Precedent kit as it's got one piece wings top and bottom and a single open cockpit.

The cowl needs replacing but I think they are still available.

11/12/2019 17:11:15


Hope it's ok to jump on here to ask a couple of Stampe questions...

I've picked up an old 1/4 Stampe to refurbish - it's originally been done in the Rothman's scheme but it's tired and in need of recovering etc. I'd assumed it was a Precedent Stampe but then someone mentioned there is a Svenson Stampe too - (hope I've got that right)

I need to try and get some info - but first need to check which model it is; are there any obvious differences between the 2 kits?

Also - I'm looking at a 30cc 4 stroke petrol for this - Saito FG30 perhaps; does that sound in the right ballpark?


Edited By Adrian Hazeldine on 11/12/2019 17:30:32

Thread: 30cc four stroke petrol engines - noise level?
29/05/2019 15:09:06

A good friend of mine at the club who is a very able engineer has demonstrated that it's possible to reduce the noise level and 'bark' from the DLE style 2 stroke petrols using cheap and cheerful additional silencers downstream of the original silencer - yes it does rob a bit of power but that's an acceptable compromise for some of us.

Given that in this case it's for a warbird I did want the 4 stroke sound and also didn't want to see additional silencers below the fuselage - hence my hope that a 30cc 4 stroke running a large or multi bladed prop could be quieter out of the box.

29/05/2019 11:50:41

I’m looking to buy either a Saito FG 30 or an OS GF 30 to power an old CMPro FW-190 that I’ve recently bought.

Our club has to adhere to an 82db noise level and before buying the engine I’m looking for some comfort that others have had these engines operating at that level.

Any data on measured noise levels and prop size etc would be much appreciated.


Edited By Adrian Hazeldine on 29/05/2019 11:52:06

Thread: Gear channel not available when dual ailerons plus flaps selected
30/03/2018 20:15:22

Hi Gordon,

Yes - plenty of channels on the rx thanks.

You're right - if I just consider the channels in numeric order then it really doesn't make any difference to what goes where and I've now set up the model with gear on Aux2. There's just something irritating about the fact that there is a slot on the rx marked 'gear' that I can't plug the retracts into...

But.... Life is too short and it works by another means so nothing lost!

Hope to see you down at the field soon !



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