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Thread: Making Steel Fittings. Question.
03/04/2020 16:35:30

Hi Richard,

Lots of metal suppliers on Ebay, or try here: **LINK** or here: **LINK**



Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
01/04/2020 19:52:20

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your very kind comments.

Thats a shame about your project.

Now that this build is drawing to a close, I’m already getting revved up for the next. I’m going to have a bash at the Grumman American Cougar that I have the plans for.
I have now photocopied the Nacelle from the plan and have decided that with a bit of moving of the formers and a bit of engineering work on the mount, I will be able to put a standard Dubro tank and still get a Saito 40 to fit.....just. I have also formulated a plan to extend the throttle linkages as, they are not in the easiest place to get to. I’ll start a thread on that at some point soon.



01/04/2020 16:53:00

Hi Peter,

It sounds like you are keeping yourself amused. Stay safe.

Today's update. I decided to 'drill' out the wing mounting bolt holes and 'countersink' the top of the wing so that the bolts seat onto the ply plate. I made up the tools to do this a while ago, so set to work with these:


This worked well, except, as the ribs were glued to the ply plate, the balsa came away and left a chunk glued onto the plate. I did try to proggle this off with the end of a knife, but it was very time consuming and it didnt leave a very flat surface at the bottom of the hole.

The only way forward was to make a tool....




I made up this tool using a chunk of the 5mm brass tube, a small piece of brass, drilled to 5mm and outer diameter of 9mm (same size as the larger tube cutter) and I punched out a piece of 180 grit wet and dry. The metal was all held together with loctite and the wet and dry was epoxied onto the face.

Worked a treat, now all of the holes have a nice flat bottom and the balsa is all removed.



I also made a start on the wing tips:




31/03/2020 18:28:12

Thanks Gents for you kind comments.

Bit more done today. Finished off the cap strips then onto the lower leading edge sheeting at the tip. The bottom was a whole lot easier than the top due to the smaller compound curves.



Not much left to do now, the tips still need another small rib and cap strip top and bottom, then the 1/8 tip outline. Tomorrows job.



30/03/2020 22:53:08

Hi Peter,

Makes sense. It will be a whole lot easier chamfering the 1/8 strip.
I got the whole day at it today, although, it doesn’t look like it. (It doesn’t help that I have a TV in the garage and I spent a good while watching the news in amongst making up cap strips)







Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
30/03/2020 22:31:32

Hi Chris,

Looking good mate! Good to see Gaston getting in on the act.

Keep up the good work.



Thread: Scratch Build Twin
30/03/2020 12:20:08

I'm following too. My next build will be a twin so am interested how you are approaching this.



Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
29/03/2020 19:53:17

In between things today, I have now got all of the top cap strips on. Just need to fit the centre sheeting and the trailing edge. I note that 1/8 x 3/8 trailing edge is shown on the plan and that is what I bought for this, but the actual lines on the plan are only 1/2”, so I think I’m going to strip a sheet of 1/8 and sand it down once fitted.




28/03/2020 23:18:43

Hi Peter,

Now who’s picky...😂

I’m now on to one of my favourite jobs. Cap strips. I find them strangely therapeutic.



28/03/2020 11:01:39

Hi Peter,

Now, that is a thing of beauty. Stunning!



27/03/2020 23:15:48

Hi Peter,

Yes, Graupner pins. They are expensive, but I really like them. Nice and thin, so they don’t split the wood, I have not had one loose a head yet and there is no worry that the head will fall off and get a pin through the finger.

I can see the logic of map pins, though I have never had too much bother with things lifting with these.

I also have some T head pins, but they are much thicker and I never use them.



27/03/2020 20:53:25

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the comments. I had a chuckle this afternoon whilst I was building when I saw that.

A few more photos from this afternoons building session:





And the kind postman brought me this in the post:


A bit of reading material for the isolation.



27/03/2020 13:16:48

Hi Gents,

Thanks for your comments. Below is how I attacked this problem:

This is a straight piece of cap strip:


You can see that due to the compound curve, it doesn't fit correctly at the tip.

I first marked the interface of the two balsa blocks with a pen, then overlaid a piece of greaseproof holding it to the wing to follow the compound:


As you can see below, it is far from straight:


This was transferred onto a sheet of 1/16:


Then using a circle cutter, I marked out the other curve:


This was then glued into place:




Whilst I was at it, I cut the strip for the Aileron capping and both strips for the Starboard wing. Its not perfect, but it will do. I'm going to use transparent covering again, so I need to keep my building neat and tidy.



26/03/2020 22:00:47

Hi Peter,

If you built like I would never get anything done. Every job seems to take forever. Having said that, I spend more time thinking than actually doing.
This build has been a joy. Can I thank you once again for your considerable efforts to our hobby.

Kind Regards


Thread: Mark's TN Hawk Build
26/03/2020 20:07:44

Hi Geoff,

Unfortunately, not, it became a failed project. I really enjoyed the build to where I got, but I had a couple of 'flying incidents' with the EDFs that I was using as practice for once this was ready.

I got a bit disenchanted and decided, as I'm more a 'builder than a flier' that I would concentrate on things that I enjoy.

Good luck with your build, it would be good to see a blog. If you need a set of retracts, or decals, give me a shout. I have also got a couple of fans looking for a new home as well. It would be a shame to throw them out.



Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
26/03/2020 19:58:42

Hi Peter,

It was a bit of a 'suck it and see' job, those tips. A little out of my usual comfort zone, but it worked out well in the end.

I got a little more done today, in between jobs. The hinge blocks are now all in and I got the port side sanded to profile:



Now, just the other side to bring in the same:


I have realised that the cap strips for these will not be straight, due to the compound curves at the tip, but I am hatching a plan.



25/03/2020 21:15:30

Thanks Peter,

In between things today, I have got both tips of the top sheeting glued in. The compound curve made it interesting. I took a similar approach to Peter, but used a number of cuts to gently ease it into place:





Then I got on with one of the things I always forget and have trouble fitting - the blocks for the aileron hinges:


I also got out on my bike today and got my exercise ration in. 24 Miles



23/03/2020 11:40:20

I got the other side in this morning:


and got started sanding the top of the first side down to chamfer. One of the little tricks I use is to cover anything that doesn't want the profile changing with masking tape:




22/03/2020 18:01:48

I managed to get out and do 19 miles. 1 hour 23 minutes of bliss with hardly anybody on the roads and nicely ‘isolated’
Anyway, enough. I have got home and the first false LE is in and drying:


It needs the top sanding to chamfer, and it’s going to need some work on the bottom at the tip, but it’s in and the other side is sat in the jig drying in the airing cupboard.



22/03/2020 11:53:05

Thank You Gents for your kind comments. Good to hear that you can see your bench again Peter!

This morning, I have started pre-bending the strips that make up the false leading edge. I chamfered the bottom, to match the angle of the lower leading edge sheeting, then made up a jig, soaked the end of the strips and the first one is now in the jig drying out:


That jig will get used for the outer leading edge strips as well.

I’m now going to get out on my bike for an hour or two, while I still can and this is drying.



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