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Thread: sabre made in Belgium
17/02/2020 23:59:22

You might be right Chris,but it's the inside of the tube that counts and that's 6.5 mm. Today i found a tube with a smaller diameter : 6mm so that's a little gain there.

@ Phil : Tanks mate for pointing me in the right direction :the idea of inserting a panel with the gunports incorporated got me thinking all day !Just a little adjustment to that plan.Why not make an insert for every tube apart? This got me testing most of the evening !


I found out that it's very difficult to get the same result every time.Different file angles makes different hole lenghts...



In most photo's of the real thing it seems that the top gunports are smaller than the rest but my best guess is that that's because the curvature of the fuse is flatter around the lower ports.


16/02/2020 23:06:14

Just something in between while i'm waiting for my pilot to arrive :Has anyone gave it some thought to replicate the gun ports in the front of the fuse ?


Well i did today and i realised it's not going to be easy with the former on the inside.I ran a little test on a piece of scrap balsa .I drilled a hole with a round perma grid file until i could slide in a 8mm carbon tube.Glued it in and sanded off the tube part that sticks out.Not bad for a first test .


Any thoughts about it ?Suggestions ?How about the size ?


Cheers , Dirk.

16/02/2020 09:11:47

Hi Phil , the canope will be held by magnets . I like the possibility of having access to receiver and switch without removing the wing.

As for the tool ,you could make it in hardwood too i guess,and glue in the handle.

It must be one of the best tools in my toolbox !

16/02/2020 00:59:20

With this precise job behind me,i realised i have to finish the interior first so i looked up some examples on the net and did my best to copy the front part first.





16/02/2020 00:50:57

Today i started on the canope works teeth.Not my favorite job !!

After a lot of mesuring and fitting i decided to make the rear part remouvable , i may regret this later but hey ,no guts no glory ! I drew a line where the dividing has to be made . I had to cut with scissors because i can't lose a mm of the canope,it wouldn't fit proper(like with cutting with a disc ).I took extremely care,not to damage the plastic.


I then placed the front part in the frame and marked the edge of the front canope part on the inside of the frame



The photo makes the line look out of place but i double checked , it's fine .The idea is to place the frame on the canope in a way that the aft canope part slides under the front part of the frame. It will be clearer later...Like the plastic canope ,the epoxy frame lets itself cut best with scissors.


16/02/2020 00:25:34

In no time i sanded the fillets and was happy with the result !



16/02/2020 00:22:08

Hi again ,The last item on the wooden airframe is to fit the fin and rudder accompanied with the fillets. The fin was fitted earlyer so that's the easy part. i glued it in with epoxy because cyano could run onto the belcrank and we don't want that ! Later i fitted some triangular balsa strips over the joint.The hard part is sanding these guy's ! For this i made-up a special tool.Well special...It' s the non-threaded part of a 10mm bolt welded on a large nail who fits in the handle of our perma-grid files.On the 10mm cilinder i welded a flat plate.


The idea is to wrap a piece of sandpaper around the cilinder and secure it with a little clamp.


To my surprise it worked very well !With this tool it's easy NOT to touch the parts beside the fillets. Easy to handle too !


Thread: Alaskan Air National Guard Version
13/02/2020 23:35:46

@ Phil , i guess we all have had that same issue when joining the two halves , but nothing a few clamps can't handle.

great to see you back in the building seat Steve !

To keep myself on track i have a special rule : When i end a building session , i allways plan the next job .I also try to do something every day,it doesn't matter for how long...Remember starting is the hardest part.wink

Thread: Avon Sabre Spirit 78
13/02/2020 16:35:15

Sorry ,receiver tray !embarrassed

13/02/2020 16:34:21

Nice move there with the elevator tray Steve !Thanks again for the tip to post photo's in the right order,got it now !wink

Thread: sabre made in Belgium
12/02/2020 23:35:12

With all the servo's installed,i was planning to permanently install the fin and rudder but i still have to close the bottom of the fuse .I realised that would be a pain with the fin in place.

So ,first a little last planking or better a little hatch ?I hate the idea not being able to reach the elevator attachment in case of problems !ideaAs i don't want to add weight ,i kept it simple :I prepared a piece of 4mm balsa that fits the opening in the fuse. Then added two pieces of plastic snake wich will serve as two little dowels.Drilled two holes in the former where the dowels go in ,and formed a little ''lock''at the back side.Nothing left to do than just a little sanding. Voila !20200212_231802.jpg

All in place it looks like this .I reinforced the hatch with a small piece of 1mm ply in the front.20200212_231740.jpg

The hatch will be secured with a little screw via the exhaust20200212_231823.jpg


Two more things before the final sanding! The fin and the canope. Stay tuned !moon

Thread: Phil W's Sabre Build Blog
11/02/2020 23:08:12

Welcome and good luck Phil ,

Thread: sabre made in Belgium
11/02/2020 23:04:20

Thanks for the tips Steve and Peter !

Today i hooked up the elevator and brakes servo. Everything worked as planned and at the end i saw my brakes work for the fist time via the servo !( and the elevator)20200211_231241.jpg

09/02/2020 23:09:01

After so many posts ,i still can't work out how to get my photo's in the right order.crookCan anyone tell me ??

When i post a second photo ,it always gets in front of the first and messes up the layout of the postface 12

09/02/2020 23:00:53

20200209_224816.jpgNo worries Chris,we'll be safe with 25 sabre's aroundwink.

I finished the second aileron servo connection today...The list is getting shorter !

Another item on that list was giving the rudder a more scale look altough it's not operational.

I removed te part that's normally moving,bevelled the edges and added a little block(the part in front of the hinge line)20200209_224805.jpg. Both parts will be glassed apart and glued together later. It's atleast more realistic than a panel line

09/02/2020 17:06:22

You never know with a mig around Martin !

09/02/2020 15:16:23

Thinking and mesuring for the cockpit details got me investigating some boxes full of junk and look what i found...

A genuine Belgian air force parashute !

Would't that be a great scale item ?I feel i have to......nonono that's overkill...Is it ?On the other hand....


Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
09/02/2020 12:44:26

Good thinking Phil ,making the former part of the seat...

Thread: sabre made in Belgium
09/02/2020 00:09:24

Yeah Phil,

I am happy with it ,but i'm more and more thinking the torque rod way .

I think its a quicker build and the pushrod-horn sticking out of the wing is becoming more and more a thorn in my eyeteeth.

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
08/02/2020 23:56:18

Hi phil ,nice going there,

Maybe it's a little late but not TOO late.

I finded out just now myself:

If i would build it again i would place the fuse former ,the one just behind the seat position,a little more to the back to have room for a'' bang'' seat.Just pre-fitted a pilot and it's going to be a tight fit !!

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