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Thread: Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch
31/07/2020 16:44:12

I know they exist Reuben, i just haven't seen them.Only smaller versions they use on furniture doors.

I will try them when i find them ,less work !

31/07/2020 00:18:51

your welcome Reuben !

To get the two moulds lined up (after moulding)to eachother you need a system . Normally i take care of this when the two moulds are made ,but i'm going to try a methode a lot of modellers use : with marbels. In my case metal balls from a car drive shaft.

I drilled holes on the corners of the parting board so that the metal balls fit in just upto their center. This is going to leave half a sphere in the top mould. These spheres are going to be filled when making the bottom mould leaving half balls on it, who will fit perfect in the spheres from the top mould. additional bolts will keep the moulds together .

Next thing to do is fill the gaps between plug and parting board with plasticine.After that it's polishing , waxing and we're ready to laminate !



Thanks for visiting and stay tuned ! Everything will be clear in the next steps !wink

30/07/2020 10:39:05

Also try phenolic plywood

30/07/2020 10:03:57

Hi Reuben ,it's called betonplex here, i find it at any DIYstore but can't find a brand on it...

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
30/07/2020 01:00:37

I really want to know the result when the primer and paint is on for a week or three .From my automotive background i suspect every one-component filler from the fact , that they keep on drying for ages and thus keep sucking up the paint !

The quality of products surely has improved over the years , so your result could be as good as any !!

Thread: Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch
30/07/2020 00:11:19

Hi Phil !

Sorry for the late reply but i just got back from the slope i n Calaiswink

About your question :Yes it is plywood for outdoor use and it is laminated on both sides with a waterproof layer.

In the thicker version ,like 18mm is used for concrete castings.It's relativ cheap too ,like 20€ for a 4mm thick plate 1.22M by 2.44M.

A great benefit is that epoxy does NOT stick to it , exept when you sand it rough.

Are you planning to mould something ?

28/07/2020 23:52:51

first task was to glue the parting board on a piece of foam to get some space under it (minimum half the thickness of the rudder )

Then cutted the openings for the parts, plus one mm.

Made some supports for the parts from scrap foam , to glue under the parts so that they ''float'' in the openings with the upper side of the parting board in line with the centerline of the parts.

To make the mould stiffer i placed pieces of parting board arround the parts.

Next thing to do is fill all the gaps with plasticine to avoid the resin leaking through and to become sharp edges.



28/07/2020 12:22:53

Painted the tail parts after cleaning up the panel lines as the dremel tool leaves a rough surface and it all showes in the finished parts ! Next move is to prepare the parting board. The two parts have to be burried in the brown plate ,just up to their centerline. Then the moulding can start all over againsmile.


Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
27/07/2020 14:30:12

Thanks guy's !

I'll be watching you ,finishing the sabres until we can all meet again , hopefully soon !!

Stay safe all !


20/07/2020 21:22:45

Here she is in all her glory! More pics on the finished model thread




Thread: 2020 PSSA Mass Build - Sabre - The Completed Model Thread!
20/07/2020 20:43:03

20200720_200503.jpgHello all !

Altough i still have to add panellines and do a few last ''things'' ,let me show you the plane i'm participating with in the 2020 SABRE MASS BUILD.

The model has working speed brakes , real gun ports , nav-and tail ligts , a working eject seat with shute and releasable canope , wind-splits on the wings but has no rudder or flaps !

It's operated with 4 channels and the weight without battery is 1750 grams.

It is a replica of the sabres used by the Italian aerobatic team ''CAVALINO RAMPANTE'' in the mid-fifties.

It is glass/epoxy covered and painted with spray cans , and has vinyl decals.












Thread: Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch
20/07/2020 18:16:59

Thanks for the e-mail with the exhaust pictures Chris !

As much as i loved the sabre build, the magister was never out of sight ! Everybody has a favorite plane i guess...Mine is the magister !

20/07/2020 00:18:51

hi again all !!

The PSS sabre is ready , minus the panel lines and fitting the battery.

As promised , the magister is already back on the building table !

First thing on the list is finishing the plug for the rudder-elevators. the plugs were primered last april (!)and just needed the panellines to be ingraved.For this job i used my special tool i made for the wing panel lines .I have only one plug for both sides (L and R )as the profile is symetrical. So one plug ,one mould,for the two tail parts.

Next job is to paint them after a good sand and prep them for moulding.



The opening for the servos is not yet integrated in the plug ,for the simple reason that i need it only on the bottomside ,but the bottomside left is the top side right,so the room for the hatch will be layed-up in the mould. It's new to me too but it will be clear when i get there .

That's all for the restart , Stay safe out there !

Greatings , Dirk

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
13/07/2020 22:51:17

Not using varnish on thisone Chris ,it's all weight to carry .

Thanks Alan,for the mass build we push a little harderwink.

With the decals all applied she's finished ,exept for the CG , Battery and switch and some last minute ''things''.


I'm going for the emcotec magnet switch , controlable from outside the fuse ,fed by a 2 cell lipo and voltage reg.

It will be a tight fit in the battery box !


pilots view :20200713_224200.jpg

Tomorrow i'll try to make some pics of her all made up ! stay safe all !

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
13/07/2020 17:28:24

I googled Norfolk Island this weekend Dallas,and i must say that it's a beautiful place to go on vacation !Another thing on my bucket list !

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
12/07/2020 23:31:55

Thanks SR71 ! That's a bit overdone ...

I was planning to paint the markings with paintmasks but i realised too late that it's not a good idea to paint light colors over a dark background. Change of plans !!

To be on the safe side i ordered vinyl decals in the beginning of this build. So i will put my pride aside and put the cherry on the pie.cake


It was a bit tricky on the speed brakes !


07/07/2020 22:35:47

This is the painted version:


05/07/2020 22:38:36

I worked on a solution to keep the hinge pins for the speed brakes removable for service(occupational habbits )

I gave the pins a 90 deg. bend where they exit the fuse and covered them with a wooden half teardrop being carefull the epoxy doesn't touch the fuse !.Not scale but necessary...

they just need a little paint now and they're good to go!




Thread: Alaskan Air National Guard Version
05/07/2020 22:21:32

Looking real good there Steve ! The amount of resin in the glassing process is a story of trial and error as we all use different materials i guess.

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
04/07/2020 23:49:34

Hi Pete ,i have no idea of the weight at this point but it won't be long now before i can mesure it.

I will post it as soon as i canwink

Hi david ,i'm glad i could be of any help or guidance trough the build !

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