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Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
21/06/2020 00:00:09

The time left this evening was spent painting the top side of the rudder and fin in gray , like the original


20/06/2020 23:56:39

Thanks guy's for the offered help and info ,i'll be testing the masks next week.

I was planning to glue the canope frames in place (already painted )when i realized,if i want to replicate the rivets , now is the time so i did some testing on a test frame.

I try'd to make little pits with a sphere-like dremel bit but it's very dificult to make them all the same size .

Then i try'd to do the same with a small drill ,they're all the same size but in some cases i drilled right through !

This made me realize , maybe that's the best way :Drill them all through and fill them with epoxy !This is only possible with some tape on the back side. So drilled the holes , tape them on the back side , fill them up with epoxy and wiped off most of it left me with a workable solution.Tomorrow i will paint the test piece to see the result , looks good !



18/06/2020 21:37:32

Elevators and some little parts painted !That completes the Italian jacket!

On with the decals after some testing with paintmasks from Alan Gorham: Another challenge ..




Thread: Waterslide or vinyl decals?
17/06/2020 23:12:33

Hi Geoff ,the easyest way to paint them is by using paint masks (low tack vinyl)made thesame way as vinyl decals.

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
17/06/2020 22:54:23

Thanks Dwain ,after polishing it will look much better !

Yes Phil ,just a personal touch , altough in some photo's it looks like they used it too ?

The damage on the aileron is in the white part , the most forgiving color,luckely...It happened by pulling the tape the wrong waysad. Another tip i guess ?


17/06/2020 21:41:22

Trying to remove the masking paper, i managed to get one aileron damaged sad...My first repair and she didn't even left the shop !

Left side 2nd pic

17/06/2020 21:36:22

Another painting session resulted in blue wingtips! Not easy masking with the windsplitters on the topside. One side is white, the outside is blue:Where do you place the seam?




Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
16/06/2020 22:29:34

Hi Phil ,the only thing i can think of,as a cause of your filler problems is a reaction of a underlying product like glue ?

Maybe run a test piece ?

I can see now that your trailing edge fillet is vanished under the fin fillet ! I had thesame problem and i dropped a piece of the rudder onto the fin embarrassed...

Did you open up the channel for the elevator joiner ?Not enough travel ?My elevators are touching the fuse at their leading edge when i give full up(movement planwise )

Too late now to change.I hope i have enough ''up''with reduced elevator travel...

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
13/06/2020 19:56:25

Hi,Chris !

As you can see in my blog -begin ,i glue the sheets together before glueing them on the ribs. This way i can sand the skins in advance.

If you sand the skin after offering it to the wing ,then you sand more on top of the ribs and less between the ribs.(you push the sheeting down) Result :a golf terain !

There's only 2 glues in my shop :epoxy and zap ,red and green.

Cheers friend !

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
13/06/2020 17:32:47

Hello all !

I'm trying to paint a part every day, even if it's a small one, keeping a steady pace.

Another important tip i had to find out the hard way:

If you mask a new painted surface be sure to put on a extra layer or two

of tape next to the area you're painting because the paint solvents still attack the underlaying fresh paint even if it's a week old or more!


12/06/2020 22:13:47

Added the bleu tonight, just a few day's short to make it to the deadline!



10/06/2020 21:25:25

Just a little update today.

I painted the canope frames after a last fit on the fuse.

Not easy to clamp these fragile things!20200610_220017.jpg

10/06/2020 12:58:14

No room in there Andy !But the idea crossed my mind though!wink

Let' s hope it hits the magazine so it lives forever!

08/06/2020 23:11:58

After a long day's work , it's time for some aeromodeling therapy !Wife's orders !

With the wing ready to paint, for ages (!)i made a support so i can turn it over whilst painting it.

The weird masking on the ailerons is there to cover the bleu paint on the inside .I didn't mask the tips ,wich will be painted bleu,to keep the masking lines between colors to a minimum.

Degreased and blown clear of dust, Rattle the cans !! Even in this mild temp's i preheat the cans a little ,it makes the paint flow smoother and keeps the pressure up !







06/06/2020 18:18:49

Thanks Dwain ,skills you can learn , patience needs practice , setup is...well it's tape and a rattle can ! and you tube !!

06/06/2020 17:51:05

Hi Chris ,it's motip car acryl, and i get them at euroshop...

I did the sharan belt in under 3 hours, you get the hang of it after +500 times....Must be getting old !sad

06/06/2020 17:25:43

Well,the painting went fine,just a few dust particles wich i can polish out when the paint is hard .

Just a few tips for those who have to do similar paint jobs

Go over the fine line tape with a small roller to secure it 100%

Take all the masking away before the paint is completely dry so you don't have to '' brake it ''

Before you spray, take the dust away with a sticky cloth!embarrassed




Thread: Flyer's F86 Sabre
06/06/2020 00:16:56

I can get you some pet g Ade as i have a1m wide roll in stock.

Cheers , Dirk

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
05/06/2020 23:27:55

Yes Phil ! It's on the agenda for tomorrow, first need to do a sharan timing beltdont know...

05/06/2020 23:24:33

Thanks Danny, i had nightmares of this job but it turned out OK !

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