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Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
10/03/2020 22:38:12

There's nothing wrong with taking the easy way home Chriswink 2!

Just a little detail on glassing parts

Positioning the fabric on a dry surface and securing it with resin




Roll the resin out ,don't be economical with it,the roll wil absorb most of it


Get the wrinkels out by rolling to the edge. Take the part in your hands and roll the edges,using enough resin,you need to roll it into the wood!


When dryed overnight ,sand the loose fabric away and brush-on some resin on angled sides and places where there's no fabric like aileron tips,hinge slots etc...Use enough resin and go over it with a rol ,done


Hope this helps the ones who never did it....glassing i mean !!!embarrassed

Thread: Pete's Cavallino Rampante Italian Aerobatic Team Sabre
10/03/2020 19:45:58

Wow !the first color on a MB sabre !Congrats Peter !Nice !

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
10/03/2020 15:13:51

I have rounded leading edges on the ailerons Phil,easyer for glassing and better for the robart hinges ...wink

09/03/2020 22:34:06

And the glassing goes on...

2nd aileron sides ,rudder and elevators20200309_223401.jpg

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
08/03/2020 22:49:26

Hi Chris , let me know if you need a transmitter till you 've got yours back.

Greetz , Dirk

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
08/03/2020 22:41:49

Very accurate shaping Phil ! I lost my fingerprints too in the process...

Thread: Sackys FJ3 Fury
08/03/2020 00:01:12

following with interest David , good luck !

Thread: Rob's F-86F NASA 228 research aircraft build
07/03/2020 22:18:13

Hi Rob,

A possible cause of your resin not drying is that the two components are not mixed around enough. It's a common mistake to use the resin out of the mixing cup.The parts that ''hang on the walls'' are never mixed well.It's better to pour eveything in a second cup and use that to work with.Especially when you're low on resin and want the last bit out of the cup and scrape everything out,you're using the parts that are not mixed. Again IMO...

Good luck !

Dirk .

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
07/03/2020 00:00:28

Hi Chris ,regarding your servo issue,why don't you take your tranny to test the servo's ?I allwas have different centerpoints between servo tester and transmitter...I use a multiplex tester and transmitter,evenso...

BTW exellent work !!wink

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
06/03/2020 23:48:29

Hi guy's

cleaned up the glassing of the test gunport and to my surprise it worked out very well !I had doubts that the epoxy would be hard to sand where the glass stops.With a little primer on top they seem indeed smaller !


With enough time left i took a shot at the glassing of the bottomside of the wing.I prepared 30gr epoxy and cut the fabric oversized. I allways place the glasscloth on a dry covering surface and once positioned secure it with dots of resin brushed on.I then continu dividing it with a spunge roll.Do not roll in one direction because you will pull the fabric away,instead roll back and forth until the resin has ''filled'' the cloth.Don't try to cover the 90° angled sides , like the inside of the aileron cove.This just needs a coat of resin. Wrinkels in the fabric can be rolled out by rolling in one direction,pulling the fabric to the edges.Leading edges are best done with the roll perpendicular with the wing. Everything past the centerline will be cut or sanded away.The same for the wing- tips.

All these tips are based on experiance and i'm sure there are other way's to do this job,it's just my opinion on the matter...Take your time for this,it can ''make or brake''your model

Last tip :Use slow curing epoxy ,it gives you more time !(like 1hour drying time)


06/03/2020 11:12:33

Thanks Andy ,didn't mean to rush you...

06/03/2020 10:22:20

HI Chris ,

25gr is fine especially for the rear part of the plane. 50gr is still ok but wouldn't use it ,just for Weight reasons.

On the test pieces i used 100gr because i was working with that.

05/03/2020 23:08:31

I made the 4th canope frame tonight for Alan and with the rest of the resin i did some testing about glassing the gunports.


No progress on the interior , still missing the seat ...

04/03/2020 23:34:17

Another happy PSSA sabre builder !John Rood received his canope frame today !Small world ha !john rood.jpg

04/03/2020 23:26:04

@ Martin : Good to know Martin ! more testing !!

@ Andy : Can your dogs find lost objects ??

While waiting for my seat,there's not much worth posting other than some ordinary led's serving as nav-lights. I glued them in before glassing because i'm afraid to lose the wires after

I left some room to protect them with a piece of heat shrink tube while putting on the fabric and while sanding



After everything is painted , i will glue a tiny O-ring arround the led's to lose the gap


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
03/03/2020 23:45:38

Great progress Chris ,it would be regrettable not seeing this one on The Orme !sad

Thread: Sabre build "Gotchas"
03/03/2020 23:23:04

Hi Austin,my first builds were also on a lower level then today !We all try our best,that's what matterswink.See you in june !

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
03/03/2020 23:10:33

Hi Phil,in that case , i hope he can swim !phone911

Working on this made me realize how a real pilot must feel taking place on his seatembarrassed.

My biggest concern is the balance when the canope and seat are missing.....still chewing on a solution

02/03/2020 23:15:59

Hi all,

Yes ,THE virus is only streets away now but that didn't stop me from working on the sabre!

I did slow down a bit to catch some lost sleep , last week ,and sinds i'm well on shedule i'm planning a well detailed cockpit...

Can anyone figure this out ?Only thing missing is the seat and some other bits....idea


Thread: F-86A Sabre Montana Air National Guard
02/03/2020 09:24:14

HI Steve,look at the walkaround on the first page of my blog.They are the best close up pic's you can find.

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