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Thread: Think I've been spammed!
18/07/2019 10:03:44

"If an item is to be collected I always say cash on collection, but this is not always observed."

Must admit, my take if that happens -

Refund via paypal.

Reassert "apologies, but, my policy here is cash on collection."

If they object, something is amiss, walk away.

Thread: Design & Build Sport Twin
18/07/2019 06:57:14

Fin and rudder are done so time for Some more carving at the back of the fuselage:


And made a start on installing the servos:


Thread: Electric Cars.
17/07/2019 16:32:48

"100% IC" in this case meaning "powered only by IC" I would guess.

Thread: Dave Smith Models 'Saphir' plan wanted
17/07/2019 16:17:56

Plans for Matt's original are on the HPA site


They differ quite significantly from the DSM version, if I remember right the DSM fuselage was much simplified.

Thread: Electric Cars.
17/07/2019 11:28:34

"The last time I was in that position was with my OS61SF powered Tornado that would just manage 7 minutes with reserve for ONE go-around."

Must have been a small tank in there!? IIRC a 12oz would easily do a 10 minute flight with plenty to spare on the SF. I might be wrong - it's been a long while since I've flown an SF in anger.

Thread: Think I've been spammed!
17/07/2019 09:14:37

Hope it works out ok.

An expensive lesson otherwise, that the internet provides anonymity for low lifes and thieves, use a service that offers some protection. Paypal is something, and probably the easiest option for classified type sales.

Thread: Electric Cars.
16/07/2019 21:34:58

"Somehow, an electric powered one of those seems particularly incongruous because “retro” is the whole point"

Guess you weren't a fan of the aero eight? I like the look of the leccy three wheeler. Blend of old and new. Morgan are good at it.

"It helps to prove the point that you cannot (currently) get the same endurance as IC with battery power even if 12 minutes is considered acceptable for you."

ok, well, I won't argue, although I would point out that you're essentially doing range anxiety on model planes - once we hit the point where we could do "the common flight duration" (8 minutes) with "at least IC power" then it no longer really mattered to 99.9% of flyers.

16/07/2019 15:20:40

Actually, thinking about it, I'd quite like the electric Morgan 3 wheeler. That's 500kg. Might not quite fit into "saving the planet" category.

16/07/2019 15:08:59

Yes, I think you're right. If you can legitimately waste time on facebook while the car drives you to work, you don't worry about the extra five minutes.

Alternatively, sleep on the motorway while you travel from north to south of the country.


Wishes? They're already made, Renault Twizy has been around for a while but I don't see many being driven. 17bhp, 1/3 the size of a normal parking spot, 2 person, currently about 40 mile range.

Seem to recall some bloke called Clive made an effiicent electric trike once, nice idea, didn't catch on.

16/07/2019 13:30:08

Easy way to universally maximise the range of electric cars - blanket 50mph limit on main roads of all kinds motorways included.

Want to increase their range around town? 20mph limit, make them under 500kg.

Expectations are the problem. We all still want a 2000kg SUV that tanks along at 100mph, in electric. With 300 mile range and a cherry on top please.

16/07/2019 10:26:07

If it helps to know, I fly 12 minutes on an wot 4 sized electric aerobat, take off weight 4.75lb. That's 12 minutes of aerobatics not just stooging. Comes down still 25% full. Spec the power train correctly, it can be done.

Thread: FliteTest Legacy
15/07/2019 23:18:25

I've found a breadsaw works quite well for clearing the folded over areas.

One motor or two?

Thread: Electric Cars.
15/07/2019 16:44:04

I'd also point out that

"3 similar electrically powered models and a dozen (or more) pre-charged batteries "

is actually quite convenient.

And if you want a mix of sizes, then 5 lipos for each one, or something like that, that's very convenient too.



"How much does glow fuel cost these days? "

weston 5% prosynth, 4 gallons to your door, £60


Edited By Nigel R on 15/07/2019 16:46:34

Thread: Sukhoi SU-26
15/07/2019 16:35:23

It'll be relevant at landing devil

But yes, that is a big fuselage on the 26 and will soak up a fair bit of power being dragged through the air.

15/07/2019 14:49:22

Manual says 780 square inches of wing, and 10lbs weight... 40cc should be "spirited" !

It's looking good, anyway yes

Thread: Electric Cars.
15/07/2019 14:39:09

"When I can fly my Wot4, for example, for up to 25 minutes on a battery"

you really fly a wot4 for 25 minutes?

how big a tank does that need?

Thread: Building from plans - wing ribs?
15/07/2019 13:22:17

I don't really like the sandwich method.

So I completely ignore the wing section on the plan and instead use a wing design program (DevWing), I can tell the program the root size, tip size, rib positions, spar position, LE/TE and all that, and get a very accurate set of templates, to stick direct to the wood, for each rib.

It seems to take about as long to do it that way as it does to do the sandwich method.

Thread: Newbie with some starter trainer plane balsa IC questions please.
15/07/2019 10:57:45

"I am guessing the heads are ally with a steel thread on the glow plug?"

quite so.

with a copper washer - which should tell you everything about the required torque

I would expect the plug with the AX to be an OS #8.


Edited By Nigel R on 15/07/2019 11:00:29

Thread: ESC only works when increasing the throttle very slowly
15/07/2019 10:38:28

"PS I have the same issue but no where near as bad with a ESC if I snap the throttle open (not yet sorted so interested what you find)."

As do I.

Once spinning, it is never a problem, so whilst airbourne and travelling, it never happens. As it is not fitted to a 3d type where airspeed could drop to zero, I am not minded to dig further.

I have put it down to the motor/esc combination; for whatever reason the esc cannot ramp up the motor speed, from a dead stop, with the prop load as is. Perhaps it is due to some parameter of the startup mode in the ESC. The only thing we can usually tinker with is the timing figure, and in my case that did not affect startup.

One fix for this scenario could be to program low throttle trim to be the very lowest amount needed to keep the prop turning, and use the the throttle cut switch to stop it completely.

15/07/2019 09:11:00

A bad joint is not necessarily visible to the naked eye, all the connections could well "look" ok.

The other possibility that comes to mind is that the ESC timing is or has become set incorrectly, for the given motor.

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