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Thread: Ebay sellers...
30/09/2020 17:42:51

I saw those the other day.

Tempted to offer to take his the engine and £400 of his pounds, then meet halfway at £50 for the engine.

Thread: Jet Pack Paramedic - Coming to a Hillside Near You!
30/09/2020 17:38:52
Posted by PatMc on 30/09/2020 17:30:51:

The first choice helicopter covering the Lake District is based at Penrith therefore from take off to hill would probably be within 20 - 25 mins. Jet Pack would be transported within vehicle probably take about the same time from mountain rescue base to hill depending on traffic. At the hill base the operator would need to be readied, dunno how long that would take, then JP up the hill in a few seconds. IMO from the same start time the helicopter responder would likely get there quicker most times.

The helicopters used are twins so a sudden dead stick situation is highly unlikely.

Wouldn't a scrambles type motor bike be a more economic option & overall just as fast or even faster if it was also roadworthy ?

Edited By PatMc on 30/09/2020 17:32:14

I guess all those time to casualty figures are part of what needs assessing. I'd assume the gravity suit would be able to be based fairly close to the common tourist locations.

Does the guy in the gravity suit need to go to the base of the hill or could they make do with 'next one over'?

Scrambler going up a path quite potentially crowded with grockles? Could make for a few interesting moments...

Thread: Synthesised transmitters and mobile phones
30/09/2020 15:45:24

Precisely Bob. I'd say the single most likely cause, not just plausible.

Failure of data storage induced by radio frequency energy is, how to put it, not likely.

Occam's razor, etc.

Thread: Jet Pack Paramedic - Coming to a Hillside Near You!
30/09/2020 15:14:00
Posted by Martin Harris on 29/09/2020 13:19:07:

I have to say this was my first thought and makes me suspect this to be some sort of elaborate hoax - maybe someone can confirm that they've seen one of these set-ups working, first hand?

Lots of videos on youtube on these things. They're incredible.

Yes comments about weather and cost apply, that said, in this context one man plus some kit can be placed in some fairly tight spots quicker and cheaper than a heli can get there. Air ambulance are (I read) around £3k per callout. This jetsuit thing will be a lot less per use. If it replaces just one heli callout per day for a couple of years it has more than paid for itself.

I note that video linked is showing the air ambulance showing up some short while later. So we're looking at the the equivalent of the medic on a fast bike at an RTA - first response, not the heavy lifting that comes later.

"Saw that article at work the other night funnily enough on an Ambulance station .......To say we laughed was an understatement."

Cars, "never replace horses".

Computers, "what do I need a big calculator for?"

Personally, on a site devoted to flying things, I'm surprised at those not interested or pooh pooing it.

Thread: Enya SS40.....fuel
30/09/2020 14:55:39

"if castor is needed with an Iron/Steel combo then why would Enya recommend synth for all these years"

As I read it, if the engine had already been run on castor based fuel, continue.

Otherwise, synth.

Thread: Synthesised transmitters and mobile phones
30/09/2020 13:56:39

"The only thing we could put it down to was my buddy had a mobile phone in his pocket."

The likelihood of RF interference causing a change to the SW functionality of this specific a nature is very close to zero.

Far more likely is a user error during setup of the model on the TX, or simply a defect in the TX software.

Thread: Introduction and Engines query
30/09/2020 11:15:06

"The Cougar is flying well (or i am improving)"

Good stuff yes

"Later OS40FP had different piston and liner I think so it may not apply to them but worth a try."

I have two of the later version FPs.

Both will spin a 10x6 APC on any given day at around 11,500. I have seen near 12k for the odd peak from the (ever so slightly) stronger of the pair on the right day with all the moons in alignment etc etc. I recorded the 11x6 APC turning at a hair over 10,000. I use 5% Weston synth fuel and Model Technics warm plugs.

I would say the 10x6 is not ideally suited to the Cougar. A lower pitch would be better, say 11x4, which would provide more thrust at the low speeds the Cougar flies at.

Thread: Thank You SLEC great service!
30/09/2020 11:04:56

Seconded (again!)

Quick turnaround on orders, friendly staff, easy to use website, great line of own brand bits and bobs.

Thread: Lap top Computers
29/09/2020 16:56:11


My strategy was;

Start with budget of 600.

Purchase whatever the Dell return and refurb shop had, that looked good. I ended up this time with an Inspiron something or other with decent size screen and SSD.

The tactic has worked out quite well for me several times. Prices are usually around 10 or 15% below high street shops.

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
24/09/2020 13:06:33
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 24/09/2020 11:45:30:

To be honest, why should models only be built from what was available in the late 1930s? Did modellers at that time bemoan the reducing use of split cane and oiled silk?

Flite Test have demonstrated that foamboard can get teenagers building models from scratch. They may not all look great (the models, not the teenagers...) but its the first successful step, which is what matters.


In order;

I agree.

Of course they did.

Exactly. Foamboard is brilliant stuff. As a demographic, we've been quite slow to adopt it.

For wood fans, the stuff sold in Hobbycraft is about the weight and strength of 3/32 balsa, but 1/3 of the cost by unit area. Providing you dress the edges with some thin timber, time its covered, you'd never know it was there.

Edited By Nigel R on 24/09/2020 13:10:38

Thread: Getting Hard To Buy Lipo's
23/09/2020 17:21:25

Nobody should count mecoa...

I thought Weston actually made them fresh, well, some bits anyway with other bits coming from elsewhere -

"Since the demise of Webra we have bought the crankcase tooling which we have redesigned for the .52 to make it much stronger. Now the engines are manufactured in house with some parts made in Italy and Hungary. "

23/09/2020 16:38:23



PAW (diesel, but, they count surely?)

23/09/2020 14:55:37
Posted by Barrie Lever on 23/09/2020 12:55:03:

The good thing about glow engines is that gradually manufacturers will spring up again as it does not require a huge factory to make glow engines like it does to make something like LiPo cells.

Point of fact you could go and buy a rough old lathe for a few hundred pounds and you will be able to manufacture an engine that runs after a bit of practise, try that making a LiPo cell !!

The trick is to turn a profit whilst doing so.

I would strongly contend that worldwide trade conditions and changing leisure interests are what 'killed' the glow manufacturers. Blaming an evil empire won't change either of those two things.

Thread: Return of the SMA
22/09/2020 14:39:37

I remember it didn't have any rules.

One of the rules it didn't have was that anything small and fun was allowed.


Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
22/09/2020 09:57:19

You can always re-engineer the structure and keep the outline.

Lots of old designs seem to rely on taking a small forest and reducing it to the shape of an airplane using razor plane and sanding blocks... Top of the fuselage? Inch thick slab. Bottom? 3/8 slab. Corners? 1/2" triangle. Cowl area? Blocks, great big ones! Now get sanding!

Maybe I need to brush up on my planking skills.

21/09/2020 16:38:39
Posted by Graham Davies 3 on 21/09/2020 11:52:34:

I earn my living dealing with Chinese supply, and have done for nearly 2 decades. I have watched their economy grow, and watched the Chinese nation learn how to make things in a more western manner. I have also watched the world become utterly reliant on Chinese supply, or more accurately, Chinese costs.

At the end of the day, China has 1.5 billion inhabitants.

The UK, has 66 million.

We are, if you like, a rounding error in their population estimates.

Our economy, whilst significant, is small by comparison wtih China, and I believe large amounts (75% IIRC) of the UK economy are financial services, so if you talk about goods production we are a midget by comparison. Brexit will further hit the UK economy for the next god knows how long.

21/09/2020 11:38:04

Covid-19 won't stop the world forever, one assumes... and at some stage Ecuador (which, if MattyB's link is true, supplies 95% of the world's balsa) will be back to normal commercial operation again. In the meantime it seems we will likely have raised prices and supply shortages to suck up.

Perhaps worth remembering balsa is not the whole of a model. If my records tell me anything useful here, it is that a £100 - covered, finished, kitted out with hardware, etc - airframe probably has £35 of wood in it. Maybe for a couple of years, that will be a £120 airframe with £55 of balsa.

Or perhaps I can figure a way to use harder or less preferable wood. Maybe I build more with open trusses instead of cutting out big sheet sides. Use more liteply and foamboard in a built up structure, or as suggested veneered foam wings, tail, fin, decks.

Where there's a will...

Thread: This really makes me mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21/09/2020 07:03:23

Not limited to model shops. You should try wickes... or not if you can avoid it...

Thread: JB Weld
21/09/2020 06:56:48

solarlac states you can use acetone for thinning or brush cleaning so the branded thinners must be a similar chemical?

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
21/09/2020 06:54:59

A bit less than the 6 or 10 years needed for trees in the thick of virgin rainforest, i assume?

I thought all our wood was plantation grown these days?

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