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Thread: IC and Electric
19/12/2018 13:31:28

"The lack of exponential on the throttle is my only complaint against my Spektrum Tx"

Probably no surprise, but most spektrum tx models have a throttle curve you can use in aero mode.

As another dodge, if you have a dx6i, you might get away with using the heli mode, which has a curve, although that's not much use if you have more than 4 channels in use on the RX.

Thread: Can a drone fly at 10000ft?
19/12/2018 13:14:20

"In an era where it is possible for boys to have periods"

black is white, up is down, left is right, and big brother is watching you

Thread: cutting foam
19/12/2018 11:39:56

"powered by one of them donut transforms can not remember what it is called "

That's a toroidal transormer Roo

For our purposes here, just the same as a standard brick shaped unit.

Thread: IC and Electric
19/12/2018 11:09:08

The biggest effect of all?


18/12/2018 22:42:57

Full tank, cg moves forward.

I'm presuming it was also fitted with a different prop spinning at different rpm.

Maybe slight difference in wing loading?

Thread: T/E thickness
17/12/2018 23:33:16

Agree with advice above. Med balsa controls tapered to 1/8 or 3/32. Soak with the marvellous substance that is super thin cyano for instant toughness. Leave Square the edges.

Laminating with ply or glass sounds very fancy and if I'm honest, beyond my tolerance for complexity. But would seem like a great way to do a very thin edge if a very thin edge you must have.

Thread: RM Aerobat
17/12/2018 23:25:07

Thank you Dave

A few more pieces of colour:


I think it just needs something to break up the white of the fuselage. A pinstripe or similar.

The underside will be a few big rectangles of blue to make a simple sort of chequerboard.

Thread: Hi all..
17/12/2018 14:28:18

electric always starts? there's another argument for another day...

17/12/2018 13:08:46

Hi and welcome

Are there no clubs operating in the Forest of Dean near to you?

Thread: Majestic Major (electric) build.
17/12/2018 11:53:50

I like the sneaky use of open space in the middle. As ever some original thinking in your builds Dave.

Thread: Ben Buckle Mini Super build
17/12/2018 10:46:31

I would always do sheet tips lined up with a line drawn directly through LE to TE.

I wouldn't necessarily do it on the board. As you say, you will have to pack up the tip piece to get it lined up nicely with the LE.

Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
17/12/2018 10:21:04

Friday morning was almost ideal in my neck of the woods, too. No wind at all.

Only thing that wasn't ideal was the temperature! The runway was frozen solid, keeping fingers warm was a battle.

Flew the 3d foamie, and my RM Trainer. Did a number of rounds of 30 seconds climb & glide down (can nearly get 2 minutes from that), a few rounds of head height figure of eight circuits - the air was perfect. Could have flown an indoor model with ease.

Got caught out by the lipo running flat on my 3d foamie during a hover, and the resulting parachute style landing whacked the tailwheel and tore the rudder out. If the tailwheel wasn't part of the rudder (bad design!) it would have flown again immediately after. Ah well, a few splodges of PVA and some paper bandaging will see it right. Just another battle scar.

Only 4 days until shortest day and start of winter...

Thread: RM Aerobat
16/12/2018 23:05:35

Time for some colours


Thread: ASP anybody?
15/12/2018 15:37:34
"I have heard nothing of the present situation there."

No different to here really.

OS are still available in 45 to 120 size in two stroke.

Asp were the only other major game in town.

Everything else is dead.

Couple of boutique companies selling two strokes, jett and nova rossi. Not even sure jett are still really in business.

Think that's about it for the us glow two strokes.

The micro brewery analogy is quite apt.

Saito are still selling a lot of fours. Along with os.

Ys for specialist types.

We're very lucky we have jon flying the flag here!

I'd be surprised if asp stop making four stroke glows as well as the two strokes. We shall see.
Thread: RM Aerobat
12/12/2018 23:44:46


Surfaces attached and canopy stuck on.

Canopy glue for both jobs.

I can almost smell the maiden flight...

Thread: Pegasus Galaxy Twin Hornet
12/12/2018 21:16:49
Thanks sheepish. Looks like it could work for me. I have a pair of magnum 25 gps that would fit nicely.

Denis thanks for link. the thread helps and the video looks good. but Tony h has not been on here in a while now. Hey ho.

Definitely a contender for next project anyway.
Thread: Field Loss - Planning complaint
12/12/2018 20:35:35
Quite understand. I use a blooming google thing and it's just as bad.

Many thanks for suggestions. The lobbying seems a particularly fine plan.
Thread: Pegasus Galaxy Twin Hornet
12/12/2018 16:35:42


nobody flying one?

what about the normal Hornet?

Thread: Flair Cub
12/12/2018 15:58:37

Seems an ideal case to seal those hinge gaps with film, before trying the major surgery route.

A very very long drill bit might be a useful investment for the engine mounting?

Thread: Field Loss - Planning complaint
12/12/2018 15:52:24

No arguments from me on that front STF.

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