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Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
02/04/2020 17:43:14

There'll be lumps coming out the wing if the tank goes there, that bay looks quite short. Not an impossible bit of woodwork though.

02/04/2020 17:30:52

Have you space to squeeze a tiny tank, say 2oz, at the correct height? If so you could do a chicken hopper set up.

Steve Dunne I believe has one in a Spit.

There was a thread on them here:


Thread: Drawing up the QED Gee Bee
02/04/2020 16:53:46


Some inspiration perhaps, although it is a Z1 replica...

The knife edge at around 3 mins is particularly impressive for a 1930s racer!

Landing is a little bumpy too. Visibility an issue I suspect.

Edited By Nigel R on 02/04/2020 16:55:33

Thread: Apps and Overlander
02/04/2020 11:34:52

"Please explain why a simple program designed to aid me in my battery maintenance requires access to my camera, location, storage, and phone."

Because a lot of programmers don't want, or can't, or don't have time or energy, to engage with the process of determining how to remove the access demands from their app.

I would imagine the default option for most app dev kits when you start developing is "access everything".

Thread: Warbird inboard and outboard flaps
02/04/2020 11:05:47

Denis, did they explain why the flap was selected at 60kts? Seems to be adding unnecessary pilot workload during the take off roll. Did the flap reduce rudder or elevator effectiveness?

Edited By Nigel R on 02/04/2020 11:07:58

Thread: Old Model for old modeller
01/04/2020 14:39:24

Welcome aboard.

Has the T180 has been sold or damaged?

If you are going from scratch, SLEC sell a kit for the bigger version, the T240.

Thread: Scratch Build Twin
01/04/2020 14:30:14

"Not all BECs will do this happily, I understand."

I'd be surprised if you can find a single hobby BEC that will be happy when paralleled up.

Thread: 2m f3a plane. Lexicon.
01/04/2020 10:17:40

Wow. That is some CAD work Dan. I like the fuselage split at the low level, easy to build up straight from the bench.

Does the very sharp taper and sweep back lead to any handling oddities?

Saw your funfly model in the BMFA news too, any chance of some details on it in a separate thread - looked quite an unusual approach to the contest.

Edited By Nigel R on 01/04/2020 10:41:30

Thread: Aeromaster
01/04/2020 10:09:14

Upper panel construction continues:


To keep the rear of those ribs in place, I used some scrap blocks of balsa pinned down either side of them. Skins were applied with contact adhesive (my usual method). The two swept panels are quite simple units and are going together quickly. However, there is a third panel to make for the upper wing, the centre panel of 8". This will have wing attachment stuff inside it, a ply plate with lugs at the front, and some block around where the wing bolt will pass through the centre section, it is the most complicated bit of the upper wing.

Now, the original plan shows the top wing built all as one unit flat on the board with spliced spars, but I am taking a different approach - my favourite method is to build up individual panels and then join them together when finished (or nearly finished) as if they were foam panels. Another reason, my board is not big enough to do the whole 48" panel in one hit.

I also found that I had taken a photo detailing some of the internals of the lower panel:


I am using a strip of 3/32 along the rear of the sheeting to give the TE a little extra stiffness. The three 1/4 thick riblets are there to accept the torque rod. Some infill between aileron spars is there for the torque rod bearings and the hinges.

One major goof, I used 1/16 ribs at the tip end of the panels. Normally, I use a thicker section rib there, and I should have done so this time - the 1/16 ribs have bowed a little, and will need some careful attention when I get around to making and attaching the tips.

More soon.

Edited By Nigel R on 01/04/2020 10:11:16

Thread: Focke Wolf Ta 154 Laser
01/04/2020 09:47:51

Nice - following yes

Thread: Flat Car Battery from non-use of car
01/04/2020 09:43:49

What Ken suggests.

Alternatively, parts shops are open (as an essential trade), perhaps a helpful friend or neighbour could pick up a charger for you, or, maybe lend you one? Halfords do a basic charger for £30.

Answer to #1 - piece of string. Our relatively recent battery (~1 yr old) in the diesel passat was being a bit sluggish after several weeks, it had been used only for short journeys for the preceding two weeks, ie the last decent run was a month ago.

Thread: Precedent 180 Plans
01/04/2020 09:35:28

Might be my imagination, but isn't the T180 about equal to a Telemaster?


Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
31/03/2020 09:36:08


Are you available for hire? wink

Thread: Vibration absorbing engine mounting
31/03/2020 09:32:24

Is paxolin still available? SLEC sell small lumps of flat glass sheet for the same purpose.

Phil, I must admit I'd just use self tappers with shakeproof washer to secure the plate to the beams, not sure what the logic is behind using bolts and nuts. Soak the screw holes with cyano when you've cut the thread in the wood.

Thread: Aeromaster
31/03/2020 09:24:43

I did weigh up going the four aileron route Steve. However I've been quite happy with the roll response on my smaller Bi Fly which is a two aileron design, it will easily snap and spin and has a quick enough roll rate for the style of flying I envisage with this machine. Minimising the assembly required at the field was on the agenda, too.

What I eventually decided was to make sure the ailerons have plenty of area - mine are slightly wider than the original plan shows and come in around 12% of total wing area.

I'll bet yours whips round with four ailerons though!


Edited By Nigel R on 31/03/2020 09:25:06

31/03/2020 07:12:46

Good stuff Andy. Do put up a thread when you build her!

My swept upper wing panels are entirely conventional:


I need to think of a cunning plan to keep the trailing edge of those ribs in place while i attach the sheeting. There is a lot of unsupported rib behind the main spar. The lower wings had the aileron spar keeping things straight but these do not, there are no ailerons on the upper wing.

Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
30/03/2020 16:18:26

Pegasus - usual quick service from the last week.

Thread: Aeromaster
30/03/2020 15:22:45

Perhaps another short post is worth it.

I "accidentally" put in a low bid on an EBay auction for a pumped OS 81 alpha. Turns out I was the only bidder. So the engine choice for this project has been made now. It looks a nice motor. Turned up in lovely condition. I have run it - no complaints, easy starting, good throttling, solid idle (all much like any given OS four stoker I have run). The pump is a handy bonus. Nigh on identical weight and mounting dimensions as the 70 Surpass, with nearly the same power as the 90 size.

30/03/2020 15:17:58

Thought I should start updating this thread!

I've made a reasonable start to the construction, although I have not taken that many photos yet.

Wings first. I started by making this bagful of ribs:


seeing as there are just over 40 ribs to cut for this thing, that kept me occupied for a good while. I then cut a load of strip balsa for spars, leading edges, etc.

After I did that, in the interest of the infamous first line of any old magazine build article "step 1, cut a kit of parts", I decided that it might be an idea to make the wing skins. But before I did that I wanted to know (don't ask, I under-ordered on the 1/16 balsa sheets) what I would need for sheeting the tailplane. So, a brief diversion from the wing... I usually make the bigger fixed bits of the tail end from a sheeted framework of 1/8 x 1/4 (or thereabouts, quite often it is just a case of raiding the scrap box and seeing what I can use):


That is near 20" span. Two full sheets of 1/16 required to cover the framework. No photo, but the inside of the fin looks roughly the same. The "spar" is put where the join in sheeting is, so I can get a nice flat join when it comes time for finish sanding. The fin used up the leftovers from the tailplane.

After the tailplane, it turns out I have just (and I do mean just) about enough sheet, so I need to be careful with the wings. No photos of me joining wing skins - been done before lots of times.

There is nothing particularly unusual about the wings. I am building all the panels separately and will join with glass later. The lower wing has a pair of, er, pairs, of rear spars (a quad of spars?) to demarcate the ailerons, which I am building as part of the main structure and cutting free later:


it also needs some webs, some blocks laid in between the rear spars for the hinges, some riblets for the aileron edges, and some other bits that didn't make it into the photo below - some block at the centre to stop wing bolts from crushing the sheeting, more blocks inside the rear spars to hold the torque rod bearings, ...


I found all those bits quite fiddly. It probably took about as long to get those sorted nicely, as it would have done to plane and sand a pair of solid block strip ailerons. Hey ho. I think at heart I just like carving away at big lumps of soft stuff until an airplane appears.

Ok. Last photo for this update. At this point one of the wing skins is on. It should explain why the root rib is so chunky near the LE:


The root rib is liteply, slotted to accept the wing dowel.

The middle section of the rib well end up being dremelled away when I mount the central aileron servo. I already stuck in a half rib to form the sides of the servo well.

Since that photo, I have completed the sheeting on the lower wing panels and while the sheeting remains oversized and unfinished (and thus instantly far more resistant to workshop dings), have put them aside to move on to the upper wing.

More soon.

Thread: Scratch Build Twin
30/03/2020 11:35:16

keep posting, we're watching yes

different way of handling the pods than I have seen anywhere else

Edited By Nigel R on 30/03/2020 11:36:30

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