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Thread: Mini Jazz or similar being considered
20/07/2018 22:26:53
No worries hope you enjoy flying it!

1300mah will be about right. I get 5 1/2 minutes from a 1000mah pack.

I've used a 3536 1000kv on 10x3.8 prop which gives plenty of grunt.

Weak spots:

The fin attachment isn't very secure. I've used an inch wide strip of heavy paper across the joint.

Undercarriage mount is ok but the gear itself is ridiculous, very thin and far too flexible. A thin wire to tie the legs together works wonders.

The Controls are a bit flexible. If you can cover them with tissue / pva they stiffen up nicely. Same goes for the fin and tailplane.

I also did the strip of heavy paper trick (as per fin to fuselage) on the tailplane to fuselage joint and wing to fuselage joint.

Lastly the fuselage just above the wing is a bit weak where it is hollowed out for the gear. Another inch wide strip of paper running from nose to just behind the wing makes it good.
Thread: RM Aerobat
20/07/2018 12:13:08

Well, another week, another small chunk of progress. Building goes slowly in this sunny weather!

First up, I decided to get another 900kv motor and run a 10x6 prop. I know this combination has the power I am aiming for.

On the woodwork front, I cut the ailerons free of their temporary attachment. They were then marked up for the fixed root and tip pieces, then it was out with the razor saw to cut them off. I made a few strips of 1/32", and then permanently attached the fixed portions. Lastly, I fettled the root rib and joined the wings with regular wood glue.

Fixed bits and a nice small hinge gap:



Time to add the centre bandage next, and then put the wing aside while I get on with the fuselage.

Thread: No Hosepipe Then?
20/07/2018 10:26:43

" It's not a tax dodge."

I stand corrected.

It was certainly a tax dodge for the new owners of a company I worked for some years ago, when they bought by private equity, the first thing the new owners did was to "load with debt" to reduce tax burden (the second thing they did was a round of P45s...)

Thread: TDF 2018
20/07/2018 10:15:12

Froome can perform for 3 weeks. G, over the distance, not so sure. Having said that, it would be great to see him take the yellow. Froome already has 6 of them!

Agreed on the spectators on the climbs. Utter idiots and shame on them. What an absolute nightmare end for Nibali.

Last stage finish will certainly be a bit odd with all the sprinters out.

Thread: Mini Jazz or similar being considered
20/07/2018 09:36:23

Thoughts on Mini Jazz -

It looks like it has a massive thick wing section. Not 100% ideal for 3d. Thinner sections tend to stay stalled when you do a harrier. Thick tends to be in and out of stall. YMMV on this point.

Fuselage is not that deep/tall - more side area would be good. It's also too short. Long helps knife edge, adds more side area, generally aids stability in all maneuvers.

It'll work for prop hanging, probably be twitchy (see comment on short fuse) but it is now 20 years old and 3d designs have been refined a bit since then.

At the size of Mini Jazz, foamies are lighter and will bend a little, if you "land a bit hard".

If you really want to build a balsa model for 3d, I would suggest a profile type at a slightly larger size.


Denis sums up the simulator perfectly - "it will move you forward, without model damage".




"H/King MX2 3D"

Is absolutely excellent value. I have one which now has just gone past 100 flights (and accumulated a number of patches and repairs!) and am thinking of getting another to replace it.

It has one or two weak points in the design - they are easily sorted. Mostly with PVA and some tissue / brown paper / card to reinforce the foam a bit and prevent it warping over time.


Edited By Nigel R on 20/07/2018 09:55:57

Thread: Maricardo re visited
20/07/2018 09:09:31

How about:

Tubes down to back of hatch.

Holes in hatch slightly smaller than bolt heads, but large enough to get screwdriver through.

Modelfixings might have hex drive nylon bolts?

Thread: Mini Jazz or similar being considered
19/07/2018 09:29:49

"get me into trying 3D"

Would seriously recommend a simulator for a number of hours and then a small cheap foamie. An all wood model wouldn't be on my list of recommendations.

Thread: No Hosepipe Then?
19/07/2018 09:24:47

The 'loading with debt' thing is just a tax dodge.

As for fixing leaks. I'm guessing it is really rather expensive to keep digging up the ground to fix an inherited and very old network of pipes.

Probably there is a budget to do these repair jobs and the company concentrates on firefighting the worst leaks that are currently getting them penalties.

As for the rest, simple sum, if cost of repair is larger than fines over X period of time, then pay fine.

Thread: Black Fly a new Flying Car
19/07/2018 09:01:05

Looks like they are claiming to squeeze it through the door of being an ultralight single seat "unregulated" thingummy. No license required in the states to legally buy one and fly.

Hence the poor range - I guess if it had a good size battery you'd need a license, presumably a rotary wing type, massively increasing the cost. I'm not sure what sort of full size license applies to multirotors. If you want proper scary, take a look at homebuilt ultralight helicopters. No license, no build inspection, no chance of autorotation...

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
18/07/2018 14:23:34

Carrying on as normal is about to become illegal for thermal gliders, probably slope, (and a number of other types).

Not sure if that's been mentioned yet.

Thread: Black Fly a new Flying Car
18/07/2018 10:32:02

No, the biggest problems are not technical. Safety, reliability, affordability, regulations, training of potential drivers pilots. Ultimately I think the general public's lassaiz faire attitude towards motoring safety and preparedness and maintenance doesn't translate very well to aircraft of any sort.

A man carrying quad, well, that is already possible. As it goes, personally, I can't see light helicopters carrying on for that much longer when quads can do what they do cheaper, with redundancy of various critical bits, and with more autonomy of control.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
17/07/2018 17:21:10

My money is still on BMFA* club sites getting exemptions, plus some form of internet tickbox exercise for the test.

Can't see lone flyers getting blanket exemption, even if BMFA members.

* or other association.

Thread: Exess fuel
17/07/2018 17:13:04

what ken said

run it dry on last flight, while its still good and hot

clean rest of plane with window cleaner or whatever your favourite poison is

wrap engine & nose in old towel, 1 absorbs oil 2 prevents prop poking things by accident

stuff nose in strong plastic bag (I haven't used rubble sacks but they sound about right)

Thread: BAE Systems Tempest
17/07/2018 15:38:55

Or, alternatively, it might get made and used. Let us not eviscerate new Tempest with fiction before its day is done.

It seems there is will to spend money on something that will furnish UK based companies with work, on something (whatever that turns out to be) to replace Typhoon. We have a rather good aerospace industry here which we could do with maintaining at the very least.

17/07/2018 09:10:09

I'm with Tom, the pilot seat is likely just there to keep folks happy about these things being moved around from place to place - not for actual combat.

Besides, early doors yet - highly likely the cockpit will get deleted later on in the programme, I would say.

Good news for RR anyway, recent few years haven't been so grand for them.

Incidentally, the wikipedia page for the BAE Taranis says this:

"The Taranis is planned to be operational "post 2030" and used in concert with manned aircraft.[1]"

Now, does that timescale sound familiar?


Edited By Nigel R on 17/07/2018 09:13:46

16/07/2018 23:12:18
John that's only until 2025. Six years by time contact signed. Maybe less. It'll never be ready for service by 2025. F35 only just arrived here!
Thread: RM Aerobat
13/07/2018 22:44:45
Thanks Piers.

I'm not sure on the motor front. I might run with the one I have and just trim the prop down 1/2" to reduce the watts a bit.

The fuselage is pretty standard stuff on this one so hopefully it'll be quite quick.
Thread: Holding Your Nose
13/07/2018 13:16:01

I think this entire thread could be replaced with the phrase "your mileage may vary".

Thread: RM Aerobat
13/07/2018 12:39:12
A little more dust-making, just knocking the overhanging sheeting down to length and making sure the root is nice a square ready for joining.
The LE needs a bit more shaping. It's close but just not quite the right shape yet:
Panels end to end. I've checked the root rib with an engineers square from a few directions, and checked the LE along a straight edge when the panels are pushed together. So far so good:
Weight at this point:
Happy with that, it's 6.5oz in old money.
Thread: How many do you have in stock?
13/07/2018 09:45:07

Erm, zero.

I do have a couple of years worth of ideas and plans for projects.

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