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Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
17/04/2019 16:52:00

It'll be good at 3-3/4lb. From memory it's what my old IC powered version weighed in at, and that had to cart around 6oz of fuel at take off, and was perfectly well mannered come landing time.

You'll not be underpowered with 640w - quite the opposite I'd say, that's easily 150W/lb. With that 1000kv motor (it's a touch above the usual for 4 cells in a sport model) you could drop down to 10x6, maybe come down to around 500 or 550w, have a bit more flight duration (disclaimer - depends on how much you like bending the stick forward!), and quite likely a tickle more speed on tap.

11x5.5 vs 11x5 - The 11x5.5 shows more power than the 11x5, for sure. Electric motors can be thought of (very approximately) as a constant speed device. You give it 16V and it will attempt to turn at a particular rpm, regardless of the prop fitted. However, bigger prop = more power required to turn at that rpm. It's just the nature of the beast. Yes, there are more details to it, but that's the general gist.

Which is of course a complete different kettle of shrimp to an IC, which would spin faster on a lighter prop, often allowing the engine to ultimately put out more power.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
17/04/2019 10:56:08

Superb stuff Tony, especially the Gnat, like it a lot!

Thread: FLOUREONŽ Lipos
15/04/2019 14:24:23

Ah ok - slightly different picture to paying £14.50 each as trebor would have to...

15/04/2019 11:13:53

Simon, I can see only 2 cell lipos for that price?

3S 2200 size appear to be sold at £18.99 each and these are not sold directly by Amazon, but by an independent trader "PowerMarket" listing through Amazon in much the same way as most of the listings on Ebay.

Same trader is selling the 2 cell size. I have not checked any other listings on Amazon.

Buyer beware, etc.

Dave, with all due respect, 20% of your stock going pear shaped after 6 flights does not speak volumes for value or quality.

Edited By Nigel R on 15/04/2019 11:16:57

Thread: How do you buy your Balsa?
15/04/2019 10:57:11

I buy just enough to do one build, before I start it. As I do approximately one build per year, there is no value in spending time chasing bargains, or holding onto any stock, or any of that sort of business. In order:

yes, just before starting it

no, life's too short

no, life's too short

no, life's too short

yes, hopefully all of it

no, can't see the point

just enough to finish the current project - although realistically, that means a handful of leftover sheets.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
15/04/2019 10:34:24

Looks ace!

"I will be running an 11x5 which according to ecalc gives a current draw of 49amps at 640w"

What motor do you have?

11x5 is quite a low pitch, a 10x7 would suit the model better?

Thread: Please answer the following two questions if you can.
15/04/2019 10:11:51

Can't answer your questions DD, sorry.

For myself, I'm with Tim, I can't multi task very well. When I do, it doesn't work very well, and the 'proper' project just gets shelved for a while.

I do say that in the full knowledge that I've cobbled together a few foamies whilst having an ongoing 'proper' project. But as to starting a big thing whilst another big thing is on the go, no, that doesn't work for me. Get first one done first.

As for hoarding, I have no unstarted kits, no stack of wood (beyond what the current build needs), only one or two plans, and a 'fleet' of only four proper models (plus a few foamie flying wings) - I don't like hangar queens. Whilst I like building, these things are for flying, and if they aren't flown, then perhaps I built the wrong thing.

I'll admit I do have an old chest of drawers full of stuff which probably needs sorting out and half of it throwing away or selling. Time is precious though and I'm not about to do that in the very near future.

Thread: FLOUREONŽ Lipos
15/04/2019 09:40:28

Personally, I wouldn't. Unless you're familiar with the seller, Ebay can be pot luck with quality / fakes / etc - its good for stuff which is "what you see is what you get" - I don't personally count lipos as that kind of goods.

Having said that, I would buy from a reputable shop via Ebay, but, that kind of precludes getting lipos for those prices.

At this price point, for me, Zippy / Rhino / Turnigy packs from HK.

YMMV, etc.

Thread: Straightening a Twisted Fuselage
11/04/2019 13:52:42

If you can stand an amount of rebuild at this point, then removing the underside of the fuselage will make Don's Trade Secret easier and more permanent. Releasing and reattaching the top deck even more so.

Thread: Lost radio contact
10/04/2019 23:31:55

Has the thread got to that point already?

10/04/2019 15:00:02

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I think replacing the RX and satellite is an overreaction.

Thread: Khama Sutra (Patern Ship.)
08/04/2019 15:26:35

Good looking bit of kit, but my goodness 10-1/2lbs on a 60? Crikey!

Thread: Disposing of modelling goods?
08/04/2019 15:24:09

Indeed. Used glow motors aren't worth so very much. Unless they are a particularly collectible example.

That said, the pumped mk3 120 usually fetches £150 (ish), unless showing signs of being stuck into a tree/tarmac/etc.

Thread: Touche
08/04/2019 15:06:08

Martin M - why the silicone oil? (vs any other type, I mean)

Martyn K - are they air up AND air down?

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
08/04/2019 10:18:38

We seem to get quite a few hornets around our way. Have had to remove a number from inside the house! Easy enough in daytime - they make for the windows and seem a bit slower to move than wasps.

Spit is looking great Martin. Nice result on the weight, too.

Thread: Disposing of modelling goods?
06/04/2019 07:05:48

Gents. Much the same could be said of many hobbies.

Anyone fancy a collection of somewhat outdated pedal bikes? Used house tack? A couple of half disassembled ford crossflows?

Thread: 2019 Mass Build
05/04/2019 08:27:20

"the instructions say sheet the underside first!"

It's a flat bottom section, and the second piece of sheet will lock the wing together; with a flat bottom you can keep the wing warp-free very easily by holding it against the board whilst pressing the sheeting on, or pin or weight it all down (whatever's your poison). The converse is not true.

Thread: Servo size
05/04/2019 08:20:43

just found this on another forum -

Airtron were quite reputable. One of the first Futaba clones really. Not a bad copy, but an actual clone of the Futaba stuff. The compnay that brought them into the U.K was Irvine. At the time Ripmax and Irvine were big rivals - the Airtron servo was to be sold into shops cheaper than Futaba 148's and of course that was healthy competition.

I think the Airtron name was lifted from the similar Airtronics name given to Sanwa in the USA.

Airtrons were nothing special - but they were very reliable. I remember SWM purchased a deal of 50 - which we used to sell it about £9.99 each? as that was a cheap servo. Probably about 1988 - The 148 was about £16.00 - of course the 148 went to Chinese manufacture ( under Futaba Japans guidence) and the 148 became more economic and the Airtron servo lots its sales area as it became a similar price to the 148 etc.

They did make a few different sizes, but I only ever had dealings with the 148 clone and ballraced 148 clone. I'm not sure when they stopped being available. I'd guess in the 90's

S148s are de facto standard servos and around 3kg/cm.

So probably almost anything from HS81 size upward would work although I'd go metal gears in a small unit.

Why are you replacing them? Do they no longer work? Or are they just old?

04/04/2019 21:00:02


Are they standard size servos? I'd assume if so that they are around 3kgcm. Or possibly less. I think We do tend to over spec the servos these days.

Thread: What's your do everything model, or do you have one of everything?
03/04/2019 16:57:45

Couldn't pick one, but -

I've had a Chilli of some sort for a good few years of the hobby. Superb design. Fast, precise, good manners.

These days the profile and/or foamie 3d type models have superceded the old fun fly types for me, so there's always one of those ready to go. I've had excellent value from the Hobbyking 955mm MX2, and considering replacing it (its a bit battered now) with another one.

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