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Thread: Like for Like Equivalent to a SuperTiger 2000
26/05/2020 15:19:34

Thanks ED, I stand corrected - that's another nugget to file away when looking at old motors.

26/05/2020 13:52:12

Can't see why a soak won't get them back in order quite easily. I guess they might need new bearings as well.

"Any recommendations ?"

If you're willing to go second hand, Irvine 120 and 150 crop up on ebay somewhat regularly. As do many other ST engines, the 20cc - 30cc glow sizes don't seem to sell for that much.

Thread: Muffler mods and making
26/05/2020 13:48:25

Am I right in thinking the first chamber should be the largest of the two?

I seem to remember it can amplify noise if it is the other way around, although I am far from certain on this...

Thread: Boulton & Paul Defiant
26/05/2020 13:45:43

As I remember reading, it had a good run for a short period of time in the early part of the conflict, then got trounced on a regular basis. Found a new niche later at night time I think?

The "turret fighter" was a bit of a failed experiment, too much weight added by the gunner and the mechanism, knock on limiting of climb rate and speed.

It would make a nice model, the proportions are good, fuselage is long (because of the turret I guess), good size wing with moderate taper, stable wide track U/C, scope to play with twiddly bits in the shape of the rear gunners turret - there is a nice six footer on outerzone:


Thread: Aileron adjustment.
26/05/2020 13:39:07

On the TX and with two channels:

The correct function is indeed differential, the one you already have found.

Remove the Y lead from the install, then:

Left aileron in the aileron channel. Right aileron in aux1 channel.

You need to set the wing type to "dual aileron" somewhere (I'm afraid I forget where, it has been a while).

Or the quick way, as RC Plane Flyer says, tweak the servo arm by one or two notches, and re-adjust the control rod. It works just as well in practice.

Thread: Grumman American Cougar
26/05/2020 10:34:23

Looking very tidy Mark. That nose gear is lost in the fuselage, so much space.

Very professional job on the steering rod bracket. Down at my level I'd have thought plastic tube (snake inner/outer?) in a block of balsa, or similar...

As for axles, your creations there also very professional.

However, I am surprised you don't have a wire bender in your arsenal - they are worth their weight in gold and get consistent and accurately located bends. Plus you can wind coils, so making a replacement leg for a retract unit is not out of the question.

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
26/05/2020 10:28:08

That fairing looks like an 'interesting' shaping job, was it a sandpaper-round-the-finger job, or something more serious?

Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
26/05/2020 10:01:37
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 26/05/2020 09:15:18:

the engine used in the model previously was an OS62v which just so happens to have the same bolt pattern

I'm still wrapping my head around that.

I guess many of the current generation four strokes have moved to a very short stroke pattern? I suppose a benefit of that is to keep the crankcase bulk down (and overall weight) and allow good valve area?

IIRC Lasers are using only two different bores for the current models so you have a fair mix of long and short strokes?

Thread: Seeking knowledge
26/05/2020 08:41:00

The whole suction wing thing sort of evolved into the blown flap, as per Buccaneer and Mig 21 amongst others:


"Was the use of gliders ever really successful from a military perspective?"

"Man carrying kites" middle ages thru early 1900


Troop drops, WW2


Can't think of many others to be fair.

Does the U2 almost count as a glider?

Thread: Aeromaster
25/05/2020 22:59:03

That is looking good Martin.

Thread: Irvine 39 2stroke.
25/05/2020 07:06:43

Gave then a chance to test out Chinese production with a brand they were running down. Same shop prices and cheap manufacture.

Thread: Aeromaster
24/05/2020 22:38:55

Martin yes the cabane arrangement on mine attaches permanently after covering. It is not fixed in early in the build. That means I can build the fuselage without bits of wire getting in the way. 

I'm still playing with the formers...



T nuts were too deep for the 1/4" ply so I turned up some 1/32" discs to make up the depth.:


Edited By Nigel R on 24/05/2020 22:40:11

23/05/2020 22:58:00

I'm doing the front deck from some soft thick stuff. A carve and sand exercise.

My second former back is cut to match the fuselage side. I'll put a deck former on top after the main box section at the front is all jigged and glued. That way I can build most of the fuselage upside down flat on the board.

23/05/2020 22:54:51

The angles were done just so:


23/05/2020 22:53:47

Blimey you're not hanging about!

All I did this evening was cut my three main formers:


Thread: Irvine 39 2stroke.
23/05/2020 22:48:50

Superb motors.

Small rear bearing. 13mm crank. Rumour has it they are not so happy with extended high rpm. Will do 11k for ever though so as sport motors they are golden.

.36 was good on an apc 10x7. This even more so. Add a mini pipe for rocket performance. Maybe on 10x8. Especially in a quick thing like the bullet.

Heli version was ringed I think. There was definitely a ringed .36.

Thread: F3A competition in the 1970's and 80's
22/05/2020 12:19:34

"I am afraid that there are no engines made like the OPS and Rossi's now"

Nelson? NovaRossi?

Arguably, high revving two strokes have had their day. Besides the fact of the electric dominance at small sizes, I can't imagine squeezing a 15k rpm 40 or 60 through the BMFA standard 82db noise test.

Thread: Radio
22/05/2020 12:12:39

I have, Spektrum DX6i, DX7, a few receivers, and, not a single problem.

Locally, almost all of my club use Spektrum.

Lets not turn this thread into another brand bashing!

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
22/05/2020 10:54:28

That is looking good, Ron.

The long sanding bars look like brilliant bits of kit.

Thread: F3A competition in the 1970's and 80's
22/05/2020 10:51:03

Chris, if it really is a QB40 with the wing on the bottom, then there are several pdf plans on outerzone that might assist, try:

QB40 shoulder


and QB20 low winger:


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