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Thread: Running ignition from receiver pack.
09/12/2016 07:47:23

I'm not adding much to this discussion, but my electronics background says separate supplies are the way to go. Noise is bad news for RF circuitry, and ignition circuits are tremendously good at creating noise; a spark is almost the dictionary definition of electrical noise.

Also the ignition power source would need to be appropriate for the peak current draw when charging the cap. On a marginal system, 4 AAs might work, but the additional draw caused by 5 AAs might be too much for that size battery. Lsatly nimh do seem an odd choice, LiPo would seem to be the obvious one, or even nicd as they're lower internal res than nimh but lipos clearly would last longer on a charge.

Thread: LEDS - help me out please
08/12/2016 10:00:39
Posted by oldgit on 07/12/2016 21:07:20:

or am I talking tosh

nope, not talking tosh.

Thread: Dismantling a Thunder Tiger 91FS.
30/11/2016 10:42:38
Posted by David Davis on 30/11/2016 10:09:00:

the front bearing is sealed on both sides as is its replacement, however, the replacement rear bearing, bought in an automotive spares shop, has rubber seals on both sides. Do I remove these seals prior to reassembly?

The only route the oil mist has to get from the crankcase to the cams is via the rear bearing, so yes, pull the seals.

BTW a bit of heat on the crankcase again, before you pop the bearings back in will make that job much smoother.

Thread: How Much Oil Should You Use In The Fuel?
22/11/2016 11:48:44
Posted by David Davis on 22/11/2016 11:40:25:

Thank you gentlemen. When I have exhausted the remaining 25 gallons of fuel I bought from Southern Modelcraft on the way to the ferry, I will start using less oil in my fuel! smiley.

You could always buy a few gallons of neat methanol to mix in... 2/3 of 15% oil + 1/3 of 0% oil...

Thread: Balsa - Depron Equivalent for wing ribs
22/11/2016 11:41:45

kc yes my mistake, I tend to mix up HPA, Aerofred and outerzone.

Thread: irvine motor
21/11/2016 13:27:25
Posted by gangster on 21/11/2016 09:24:20:

Unless I have missed one out I thought the plastic carb was an exact copy of the first metal one. I thought the jet stream was a much squarer job.

The black jetstream housing was certainly a much more professional looking effort.

Sounds like the QC on the plastic carbs was a bit dodgy!

Thread: Balsa - Depron Equivalent for wing ribs
21/11/2016 11:12:38
Posted by Martyn K on 21/11/2016 09:39:12:

Yes - I agree. I am planning to put a BNIB Webra Speed 91 with pipe on this and try and keep the weight down to less that 10lbs. I did think (and still thinking) that possibly a 120FS may be a better option swinging a larger prop. There is certainly space for it. I don't want to make it a tail dragger though.



Nice. The Webra certainly fits the period and would have the guts for a 10lb frame.

I'd have though you'd need to keep to below 9lb to make the 120FS really work?


Just a thought - Hanno's old Supra Fly 2500 had similar wing area and used a ST2500 on a standard can.

Edited By SuperNash on 21/11/2016 11:16:43

21/11/2016 09:13:25
Posted by john stones 1 on 18/11/2016 22:49:29:

What's engine size for it Martyn ?

The plan (its on outerzone) lists a piped 10cc and AUW of 11 or 12lbs.

I'd eat my hat if one of those ever dragged this airframe around with any gusto.

Thread: irvine motor
21/11/2016 08:54:59
Then as far as I know they went onto the jet stream carby on the mark 3 red engine.

40 mk3 was normal silver with black jetstream carb, if I remember right and the mark 4 was the UK made red one (before OS ran the brand into the ground). The older ones were really nice engines for their time, easily as good or better than the OS FSR.

What was wrong with the plastic carbs? I never remember having any trouble with them... As far as I remember the metal jetstream was essentially the same thing but with a metal body?

Anyway - lots of older 40s crop up on the popular auction site, and usually go quite cheap. A complete second engine might be the easiest route to fixing a first one.

Thread: SC Gasket Help needed
09/11/2016 12:06:52

As above, brown paper, thin card, thick white paper, even newspaper if nothing else available, all will work.

Do the inner circular cutout first, cut the outside plenty oversize. Soak some oil into the paper, bolt it all up, then trim off the excess with a blade.

Probably take less time to make one than it would to find a shop that sells one and order it.

Thread: fast charge vs lipo chargd
08/11/2016 17:09:42
Posted by Percy Verance on 08/11/2016 14:17:56:

I'm given to understand a normal (non balancing) fast charge will take the pack to about 90%, whereas a balance charge will get it fully topped up, assuming the pack is in good health.

Depends how long your balance charge takes, my understanding is that a full 100% charge will take a good 2 or 3 hours, regardless of the speed of the fast charge phase.

Thread: 4-stroke recommendation
01/11/2016 09:22:19

Percy (and others)

"A whole string of F4C Scale World Championship winners - including non British - have used Laser engines in their models in the last 20 odd years. Will that do?"

For sure - the scale contest market has Lasers throughout. Laser's reliability has them sold to this corner of the modelling world.

I mention the aerobat display flyers or IMAC because that's, as Jon put it

"because our historical 'marketing' has left so many people with the wrong idea about our engines."

wheras if you want to...

"I've had my Lasers in H9 Twist 40's, F3A Pattern Ships, Giles 120's, an Extra 260 and every Chris Foss plane you can name. On a couple of models I've had to put the battery behind the wing to balance, but that's it. A Laser will last a lifetime, I'm running a 1991 Laser150 in my H9 Funtana, still runs as good as new."

or to put it another way, they're great engines full stop. But how do you get that idea across to :

"The market i am targeting is you guys, club modellers who fly an assortment of sport and scale models of various sizes."

I'm suggesting that if you can get a few guys who don't fly pure scale jobs, guys who will be showing off other aspects of flying, get them to run Lasers and you'll see more club flyers following.


Edited By SuperNash on 01/11/2016 09:22:29

31/10/2016 14:15:01

"because our historical 'marketing' has left so many people with the wrong idea about our engines."

Are there any prominent F3A or IMAC contestants who fly laser?

Any 3d or scale aero display flyers who run with a laser up front?

Thread: Thoughts On Mounting 2 Stroke
26/10/2016 09:08:43

Must admit I only used self tappers into the glass mounts. Obviously they need to be long enough to reach the bottom of the beams.

Use a dremel to cut one or two slots into a screw, to form a crude thread tap. Take that most of the way down each hole. Not 100% necessary but it makes life easier.

Never had any problems doing it that way.

Airfield models is a brilliant site. Loads of good stuff on there.

Thread: Another LMS gone
21/10/2016 10:12:40

I find the thread title somewhat incorrect. They're not gone, after all.

Town centres are expensive to operate from and most specialist shop trade is via the internet and mail order. Not just RC gear. Any specialist hobby stuff. The move to online has been going on for about 20 years now, so this sort of change isn't news, or new, or surprising. Town centres are the domain of lowest common denominator stuff. If RC shops are going to survive (and you do want them to survive, right?) then the old style town centre dusty aladdins cave isn't going to do it any more. Things are different, businesses have to adapt. Or die.

I vote they adapt.

As a similar example, a "local" bike shop I used to use for the odd bike (and numerous small bits) gave up opening the shop on most days, they did Wednesday 4-7pm and Saturday morning. 90% of their business went internet based. Staffing the shop wasn't worth it. The main reason they opened up was to do bike fitting service and for service drop-off / pick-up, and most people who bought their bikes worked Mon-Fri and raced on Sunday.

Thread: A question of physics.....
14/10/2016 09:20:02

Still going? The question has achieved its aims!

13/10/2016 13:15:28

speed of wheels exceeds maximum design rating of conveyor belt

conveyor belt stops

takeoff occurs as normal

13/10/2016 12:17:07


In an equally stupid modification to this ridiculous scenario, my 747 is facing into a 200mph hurricane.

So it doesn't need to move anywhere.

Thread: Computer says yes ... or perhaps no?
12/10/2016 16:35:27
Posted by Peter Miller on 12/10/2016 14:01:42:

What about the one in India that did exactly the same thing.

In fact from the film of the one in FRance he actually cleared the front of the forrest and crashed insode the forrest. Full power might just have given it enough power to keep in the air since it had cleared the forrest.

The captain was showboating along a runway in front of spectators at high alpha, minimum speed and minimum thrust, both lower and slower than the original flight plan, after disabling the high alpha safety system, on an airfield neither he nor the copilot had flown over or landed at, on a runway they weren't properly lined up for. The aircraft was allowed by the crew, as mentioned by Peter J above, to get into an unrecoverable position.

No control system failure whatsoever was found - it all did exactly what it was asked to.

100% pilot error.

Plenty of documentation on the internet - search for "Air France Flight 296" if you're interested in the accident report.

I have a hunch this may not change your mind about computer control systems wink

12/10/2016 08:49:50
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 11/10/2016 23:23:43:

One of the recommendations from the accident/incident reports on today's highly automated airliners is to give pilots more stick time e.g. some airlines get their aircrew to take up gliding to improve and maintain their aircraft handling skills.

See "Gimli Glider" for a great example of gliding skills being used to avert a disaster.

As mentioned, our human skills need to be kept fresh somehow, i.e. not by flying on autopilot all the time.

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