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Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
08/08/2019 12:49:53

ouch! sad

Generally speaking I only really like underhand launches of tractor props, on electric models.

That push-me-pull-you delta looks utterly lethal.

Thread: Solartex, any tips?
08/08/2019 12:40:27

Buy a modelling iron. Worth their weight in gold. It is the right tool for the job.

Domestic irons are large and unwieldy and will not serve you well here. It will cause more messing about than it is worth, I would suggest.

As for heat guns, I concur with Don, one is not needed, a covering iron is more controlled, more consistent and better quality end result.

I'd be surprised if this finished auction much above £10:


Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
07/08/2019 14:13:32

Can anyone see the police expending any of their resources on us?

The odd 'spot check' on a club site on a Sunday, maybe.

Thread: Silicon fuel tube rotting?
07/08/2019 11:15:00

Combination of vapour and UV attacking the compound used to colour the tubing perhaps?

Thread: Binding to orange Rx
05/08/2019 14:57:32

" a motor can beep so loudly! It also judders when it's beeping."

Quite normal. I'd second the suggestion to move a good few feet from the RX whilst binding. I have a few Orange DSMX RXs and they all bind fine when the TX is 10 feet away, but have all been a bit reluctant about doing it when closer.

"constant beeping from the motor"

The constant beeping from the motor indicates that the speed controller is not receiving a control signal from the RX, because...

"and constantly flashing light in the RX"

...the RX is not yet bound and is not putting any control signals out through the servo plugs.

Thread: Prop failure
05/08/2019 14:51:39

"310v prototype"

...he says, quite casually, as if it was old news.

Thread: Extra Hot Chilli
05/08/2019 11:01:43

Watching with interest!

Thread: FliteTest Legacy
02/08/2019 20:56:56

Yes up thrust could certainly have that effect.

The slow fly prop probably isn't doing you any favours on this one, I would think.

Looks as though a little reinforcement around the firewall wouldn't go amiss either.

Looking good out on the field though!

Thread: Hello from Guildford
02/08/2019 10:30:39

Hello from an (ex) Southener!

Thread: programmable tx virgin !
02/08/2019 10:29:10

I'm not sure what the question is?

However, if you can get your head around linux, then opentx should be easy enough.

Thread: YS 45 2 stroke
02/08/2019 10:23:17

No I bet it isn't!

When I bought the 60 there was an identical side exhaust listed on ebay, wish I'd picked that up too, the rear exhaust one only cost me £40. I think they attracted little interest because they were heli motors but the only apparent difference was the crankshaft length, fairly easily solved with a long reach prop nut.

Throttling is incredible with the pressure system, even on a full pipe with a big prop. Took me a while to get the regulator set up though, it had gummed up and needed soaking in fuel so of course the setting was right out of whack.

01/08/2019 14:39:22

These are beautiful bits of engineering. I have a 60 FR, but they now seem to be as rare as rocking horse poo and I haven't used it in anger.

"11x8 APC 13550 - 13600"

How much nitro are you using!?

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
01/08/2019 14:14:57
Posted by Gary Manuel on 31/07/2019 21:39:28

The cause and remedial actions are all based on failure of the emergency parachute system.

Bottom line is that it's not a good idea to fly drones above people. The more people that understand this, the safer our hobby will be.

We could engineer the risk of this stuff happening right down, but them drones will become mighty expensive if we do.

One thing is certain, eventually, things that fly will come down a bit before their expected arrival time. As you say, the easy thing is to not put them over people in the first place.

I note the report states it was 50 yards away from people. What's the minimum allowable distance right now? It might simply have never been over people anyway.

Thread: Balsa Cabin Spin Doctor Kit
31/07/2019 15:42:47

Quite a big fuselage, 62" wing - I'd think 60 to 90 2 stroke, 90 4 stroke?

Thread: Problem with air in fuel line. Pulse xt40
31/07/2019 14:59:46

The SLEC tanks make really good use of space (which is really really handy if you've done something daft like making your tank bay too small, not that I would ever do such a thing). And consequently it is also easier than normal to surround them with foam.

Not sure why you say "it’s difficult to plumb them"?

The Sullivan slant tanks are also good, on a par with the Dubro I would say, if you want to stick with a standard bung arrangement.

Thread: Electric Cars.
31/07/2019 09:18:20

Well, that's that sorted then!

And I thought making it from solar panels was the answer.

I think the problem was actually solved about the same time electric cars were first made, i.e. Victorian era, where it was quickly realised a low level of motor power (and thus slow acceleration) resulted in very low total energy use. But then petrol took over and here we are.

"I don't see how I could manage without a decent sized IC car or possibly a hybrid, that will give me several hundred miles range, non stop at the drop of a hat and can tow a caravan for a couple of hundred miles, again non stop and can transport the models and paraphernalia that gets swallowed by my Mondeo Estate at present."

The ultimate answer is that lifestyle isn't going to be viable for ever, with present levels of cost and ease.

Maybe your small, light, slow electric car has to tow a trailer to cart large items about.

Maybe you have a large, expensive, (second?) car, and accept the high running cost.

Thread: Problem with air in fuel line. Pulse xt40
30/07/2019 23:36:21

Ideally they do not touch. You may get away with it, if they do, etc.

A sintered filter clunk may well be a reasonable workaround. Definitely worth a shot before surgery.

Thread: Electric powering a Biplane or twin
30/07/2019 23:24:16

Short answer, no difference.

Longer answer, biplane drag will affect top speed much more than anything such as climb rate.

For a twin, power loading is power loading regardless of number of motors. Consider, two motors belt driving one prop.

Thread: Model Recommendation
30/07/2019 15:59:52

Does it have to be conventional layout ?

A simple delta from foamboard of about 20" span would work well for that size lipo.

Thread: Servo Torque guide - Sport Flying (electric)
28/07/2019 19:19:59

More than man enough for a sport model of that size. As already said the forces in the controls are not that great.

Even assuming the rudder servo was stalled the current demand on a 322 is around 1.5a (I believe - worth checking in hitec website). N kit enough to challenge a functioning SBEC.

As you say if the SBEC failed the signal to the motor would have been lost and it would not have been running.

Without further info I would have to guess at pilot error...

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