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Thread: 7 Day challenge Nigel Hawes 30" Tucano...............
15/01/2020 06:13:11

Off to a great start there martin.

Surely you mean "up at 5am for more building" ???

Thread: Dereck Woodward Bigga Bit
15/01/2020 06:09:35

I like your style Steve ☺

This design is spiritually an ugly stik with no tail. I'm sure Dereck would have approved (especially of the fake tailplane)

Above photo shows I have decided to fit a UC of some sort to keep the prop out of the dirt. It will probably be a torque arm type from 8 or 10 swg. I say probably as it will be the first thing I have to buy for this build!

14/01/2020 23:19:12


Thread: 7 Day challenge Nigel Hawes 30" Tucano...............
14/01/2020 15:26:07

Excellent, watching with interest, should be easily possible in a 'working week' of days.

I don't think Vortex Vacforms is the day job for the proprietor - give them an appropriate time to respond - you might not get the canopy within your 7 day deadline. It might be quicker to carve/sand/film cover something from block.

Thread: Dereck Woodward Bigga Bit
14/01/2020 13:47:11

It is great stuff Piers. As you say, if you make a mistake, it doesn't matter to much, it is just wood, it can be fixed.

I find it quite thereapeutic to work with wood. A natural material. Requires concentration, an amount of detachment from the outside world, gives a sense of achievement. All good for the soul. As a bonus, our lightweight woods require only a fairly modest toolset compared to tougher timbers.


Edited By Nigel R on 14/01/2020 13:56:41

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
14/01/2020 11:07:04

"So im looking for small four stroke engines, if anyone has any ideas"

There is usually a small but steady supply of the pre-surpass OS 40s available on the popular auction site.

They seem to go for a fair bit less cash than the surpass versions, or the later 48.

14/01/2020 10:53:43

12 surprise

Watching him start them, those are some well set up engines, much respect.

Thread: Dereck Woodward Bigga Bit
14/01/2020 10:40:22

Straight to the top of the class Piers - very eagle eyed!

How I did that I'm not sure. It was in and out the jig a number of times while fitting the rear pieces, and every time I put it in upside down without noticing.

Dick, yes, it would fly perfectly well like that. Nevertheless. I cracked the joint and remade it the right way around as soon as I had noticed. However after re-glueing, I wasn't 100% happy with the resultant joint and I figured it would need some reinforcement.

The rear sides were stuck on, essentially, with an end grain joint (which was a good joint the first time around, and sadly less so the second), reinforced with some 1/4" sq (ish) stuffed into the corner between the former and the balsa side. Most of the strength in that arrangement was coming across the cross grain of that corner reinforcement. Not really enough in my book.

I came up with this:


Those are biscuit joints, give or take.

(note, this shows the mess I made of the end of the liteply sides while cutting the back off, a definite black mark for me, especially after I made a nice neat job of the joints the first time around)

I made the slots using a dremel with three of those 1" diameter circular saw blades stacked together. This makes a neat slot to hold a biscuit of 1/32" ply. A good dose of thin cyano on the outside and inside, and that isn't going anywhere now. Actually very quick to make.

I wonder if they might have some application reinforcing firewall joints?

As an aside to the above, I've noted 13 hours getting the woodwork together, so far. 

Edited By Nigel R on 14/01/2020 10:45:25

Edited By Nigel R on 14/01/2020 10:49:18

13/01/2020 23:14:41

Spot the mistake. ..


Thread: Hitec 81
13/01/2020 16:38:57

Perhaps Hitec have tweaked the servo's electrics to expect a small amount of load (as in, driving an actual surface).

"Dipstick or what"

Nope - no such thing as stupid questions, etc.

Happy ending I would say

13/01/2020 14:16:07

Should be ok on 6v, according to Hitec website.

13/01/2020 09:30:36
Posted by Maurice Dyer on 13/01/2020 07:45:33:

No, it settles down and works ok ??


If I'm honest, I'd probably just live with it, if it is really only something that happens at power on and goes away after a quick waggle of the sticks.

HS-85MG are all round much better than the 81.

If you're looking at corona 929 then the HS-65MG is a far closer comparison in terms of size / weight / torque, I think.

The 81 are good enough in low load (throttles, small surfaces / slow flyers) type use, although the 82MG version has obviously more resilience to knocks and bumps.

Thread: Dereck Woodward Bigga Bit
11/01/2020 22:45:50

Rounded the LE and moved into the fuselage.

I found a set of stand offs for a 3536 type motor ready cut so I'm going to use one of those. I drilled some likely looking holes in the firewall for them and the battery leads.

Wing peg hole drilled in f2 along with a nice big hole to poke the lipo through.

Decided in making the rear end from balsa to keep the weight down so the liteply sides are just 13" long.

11/01/2020 22:35:17


Thread: What size model?
11/01/2020 13:03:10

60 size max. So about six foot and 10lb for me. They start getting awkward to build and store much above that.

Thread: Dereck Woodward Bigga Bit
10/01/2020 23:28:49

So jobs to do. Leading edge needs some shape. Tips need attaching. That's about it before moving on to the fuselage.

10/01/2020 23:26:11

Servo install is as basic as it gets. A couple of bits of ply level with the rib edges.


10/01/2020 23:24:42

Which is not too far off done.

The foamboard ribs tidy up well enough with some cap strips


10/01/2020 23:22:04

Too many choices!

So tonight's session got this far:


Thread: AR 410 Spektrum reciever
10/01/2020 20:02:23

Is your tx set up to use that channel? I understand some glider setups may not be.

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