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Thread: SC Carb bore size?
29/05/2019 14:21:45

A few thoughts -

The OD of the carb spigot doesn't tell you very much - how big is the hole in the centre of the barrel? Typically a 60 would be around 9 or 10mm. Much bigger would call for a pump.

If you can't get it to run rich, that sounds like something is amiss, I would suggest there is a blockage in the fuel system or the nipple area of the carb.

Thread: Irvine 61 Problem
29/05/2019 14:15:38

I'm probably being stupid, but is the needle valve open enough?

Thread: Wire undercarraige
29/05/2019 14:13:50

Pliers make it a difficult if not impossible job, requiring a grip like a worlds strongest man competitor.

A vice is ok.

But a wire bender makes it a very easy job.

I have a K&S Mighty - recommended. Also, see **LINK**

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
28/05/2019 15:35:39

I'd be very surprised if any exemption or mass registration was on the cards, the chance of that has been approximately zero for some time.

I'm simply hopeful the cost to us for the scheme, when it arrives, will be moderated. Ideally it would not be a "user pays" type deal, but I suspect we're way too late, now that the never erring government have already commissioned and (over)paid Flashy McWebsites Inc. for it.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
25/05/2019 23:18:11

Shame about the leg, stunning looking model, well done.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
24/05/2019 13:03:09

"control line flying, "

I thought:

tethered stuff was not affected?

indoor (be that in a hall or a marquee) also not affected?

Thread: In The Newsagents ...
24/05/2019 12:59:33

agree with all of that chaps

re: the social media thing in general, lots of studies done which show a sensible amount of use, hour a day or thereabouts, is somewhat beneficial to your wellbeing - the first things you do on it, you keep in touch with your mates, be they local and physical or forum based (hello you lot!), you get the good stuff done quickly.

if you stay too long, the media starts being your entire life and while it ain't really real, the more time on it the less that's remembered, and things can go south pretty quickly, with more susceptibility to the nastiness that can come out of it, and life becoming an endless series of moves to polish that public image, etc etc. The aspects that go down the line of trying to present a perfect image are a road to nowhere.

Thread: M6? Not If I Can Help It......
23/05/2019 22:19:30

Does the road have to be in this country?

There are a few passes in the South of France that are lovely.

Thread: In The Newsagents ...
23/05/2019 22:18:08
Posted by Percy Verance on 23/05/2019 17:34:33:

I'm afraid I can't grasp the point you seem to be striving to make.

I'm not trying to shove you in any corners. You misunderstand.

Thread: Best cleaning method?
23/05/2019 16:34:05

Question intended to provoke soul searching on adopting Americanism...

Thread: In The Newsagents ...
23/05/2019 16:26:48

Or in other words, Facebook is a different sort of social media, anyone and everyone can be on it, it has no particular subject matter. Twitter much the same but again a different style. And then forums. Usually a forum has subject matter.

Like it or not Percy, you're doing social media. Regularly. Here. And now. You just did some right there. On this forum. Above this very post!

23/05/2019 15:32:34

Nothing new there Bruce, self publicising fools and followers have been around since stick paintings and open fires were the last word in interior decor.

Percy, you are on this very forum, which is social media, doing a remarkable amount of social media for someone who claims not to do any social media. As are many of us.

Facebook is just a slightly different take on the social media thing, with more flashy videos and no particular subject matter (hence, anyone and everyone is on it, not always a good thing).

Thread: Futaba servos.
23/05/2019 15:25:20

It's a taxiing control.

Thread: Best cleaning method?
23/05/2019 15:24:43

What is a toaster oven?

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
23/05/2019 15:23:49

You're quite right Dick. I phrased that sentence rather badly.

Thread: Design & Build Sport Twin
23/05/2019 10:27:54

Right, now that's dry, time to cut the wing saddle out. Template is stuck down in the appropriate place (LE above TE by 1/16" to give a half degree of positive incidence):


The shape is marked with a pin and a lot of holes.

Cutout is roughed out with a dremel sanding drum, then a curved sanding block.

After I did one side, I re-used the pegs (previously used to keep doublers and sides aligned) and transferred the wing section to the second side, separated them, rough cut the second side, put them back together and finished off the sanding.


The saddle is now a good copy of the wing seciton. I cut it oversize by 3/32" or thereabouts, to allow for the wing joining bandage. Any gaps will end up filled by silicone sealant, after covering.

I have a bit more prep left to go with the sides - longerons, doublers around the tailplane saddle, a few uprights.

Thread: Futaba servos.
23/05/2019 09:47:56

Can't fault a genuine Futaba made standard, they're a benchmark.

My own pile of standard size is mainly JR 507s, but I don't believe there is anything to differentiate them from Futaba, both well built solid units. I've still got a set of the old 505s in regular use, and they went obsolete sometime in the early 1980s - all working just fine.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
23/05/2019 09:35:55

Do I read this right?

You would still get to fly any sub 250g stuff, anywhere you wanted, of course, without any of the test or registration.

It would be individual registration as operator for country members (and non-members, or clubs with individual insurance schemes) - but then, fly as before.

Regular club members would get to carry on pretty much as is though, BMFA/LMA/etc would sort the paperwork required to register.

Presumably, everyone would still need to do the competency test.

Thread: Another thread closed
22/05/2019 14:40:05

Posted by Doc Marten on 22/05/2019 14:24:04:

One post has even been deleted.

Mods haven't deleted any posts yet, as far as I can tell.

22/05/2019 14:38:55
Posted by john stones 1 on 22/05/2019 13:16:51:

The fact that we're discussing modding goes against the CoC, yet here we are and threads not closed ?

Discussing a particular decision goes against CoC.

Discussing the modding in a general sense doesn't.

I think.

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