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Thread: Electric Cars.
11/07/2019 15:42:49

"I began receiving both bills for my own home, plus the house over the road!"

Experienced similar problems.

Turns our house and another nearby house had been assigned the same ID. So any work on a meter on either house would result in something being messed up in the other's electric account. Equally, either house changing provider, resulted in both being moved to new provider.

That was fun to sort out, and you'll be surprised at this, the electric provider took quite a number of goes to figure out what was going on, let alone get things right, and it was all done with us calling them, rather than the other way around.

Thread: Cyclists Amongst Us
11/07/2019 15:19:48

If you can build a plane, you can build a bike. Dave Hess is your man to talk to, I believe.

Thread: Newbie with some starter trainer plane balsa IC questions please.
11/07/2019 15:15:26

"n+1 is my normal concept, but not sure I can afford all of those £20 Primark visits haha"

You'll use the trainer.

Then you'll want a slightly more advanced trainer.

Then you'll want a warbird or something faster.

Then you'll think a biplane might be nice.

At which point you'll realise you want something small to chuck in the car.

Then you want a small fast one to deal with a bit of wind.

And maybe a large floaty one.

Then you think about a 3d aerobat.

And then there's the time there is snow on the ground and you need a floatplane.

After that you realise you don't have a delta...

...or a canard...

...then someone mentions gliders...

Thread: Never throw anything away!
11/07/2019 15:12:12

On Sullivan snakes, then you also definitely want a locknut up against the threaded part of the clevis. Bizarrely (I think) Sullivan do not supply any in the pack with the snakes (either 2-56 nuts or 2mm nuts, depending on imperial or metric flavour).

Thread: Electric Cars.
11/07/2019 15:04:07

You made a good choice; I have one of their bills.

It's based on incorrect information, ignoring our correct readings supplied to First Utility at the time we closed our account and moved to another supplier, and is way beyond the back billing cutoff (added to which it fails several of the other clauses in the regulations). It's been followed almost immediately with unpleasant threats of debt collection, despite me already having the issue escalated from first contact with customer resolutions to the team that deals with bad billing. I'm singularly unimpressed with their outfit and will be going to the regulator shortly if they don't sort it out toot suite.

By contrast the network operator responsible for our supply has been very prompt to fix any issues (countryside, overhead wires, trees - the usual).

Is it moving into the market? In some respects, maybe. But their original oil and gas business involves exploration, extraction, refinement, distribution and sales to public. To have a comparable electric business they need power stations, wind farms, hydro dams, etc.

I'm sure they will want to move that way eventually.

Edited By Nigel R on 11/07/2019 15:06:01

11/07/2019 14:46:01

"They have also moved into the domestic energy market"

They took over First Utility. Which means, ultimately, they bought a billing and administration front end business, rather than actually doing any of the electricity generation or distribution or infrastructure.

Thread: Newbie with some starter trainer plane balsa IC questions please.
11/07/2019 13:56:06

"as with bikes, one will not be enough."

N + 1 applies equally. wink

Thread: Cyclists Amongst Us
11/07/2019 11:11:23

Riding is great. Kids are usually more than happy to come along too, so that's always good.

Our shed is too full. All have been home build projects. Including the wheels.

Surly Long Haul Trucker, 105 road bike kit, bar end shifters, cantilever brakes, racks & mudguards, brooks saddle. Favourite ride.

Aluminium Carrera hardtail, XT kit, Light, quick, but a bit fidgety on the steering.

Iron Horse Ojiki. Little used these days, I'm getting too old and have too little time for downhill riding.

Several tagalongs for the kids. My wife has six bikes - hardtail / full suspension mountain bikes, a shopper, and three roadies one of which is a Dedaccia carbon frame with carbon deep rims and is race day only.

Thread: Eddy Currents
11/07/2019 10:51:58

Pete C sums it up.

The wires look neater if they're taped together.

Seems your guru has "a little knowledge"; a dangerous thing. smiley

Edited By Nigel R on 11/07/2019 10:52:13

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
11/07/2019 10:47:09

42 billion? 628000 jobs?

If it wasn't being used as basis of gov action, I'd laugh, loudly.

Still, nice to see some in that debate are clued up and on the side of sense and reason.


"Political expediency nearly always trumps common sense."

Simple reality is that they want to keep their job.

That means keeping the party line.

Party line panders to public angst and whim.

It is the thorn in democracy's side.

One cannot rely on the public for sense and reason, only to behave like a herd.

Edited By Nigel R on 11/07/2019 10:49:20

Thread: Electric Cars.
11/07/2019 10:28:40

Not sure they did. True it was GE design, and one of the creaky first generation boiling water jobs at that. Unit 6 didn't flood and it was used to keep units 5 and 6 cool.

Tepco had known of the badly located backup generators for years, ditto the sea wall providing poor protection, and did nothing. They also refused help from the US who had portable kit ready to fly in and use immediately, if I remember right. Japanese government took a poor stance, closed from outside help or advice, dithered, and made the situation far worse. Tepco didn't have emergency cabling to connect their own batteries to the cooling pumps, connection points were in the basement and liable to flood. And they knew all this. Management ought to be court marshalled, etc.

Despite all this, from all the stuff released during that incident, the local residents had a dose less than a CT scan would give you. And the lasting irony of that incident, is that Japan is now switching to coal, and that switch will kill more people through disease and pollution than continuing the nuclear plant operation would. Money would better have been put into sorting out any other "known issues they didn't bother doing anything about" with their existing plant.

Three mile island did a lot to raise standards within the industry, both design and operation. Lots of the techniques and process, the checks and balances, are common to aviation and medical arenas.

Not everyone signs up to those standards. Russia / China are approaching them these days, I understand.

I realise we're digressing from cars a bit, but you have to charge them up from something...

Edited By Nigel R on 11/07/2019 10:29:13

Thread: Newbie with some starter trainer plane balsa IC questions please.
10/07/2019 22:03:54

If you like bikes and engines, the glow route may not be so hard.

Find a club, definitely, find someone who flies a lot and has planes with engines, ask if they can assist.

The guys doing a lot of flying, and to quote another forum member,, the guys who take home the same number of intact airplanes they arrive with,they're the ones to talk to and learn from.

Kadett is a good choice. Mascot also good choice.

I agree with percy, a super 60 is better than junior 60. Kadett / Mascot I would suggest above both though.

Would suggest you find a copy of the old david boddington book, "radio control primer" - usually goes for a couple of pounds on ebay or amazon. Aimed at beginners in the era when all beginners built a trainer airplane from wood and used glow motors. Very good learner information. Has a lot about installing radio gear as well. Will be relevant for the route you are suggesting. Lastly, it contains drawings (small, but with dimensions) for 'pronto'. Easy build balsa trainer. Would also be a very good choice.

Do consider that buying a cheap electric foam trainer allows you to get flying and get experience quickly. While you build a bigger IC powered airframe at home.

Thread: Black Horse Pitts S2
10/07/2019 21:06:31

Standard biplane behaviours I'd guess? Steep approach, keep some power on? Like to keep spinning unless a bit of opposite rudder and power is used?

Thread: Electric Cars.
10/07/2019 21:02:11

Few years yet until that's a problem devil

10/07/2019 20:43:13

Sorry Don missed the irony!

The 10 years away had at least been increased now to 20+.

I'm generally quite pro fission. Just not the way soviet era Russia did it, ie on the cheap and mainly to make weapons grade plutonium in horribly unsafe reactors.

China are building a lot of reactors. Becoming quite the leading experts in the field. Latest Russian designs now moving to get certified to western standard too. And Heres us paying the french to make one, originally intended to be with Chinese help. Funny old world.

10/07/2019 15:09:14

Don, if you mean cheap, clean, no mess, then I'm not sure you mean either fission or fusion.

Fission is not particularly cheap, although it is clean, but does leave rather a lot of neutron activated mess to deal with (unless the breeder types become more widespread).

As for fusion, yes, clean, no mess, but, definitely not cheap. Time wise, even ITER isn't scheduled for first plasma operation until 2025. The next generation commercial demonstrator won't start construction until 2030 at least. The following generation of fusion reactors that might be commercial grid viable, if I'm lucky, I might see happen in my lifetime...

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
10/07/2019 13:03:25

The chap who ran Novarossi died recently, I believe.

10/07/2019 11:36:12

I don't know. Presumably they make a good power source for the ignition module on your 30cc petrol engine Jon?

Thread: What to use on a Cub
10/07/2019 09:48:22

Lastly, a cub at 60", built light, will go nicely on a 0.15.

I've flown on many many occasions, a Junior 60, weighing around 4 1/4lb (I think, the fraction is maybe wrong, it was 4 and something lb), on a VT25 four stroke, which had less power than the original OS 20FS.

Light and slow needs very little power.

10/07/2019 09:46:31

"I find equating proper outputs to Watts difficult"

Two rules of thumb for you:


Take 2 stroke glow size. Multiply by 20. Subtract three times the glow size from result.

e.g. a 0.40, as in 6.5cc, is:

40 x 20 = 800... 800 - 120 = 680W.

Your 90:   90 x 20 = 1800...    1800 - 270 = 1530W.

That 0.15...   15 x 20 = 300... 300 - 45 = 255W.

It's a real wide angle guess, but gets somewhat close to start with, and is just about "in the head" maths.

The above assumes the IC is propped down to sensible revs, 10k - 11k.

It is total powertrain watts, i.e. what the wattmeter shows (not watts at the prop which are 10% or 15% less).


For a four stroke glow, multiply size by 11 - easy.

For a 1.20, that's 120 x 11 = 1320W

For a 0.70... 70 x 11 = 770W.

Edited By Nigel R on 10/07/2019 09:49:05

Edited By Nigel R on 10/07/2019 09:50:51

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