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Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
01/11/2019 08:50:29

so remind me, we have to

1) pay £9 to BMFA at renewal time, sometime before Jan 2020

2) a BMFA multiple choice test (yet to go live) to do at time of paying the extra £9 for non-holders...

3) ...unless you have an A or B certificate

4) sticker with magic number inside each airframe

and that's it?

Thread: Where to get wood from
28/10/2019 16:53:55

Bought from both Balsa Cabin and SLEC, happy with both, will use again.

Thread: 19G Servo?
24/10/2019 16:17:47

Hitec HS82MG would be my choice.

Thread: Looking for a trainer kit
24/10/2019 11:19:03

"Does anyone have any experience of the Phoenix model products Shindig?"

No, but Phoenix have been very highly spoken of on this forum.

Also, the plan for the Shindig is accessible and for free download, and if it is not an electrified version of the DB Tyro design I will eat at least some of my own hat.

If you want a standard trainer it would be an excellent bet, I think.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
23/10/2019 14:43:37


Many thanks for continued efforts on our behalf.

Thread: Charging LiFePo4 batteries
22/10/2019 17:56:00

The main thing is that they are LiFe chemistry which determines the charging settings needed.

"lithium-ion and lithium-iron"

you be careful with that can of worms there!

Thread: Electric Thrust
22/10/2019 17:42:58

"static thrust, which is what it is all about"

Indeed it is, for a helicopter or drone.

Thread: Charging LiFePo4 batteries
22/10/2019 10:47:26

Cutoff voltage is the important factor here.

The HK website mentions this to prevent (well, you get the idea) accidental use of a LiPo only charger.

If your charger has the right mode for LiFe, then it should work just fine.

Thread: The Ohmen
22/10/2019 10:45:38

Glowmen, surely?

The little OS is a thing of beauty.

Thread: PWM Switching rate anybody?
22/10/2019 10:39:45

It's possible to count if you can see inside:


Thread: How far do you travel to fly at your club?
21/10/2019 15:23:53

12 miles from home, and in between work and home - I guess I'm quite lucky there.

Thread: Safety tip when buying from places like ebay & Bangood
21/10/2019 14:41:11

"Banggood operate in the EU"

You pay direct to the Chinese based parent company, I believe. They might dispatch from a warehouse in the EU... however, I'm not sure where that puts them, legally, in terms of any applicable distance selling regs and so forth.

Thread: Where do you keep yours?
19/10/2019 08:22:24

Metal cabinet on wall of breeze block shed.

Not 100% safe as there is other stuff out there that will burn. But far enough away from loved ones.

The biggest danger time is after physical damage.

Then during and after charging. Heat being the thing to watch here.

They can self immolate at any time due to internal damage, in theory, but the chances are quite remote.

Thread: Spektrum DX7
18/10/2019 11:08:43

"A good presentation from dear old Bruce on Spread Spectrum form 2011"


As far as I know, the Spektrum protocols DSM2 and DSMX both do this within the channel they are transmitting on.

DSMX then adds "slow" hopping between the various channels, on top of this.

Thread: Servo fitting and horns
18/10/2019 00:43:02

What doc said, for elevator.

For rudder I would start at the outside servo hole and outer hole on the horn.

Thread: Easy cheap build
17/10/2019 14:48:30

Thanks Erf. It sounds pretty good for our needs.

Build is proceeding pretty quickly despite your protestations!

Thread: Spektrum DX7
17/10/2019 14:21:42

"Nigel: Its not quite as simple as you make out. Frequency hopping is NOT the same as spread spectrum. It is perfectly possible to make a frequency hopping system that is not spread spectrum."

Not, it is indeed not the same, although I was trying to keep my post as brief as possible. DSMX - with its (pseudo) random hops across all available channels within the 2.4GHz band (24 or 27 of them) - achieves the spread across the whole band (with its associate redundancy) as well as a low duty cycle on any given channel within that band.

"Frequency hopping adds an extra layer of resilience on top of spread spectrum, but much of the immunity comes simply from the spreading process, regardless of frequency hopping"

Yes, so admittedly you could do a spread method without hopping, but freq hopping is the easy route when the existing technology in mobiles has been developed already, plus the hopping with its low duty cycle allows for a lot of simultaneous devices to use the band without interfering, and the low duty cycle means you don't have to implement look before transmit.

Other methods are certainly available, but we are here, with the prevalent technology being hopping.

17/10/2019 13:39:21

2.4Ghz is pretty susceptible to shadowing and attenuation. The clobber we put in models (an engine, a large lipo) is large enough and solid enough to interfere with the reception of a given frequency quite easily.

DSM2 picks two frequencies at power on. Having these two fixed freqs within the band provides exactly two opportunities to get the signal from TX to RX. Could both be blanked? Yes. Would we notice? Maybe not. You might only be at the right angle or position very briefly. Or you might be flying something slow moving and not notice because you aren't actively moving the sticks.

DSMX hops continuously. It is, as the saying goes, the real deal. The fast hopping provides many, many more chances to get a good signal through within a given time period.

If you're happy with DSM2, crack on. But. The only worse 2.4GHz method I can think of would be to pick one fixed frequency.

It is more difficult to make freq hopping work. I don't think Spektrum did it themselves, in the end it was (I think) Texas who did their chips. So some expensive outsourcing. Trickier physical designs, more complicated software. However, getting out in the market first was the crux of Spektrum's commercial success. It's VHS vs Betamax. DSM2 was the quick hack to put "2.4GHz" on the box. DSMX is the proper job.

Lastly, if DSM2 is so good, why has it been replaced?

17/10/2019 10:20:12

OP hasn't been here for a while, but, my take is -

* the G2 / black TXs have two transmit paths, a definite plus

* DSM2 is not a very good protocol, at all. DSMX is a proper frequency hopping spread spectrum effort. I don't know if the original DX7 does DSMX?

As to the channel count, all 8 channels can be quickly used up by a warbird type -

1 left aileron 2 right aileron 3 throttle 4 rudder 5 elevator 6 flaps 7 gear 8 the other elevator, or the other flaps, or gear doors, or ignition cut

" BTW, converting the DX7 charging polarity is dead easy, a straightforward wire swap if you can solder. "

I must admit I'd knock up a converter cable, rather than modifying the TX or charger.

Edited By Nigel R on 17/10/2019 10:21:35

Thread: Latest CAA Update
17/10/2019 10:10:55

"With a 'majority' of MINUS 45 the government (which in the UK boils down to the PM and his cabinet) no longer has that consent. So it has no 'mandate' whatsoever. For anything. Including the bringing into effect any laws not already in effect when the government did have a majority."

Hmm, well, as I understand things -

You voted for a representative from your constituency. All those representatives are still MPs*. We consent to be governed by these MPs as our representatives.

Some MPs, however, for reasons not for this forum, no longer belong to the (previous) majority party. Ergo, the present cabinet cannot propose any new legislation or motion and guarantee it to be passed. It still has a mandate to govern, as we are still in the term of parliament covered by the 5 year period which follows a GE. But, that government/cabinet could be subject (and maybe quite soon) to a vote of no confidence - at which point you could expect either a coalition of other parties to form a new government, or a GE to be called.

In short, the government still has a mandate, but it is somewhat toothless, and thus needs replacing with a government that has a majority (as we are realistically expecting sometime soon).

* well, one or two excepted, hence by-elections, etc etc.

mods, apologies if this is looking a bit too much like politics

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