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Thread: Need a new fuel pump (glow fuel)
15/06/2020 13:24:32

Fairly sure mine is the JP one, has been working fine for some time now, I run it from a 3S lipo (same as the starter, in case I forget to charge one or other I can swap).

Thread: Aeromaster
15/06/2020 13:05:29

If by huge blocks you mean the big chunks of 1/4 ply right across the fuselage, no, I'm not using those.

The blocks I made are 1/2" x 1-1/2". I just prefer tapped blocks to using T-nuts; as I didn't have any suitable hardwood blocks I made some up from scrap. They're attached to fuselage sides:


I quite like the tapped wood answer. It costs next to nothing, as I have a tap and there always seems to be something suitable in the scrap box.

Then I added some soft 1/4 to the saddle area:


It doesn't need to add much strength to anything, but it does provide a larger surface to rest on the wing. Note the wing peg hole has been reamed out to 8mm, ready for...


Which has come out ok, after some fettling. Wing incidence is set slightly positive compared to fuselage datum as I've used a symmetric section (the plan shows a slightly cambered at zero degrees incidence) - leading edge about 1/16 higher than trailing edge.

I guess it is now time to tackle the wire work and get the top wing rigged.

Thread: Returning after a 20 year absence!
15/06/2020 09:49:24
Posted by Doc Marten on 12/06/2020 13:19:52:

I was the first (and only) to mention Overlander and Eneloops. Your point?

Edited By Doc Marten on 12/06/2020 13:29:30

Why bring your recommendation of Overlander and Eneloops up? It's irrelevant to my point.

My point was, China was not relevant. All anyone on this thread recommended was updating the old, 35MHz gear to a more recent 2.4GHz set.

Thread: Need a new fuel pump (glow fuel)
14/06/2020 07:02:15

Time how long it takes to fill. If I count twelve on the first fill and eight on the subsequent then the tank is about right.

Dead sticks are just something that happen occasionally. Without being funny about it they shouldn't be too frightening a prospect.

Thread: Aeromaster
12/06/2020 22:35:21

On my own build a little progress.

First the fuselage went the right way up in the jig for the firewall


I used a couple of scrap wedges in front of the firewall to keep the firewall flat while the glue set. The small warp is now gone.

And it's out of the jig on its own two feet so to speak




Making a start of the lower wing fitting. These are blocks to take the bolts. More scrap box digging. A sandwich of 1/4 ply, some hard 3/16 balsa and liteply. They will be tapped M5.

12/06/2020 22:27:52

Looks good Martin. Are you adding any cross bracing to the cabanes later?

Thread: Any cheap recommended modelling foam
12/06/2020 13:08:31

is proplex like correx?

Thread: Returning after a 20 year absence!
12/06/2020 13:07:23

You're the first person in the thread to mention China, Doc.

Thread: Any cheap recommended modelling foam
12/06/2020 12:54:15

The obvious one is the foamboard sold by Hobbycraft in A1 size sheets, 4 for £10.

Thread: Returning after a 20 year absence!
12/06/2020 09:19:57

Welcome back

The engine, bearings are no problem, as already said, I would not be surprised if a little heat (if it does not result in divorce, pop it in the oven for a few minutes to warm through) did not get the crank out

As for radio, I would be reluctant to suggest using the 35mhz gear, sometimes storage is not kind to electronics, and modern gear is more reliable in my experience. my advice would be to buy a transmitter / receiver and a fresh battery for the model.

The servos are simple to check so see if they are ok before replacing the whole lot.

Thread: Returning after a long time away
12/06/2020 09:13:53

"I’m about to start construction of a model which requires 10 mm depth servos for ailerons."

Which model?


"In the past I always used Futaba, is this still a product that is a good all-rounder? Or are there comparable to consider now?"

Futaba is generally quite pricey. Most of my club use Spektrum. Have a look at the DX6E for a good all round set. (Steve Webb Models) is one of the most comprehensive sources of servos of many brands as well as radio kit.


DX6E here - **LINK**


David is right, Hobbyking film is very good, but seems to sell out quickly when it comes in stock. The same stuff is sold by rapidrc here -

Edited By Nigel R on 12/06/2020 09:14:59

Thread: Extra Slim Twin
12/06/2020 08:26:30

Chris if you're going to try altering the thrust it might be worth pointing the starboard engine right for about 4 - 6 degrees total right thrust and the port pretty much dead ahead.

Although tach the engines first and see if one is lacking behind if you haven't yet. What prop do you have on the 46s?

Thread: Aeromaster
11/06/2020 14:04:43

Re: the wooden squares used for the clamps, it might be worth getting a laser cutter to knock them out, you need 32 squares! I made mine by hand and it was by far the most time consuming bit. Plus, mine, being hand cut, needed a little tuning up to make them properly square.

11/06/2020 11:06:23

Andy, it does - they're one of the most useful shop tools we can make or buy, I think. Makes it dead easy to get a nice upright tailpost and an even taper amongst other things. The one I made was published in RCM years ago, the pdf with all the detail has been posted on outerzone here:


The wood clamps are more rigid than the plastic angles that the SLEC jig contains, I've seen builders using rubber bands or clamps to prevent those from splaying out.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
11/06/2020 09:13:01
Posted by Brian Neasham on 26/05/2020 12:00:01:

Worth the money?**LINK**

I've been watching that to see what it does finally go for.

The seller is a regular who knows the market, no idea where he's sourcing his kit from - that's practically untouched, reckon with a clean pipe and manifold it'd be £1500.

Thread: Aeromaster
11/06/2020 08:44:04

I've been moving my fuselage along.

I put some uprights in the tail of the fuselage. One right in front of the tailplane, and two more to divide up the area. These are just scrapbox wood, 3/16 square, I think.


And more wood from the scrapbox for a tailplane seat, some thicker, softer stuff:


Next up, some crossmembers right next to the uprights:20200610_151117.jpg

I decided to add a former at roughly the middle of the wing saddle area:


it occurred to me immediately after I had tack glued it, that the cabanes would mount near there. Lo and behold, I'd put it right on the area I needed clear for the ply plate I plan to use for the cabanes. So it had to move back a bit.

And then I got the former next to the LE in place, bringing me up to here:


A block will go at the tailpost before removing the fuselage from the jig. Then I will reset the jig with the firewall right up close to the edge of the jig so it is clamped tightly by the jig itself without having to rely on clamps dangling out in free space.

When the firewall has gone on, I plan to move on to getting both wings aligned nicely with the front end of the fuselage - time to dive into some wire work on the cabanes.

Edited By Nigel R on 11/06/2020 08:46:44

11/06/2020 08:28:14

Neat. I presume you'll use four bolts to secure the wing?

Thread: pegasus models amazing service
11/06/2020 07:12:40

Pegasus are great. Usually very quick too.

Thread: Strange problem
10/06/2020 16:34:01

"When the servos are fitted if you use the servos the motor starts and runs constantly."

At full power? Or just spinning over at low power?

My first guess would be, the throttle needs calibrating - this procedure should be detailed in the XP2 manual.

Thread: The Ohmen
10/06/2020 16:03:58

Pete yes it looks like the Rans can't quite develop the end over end rotation at the end of the maneuver. Maybe not quite enough torque or thrust perhaps.

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