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Thread: Batt, problem mobile drill
13/02/2019 12:30:50

I had a similar problem with a Bosch cordless drill, battery pack stopped accepting charge. Bosch replacements were silly money, no-name replacements from Fleabay were a bit better; but simplest solution was to take the battery out of the plastic case and retrofit the battery case with an XT60 plug; now it's much more powerful than before when driven off an old non-flightworthy 3S 2200.

Thread: Film covering to repair "alumium" Mustang wing
06/02/2019 17:43:44

Steve - I have some of the "silver" HK film. They do two versions, so watch out if you do order that... one has a brushed finish, and so one needs to ensure the brushing marks go the "right" way if you use it. I've used the non-brushed finish on the Skywriter I built:20180404_174941.jpg

Impossible of course to tell from the picture whether this will match or not, but I'm happy to send you some samples for colour matching if you like to PM me.



Thread: Hurricane - 303 Movie Due For Imminent Release
04/02/2019 21:56:10

Hear hear Colin. I merely pointed out that the film is now available. It tells a story - how accurately I am not in a position to tell, and my personal opinion was that much of it looked as though it might have filmed against green screen as there was a lot of "flatness" in some of the imagery. But I am no expert, so I can't tell - I do know that some of it appeared rough around the edges which one has come not to expect from modern CGI. Perhaps it was lower budget than recent blockbusters.

Some of the shots do show very clearly how weathered and battle-worn the aircraft were, not like our pristine showroom models.

It tells a valuable and little-known story, whatever its shortcomings in our "expert" eyes. Watch it - or not - in the spirit it was intended and with an uncritical eye on the flying scenes.


04/02/2019 10:53:03

You may like to know that this film "Hurricane", about Polish squadron 303 is now available on Netflix if you have access to that.

I watched it the other day - many of the flying scenes look a bit fake, unfortunate in these days of high quality CGI; but it's good that the story has been told. As noted above by FilmBuff - it's a drama, not a documentary. Some nice static shots of planes on the ground. I did feel it left a lot of "joining the dots" for the viewer to do.



Thread: Drilling ply/balsa
04/02/2019 10:04:20

For balsa and soft ply (i.e. liteply) , a piece of brass tubing of the right diameter, sharpened on the inside (needle file or conical grinder on your dremel) works brilliantly and makes a very clean hole, as it's cutting not drilling. Run it slowly and clamp your work to a sacrificial backing for a clean exit cut.


Thread: Spektrum AR 620
27/01/2019 12:10:40

Bruce - I have! Summary: very impressed.

Look at my thread here:


best regards


Thread: U/C LIGHTS
18/12/2018 15:21:36

Chris, Hobbyking do several receiver controlled switches eg. this for under a fiver: **LINK**; plug that into your aux channel, and your lights into its output, then assuming your receiver is capable, set up a mix retract channel -> aux channel; play around with the settings a bit and you should be able to get the lights to come on reliably as the wheels go down. Job done!

Thread: Spektrum AR620
16/12/2018 18:13:16

Reporting back....

I have now tried the one I bought last week from Leeds Models, and I have to say I'm quite impressed. I positioned it centrally in a vintage sport model (a Precedent Lo-boy), with an OS 46AX up front, a 9oz tank and a 6v Eneloop flight battery just behind the tank.

When doing the range test, I asked a helper to hold the model at such an angle that the engine block, the (full) fuel tank and battery were all blocking the direct line of sight to the transmitter (a DX8 G2).

At over 40 paces, with my back to the model (so the signal had to get through me too) there was no sign of any glitching or anything other than normal operation. We didn't find any issues with any other orientation either.

So I was more than happy to fly that model, and have just returned from flying it almost exclusively all day with no radio issues whatsoever. Unfortunately I didn't manage to remember to note if the telemetry had recorded any holds or fades, but there certainly were no glitches!

I'll definitely be getting more of these receivers, certainly for the smaller models. Not having to worry about antenna placement is a bonus.

Hopefully this will concur with Mr Ashby's review when he does it for the mag.


Thread: Ebay sellers...
11/12/2018 10:11:32

Here's a bargain for you: a new AR610 for only £76.87. Postage is free though.


Doesn't need batteries. Apparently.

and the number of "puzzle pieces" is 1...

Thread: Spektrum AR620
11/12/2018 09:47:23

Hi there, has anyone tried one of these new internal-antenna Spektrum receivers yet?

I picked one up yesterday from Leeds Models. Clearly with the antenna purely inside the case there is a possibility of signal blockage if there are large lumps of metal or batteries up front. It claims to be full-range, and presumably Spektrum have tested stuff like that...

I've not tried mine yet, but will do lots of ground based range checks before I risk flying it, and will report back with my findings


Thread: Ebay sellers...
21/11/2018 14:36:07

This has got to be a fake:


Thread: Ammo box
16/11/2018 11:57:20

I second (third?) the views about ammo boxes, great things; just be careful when shutting the lid that you haven't trapped any of the battery leads....

Thread: workbench design?
12/11/2018 11:39:54

Alex - I've done lots of vice work on the one I got from eBay, and have had no quibbles or issues so far; it's remarkable value!


12/11/2018 10:48:16

I got one of these from fleabay:


5' workbench for £80 delivered - remarkable value and very solid, my building boards rest on top to be moved around as necessary. Other sizes are available. Definitely recommended. Unless you already have the materials to hand, I doubt you could buy the bits to make it yourself for these prices! I've added power distribution panels on the two front verticals.


Thread: Ever wondered why the engine won’t start?
01/11/2018 12:03:16

... and I not only mark the tank, but I colour code the fuel tubes too. Clear for the fuel line to the carb, blue is the pressure line to the exhaust (after all, exhaust gases are slightly blue, aren't they), and pink is the fill line. Saves any confusion once the tubes have been poked through to the engine compartment!

Thread: Printing of plans
18/09/2018 11:52:47

If you don't have a local copy shop that charges reasonable prices, I have had success dealing with Planprint It, available here: **LINK**. My Kwik-Fli 3 was built from plans they printed for me. They do custom sizes and next day delivery from an uploaded PDF. Prices seemed reasonable to me though there is of course a delivery charge.

Thread: plotter/cutter
06/09/2018 14:43:58

There was a thread on this a little while back - see here for some suggestions and more examples:


Thread: Forum Members Old Heaps: Let's See Them!
04/09/2018 15:41:58

Go on then, here's my contribution.

I didn't build this, I obtained it from a club sale for very few modelling tokens, the intention being to use it as a windy day and limbo event hack. It's an old Precedent fun-fly, one of the originals with the foam core wing, so goodness knows how old it is. This picture makes it look reasonably tidy, but it's definitely been very much pre-loved! It even has mismatched wheels...

If you should happen to recognise this model as originally yours, you may like to know it's back in regular use and flying very nicely in virtually any conditions. The engine was seized when I got it, but I freed it up and ran it for a while, had quite a few flights with the original FP40. But it was very worn, lots of play and very leaky, so I treated it to a new FP40 that I found BNIB. It's a good fun hack that I don't mind using in what we call "crashing" weather round here!

Precedent Fun-fly

Thread: Max Thrust Ruckus
30/08/2018 10:20:43

Hi, one of our club members has a Ruckus which he seems happy with - he too had the undercarriage problem, which he cured simply by fitting it on backwards....

Thread: Kwik Fli 3 - 50th anniversary build
29/08/2018 09:25:54

Hi Daniel, yes I still regularly fly this. If you build one at the original scale (i.e. 60" wingspan), remember that it was designed for the 60-size engines of the late 1960s, so a modern 61 provides really sparkling performance in the air and virtually unlimited verticals. You might get away with a modern 52 maybe but I wouldn't go any smaller - even with the modern 61, the take-off run is quite long and you have to be sure it's got airspeed before rotating. If you're looking for something for a smaller engine, look at Martyn Kinder's Kwik Fli 40 **LINK** or the more recent Flea Fli **LINK** threads

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