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Thread: Festival of Flight
19/08/2017 23:25:19
For the evening show he just kept saying "can I have a selfie" every 30 seconds and exclaiming he loves JD and needed more drink.
Frankly it was embarrassing and I've left a review on the Facebook page stating it too.
Commentary is supposed to be commenting on the show, not exclaiming how cool/pissed/awesome/badass etc you are or how the current pilot won't do what you're telling him to do so you take the piss out of him.
19/08/2017 22:47:54
I never had a problem with Nik Johnson before though, but today I found him annoying.
Might be one to feed back to Steve Bishop as he's the one organising and ultimately paying out for the commentary...
19/08/2017 22:38:30
We popped down for the late afternoon bit then stayed for the evening show and thought the same.
I actually thought he seemed like that embarrassing uncle at a wedding who's had too much to drink and nicks the mic off the DJ and won't give it back...
Thread: 48" Depron Spitfire
12/01/2017 23:29:06

Well, the 3D printer has had a good test at least!

New motor mount designed with the thrust angle built in - pretty much the same angle as with the x-mount and washers but a lot stronger.

3D printed motor mount

Also printed a wedge piece to bring the undercarriage rake forwards which has worked out great too.

Undercarriage raked forwards and new motor mount installed

Now just need the weather for testing...

09/01/2017 23:48:41
Posted by john stones 1 on 09/01/2017 23:40:11:

Big improvement Sterling, flys very nice yes

Can you tilt the u/c forwards a bit, to get wheels nearer leading edge of the wing ? tapered balsa wedge between u/c and wing. Landing speed looked good to me.wink


I may go mad and 3d print a wedge out. I did wonder if it might need some more rake on the undercarriage to help prevent the tips.

Felt so good to let it fly rather than having to fly it myself if that makes sense.

Might have to do some measuring and see what sort of angle I'm going to be needing and see what I can come up with...

09/01/2017 23:14:08

Managed a few flights with the spit yesterday - pretty much zero wind so pretty good for it. First flight was with the 8x6E prop and it ruined the plane totally. Really bad left roll at pretty much all throttle levels and instantly felt tail heavy again.
Second flight with the 8x4 back on felt much better but still a bit tail heavy for some reason despite it being the same set up as I'd previously flown.
Went again on a third flight but added 45g to the nose just at the front of the battery box. Instant change - super stable, really tight on the turns and felt "connected". So strange how it can change that much but it was great to actually be able to fly it and give it a real trim out at last. One thing I did do before the third flight though was dial in some right rudder trim. Might have helped some but the major thing seems to be the balance that has settled down. I know I didn't want to add any ballast but I can manage with 45g no problems at all.
Only down side to today was every landing resulted in a nose over on touch down. Why, I have no idea but she didn't want to come down at all for the most part so it may have been a bit too much speed as it's the first time I've landed the spit in no wind. There was a gentle breeze coming down the runway on the third flight which moved to going up the runway by the time it came to land but still not enough to cause any issues.

So more work to come but as it stands she flies lovely at last!

Edited By Sterling101 on 09/01/2017 23:15:40

02/01/2017 15:52:53
Posted by eflightray on 02/01/2017 15:42:14:

I know time flies, but the 2nd of Feb already ? (2-2-2017) wink

Nice model, but please do something about that U/C surprise

Retracts would just finish it off nicely.

Ray. (with a 72" Spitfire in Depron).

That's my cameras fault - it date stamped it wrong and I just played follow the leader

I will build a new wing with the retracts in (have a set of eFlight ones ready) but I still need a bit more stick time to get my eye in on this one yet. Slowly getting used to my first low wing plane that just happens to be a warbird too

02/01/2017 13:18:13

Quick prop change and tightened the motor X mount bolts as somehow they were slightly loose (might be the cold weather, will keep an eye on it).
Also swapped glasses for my prescription shades with green tint. Much better all round for vision.
Much more controlled take off and allowed me to add more trims and get it much more stable than before. Did some basic checks on roll and pitch stability and I think it's about right now.

The temporary invasion stripes (white label and black marker pen) underneath definitely help with orientation so once my black and white paint arrives I'll get those put on properly but make them wider and still keep them on the underside only.
It did feel a little under powered, but to be honest I think I'd rather have it that way than it being a screamer as it's quite relaxing to fly and the second flight was done mostly at half throttle.
Both batteries came in with 20% and 16% remaining respectively which I though was quite good considering the temperatures so should give me much more headroom when it's warmer and there's less frost involved!

02/01/2017 13:17:28

Well this morning's weather didn't disappoint at all. Cold at 0 degrees but bright and sunny, even though the sun was in a slightly inconvenient place for finals. Slight cross wind over the runway of about 8mph and gusts to about 12mph at altitude.

First flight was with all trims reset. Bit of a silly thing to do but figured it was better than the 20% down elevator trim I'd needed before.
Take off was a little hairy and I just managed to catch it (despite scrubbing the crop with the wing as torque roll took hold) as I needed to up the aileron and elevator throws slightly but saved it with a hand full of right rudder and once I'd got that set and got some altitude I did a bit of trimming and got it close to being in the right range. I did lose orientation at one point (about the 4 minute mark) but I think half the problem is my glasses. I wear reactions lenses and in the right (or wrong if you prefer) light they over contrast things. Still managed it fine though and brought her in which went well right up to the last moment when I pulled back on the stick to plant the tail and had a little too much speed and it lifted again, stalled and nosed over. No damage other than pride and a prop.

01/01/2017 15:50:16
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 01/01/2017 15:30:16:

Happy New Year Sterling101, I quite enjoyed watching that, you've proved that perseverance pays off! You can't beat having the 2.5 degrees wash-out on the wing that the full-size has got, +2 at the root and -1/2 at the tip, which is why the real one doesn't tip-stall at all.

I did try and add the washout in the build but it's hard to get it spot on without a full jig. Certainly better than not having anything anyway.

I did do some CG checking this morning after I'd added the radiator covers to hide the flap servos and looking at my plan I think I must have miscalculated it slightly.

Here'e the radiator covers anyway - good shot of the cut down Carbon Copy undercarriage too...

Radiator covers to hide the flap servos

I have a root chord of 316mm if you take the fairing into account or 282mm if you don't. I'd calculated that the spar should be about 90mm back from the leading edge which sort of works out right for a single spar wing and the strength is in the right place no problems.

So my balancing was based on having the spar on the CG point so when I balanced the plane for the first flight it was on the spar. It was very much too tail heavy and I only just managed to bring it in (as you can see from the video). The second flight I moved the battery forward by about 20mm and it was more controlled but I still had to trim the elevator a long way down as any application of throttle still wanted to pull the nose up although not as hard as the first flight. I have about 3 degrees right and down thrust on the motor mount so shouldn't see the level of throttle ballooning I was seeing.

The flight yesterday was a little further forward with the battery but still not massively and the CG was balanced at about 5-7mm in front of the spar.

This morning though I did some working out based on a few reference images of both the full size plane and a few models and I think the CG should be more like 70mm from the leading edge! This could well explain the porpoising I've been getting and general instability in flight.

I've shoved the battery right forward now and I get about 65mm from the leading edge which balances nicely with the plane inverted with the nose pointing slightly downwards (or nosing up if you prefer as it's inverted!)

So, I just need to wait for the next day that the weather allows now to test again. Maybe I can get it close enough to fly without fighting it and hopefully not need to add any ballast!

31/12/2016 21:44:46
Will try CG next time out and I've still got the throws set up to adjust them with the dials on my tx so can tweak them in flight which is rather handy

Little steps but so far so good for my first ever low wing plane...
31/12/2016 21:34:43
Posted by john stones 1 on 31/12/2016 21:30:21:

Much better, it's just like a real un winkyes


Practice makes perfect, going to hit plenty of sim time to get my eyes accustomed to the shape to help me with orientation.

Need to try a slightly more nose heavy setup too as it still felt a touch tail heavy today although not as bad as on the maiden.

31/12/2016 20:30:49

After paint I decided to concentrate on my landings and not tip stalling when I come in which I've done on the old spit and this one when I maidened it the other day.

So with a bit of messing I managed to add some flaps and got to test them out today. Yes, I can finally land without tip stalling and actually bring the thing in nicely! No more scuffed wing tips from runway rash!

I did manage to nose over at first and clip the prop though, but a new prop was to hand and I got it airborne once more albeit somewhat louder due to the out of balance prop! I actually was about to abort the take off when the wind got under the wing and tipped the plane up so had to power up to prevent any damage and I was airborne after that. Still need to work on orientation when in the air, but that will come with more practice I think and hopefully better skies too rather than dull and not very bright.

All in all though, I'm happy with the result and I can now get the radiators made on the underside of the wings to hide the flap servos!

Here's the flaps in action...

And here's the flight from today...

Happy New Year folks!

16/12/2016 22:39:12
Posted by john stones 1 on 16/12/2016 22:35:17:

Looks very good Sterling yes maidens made me did good wink


You'd love the one from the previous week which was a combination of hard left torque roll and me swearing as it hits the ground!

16/12/2016 21:23:04

Maiden completed a couple of weeks ago - found it very tail heavy at first and could probably move things forward quite a bit from how it was on the second flight. Gusty conditions didn't help, neither did the cross wind but it came back in one piece with no damage other than a bit of runway rash on each wingtip.

All in all though it flew well enough and I've now got it in paint ready to fly again, whenever the weather and light allows. This was my first ever attempt at airbrushing too so quite a learning curve but I think I managed it ok!

Came out pretty well I think

26/11/2016 21:25:46

After crashing my FliteTest Spitfire from it being far too heavy for low wing conditions and having far too much aileron dialled in I decided I wasn't done with the Spitfire just yet.

Here's what happens when you have very little control, bright sun blinding you across your glasses and no idea which way your plane is heading when you get vision back.

I decided I wanted something a little more scale looking this time, but nothing too deep and ideally a relatively light plane.

I managed to find a few plans on and basically took various bits of each plan, scaled it, adjusted it and made a plan up from there.

I came up with a 48" wing span and had two major requirements. Firstly the wings had to be removable and secondly I needed it to be a semi-scale shape as going full scale is beyond my skill set and frankly it would be heartbreaking to end up nosing in after putting in so much work and I wanted more than just a square fuselage.

So I ended up building bit by bit over the past two weeks (since the crash) and I'm now ready to maiden it. No filler has been added, not a lot has been sanded so it's as raw as it can be for the maiden.

I've got fixed under carriage on at the moment but do have a set of e-flite retracts which I might fit to a second wing at a later date.

Hoping for decent enough weather to get it in the air sooner rather than later - we shall see how she flies. You can see more info on each of the pics in the album running through each of the stages in the build.

Thread: Am I missing something - Flying today
06/11/2016 16:59:13
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 06/11/2016 16:07:08:
Posted by Colin Carpenter on 06/11/2016 13:13:36:

Been out this morning with a bog standard Riot in 15 mph + gusts. It flew ok. Clubmates Riot fitted with a Lemon Rx stabiliser flew on rails ! Just the cold fingers that may upset some folks but as I've been rc modelling throughout the winter since 1969 I'm ok Jack !!!!😁 Colin

I agree. My Riot is the model I'll turn to in draughty conditions and it puts paid to the allegations that foamies are no use in a wind.

MY main problem is the wind chill. My right hand particularly feels the cold and seizes up, which is what might be called a 'bad thing' for a mode 2 flier. I've alleviated that problem a bit by buying some electrically heated fingerless gloves. They're powered from a USB port and I use a Turnigy 10AH pack primarily intended as a portable energy source to recharge things like phones and tablets. I found them on eBay and they're only available in a small size but as I have small hands anyway they're OK. Just Google 'heated fingerless typing gloves'


Definitely seems the majority of the problem I have in the wind now the temperature is dropping is wind chill.

Was flying last night and the wind was up at around 15mph gusting to about 25mph. Not a problem for my fresh build but my fingers were numb by the end of the flight.

I'd love a set of thin gloves with heating elements in - would make things so much more comfortable! Doesn't help that the general shift towards winter is happening now so rather than windy and warm it's just downright chilly!

Here's the plane I was flying last night though - one sheet of depron and some LED strips.

Alpha Jet Night Flyer

Handled the wind perfectly too

Thread: Depron 49.5" Spitfire
30/10/2016 21:12:07

Just need to get it airborne in still conditions to get it trimmed in.

It has now lost around 250g since that flight so should fly quite well hopefully.

Typically the one weekend where I was away and couldn't fly the weather was perfect for it!

29/10/2016 22:00:50
Last Sunday's test flight in bloody high winds.
Still flew well though, just needed more speed on landing but still learning and no damage done.
However on the Saturday I had a failure on the tail so had to retrieve from a tree and rebuild the back end.
Now much stronger, bit heavier, but still immensely flyable even in winds that make it hard to stand upright on the flight line!

Edited By Sterling101 on 29/10/2016 22:02:43

19/10/2016 23:10:13
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 19/10/2016 23:02:18:

I agree it looks like it flies very nicely.

You are probably right about needing fairly calm conditions.

If the wings are indeed that flexible just be careful about adding too much weight or you may find they start to flex in flight and that tends to really upset its flight characteristics.

After the mods and wrapping the wings are now very strong with very little deflection even in Sunday's high winds. I was surprised exactly how well it flew in gusts that were making me shift around in the pilot box.

Just need the weekend to stay dry and a bit less wind is always welcome smiley

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