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Thread: Seagull Turbo Raven
31/07/2016 11:11:12

Hi guys Iv just brought the above model, i will be fitting an asp91 2 stroke. Would you say there is a correct CoG as I think il aim for about 130-135mm. Many thanks Tom.

Thread: Seagull radial rocket
13/05/2016 15:48:54

Thanks guys I must of missed that one, have read it and it does look smart, just need to open up the cowl and be gentle on landings!!

12/05/2016 15:30:15

Ahh thanks il try and find the review, yer it does look a little bit on the week side but they all have the bad points, as long as it's not actually a bad design hopefully it will stand up.

12/05/2016 14:34:09

Hi guys I'm looking at a seagull radial rocket for a 90 2 stroke should fit in nicely and it looks a nice plane but has anyone got any reviews of it on here? Thanks tom.

Thread: Acro Wot mk2 artf electric motor recomendation
11/04/2016 20:42:32

Just thought I would share my thoughts of putting an 1050KV motor in the foam e acro wot. What an improvement, The standard motor is 850kv and I fitted the overlander 3635 1050 and it fits spot on tho the motor shaft is about 5mm longer, batteries are warm, motor is warm but speed controller is lukewarm.

Flight time is reduced on my new 3c 2200 to about 6.30 (leaving 18-25 %) but speed is better alongside the APC 11/8 prop but the biggest improvement is it will go vertical from take off and is almost unlimited (until it is very small)

very chuffed for about 25 pounds from inwoods and would recommend to anyone with an acro wot or wot 4. Well worth the money. Tom.

Thread: Acro Wot mk2 artf electric advice plz
23/03/2016 15:44:37

Hi everyone, could anyone recommend or help me make a set up for an Acro wot mk2 please I'm going electric with it and I would like a bit of speed and vertical power.

I'm happy to go 5-6 cell and a 60-80 size speed controller as I would be able to put it in other models in the future, but I can not work out what motor to go for, Im still new to the electric side of things but I love chucking a battery in my acro wot Foam E and would now like to go a bit bigger and faster, many thanks Tom.

Thread: Acro wot foam e upgrade motor
07/03/2016 18:44:55

have rang suplier and found out it is an 810 kv so can delete this thread if needed, tom.

06/03/2016 19:36:28

Hi everyone sorry if this has been covered I did have a look, but I'm looking to upgrade my Acro wot motor, Iv seen a couple of cheep upgrades on eBay going up from 810 kv to 910 kv but that is only any good if my Motor is actually 810kv?

Any help welcome thanks tom

Thread: FMS p51 v8 vs the free wing p51.
04/03/2016 11:11:06

Hi everyone,

Looking at my next electric foam e, was thinking a bit the FMS p51 but then came across the free wing p51 it's a little bigger and seems well built. Would take the sound system out straight away!!

Any thoughts? Many thanks Tom.

Thread: converting over from nitro, advice plz
29/02/2016 20:51:32

Hi everyone, sorry for the delayed reply, thanks for all the comments and cracking advice. I took the plunge and brought an Acro wot foam e, batteries and charger, after reading the comments (thanks Steve,) I LOVE it, its brilliant, I can pop it in the work van and within 5 mins of getting to the club I'm flying and with 5 batteries I get the same flights in and back to the family, very chuffed with it.

Thanks for the FMS models tip they look good, I must admit that the price of converting a bigger model vs the foam models with half if not most of the work already done is very very tempting. Does seem a lot of out lay just to not have a foam model, and if they are like some of the wrecked wot 4s at my club they can take a knock it would appear. I must of admit I was against foam planes but I have got 360 on that.

Hopefully many more electric updates too come

Thread: Warbirds any good electric compatible models from experience??
21/02/2016 16:49:20

Hi everyone, I'm looking at the black horse P47 as my next model but would like to run it electric but I don't want to start cutting holes in the plane for the battery access.

Can anyone recommend a 60 inch Ish size plane that can run happily with electric with out having to carve big holes or ones that have a magnectic attachment. any ideas welcome.

many thanks Tom.

Thread: converting over from nitro, advice plz
19/02/2016 19:54:04

thanks John will do.

19/02/2016 19:42:37

thanks Dave yes a friend said he would leave that set up alone too, il try ans get it priced up and hopefully it wont be too bad.

19/02/2016 19:25:37

Hi everyone,

Many thanks for all your reply's and info. Right the model I'm looking at buying next in either Ic or electric is this.

it seems good value for money and a nice size, my 91 2st would be lovely. BUT I just cant seem to get them to run reliably, like today, I took me ready 3 out for a flight with a 60 4 stroke, 3 flights no problem then on the last flight on a go around the engine died on the turn and I broke my landing gear with a hard landing. WHY?? In my head if i had electric i wouldnt of had that bad landing, iv seen people get them running perfectly but i dont seem to be able to. I don't had loads on money to throw away on models either, But i fully realise that electric is NOT cheep but my main issue is time, with a couple of little ones and work I put my gear in the work van and go flying after work so the quicker I can get flying the better.

I thought if I spend some money on a good electric set up and then i can buy the same size models with that power set up in mind. But after today i must admit im about ready to give up with this lark lol.


thanks Again, Tom.

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/02/2016 17:35:43

18/02/2016 20:40:41

Hi guys im thinking of converting over from my 91 2st to electric, the phaff of nitro somtimes and the lack of flying time i get is making me think about going green smiley im aiming to fly a 60 ish size plane electric

the first thing is could anyone recommend a rough system or costs, i cant afford to buy 3/4 £70/80 pounds worth of batteries to have a nice few flights,

are there any systems i can buy at a 60 size as watts and volts are a little confusing,

many thanks for any help. Tom.

Thread: FPV uk suplier and advise?
10/02/2016 18:41:41

Hi Denis, I dont really see putting it in a plane a problem at all. having a camera on the tail or in the "cockpit" would not be an unfamiliar view, if you have a look at the pan and tilt cameras they move with your head so no issues there really. but il take your advice onboard, the quadcopters look nice but i have already leant to fly planes and know the basics wink plus then the added price of buying a new aircraft, but il have a look. failing all that il just take the goggles off or stop looking at the screen and look at the model to land normally.

09/02/2016 20:14:07

Hi Martin, I didn't want anyone to think i was showing off but il update it. Thanks everyone for your input, I was looking at doing it DIY but wasn't sure on buying all the seprate bits, I'v seen the goggles linked above (thank you) and then if i buy a camera and transmitter and then receiver i should be about there but i have no clue which ones to buy, i have looked at the fatshark preditors v2. They come as a kit and look quite smart what do you think?

Il have a look on that forum and see if i can do some more learning laugh

Thanks Guys, Tom

Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
28/01/2016 20:09:12

Il let you know steve il put some pictures on smiley not phaffing with a 46 denis lol

Thread: FPV uk suplier and advise?
27/01/2016 20:47:47

Thanks martin, im up on all the rules, hold a PPL and have seen some of the footage up on youtube and it makes me cringe everytime thinking what one of those would do. Thanks Philip il have a look.

Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
27/01/2016 20:08:59

ahh guys youve got me all confused smiley I think it would be a cracking model with this engine in it. i would love vertical power, but really not fussed about going flat out all of the time. Its either this or the Black horse p47 thunder bolt, flaps and gear vs the nice simple acro wot.

Steve did the 91 4 stroke fit in ok? a few people have said there is not a lot of space in the cowl to fit a larger engine? if i could fit the 91 2s in i would be quite tempted hehe.

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