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Thread: Amazon flying warehouses
03/01/2017 23:00:17
Posted by ChrisB on 03/01/2017 20:36:05:

The page below describes the law..and not just for drones.


Thank You Chris. ,

Yes, I have read this .

03/01/2017 22:30:41

We can only hope that the CAA roots for UK Aeromodelling then .

Money should never override safety , in a perfect world ............

BTW I have never subscribed to trial by media , and there must be a lot of classified information not for public display , for security purposes . rightly so.

But it's nice to get some " allowable " info from those who are more closely involved once in a while , or at least in the same horse trough .

Interesting comments on  applied Patents , could this simply to stop others copying their technology ?

A Tactic widely employed by Automotive manufacturers . strange how each " new " generation of Car's end up looking loosely the same though.



Edited By Peter Android on 03/01/2017 22:49:16

03/01/2017 22:14:41

Thank you for the Clarification BEB , I think .

Since it has now been pointed out that the bmfa are not Agents of the Law .

I wonder whom would best provide legal advice , should anyone become entangled or estranged within the ambiguity of " Compendium " 658 ?

Could be a very dangerous game to play .

03/01/2017 19:31:37

If CAP 658 is simply guidance ?

Would someone kindly point out exactly what is the actual Law then ?

I have lost count the number of times I have heard 658 quoted as " Law"

The only total radio failure I ever personally experienced is when I got accidently shot down on the same 35 Mhz Channel . my fault , I had changed crystals when fettling the model at home , and forgotten !

2.4 Has been a godsend in that respect.

Countless deadsticks over countless years have resulted in either a glide , or a ditching , landings were / are a blessing

Banter , Applause or Good natured abuse are part and parcel , and is what makes us Human .

Point is , I had / have the option to do so. assuming of course at least some servo's are still operational . not software.

Blind Faith in technology , worries me. a lot.

01/01/2017 22:18:24

Well , I do not pretend to understand the workings of artificial intelligence or clever software .

51 Years of Aeromodelling has taught me something though . but I am not expert at anything in the modern sense of the word.

In my own , very simplistic common - sense world , if a flying " device" or whatever it is tagged at any moment in time , which appears to be the major cause for concern.

That relies on purely artificial means in the first place to enable it to fly , or remain in a stable condition , at some stage , will breach the ANO in ref to persons or property , simply because it cannot respond , remain stable or even fly . on human interaction - when things go wrong .

The human failsafe is not available to preform a controlled - safe landing .

Yes , it may have a clever failsafe holding / landing / circuits etc . but it still cannot avoid that which is illegal to trespass upon. in a dead stick type of situation unless I am being totally naïve ?

Could it be that those who promote the development of such machines have a vested interest.

There are many roles for commercial drones that I totally applaud, usually involving the prevention or saving of lives ,

Could these be removed from the 2 .4 Ghz spectrum ? or whatever they fly on , and be made available by special licence only on another frequency unique to themselves .this being accountable ?

As a long time member / supporter of the BMFA ( in the Main) I have always felt to be registered / accountable .

As a boy, I too recall nipping down to the post office for a " radio Licence " for my Mum.

a ten - bob note used to cover it wink

My own personal preferences do not come into this, never have .

Neither am I about to fly down into the weeds by posting links to where this has actually happened on countless occasions .

In order to avoid pouring flames on the fire , what I say , or write , is of course open to conjecture , but what I think , remains private.

Common sense ought to prevail , I hope

I am but one man , one vote ( if I was ever asked) and will not be browbeaten by others.

Happy New Year to All . and lets hope we can all keep flying .


30/12/2016 22:54:56

My observations apply to the current Drone situation , commercial or not .

They do not comply with the ANO , and cannot do so.

30/12/2016 22:40:29

Erfolg has pointed to the real issue of " safety" and rightly so.

When undertaking a BMFA - A test for example , a looooooong time ago. 1st attempt .

At one particular point , I was required to make a dead - stick landing , wether I liked it or nor not !

the ( glow) engine had gone from a low - tickover , to nothing , in the most inappropriate place you could wish for , given the limitations of the flying site .

After achieving what I considered to be a proper recovery , ending with the model into wind and safely touching down. on the runway .

cutting to the chase , Noooooooooooo , Sorry . would you like to take it again ? uttered said Examiner , whom I was conviced had relatives that resided in Walmington on Sea ?

After a cup of tea , and friendly advice , A further , successful , A -Test ensued .

In my Eyes , Captain Mainwaring had just promoted Himself to Captain Sensible and was my soul mate for life.

He was , of course , absolutely correct . On my 1st attempt , my efforts to " save " my model aeroplane , which I did . I had completely overlooked the fact that I had overflown , on a dead - stick , both persons and property at low level , and in close proximity .

His concern , quite rightly , was that I did neither of these things , complying with the A.N.O , and the model should have been ditched in a safe place. and should not have overflown aforementioned persons or property .

Sooooooo , then , as Fixed wing ( dead stick ) and Heli Modellers ( autorotation) also comply with aforementioned A.N.O

How ? can a " Drone or Multicopter etc , when it goes belly - up , , avoid persons or property , or indeed the Airliner / Full size that has just come into close proximity ?

when it is relying purely on (software to enable flight , and has no Human intervention possible , at least in part . when things do and will go wrong . ?

This is bad enough with line of sight , but adding a camera only compounds the issues , massively

It / They may ? have return to base function , which can also go faulty , but it cannot respond like the best computer on earth , the mark 1 eyeball an d the HUMAN Brain .

I fear that safety will , and is , been overlooked for sheer profit .

Thread: TJ's Hobbies
30/12/2016 21:33:02

I certainly hope TJ continues , one of the nicest people you could ever wish to deal with .

I recall that He started out supplying fellow Flyers and Clubmates with modelling items on a none profit basis , purely as a favour to His Buddies.

And the business took off from there ( no pun intended) .

Never likely to threaten the big boys , He ambles quietly along earning a very small piece of the modelling pie. offending nobody. with an open honesty that puts the likes of rip off max to shame. ( My Opinion)

The hardest bullett to bite ,is often the loss of such character's , when their modelling business has been forced to close .

The fact that you originate from " Southern Softie" upbringings have been overlooked , for now .

A facelift may be in order though - the person not the website . wink

Carry on TJ , if yer can . old luv.




Edited By Peter Android on 30/12/2016 21:50:21

Thread: UK government consultation on commercial use of drones.
22/12/2016 14:04:03


Thread: Diesel guru needed
22/12/2016 13:46:02


Some of you may enjoy this ?

A Modelling buddy ( Sam) test - flying His late Father's Puppeteer ( Diesel) after a long period of storage, which is circa '20 years old .

Sam then passes the Pup' over to His -Son for a flight or three .

P.A.W 60 I believe . which throttles superbly ( for a diesel )

That is to say , Three generations of the same Family , have now Enjoyed the same Model Aeroplane.

Wind conditions are far worse than appears ( I was there )

No substitute for experience. as they say.

Respect .

Thread: Old Haltonians ( Halton - Brats / Trenchard Brats )
13/12/2016 11:31:24

Again , Since this is a Model Flying Forum , Myself being one of them and an ex - brat , I would urge all modellers to read this .

As I previously tried to point out, great swathes of both Urban & Countryside may be affected by " Rationalisation " which is the Governments spin on this.

I fear that Model Sites / Clubs may be affected , are Modellers to be barred from entering / flying on M.O.D land in general ? what's left of them that is . after the housing developments get under way .

Have the forthcoming changes at Cranwell / Barkston alone signified the end of the Nats ? I hope not .

Many of you will have fond memories of Halton , thank you to those who contribute .

My post is not any kind of political statement , which do not belong on here , simply a nod to all ex - brats and how these defence changes may yet affect Model Flying.


Edited By Peter Android on 13/12/2016 11:39:10

12/12/2016 21:55:44

In 1971 , up and down the " Hill" twice a day , 3 x Bands , one of my ex - brat buddies still Drums in the R.A.F Golden Oldies band , who are very well received where ever they venture.


12/12/2016 21:48:42

For those who are centred upon model flying - solus ,

And have little or no interest in the R.A.F or Government " Rationalisation " ? not a judgement , each to their own .

however , there are some bitter pills to swallow here.

The Devil is in the detail.

Ref b. Stage 2 in the blue highlighted section .

This transfer is to be completed by 2020 , which of course means massive infrastructure changes to both Cranwell and Barkston Heath.

Coupled with the likely closure of the current technical training at Cosford , who may also re - locate to Cranwell.

The Implications are onerous , as far as Model Flying Goes .

You may do well to study the associated pdf file at some length.

The Government website / pdf , though recent , is not up to date and things are moving forward at a pace , literally as we speak.

Not being a Barrack Room lawyer , and being a spokesman purely for myself - as always , it would appear to me at the very least , from the published facts , that Military establishments are to be given over to Housing Development on an massively unprecedented scale .

IMHO Far from contributing to the Military Budget , they are decimating it and those who live , exist and depend upon it ? The Fat Cats involved in this will be rubbing their collective whiskers in glee , most of the closure / re - development sites are prime - top dollar land , with associated mega - buck housing prices .

My Heart goes out to the Military personel who will be severely affected by all of this, and the infrastructure that are co - dependant.

This is likely to have a profound effect on Model Flying in the UK , and possibly many Model Clubs ? 

As if things weren't bad enough with the palaver over EASA proposals.

Has this got your attention ?


Edited By Peter Android on 12/12/2016 21:50:40

Edited By Peter Android on 12/12/2016 22:02:36

12/12/2016 17:06:47

It is with great sadness that . on Dec 10th the decision to close / move R.A.F Halton has been issued.

Ref: Group Captain Duncan Grant (Retd)



On the 9th December we were formally advised that RAF Halton will close by 2022. The run down is planned to occur in three phases before disposal of the site as an RAF Station.

a. Phase 1 - Airfield disposal.

b. Phase 2 - Relocation of School of Recruit Training and Airmans' Command School to RAF College Cranwell.

c. Phase 3 - Relocation / rationalisation of Lodger Units.

As the plans evolve over the coming months your Council will keep you informed of the impact for the Association.

As part of the Governments " Rationalisation" Plans

This will bring closure the most significant period in the History of the R.F.C - R.A.F thanks to Lord Trenchard's Legacy . though hopefully not it's end .

As other Brats will testify For over 70 years Halton was the R.A.F No1 school of Technical Training before it's uprooting to * R.A.F Cosford

Without Halton , the Rothschilds & Lord Trenchard , The Creation of the R.A.F as we know it , or even at all , could not have taken place .

May I urge any ex - brat or other interested parties / supporters to pay a visit the Apprentice Museum at Halton , if Humanly possible , whilst they still have the chance .

I would like to thank my Good Friend Bob Rodham ( Ex - Brat ) and supporter / contributer / website creator of numerous apprentice causes , and  Halton 223 Entry Website,  for His continuing Support.

This is in respect of the Thousands of Apprentices who passed through Halton's Gates and were / are the unsung Heroes of Numerous Conflicts.

Regards to all




Edited By Peter Android on 12/12/2016 17:07:59

Edited By Peter Android on 12/12/2016 17:19:02

Thread: Scampton Airshow
12/12/2016 15:52:41

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere , whatever:

Due in no small part I am sure, to yet more supportive persons ,

Early Bird Tickets are now on sale for Cosford 2017

Thread: Picco 60 S/E carb & exhaust parts wanted
12/12/2016 15:16:16

Mr M.

According to gurgle , some versions of this motor were fitted with the HB PDP Carb ?

If your do a current search for " webra carb " on Fleapit , there is a chap with a few vintage engines in various states of repair , which may be of use ? or possibly not.

hope this helps.


Thread: Brit on tour in Australia
12/12/2016 14:43:07

Hope You have a Good One Sam. Oldluv.thumbs up

Thread: Terry Westrop
06/12/2016 18:50:34

Not wishing to intrude on His Close Friends and Family whatsoever

It Was an absolute pleasure to have met Terry

We shared like - minded views on many subjects , not least Model Aeroplanes.

What a very great shame that He has been taken from us, before His Time.

Top Class Designer , Flyer and Builder .

World Class Human Being.

Respect .

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
03/12/2016 20:39:12

SPOT THE SERVO Competition


Thread: So you think you fly big models??
11/10/2016 16:04:11

Great Stuff ! Mr C.

" Keep em Flyin " on the other hand , is a part of U.S parlance I do tend to agree with .

Any info; or surviving pics would be nice............ ?

and , thanks for the info.


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