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Thread: Mirus Build Blog
12/02/2017 14:30:39

Thanks for the feedback, but I will still follow this blog to see what I can learn

12/02/2017 14:03:39

Hi Mannyroad, I'm following this build ..... nice looking plane

I am looking around for a high or shoulder winged plane to progress to after a traditional trainer. Is this Mirus a suitable plane to move on to?

Thread: Do I need to drill cooling holes?
28/01/2017 14:09:21

So today I have bought the motor for my Chapter One build, the first electric motor I have ever had, and started to mark out the firewall for the rear mounting.


There will be a 40A ESC directly behind this firewall and I have read on these forums of people carefully directing cooling air onto the ESC. But the plans do not show any such cooling holes anywhere in the firewall or battery area. So does such a small power system as I am using need any cooling? And if so, how much?

Thread: Modifying fuselage for aileron wing
12/11/2016 11:07:04

Thank you very much Peter for such a prompt and informative reply .......

12/11/2016 10:43:20

I am a SLOW builder, I posted on here that I had bought the wood to build the Chapter One on 27th August, and I have now completed the wing.




So can turn my attention to the fuselage, since I am building the aileron wing I thought that I would change the wing seating area while I have the fuselage sides as flat sheets. The aileron wing building article describes changing the area of an existing build and says "shape a curve into it until the wing sits nicely with the l.e. and t.e. positioned exactly where they were on the original wing This is important as it will affect the incidence of the wing if you get it wrong". What exactly is this incidence that the author is talking about? The original wing seating area is flat and parallel to the bottom of the fuselage, centre line and tailplane seating. So I dont see any incidence angle.

The t.e. position is easy to keep, but the leading edges of the two wings are very different. Am I correct in thinking that I should shape the seating so that the leading edge "pointy bit" will be in the same position against the "bump stop" as the the original wing pointy bit was?

Is there anybody that his built this aileron wing and can offer more advice?

Thread: Question about adding web between wing spars
28/10/2016 20:33:41


In my younger days I had a Private Pilots Licence in the US. Just ten hours of tuition and you were signed off to go solo in Cessna 152. It seems to have been much simpler than to get a model into the air today

27/10/2016 20:38:45

Wow ... I didnt expect to get so many answers for such a simple question

This is my first build for more than 40 years, and I was just following the build notes in RCM&E, "All that remains is to add the 1/16th vertical grain shear webbing between each of the outer ribs"

It looks as if there are many ways to skin a cat and I will consider all of your advise for my next build ..... if there is one.

26/10/2016 20:48:54

So you add the web with the grain vertical after you have added the leading edge sheeting over the main spars and rib capping. But do you just add a simple rectangle from top of top spar to bottom of bottom spar? Or do you put little 'notches' in the corners so that that you go top of top sheeting to bottom of bottom sheeting?

Sorry if it is a stupid question but the plans are ambiguous and havent seen any pictures in build blogs that give full details?

And does it make any difference which method you use?

Thread: What power motor for Chapter One?
23/10/2016 15:13:25

Ignore this question

I found the thread of "Power train for Chapter One", it answered all my questions


23/10/2016 12:02:41

The Chapter One will be the first plane that I have built with electric power, and iron-on covering so expect a lot questions about that in a few months as well.

The plans specifically mention, twice, that it is suitable for 250 -300 watt electric motors and the Purple Power PPO-3536-1100 is drawn on the plan as the example. The 4-Max web site also has an electric pack for the kit with that same motor, but it is described on their site as 525 watt. I would prefer to buy the motor at my local shop but he does not stock Purple Power, their site is **LINK**but what size am I after, 300 or 500 watt?

Thread: RCM&E November 2014 needed
16/10/2016 18:31:44

Thanks Steve ..... message sent

16/10/2016 17:47:49

I have started to build the Chapter One that was the free plan RCM&E November 2014 issue. I have the November 2015 issue with the plan for the aileron wing so I decided to build that version and started with the wing. I am a slow builder so I am just putting the top sheeting on the first wing half now. I now realise that the build article is essential. When I start on that fuselage I need to know the exact build order or I am going to make some big mistakes. I have tried the back-issue service on this web site, but it doesnt go back that far. So, is there anybody out there who has the November 2014 issue that would be prepared to scan the relevant pages and send them to me?

Thread: Imperial to Metric Conversion
28/08/2016 16:45:54

kc, OK it will be 5mm for the tail end, and I like that idea for the 'false LE', I will definately incorporate that into the build.

Martin, I must admit that I did not check the size, I was just going by the descriptions next to each rack, but I have just checked the sheets I bought, they are definately 1m long and 100mm wide, not 4inches.

The problem with ordering from the UK is the delivery charges, I would like to have ordered the CNC wood pack for Chapter One, GBP 55.25 seemed like a good price, but the delivery charge was another 74.99

27/08/2016 16:24:23

Thanks for the suggestions. I am just getting back into the hobby and I have never used one of those balsa strippers before, I will get one and let you know how I get on with my leading edge.

27/08/2016 15:30:17

I went to the local model shop in Switzerland today with the Chapter One wood list. No problem with getting 3mm balsa sheet for 1/8th inch and 1.5mm for 1/16. but what about 3/16th? I can only get 4mm or 5mm not 4.5, I suppose 4mm will be fine for the tailplane and rudder. But the plan calls for 3/8th square leading edge which calculates to 9.5mm. I can only get 8mm square or 12mm. Does anybody think it it would be a problem if I slim down the front of the wing rib template by a millimetre or should I just accept that I will have to get the 12mm square and sand a lot more off?

Thread: Import Duty Brexit
09/07/2016 15:03:56

I live in Switzerland, not EU members but some sort of special arrange arrangement. I was going to order the Chapter One CNC woodpack, price of the pack was GBP55.25 delivery to Switzerland was GBP74.99

Didnt buy it

Dont know how much of the delivery charge is based on local import charges, if any, but this was just too much. Thanks to guys on another thread for posting the balsa list, wll be going to the local modal shop, 20 minute drive each way, next Saturday to get everything.

Thread: How many channels for a trainer?
27/03/2016 14:02:32

So I want to get back into the hobby.

I started making models back in the late 60's, KeilKraft free flight, Dolphin and Invader still spring to mind, then it was control line and then radio control. At first it was the single channel with the twisted rubber down the fuselage, was it called the 'escarpement', first press right, second press left, but in the end my dad and I had a MacGregor three channel, and we had lots of fun with motor, rudder and elevator.

That ended in the early 70's when I went of to Uni and the models and stuff all got sold off when my dad died a few years later.

The last few times that I have been back to the UK I have bought copies of RCME and I want to get back in to the hobby but things have changed a lot since the 70's.

I plan to buy an electric ready-to-fly foamie to start with just to learn how to fly again, my local model shop recommended the Multiplex Easy Glider Pro, and I have found a local club with a nice field who also fly a lot of Multiplex and will help me with test flights.

But ultimately I would like to get back to making a plane from balsa again, and I like the look of the Chapter One that was in the November 2015 RCME. But my question is, if I buy the cheap Easy Glider with ailerons for learning to fly is there any point in building the Chapter One with only rudder and elevator or should I just go straight to building the aileron wing.

So is three channel now dead because looking through the magazine ads a six channel transmitter seems to be the minimum these days.

Thread: Your first RC model
19/12/2015 12:49:43

KK Outlaw with an OS15 and the Wee McGregor sticker on the wing

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