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Thread: Flying through covid !
01/11/2020 11:32:12
Posted by Doc Marten on 01/11/2020 11:15:42:

Don't overthink it and stop looking for loopholes works for me, leave that to the professionals.

Well said. People spread Coronavirus, so if you don't want it, keep away from other people wherever possible. If you HAVE to be close to others take precautions. Simple isn't it?

Thread: Grammar, punctuation, spelling
10/10/2020 19:08:13

My particular pet hate, the incorrect replacement of have with of. For example, "Could have" or "could've" are correct, "could of" is not.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling are all important in conveying the meaning of the written word.

Thread: Redundant at 62!
26/09/2020 11:53:51

Hi Cliff,

I'm pleased to hear that there is a good chance of continued employment albeit a little further from home.

I hope it all works out well. Best Wishes for a brighter future.


Thread: What's flying over your house
06/09/2020 13:55:41
Posted by Andy Hibbert 1 on 05/09/2020 20:16:32:

Three B52's at approx 10,000ft over Northampton earlier this week. Maybe letting down into Mildenhall. Great sight and sound!

B52s have been very active from RAF Fairford the last couple of weeks. This last week at least a pair has flown out every morning from Fairford roughly ENE at 10,000ft over Northamptonshire then over Lakenheath and onwards easterly climbing to 30,000ft plus. They disappear from radar roughly over NE Poland and reappear 4-6 hours later to return on the same route to Fairford.

Quite a sight even at 8-10,000ft (I'm near Northampton too) and unmistakeable sound.

Thread: Redundant at 62!
05/09/2020 12:59:51

So sorry to hear that Cliff.

Seems to be the modern way of management - take no responsibility, sub-contract all you can. In the vernacular of these times, Outsource.

Hope you find something soon.


Thread: Prostate Cancer
03/09/2020 12:06:47

Thanks Andy, just over 2 years since my Prostatectomy, all going well.

I feel I was lucky to have both an excellent GP service and a seemingly dedicated Prostate department at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford. it was just under 10 weeks from initial GP visit to completion of Surgery for me.

I think there is an element of postcode lottery in addition to the Covid effect on getting initial diagnoses. I understand that the PSA test should be available on request without GP referral. What happens when you get your results is however dependant on your GP's interpretation and actions.

Best Wishes to all fellow sufferers.


Thread: 'Great News' !
31/08/2020 12:30:01

Not really enough info, can't find a motor matching the given size on HiModel website. Unusual, but could it be that it's propped for a 2S battery?

David, I think the link should be : 3541/1270 motor . That would do nicely.

Thread: sas wild thing
29/08/2020 20:55:26

I've noticed that the links in the SAS Website are broken.

This link to Facebook may be more useful: SAS Facebook page

29/08/2020 19:31:22
Posted by James Humphreys 1 on 29/08/2020 19:26:22:


Are these Models still being produced and if so where can I get one ??

Checked the web page and nothing is available, anyone point me in the right direction many thanks James.

Latest incarnation of SAS is here: Soar Ahead Sailplanes

Thread: Swann Morton blades
18/08/2020 08:09:07

SLEC Stripper blades are: Swann-Morton Major V shape Sterile Carbon Steel Blades 0724

About £12 for a box of 50. Bought my last ones from here V Major blades


Thread: Extension Leads Problem
15/08/2020 11:46:00

+1 for (tightly) twisted leads, just good practice for longer leads. Nevertheless I can't help but think that the leads are the most likely cause of the problems. As C8 says a progressive test of all components should identify the problem.

Thread: LED wiring
11/08/2020 12:29:39
Posted by Steve J on 11/08/2020 12:14:25:
Posted by Mike T on 11/08/2020 11:59:53:
Posted by Steve J on 10/08/2020 16:03:46:
That is how the nose light on my FunJet is done, balance connector to LED driver to 1W LED.

That looks like a cheap experiment, but the ready to go setup linked by BiB looks a bit of a bargain!

IMHO there is very little point in putting 30mA LEDs on models (unless you are putting a lot of them on).

I'd agree with that. For normal daylight use once they're more than a few feet away you can't really see that they're on. The "Superbright" Landing lights are quite different, easily visible if you're in the beam even in full daylight.

10/08/2020 14:28:32

If all the LEDs were identical then series with a current limiting resistor would work, otherwise the current flowing would be governed by the lowest rated LED, the higher current LEDs would just be a glimmer. The "correct" solution would be an SBEC (more efficient) with each LED having its own current limiting series resistor.

But, hey, if the OP is happy and the LEDs light up, object achieved?

09/08/2020 21:08:43

These might have been easier:

LED Nav Lights

Thread: Crimping tool
17/07/2020 18:50:50

And here

4-Max Crimp pliers

Thread: Forum weekend prize draw - winners!
10/07/2020 16:01:00


winning post.jpg

Thread: Spektrum Receiver Plugs and Sockets
02/07/2020 14:56:09

Spektrum/JR standard plugs should have a small chamfer on 2 "corners". Futaba plugs are the same size, but with no chamfers and a tongue. Many "look a like" plugs are not quite the correct profile, usually a little too large, hence the problem getting them to plug in.

There are also some "universal" (fits nothing) plugs around which have neither chamfers or tongue.

Better they're a tight fit than loose, but it is annoying that the alternate manufacturers can't get the dimensions right.

Thread: Miss Sizzle
21/06/2020 15:05:44
Posted by kc on 21/06/2020 14:51:33:

When is this to be published in RCME?

July issue - Magazine due out next Friday in the shops, earlier for subscribers. Digital copy already out, if you're a subscriber.

Thread: Chris Foss Xtra Wot
20/06/2020 17:15:56

4.55 litres of methanol and oil should weigh approximately 3.7kgs, a little more if high nitro content. 500cc will weigh just over 400 grams, again, depending on nitro content.

Thread: 4Max batteries - any good?
04/06/2020 08:03:10
Posted by McG 6969 on 03/06/2020 21:56:47:
Posted by BackinBlack on 03/06/2020 21:07:43:

Mine from George have all given good service. They do actually meet or exceed the specifications, unlike some others from lands afar.

... where do you think those Lipos or whatever bits are 'fabricated'?

They all come from "lands afar"... not from that cottage industry next to your man cave ! ... so, stop dreaming...

This said, on the forum, 4 Max seem to have a solid reputation regarding service and seem to be quite helpful.

Well done from George & Co. yes



Chris, I'm all too well aware that almost all are manufactured in China, but you'll note that I said others from afar. Specification and quality control can however have quite an impact on the final product.

Happy Flying,


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