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Thread: Is there a list of frequencies we can use in the UK?
27/05/2020 14:41:36

868MHz can be used for Radio Control, providing the ERP(radiated power) is not in excess of 25mW. See here, page 22: IR 2030

Edited By BackinBlack on 27/05/2020 14:42:02

Thread: Shaft reversal
10/05/2020 11:05:34

Some motors are designed with reversible shafts, some aren't. Simple.

Those with reversible shafts will have alternative circlip grooves and flats. I do not like the bolt on prop adaptor type where commonly the entire thrust is taken solely by the circlip, poor engineering practise. It appears to work OK for small motors , but I will not trust that method for anything over a couple of hundred watts.

Others may disagree, just my take on it being from an engineering background.

Meanwhile Happy building and Happy flying whenever that time comes.

Thread: Is it a Lipo?
26/04/2020 18:26:40

This one from the component shop might be suitable:

1S Lipo 200mAH

They have a good selection of smaller batteries, bot LiPo and LiFe.

Good Hunting


Thread: What are my options?
22/04/2020 16:06:48

The world has conveniently turned a blind eye to the oppressive Chinese regime, it's disregard for human rights and truth whilst benefitting from cheap goods. This is despite the obvious undermining of indigenous industries and manufacturers, resulting in ever greater reliance on Chinese manufacturing.

I hope that there are some repercussions against China, their free gift of Covid-19 has proved to be exceptionally expensive not just economically, but most particularly in human life.

I have and will continue to avoid wherever possible buying products from China.

Thread: cleaning cox 049
18/04/2020 20:08:27

Avoid using 3in1 oil, it does more harm than good over time as it has a corrosive effect. Better use a good 2 stroke oil.

Stay Safe


Thread: Grass Cutting
01/04/2020 13:32:49

I guess that most Golf Clubs employ the greenkeeper. Therefore, as working from home is not an option and providing they have not been furloughed, carrying out normal work whilst observing social distancing is quite acceptable under the current rules.

I have also noticed that local Gardeners and Handymen are continuing to work, no problem maintaining appropriate distancing.

Thread: R/C conversions of rubber motor FF kit: help please
26/03/2020 16:18:50

Perhaps one of these or similar:

Spektrum Rx with ESC and servo

A new version with AS3X is due in a few months. Spektrum AR6410L

Good Luck

Thread: 2 or 3 questions please, need some wise advice
12/03/2020 11:05:43
Posted by Dickw on 12/03/2020 10:41:51:

Most ESCs seem to be calibrated to the radio as follows (motor needs to be connected to ESC with the prop removed):-

Turn on radio. Set throttle at full on. Conect battery to ESC. When ESC beeps move throttle back to off.

Job done - should work normally after that.

Might be worth trying that method with your ESC if all else fails.


Dick's method is the same as i have used for 4-Max servos and should work. the ESC instruction link on the 4-Max website is broken (and has been for some time).

Spektrum transmitters don't usually need the throttle channel reversing. It's worth checking on the transmitter monitor screen that the throttle stick is actually giving full travel and that there is no throttle hold or cut switched in.


Thread: Progamming Rx
26/02/2020 13:34:25

+1 for the Lemon Rxs. Cheaper and just as good as the Spektrum Rxs. Choice of stabilisation modes and amount of stabilisation applied can be controlled from Transmitter (providing you have a spare channel available).

See Lemon Rx manual


Thread: idea
21/02/2020 10:30:07

A point that has largely been overlooked, the OP states that the receivers are Orange and Storm. The failsafe function is a feature of the receivers not the Transmitter. When the receiver loses signal the transmitter has no control over what the receiver does. The failsafe function is essentially a default set of control positions that the receiver goes to when signal is lost.

It is correct that these default positions are generally set during binding, as the receiver "remembers" the stick positions of the transmitter at the point of binding. Thereafter the receiver remembers these default positions until rebound. The number of channels or control functions remembered varies with receiver manufacturer and model. The most basic receivers offer no or very limited, ie just throttle, failsafe. More (recent) sophisticated receivers offer not only throttle but also elevator , aileron, rudder etc. failsafe settings.

Therefore you need to know not only your transmitter bind process, but also the capabilities and operating modes of the receivers. Manufacturers information is widely available on the internet, but probably more help will be forthcoming form club members who are familiar with the same receivers.

As a minimum the throttle failsafe should be set to cut the throttle on loss of signal, as someone has already mentioned this is now a requirement as set out in CAP 658:

Any powered model aircraft fitted with a receiver capable of operating in failsafe
mode should have the failsafe set, as a minimum, to reduce the engine(s) speed
to idle on loss or corruption of signal.

Edited By BackinBlack on 21/02/2020 10:31:17

Thread: RCM&E Magazine
17/02/2020 11:37:49

Hi Corne,

You can also access the digital editions using the Pocketmags app for your PC. See Pocketmags

You'll need your registration details as detailed when you bought the subscription.

You should get an email advising that there is a new issue as and when it is published.

Happy Reading


Thread: Web Cam?
09/02/2020 15:59:08

Different rules for Organisations and Individuals. As an individual you can mount use and record CCTV almost anywhere you like, providing there is no invasion of private space not belonging to you, e.g. don't point it at you neighbours bedroom windows.

There are rules for organisations regading how long you may keep recordings etc and who may view them. An assessment of need and a policy for use have to be in place. For monitoring the private space ( and even Public space outwith) of a Clubs facilities, the use of CCTV and remote monitoring should be of little concern to the GDPR police. If there are real concerns, then a couple of paragraphs added to the Club Constitution/Rules would suffice to allay the fears of those who insist on being "legal".

Thread: Receiver mounts/clips
06/02/2020 16:54:49

Was it here: Nexus ?

Thread: Need AA cells - best source for non-fake Eneloops?
25/01/2020 15:54:43

I understand what you say about 4 Max postal charges, I usually order quite significant amounts, so the postage isn't an important factor.

Can't blame Grorge for following the (postal) rules though.


25/01/2020 14:23:31

Try one of the following, I've had good service from both.

4 Max Tx/Rx batteries

Component Shop - AA cells

Thread: Seagull Challenger ARTF Fault
12/01/2020 10:43:10

Don't have one myself, but I really don't think that is right. Surely someone here will have one that they can compare.

Thread: AR 410 Spektrum reciever
10/01/2020 20:10:03
Posted by Nigel R on 10/01/2020 20:02:23:

Is your tx set up to use that channel? I understand some glider setups may not be.

That's correct, in sailplane model set up the throttle channel is usually pre-configured for camber or similar functions and the throttle is assigned to a switch for simple on/off operation.

10/01/2020 17:56:13

Throttle, Elevator, Aileron, Rudder is the normal Spectrum convention. For the AR410 Rx port A/1 is Battery, B/2 is Data or throttle, ports 3 - Elevator, 4 - Aileron, 5 - Rudder.

If using an ESC with BEC then power is via the Throttle port, for IC battery goes to port A/1.

Bind procedure from manual:

1. Push and hold the bind button on the receiver while powering up the receiver. Release the Bind button once the orange LED starts to fl ash continuously, indicating that the receiver is in bind mode. The receiver will also enter bind mode if you power on the receiver and then press the bind button before the receiver has connected to any transmitter.

2. Put your transmitter in bind mode.

3. The bind process is complete when the orange LED on the receiver is solid.

4. After you set up your model, always rebind the transmitter and receiver to set the desired failsafe positions



Edited By BackinBlack on 10/01/2020 18:04:38

Thread: C.A.A Reg number ,inside or outside ????
28/12/2019 15:06:36

As with many aspects of these CAA regs this is being overthought.

Biro, masking tape, print number on tape, stick inside battery compartment or other removable hatch. Simple.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
22/12/2019 18:35:03

All is well with me Andy.

Hope all goes well with the Scans and Radio Therapy.

Seasons Greetings to All.


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