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Thread: Home Insurance
07/12/2018 08:50:56

Damn, I stand corrected. I should have known to thoroughly read ALL the document.

I wonder how other model engineers, say those who build steam locos, do for insurance?

06/12/2018 18:56:22

Perhaps it could be an add-on to the BMFA or LMA Insurances?

I suppose that from an Insurance Assessors pint of view establishing the cause of loss or damage would be a consideration, fire or theft should be straightforward, but accidental damage might prove contentious.

06/12/2018 17:28:08
Posted by cymaz on 06/12/2018 16:58:05:

Good topic...must go and check my policy.

I would expect Dierct Line to try and not pay out if the models were in the back of a locked estate car with the back seats s down.

Edited By cymaz on 06/12/2018 17:00:03

Haven't yet tested it, fingers crossed I don't have to.

As we all know, Insurance covers everything - until you make a claim. surprise

06/12/2018 16:12:09

My current policy with Direct Line doesn't appear to exclude model aircraft, extract from Policy:

Your personal possessions are covered for

✔ Accidental loss and damage

We will pay for accidental loss of or damage to:

• your personal possessions

• any other items listed on your schedule under ‘Personal possessions’ while they are within the British Isles. This includes cover for:

• possessions stolen from your unattended vehicle, but only if the vehicle is locked and your possessions are hidden from view in a closed glove compartment or locked boot.

• loss or damage to bicycle tyres and accessories, but only if the bicycle is lost or damaged at the same time.

• the theft of an unattended bicycle, but only if it is in a locked building or secured with a bike lock to an immovable object.

Your personal possessions aren’t covered for

✘ We don’t pay for loss of or damage to:

• business equipment

• vehicles

• watercraft propelled by hand (such as a surfboard or rowing boat)

• sports equipment while it is in use

• camping equipment while it is set up or in use

• items taken by Customs or other officials • any bicycle while it is being used for organised racing, pace-making or trials

• Money. You may have cover under Section 3B Money.

✘ We also don’t pay for loss or damage:

• for theft involving deception

• by any paying guest or tenant

• covered under Section 2A.

Best to check directly with them.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
21/11/2018 14:42:54

It doesn't claim to be a Spektrum receiver and doesn't have the logo. So is it a fake?

I shan't be finding out, wouldn't trust such an eBay offering.

Thread: BT internet email
16/11/2018 13:23:07

Unless things have changed in the recent months you can retain your email address when you change ISP. I have both and email addresses from earlier accounts which are still active although it is some years since I left BT and Sky.

As many know switching providers is really quite easy, difficult thing is choosing who to go to.

MoneySavingExpert and Which both have good guides to switching and services.

I now use NowTV as my Fibre Broadband and phone provider on a rolling monthly contract, good value and good service.

Thread: Time to check your clunk
03/11/2018 11:20:53
Posted by J D 8 on 03/11/2018 10:26:33:

That piston looks to have more than just wear marks,what is the bore like? Could be motor injested something through the air intake. We model flyers are just about the only people who operate small motors without an air filter. Even the most basic garden strimmer will have a bit of sponge to breath through.

At least 2 of us think along the same lines.

A simple air filter costs little in either money or power and could save a lot in the cost of damage to an engine.

03/11/2018 10:26:22

Why is everyone blaming the fuel?

As has been pointed out, debris would have to get through the needle valve, the usual result is that the needle gets blocked. Smaller particles that do get through might cause the minor score marks we see, the large score mark is a sign of something more substantial. The damage to the con rod could well be just fatigue.

Larger debris, the most likely cause of the damage seen on the piston, has most probably either been ingested with the intake air or comes from the breakdown of a bearing cage.

Repair will need new piston, liner, con rod, bearings and perhaps crankshaft. Cheaper just to buy a new engine?

Thread: Motor mods to old Ripmax P-51 mustang ARF
18/10/2018 14:47:42

Not enough information from the photo, but why can't you turn the motor through 180 degrees so the cables exit at the bottom?

Thread: Binding AR8010T Rx to DX8 Tx
15/10/2018 18:25:37

I have bound my AR8010T with 2 satellites to my DX8 (Gen 1) with no problem. When bound you should get a solid orange.

Does the Tx report "binding"?

Thread: Government Consultation on Drone Flying in the UK.
08/09/2018 20:31:03

Another completion. Good to have the opportunity to contribute in a real way to the consultation rather than just comment on "proposals" that are often fait-accomplis.

Thread: safe receivers
08/09/2018 18:00:43

iNav software is capable of fixed wing control when used on suitable flight controllers with GPS add on receivers.

Return to Home, circling home and auto launch/land can be configured.

Thread: D B Ghost Rider 77"
05/09/2018 09:20:52

Chris states:

SK3 5045 500kv, which is a Turnigy motor and 6 Cell 5000ma Lipo.

Thread: See if you can help me with this
28/08/2018 20:58:51

Most likely reason that the motor won't run is one or more windings are open circuit. Check each for continuity with a multimeter or simple continuity tester.

Thread: Servos that swing both ways!
20/08/2018 20:47:57

Referring to the OP, the servos being mounted "mirror image" is quite standard and produces opposing movement for the same input signal via Y -lead. No trick servos here.

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
10/08/2018 08:50:28

Go to Pocketmags website. You'll probably need to register your account. Account details can be found in email confirmation of subscription or under My Account section on your iPad. You can also download the Pocketmags App to your PC.


Thread: Laser 180 Petrol
03/08/2018 14:40:57
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 03/08/2018 10:58:46:
Posted by BackinBlack on 03/08/2018 10:29:34:

Looks and sounds very nice. Couldn't see any descriptions in the video, what should they tell us?

yea sorry, you need to open the video in youtube for that to work. I forgot about that and cant edit the post now. On the video in the forum just click the youtube icon on the bottom right and it will take you there.

Tom, it only works like that if you follow the instructions and as previously discussed, that wont happen!

Thanks Jon, got it now.

03/08/2018 10:29:34

Looks and sounds very nice. Couldn't see any descriptions in the video, what should they tell us?

Thread: Probuild, Blandford, Dorset contact details
02/08/2018 20:32:35
Posted by alex nicol on 02/08/2018 20:19:46:

Would it be worth allowing suppliers some right of reply on the forum.

it just seems a little unbalanced that Joe Bloggs can come on here and criticise the ABC Model company and potentially damage their business.

I wholeheartedly agree with that, I wish they would.

I have no quibble, just asking if anyone has recent experience, thus far, no respondent has.

02/08/2018 19:50:10

I took it that as there were no further adverse comments since almost 6 years ago that things may have changed. Time will tell, I'll update as and when things happen - hopefully not when they don't happen.

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