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Thread: 1/12 Messerschmitt Bf 109
14/06/2020 14:41:11

The other model even smaller than a 109 is the Yokosuka Ohka. I built it last year with a wing span of just 45 cm and a wight of 200 grams. Very easy to fly!




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14/06/2020 14:39:26

Of course I can send you a plan, you've got a pm from me with details.

In May just after the first Corona relaxations I made some further test flights with the H version. Adjusting servo movements and adding some expo on elevator did the job. The 109 flies fine and is very manouverable. Contests will be interesting with that plane, although that has to wait until 2021 due to Corona. But the normal 109 with the short wing still flies more stable. The 109 tail is very small which is not perfect for a bigger wing. But I'm satisfied!


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Thread: Scratch Build Twin
08/06/2020 21:07:03

Maybe this website is interesting for you?

There are also many stories about the history of American general aviation aircraft:


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Thread: Aircombat Yak-9
07/06/2020 22:04:41

Thanks, nice to hear that, James! Flying with these small fighters is always much more fun with at least one another pilot. Looks better and adrenaline goes up. These easy models are not only perfect for dogfights but also for formation flights.

Here's a link to the international Facebook group of aircombat pilots:

I'm always interested on progress of self built models


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27/05/2020 21:10:28

Hello James, that should work, too. There's at least one Yak with a .26 four-stroke:

The .25 LA should be quiet similiar in weight and power. The plane above was at 909 grams, dry. Lighter is better of course and for these small models even 100 grams less flies much nicer. But the models can cope with a higher wing load. Flying will be fine, landing speed a bit higher. It's the start which is more critical at higher weight. Engine failure during start is much more forgiving at lower weight.

Problem is the long nose and short tail of the Yak. Therefore would install the elevator servo in the tail, as done on my Bf 109 and put the receiver battery as far back as possible:

To keep general weight low despite the heavier motor, try to get sorted light balsa, use small 10-13 gram servos and use white glue or cyano, no epoxy. Finish should be light, so no glass cloth covering.

Otherwise I would suggest a 1/12 Hawker Typhoon, Tempest or Gnumpf pylon racer as a perfect model for .25 engines:

Best regards,


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Thread: Scratch Build Twin
27/05/2020 20:49:28

Very detailed and accurate

Thread: Aircombat Yak-9
04/05/2020 21:09:14

Hello everyone!

The Yak-9 plan in the May 2020 issue is my first published plan in the RCM&E magazine and I'm very happy about that. In case there are any questions I would be glad to help.

I have many good memories of that tough little plane and some exciting dogfights at aircombat contests. Actually several new ones are being built at a club nearby and powered again by small .15 engines for the new retro trend.

Best wishes and stay healthy,


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Thread: 1/6 Westland Whirlwind
19/04/2020 14:56:27

Still a long way until painting for my Whirlwind. But the cockpit starts looking good and the gear doors are done with three layers of 163g/dm² glass, to ensure they will not warp. A good thing is that the same gear door fits to both nacelles, so I need only one mold for both.





Thread: Vampire EDF
19/04/2020 14:51:31

What a nice Vampire, magnificient


Thread: 1/6 Westland Whirlwind
07/04/2020 19:37:54

A good finish can help a sport scale model to a better appearance than some scale models. You have definitely chosen the right colours

Where did you get them?


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06/04/2020 22:45:21

And next topic are the flaps. Multi tasking at it's best


06/04/2020 22:44:37

Further work on the nacelles including a first short test if the gears fit.





06/04/2020 22:43:15

Due Corona there is more free time to work again on my Whirlwind. A big and important part was finishing the canopy and I started the cockpit section (very satisyfying I have to admit).





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06/04/2020 22:37:36

Hello Alan, your Whirlwind looks superb, especially in combination with the Lysander!


Thread: Tim Hoopers Cygnet
04/04/2020 22:48:36

Part of the Lympne Trials was passing a gate or frame with certain dimensions, therefore the plane had to be transportable. Nice story is about one of them landing a few miles away from the contest field. Wings folded the plane was carried back along the roads. Light weight helped of course, too


Thread: Free plans for model building in Corona times
30/03/2020 11:04:34

The other model is a 1/12 Hawker Tempest and yet untested, not build and flown. In 2009 I published a plan for the Hawker Typhoon which proved to be easy to build and fly, very tough in aircombat contests and is build until today in good numbers. I made the minor changes from Typhoon to Tempest already in 2009, but never managed to build one due to many other projects. If you recognise any mistakes, please tell me so I can correct the plan for other modellers. Also position of COG is drawn only approximately. Pictures and experiences from you would be helpful to bring this plan in a modellers magazine one day.

I've flown the Typhoon with .15 and .20 engines, others used .25 and also electric motors of around 300-400W and 3S3000-4000 accumulators. It's a small and light aeroplane and doesn't need much power to fly. For aircombat contests and the tight manouvers flown more reserve is needed, of course.

As a guidance for building the Tempest, it's a good advice to follow the build of the Typhoon:

More information about aircombat can be found here (it would be great to have more pilots from Britain in future contests

Best regards, Timo

PS: For inspiration I collected some links:






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30/03/2020 10:43:17

I put two of my plans on Dropbox for free download (for private use, not commercial). In times of Corona the best thing to do is stay at home and build another model.

The first plan is for the Gnumpf-X, a model designed in 2006 for pylon racing but due to perfect flying characteristics also suitable for fun flying or just running in of new ic engines (free motor mount means good cooling). Two airfoils are possible, I would recommend SD6060. Faster than the 8052 but as easy to fly.

In case you don't have thin plywood available for the fuselage, 3 to 5 mm balsa will do the job as well. You just have to change the frames to a bigger cutout.

In Germany there still is a small pylon class where the Gnumpf-X and similar models are flown at speeds from 180 to 250 km/h at low height for four minutes around a tight and short course. The models are powered by up to .32 ic or electric engines. The complete equipment is standard material and therefore very cheap. Only the unlimited class take these stock motors and beef them up a bit.

The plan is written in German, tell me if you have questions.

Best regards, have fun building and flying and stay healthy,







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Thread: Tim Hoopers Cygnet
30/03/2020 09:56:29

Nice aeroplane

I've been to Cosford last year and saw the tiny Cygnet, too. A good book with many great photographs including the Cygnet is "The Lympne Trials - Searching for an ideal Light Plane"

Good luck with your build, Timo

Thread: 1/9th Halifax U/C
21/03/2020 22:03:53

I’ve seen the Halifax at the Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington, very impressive plane!

Good luck for building this plane


Thread: Chiltern DW!
18/03/2020 19:18:57

Congratulations for both models, they look magnificent


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