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Thread: 1/6 Westland Whirlwind
10/11/2019 17:36:09

Finally cold winter/autumn weather is here and there's more time in the workshop than for flying. After a long summer break it's time to start working on the Whirlwind again. There's no target date for finish, but a first flight should be possible next year.

Yesterday I finished the nacelles (exhausting work, like for biplanes you have to duplicate everything), worked further on the tail and also on the wing attachment.








Thread: Design & Build Sport Twin
04/11/2019 17:01:56

Good luck Nigel for the first flight!

The nacelles are close to the fuselage, motor size seems not to be oversized, fuselage sufficiently long and rudder big enough. Should fly fine on single engine. And with that big wing you should be able to reduce power on the remaining one if the other fails, and still keep flying. Not too much wind helps in that case. Keeping a good speed for good control response is a suggestion I would give, the slower you are the more difficult it is to conquer a failing motor.

Never had a twin were the rpms mattered. In fact, I never measured them. Take a setting were each motor is running fine. It only gets interesting if one quits completely. Differences don’t matter when the model flies at speed and your rudder is therefore efficient in keeping the course.


Thread: 1/6 Westland Whirlwind
24/09/2019 16:21:05

There’s news from the Whirlwind Fighter Project to rebuild one for a museum. They will have a meeting at East Kirkby on October 5th and maybe someone in the near has interest for a visit. More information on their Facebook site:



Thread: 1/12 Messerschmitt Bf 109
22/09/2019 18:00:41

For the two new 109s I decided to try the next unusual version, the Bf 109 H. The bigger wing looks a bit unusual but has the advantage of a bigger wing area. Which means lesser wing loading and tighter curves and also a bigger frontal area to catch other streamers. I just have to design a new centre wing (made with existing ribs) and a new and also bigger rudder. The rectangular centre wing is useful for other versions of the 109, for example the twin fuselage Z "Zwilling" or the huge P.1091 (slightly enlarged, of course).

Due to using the 109 as a standard fighter for contests in the next years, I make plywood templates for balsa pieces to cut them much quicker. Just in case I have to make a new wing half again, like for the black V48.



22/09/2019 17:53:44

I decided to postpone designing a new 1/12 fighter (more time for the Whirlwind), but due to good results at contests this year I will build two new 109s. You will not come far in aircombat with just two models. In the case of my V48 it happened shortly after the start of the second heat. Collision with another plane and it went down from maybe 20-30 metres.

Looking bad at the airfield was quiet easy to repair at home. Important was, that the heavy 3S3000 accumulator stayed in place and didn't produce further damage. The tail broke clean and I was able just to glue the parts together. For the wing I've had to build a new half, which was quick to do. Actually I'm covering the model again and started building the new ones. It's a hard life for aircombat models!




Thread: de Havilland Aeronatical Technical School T.K. 4 from 1937
22/09/2019 17:41:30

Hello Martin, it seems I missed to post some recent parts of the TK4 story. Yes, finally I was able to finish plans and article. It got published last summer in two issues of the German FMT magazine. There was a vote among readers about the plans in the magazine and I was able to get the second place.

Unfortunately I was not able yet to translate the plans in English. The longer than expected work on the TK4 plans delayed some new ideas and projects and I was keen on building those new models.

Nice to hear about your experience in Germany! Maybe it was Eisenach near the castle Wartburg? It's a nice region, part of my family lives there. I visited Cosford museum this year with a friend from Somerset which was very exciting and was able to fly in a glider at Dunstable due to another friend from DH. Always great to have a good contact to other countries



Thread: 1/6 Westland Whirlwind
22/09/2019 17:24:28

Not much progress this summer due to holiday, contests and good weather for flying models, instead of building them. But during a model flying week in August I did some further work on the nacelles. And I did a quick comparison with the Junkers 87 from a friend and my own Arado 96 in the same 1/6 scale









Edited By Timo Starkloff on 22/09/2019 17:25:12

Thread: de Havilland Aeronatical Technical School T.K. 4 from 1937
07/09/2019 17:39:24

Contact with ex employees from De Havilland is still fine (including personal meetings and many good stories to hear) and the model TK4 still flying. Now with a new motor since the old one destroyed himself. Something went loose inside and I think it's because of some vibrations I had two years ago.

Some flights were needed to get the correct centre of gravity again. The new motor is a bit more powerful but also heavier. And the TK4 is still very responsive concerning any changes. But the flights have been very satisfying. In August we've had our week of model flying on a glider airfield again. 600 metres for starts and landing is really something. Especially nice for the TK4 because I can fly a wide circuit, flatten out for a long time and reduce power very slowly after touchdown, still keeping the tail up for some time.




Thread: Aircombat Eurocup in Caen/Normandy on 8th June 2019
11/08/2019 11:34:42

Video is finally finished, it has been great to see the Dakotas, paratroopers and a Spitfire at Sannerville 


Edited By Timo Starkloff on 11/08/2019 11:40:08

Thread: 1/12 Messerschmitt Bf 109
16/06/2019 20:28:16

Both 109s are still fine after two rounds each at the small aircombat contest in Caen/Normandy. I was at Sannerville, too, for watching the paratroopers and Dakota flyover. What a great and unique event!

But back to the 109, I finally managed to complete a short video with flying scenes:



Thread: Aircombat Eurocup in Caen/Normandy on 8th June 2019
21/05/2019 18:12:36

There’s a nice article at the Smithsonian Air&Space Magazine about the planned DC3/C47 flight across The Channel:


Another one with actual information about the gathering of the American planes can be found here. They started their journey across the Atlantic and made a visit to New York before.


Last preparations for my contest models will be this week. June is coming near


Thread: 1/12 Messerschmitt Bf 109
12/05/2019 18:34:45

Thanks Dwain, I’m also satisfied with the look. Especially with spinner and pilots on board

A 109 must have that aggressive look. Although it doesn’t help winning contests, there is this small wing which is why I try to be as light as possible this time.



Edited By Timo Starkloff on 12/05/2019 18:37:55

10/05/2019 16:39:26

Weight reduction was successful, actual weight without rc equipment is 239 grams. Normally it’s up to 270 for that size.

Edited By Timo Starkloff on 10/05/2019 16:40:06

10/05/2019 16:38:18

The new G12 will be white, which should be appropriate to the black V48

Interestingly there really was a G12 with G canopy but K rudder in white colours. So many versions of the 109, you always find the combination you prefer (same for the Spitfire).




24/04/2019 21:52:52

Quick to build and easy to fly in every kind of weather. Beneath aircombat contests, those 1/12 fighters are perfect for everyday flying.

Better price than what I have to pay for my pins, David.

No time for the work shop during Easter, but now there’s progress again.




Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
20/04/2019 09:03:29


Thread: Aircombat Eurocup in Caen/Normandy on 8th June 2019
19/04/2019 22:58:45

Thanks, it seems I have to try again. I remember to have seen just the French version.

Another interesting link concerning the American half of Douglas planes for the Channel flight. The will travel the same route from America to England as during WWII, with stops in Greenland and Iceland. A card and explanation can be found here:



19/04/2019 12:13:29

Thanks, the new regulations are something I still have to get used to. Interesting case for Germany but now you have to do it again for France... More paperwork seems to be a modern thing.

But anyway, cidre and calvados are two famous products from this region (which is called Calvados). The same as for Somerset, another good place for apples. Nice thing to compare both tastes with some friends  


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Thread: 1/12 Messerschmitt Bf 109
19/04/2019 12:11:08


19/04/2019 12:10:24


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